Ryan Hammond Finds a Spiritual Connection with Katy Perry - American Idol 2019 on ABC

American Idol
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Former church singer Ryan Hammond overcomes weight issues to follow his dreams and audition for American Idol with "Lay Me Down" by Sam Smith in front of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie.
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest returns as host of the beloved series.


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Mar 19, 2019

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Comments 764
ILyvempm Facturan
CMC Cognito
CMC Cognito 6 days ago
I’m really shocked at how he doesn’t have excess skin. Amazing voice, he gave me goosebumps 💕
Don Trump
Don Trump 16 days ago
And liberals want you to be proud of being overweight. Hmmm What an inspiration. God bless him
Olive Epee
Olive Epee 25 days ago
THE WEIGHT LOSS!!!!!!!!! Wow
Purneswar Prasad
Hole in his stomach... Yeah, how long before these doctors leave scissors in patients...
Fancy Love
Fancy Love Month ago
He was Handsome the way he was 🤗💞 but Truly an inspiration what he did for his health and gift... Blessings 👐
He went to my school!!!
Golfy Malfy
Golfy Malfy 2 months ago
I'm not lying, this dude came to my school talent show and preformed for us
Himer Chavez
Himer Chavez 2 months ago
He's from my home town Modesto btw he came to my talent show today and he's from my school!!!!😁😁😀😀😁
Golfy Malfy
Golfy Malfy 2 months ago
Same, that was a good preformance
Chris Powers
Chris Powers 2 months ago
still curious if the families know each other... what's up with that?
Makaela and Jessica
Makaela and Jessica 2 months ago
Anyone else notice how he looks and sounds like Sam Smith 😳🤔
Vanessa Chavez
Vanessa Chavez 2 months ago
He inspires me to lose weight and sing more
Ashish Gaikwad
Ashish Gaikwad 2 months ago
Name of song playing in background?
dioguito24 2 months ago
This guy is amazing!!! He should have been one of the finalists.
BossUpWithNaeC 2 months ago
He looks so great! Awesome weight loss. I am 127lbs down naturally
eric burhed
eric burhed 2 months ago
He's going to win
Lisa Chlastawa
Lisa Chlastawa 2 months ago
He did not make it to the voting round though even though his mom had posted all over her facebook page that the voting would be coming soon and to make sure everyone votes for her son
Kristina Pack
Kristina Pack 2 months ago
Never knew that about stockton lived here forever lol
Luciana Galloway
Luciana Galloway 3 months ago
He’s amazing. Can’t believe he was eliminated. Big mistake they’ve made but he will probably turn things around
Courtney Sierra
Courtney Sierra 3 months ago
Yeah ... no
Nushreen Torabally
Nushreen Torabally 3 months ago
tattoo bby1
tattoo bby1 3 months ago
OMG I love him!♡
Janzen 3 months ago
Guy reminds me of sal from impractical jokers
Trace Dial
Trace Dial 3 months ago
Love, Love, Love everything.
Acting Out Loud
Acting Out Loud 3 months ago
Good Lord he’s fine💕👌annnnd his voice... delicious. That pianist was playing like he just wanted to go home. 🙄 I liked his voice better in this song that Sam Smith.
Levi Pinkhasov
Levi Pinkhasov 3 months ago
Nothing was wrong with the way he sang the song. He was climaxing to the song and showing ability.
Gigi V.
Gigi V. 3 months ago
I love how Billie is playing in the background
Claudia Ayala Muniz
Claudia Ayala Muniz 3 months ago
His voice was so powerful and his family could hear him from outside like damn
AndresMusicProducer 3 months ago
He sounds like Sam Smith no lie 😮😮 Damn you can do anything just gotta Practice So Much To Get Where You wanna Be At 😮👌 Maybe some of u think he doesn't but he kinda does sound like him
Roxanne Harris
Roxanne Harris 3 months ago
Great job.
Roxanne Harris
Roxanne Harris 3 months ago
He looks so different.
Lillian 3 months ago
ok so why is no one talking about how fucking hot he is before and after weight loss and his eyes....... ouuf oh ma lord.
Kirsten Cheyenne
Kirsten Cheyenne 3 months ago
He reminds me of sal off of impractical jokers
Roxy Rivera
Roxy Rivera 3 months ago
Omg he gives me Sam Smith vibes💯👏😍!
Roxy Rivera
Roxy Rivera 3 months ago
Omg Billie ellish and Khalid backround music 😍😍LOVELYYYY💍👏
Joy Linder
Joy Linder 3 months ago
He may have been raised in church but he sure wasn’t awakened. Praying for you Ryan.
Joy Linder
Joy Linder 3 months ago
@Will Wilson I ain't judging, but I'm prayin'.
Will Wilson
Will Wilson 3 months ago
You can take your judgements to hell with you.
Ktwin Lee
Ktwin Lee 3 months ago
he could like...get it
SOA Kiddu
SOA Kiddu 3 months ago
Name of background music?
Elisia III
Elisia III 3 months ago
Can't believe he sang Sam Smith 😍😍😍😍😍
Fatma Hures
Fatma Hures 3 months ago
So happy he survived the surgery, and is so good looking.He also resembles Sam Smith.Good luck to him 👏👏👏
declan mannix
declan mannix 3 months ago
Piano player was bad
dennis dennis
dennis dennis 3 months ago
On of the Best ....you are American Idol of course 👌♥️
elenikaty 3 months ago
But do they know Katy's parents?
Karl Aponte
Karl Aponte 3 months ago
He wasn't even that big"
Kaelin T
Kaelin T 3 months ago
Anybody see the piano player's face at 4:37?
Nia Ariella
Nia Ariella 3 months ago
His talking voice reminds me of James Charles kinda
Oliver Montoya
Oliver Montoya 3 months ago
Is it just me or does he remind me of Elliott yamin?
Leia's Claws
Leia's Claws 3 months ago
Mr. Woods
Mr. Woods 3 months ago
Hell Naw. Not good at all
Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson 3 months ago
This guy has a nice voice
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