RuVeal Runway Walk 👑 | RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12

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The wait is over. The RuVolution starts TODAY! Watch the #DragRace Season 12 RuVeal with Yvie Oddly now.
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Jan 23, 2020




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Comments 5 937
Luna Neemus
Luna Neemus 10 hours ago
*sweating nervously because these queens are ridiculously beautiful*
Ronney Rendon
Ronney Rendon 12 hours ago
No tea no shade....I’ve been watching RPDR since season one & this looks TERRRRRIBLE! But, as a RuGurL, I’m willing to give it a few weeks to see what the queens turn out.
T Luttgen Gerondeau
T Luttgen Gerondeau 16 hours ago
Who plays the music from Dahlia Sin entrance ??? Anyone ???
T Luttgen Gerondeau
T Luttgen Gerondeau 16 hours ago
What is the music ?..
Dakota Salinas
Dakota Salinas 19 hours ago
Is Mayhem a mother?
Finn West
Finn West 21 hour ago
Sherry Pie is what Mimi Imfurst **wishes** she was!
RC 21 hour ago
Jaida omg 😭 she had the best look PERIOD
TrekGirl Day ago
What is the music?
Dwayne Tillman
Dear Diary, hey its me Dwayne again. Just here watching the Ruveal again before the premiere tommorow.
Randal Buhler
Viva TRuPaul
Jaida’s mug tho ❤️❤️❤️
Niblo !
Niblo ! Day ago
I hope aiden is top 3
Gary Henzler
Gary Henzler Day ago
Crystal Methyd's look is my fave.
David Puck
David Puck Day ago
'Jan' in epic evil voice sounds so funny
no ones talking about rock, shes stunning
Sal Becirovic
Yvie looking good gurl 💕 this is probably my top 10 GIRLS. JAIDA JACKIE, JAN, GIGI, HEIDI N, BRITA, NICKI, SHERRY, CRYSTAL, DAHLIA,
Sal Becirovic
sweetpea Day ago
I’m so stoked we finally have a middle eastern , let alone a PERSIAN queen 😭 Rooting for Jackie Cox all the way!! So excited about this cast!
Jackie's is my favorite. It's simpler than some of the others, but it works and it's stunning.
Linda C.
Linda C. Day ago
Gigi's outfit and hair are a train wreck
Linda C.
Linda C. Day ago
How is brita pronounced breta what is she a water faucet filter
Linda C.
Linda C. Day ago
Yeive odly is the ugliest mistake of a winner there was. So many better queens were better. Wtf
Double G
Double G Day ago
I am in LOVE with Aiden Zhane, Nicky Doll ,Dahlia Sin and Jackie Cox!!
Berry Stein
Berry Stein Day ago
Dahlia Sin kinda reminds me of Ariel Versace
Sevyn Tennyson
Sevyn Tennyson 2 days ago
Theres always a couple Queens that dont have the finesse, its the last one and the other in the tracksuit
Gina Villacampa
Gina Villacampa 2 days ago
Yvie Oddly is the worst card reader of all time. She looks like a middle schooler doing a cringey play reading. After a solid year can't she memorize a couple lines??
Tenvvely127 /Nina Park Min
widow looks like she's cosplaying i approve
Miku 2 days ago
Dahlia and nicky doll!!!!!! ❤️
Smartangel1989 2 days ago
Top 5 Stand outs: Sherry Pie Brita Jaida Essence Hall Jackie Cox Jan
Aaron Cartmill
Aaron Cartmill 2 days ago
Heidi serving pure southern pageantry, and the fact that the ribbons were made of denim is just the icing on the cake. Love her tho
Crystal Rose
Crystal Rose 2 days ago
Omaaaa GiGi servedddddddd
Sassy Gal
Sassy Gal 2 days ago
a lot of plaid today
Cameron Behning
Cameron Behning 2 days ago
@7:10, it's a Mr. Dj the Music original!
Willi Wildfang
Willi Wildfang 3 days ago
Crystal's look is STUNNING. I gagged when she walked out!
Nicholas Daily
Nicholas Daily 23 hours ago
Willi Wildfang omfg me too, I am here for the fantasy/video game fashion this season like it’s insane 🥰
- Asahi -
- Asahi - 3 days ago
Rock M. Sakura seems like trixy and Kim chi mixed😍😂👌
- Asahi -
- Asahi - 3 days ago
Huh...did they change the aesthetic this season 🤔😂
tim •
tim • 3 days ago
Clones Clowns No more true drag left on this show. The evolution is in a state of confusion...
Артур Бадди
Venjy made all show, event RuVeal. She is not most flexible but not boring. This is borring.
Joe Heram
Joe Heram 3 days ago
GiGi >>>>>>>> the rest
Elizabeth Noah
Elizabeth Noah 3 days ago
Widow Von'Du! Love you, boo boo! KC represent!
Elisa C
Elisa C 3 days ago
Top 4 : Gigi Goode, Sherry Pie, Nicki Doll and Jackie Cox ❤️
Alric Man
Alric Man 4 days ago
Damn new FNAF characters looks scary.
eleonora ferragni
oh mia sacerdotessa
Massimo Squecco
Massimo Squecco 4 days ago
It begins to be a stale formula: not much to do to revive! Gay culture needs new ideas and new outlets, maybe with less pageantries and pailettes, still different from the breeder's norm.
ThatgirlGone 4 days ago
elf ears perfect accessory
Parrot Things
Parrot Things 4 days ago
I like how the theme is patriotic and then you have Jackie cox and Nicky Doll in the cast lmao
HeyHeyMikaikai 4 days ago
But the real question is why are they on the set of Dragon's Den? 😆
Heidi is serving tiny Beyonce realness
Dark Magician Girl
The moment you came to see 3:58
Francisco Almeida
I have my favourite: Crystal Methyd
ParaMomal 4 days ago
Anyone else getting "Dragula" vibes? Maybe Mama Ru will finally let Drag Kings compete..
Sakura_videos 4 days ago
Omg is the category is yvie odly
Arsenik17 5 days ago
Petition to keep Evie as Queen for another year.
Ndmqkdjajx Jdnjxnajxs
Dahlia Sin idêntica a Lia Clark
Jamarcus Thompson
Yes widow von du serve me fan therapy !
ღEyleen ••• Kawaiiღ
Why Brita looks like Peppermint and Jackie like Alaska?
Pink rosado
Pink rosado 5 days ago
Gigi Goode is beautiful
NAD SNATCHER 5 days ago
It looks like a season of adults but, looks can be deceiving let's see how they act!
XxiiprettyiixX Plays
Why are their no Canadian queens??
True Crime & Murder Stories
Me 20 years ago: what’s drag? Me 5 years ago: what happened to regular drag Me: So ain’t nobody doing alien drag this year! I wanted an all green makeup look, why y’all playing with my heart.
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