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Rick continues his travels in Sicily, enjoying the colours and ambience of Catania's busy fish market. He then travels to Puglia on Italy's mainland, where the local dishes have been influenced by centuries of poverty. Rick cooks Peas with onions, parma ham and olive oil, then gives his take on the fennel sausage recipe he tasted at a local restaurant.
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Episode 3 of Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes
Inspired by 'good food that stays in the memory for a long time, sometimes forever', Rick Stein journeys across the Mediterranean, visiting islands and places which radiate a vibrant sense of individuality through their spirit, history and food. From spices and perfumes to the lavish use of wine and herbs, Mediterranean food is a large culinary mosaic full of colour, taste and smell created by the Arabs, Greeks, Italians, Spanish and Turks. Join Rick as he travels from Corsica to Crete, straight through the very cradle of cooking in the western world.
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Aug 21, 2019




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Comments 80
Rika Allodola
43:00 why wasn't it lojacked? I mean what do Defenders retail for new - €40.000?
madhulikarcchabi 8 days ago
Rick Stein, your shows are just wonderful! You bring out the poetry of a landscape, its aromas and all qualities that can be reached by our senses.... I just got hooked to your narratives. "Bravo!"-is a really short word :)
Elizabeth Williamson
Puglia does offer a Meteranariani good feast!
Sandro Fazzolari
Sandro Fazzolari 14 days ago
I wonder how much the BBC paid the locals for these rights? I would think the reputable BBC would fairly use these images. Careful with the local bosses Mr. Stein... kind regards, SF.
Brian Brian
Brian Brian 17 days ago
44:20 Never met a person more excited about friggin' beans in my life! Yeesh! Though I"m thinking that beans would make a much better substitute for mashed potatoes.
fuferito 24 days ago
The lady was having a go at Rick. She kept gesticulating with her stiff forearm, and repeating loudly that the ideal spaghetti be, "tosto!" I think Rick got the hint.
fuferito 24 days ago
The layered potato dish with lamb looks amazing. My version will have the pieces of meat quickly browned first, so that the meat looks nicer.
terligi yersin
terligi yersin 27 days ago
Hahah landrover is gone
terligi yersin
terligi yersin 27 days ago
I don't like the parts where rick cooks at his home. They don't look that fresh for some reason
Barbatos Tekkan
Barbatos Tekkan 29 days ago
Brillant job Rick and BBC. Although harrassed by local big boss and Land Rover being stolen, still managed to product a high quality programme and yet reported how local boss operating in Puglia. English humour.
Val Armstrong
Val Armstrong Month ago
jesuschrist rick low down the music volume!
ricardo sanfernando
Garlic into everything!!! I could not go there because unfortunately I´m allergic to garlic and I don´t like it after been ill so many times and people don´t want to cook differently as in 55:15. They go ahead and the end of the story: I have to get into a hospital.
Fahad AlObaid
Fahad AlObaid Month ago
What is A-style ? @11:11
Karmic Popcorn
Karmic Popcorn Month ago
I binge watched these and was inspired to make Moroccan for dinner. Yum. I'm really surprised in general at the attitude of the people around the mediterranean, everyone was lovely, but the Italian isles seemed to have lost some of that.
Petit Louis
Petit Louis Month ago
08:15 what's his problem?...... ?
@11:09 A-Style.
valentin65 Month ago
Orechietti con cima di rape. Here is my recipe: One anchovie per person. Chop it. In olive olive heat up one to two cloves of garlic chopped. Add the minced anchovie. Add finely chopped chillie to taste. Add the thick part of the cima without the leaves. Add a little bit of water and close the lid to soften it a little. Now add the fine stems and the leaves. Cook for two minutes. Salt it to taste. Add the drained orechietti. Add olive oil. Mix. Add grated pecorino cheese. Mix. Enjoy.
Arka Jatmika
Arka Jatmika 2 months ago
I love pizza 🍕🍕🍕
Bryan M
Bryan M 2 months ago
Thanks for making this available to those outside of UK.
Lori Mangold
Lori Mangold 2 months ago
I hope you pay for that seafood you are eating at the Market, it's not free, that guy in uniform will arrest you,
irwan shah abdullah
irwan shah abdullah 2 months ago
Chalky's gone 😭
Sarker Junior
Sarker Junior 2 months ago
Even at age such a wonderful presentation.. Love from Bangladesh..
joe coder
joe coder 2 months ago
BBC leftist propaganda rag, another CNN!
Roger rtewwr
Roger rtewwr 2 months ago
damn, that lamb dish
M. Theresa
M. Theresa Month ago
Roger rtewwr it seems like a variation of scalloped potatoes with lamb and tomatoes . I plan to try creating something like this
Semper Fidelis
Semper Fidelis 2 months ago
Yeah well my parents immigrated from Europe to Canada And I got stuck here But my heart is in Europe with this kind of food And this kind of living Not in this stupid Frozen place of bad attitudes bad food and no history
patricia Jansen
patricia Jansen 2 months ago
I'll bet you're a great little winkle picker!
Gjon Bua Shpata
Gjon Bua Shpata 3 months ago
46:23 ... have you still not understood the mind tricks with prejudice and rumors ? the Italians (certainly the police) took your car with equipment and put it there in forest and set it in your head that it was the Albanians, to force you to do also a little bit anti-Albanian propaganda in the style like "hey people, don't go on vacation in beautiful Albania with the very kind and honorably Albanians, otherwise we burst with envy because tourism is blooming there and dies at us". pathetic people
Luna 333
Luna 333 3 months ago
The veg @23:33 encourages me to become vegetarian. Love the idea of foraging too. I think I'm in Love with this regional cuisine! 💞
Chris Jhondeere
Chris Jhondeere 3 months ago
Jetty the place you are sitting on Looks like mushrooms 🍄
Fidel Rial
Fidel Rial 3 months ago
Lemon trees like italians seem to love it when they're touching each other!
mirsad hadzikaric
mirsad hadzikaric 3 months ago
Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano 3 months ago
Notice the finance police staring at him when he was eating the shellfish and and the boss of the fish market is obviously a bully and an asshole
monika chabior
monika chabior 3 months ago
A long, long time a ago...
Rocco Sisto
Rocco Sisto 3 months ago
I was raised on this food. I was born there and we continued to forage for greens outside Chicago no less. Made our own wine too with Zinfandel grapes from California. My father tasted the grape and pronounced it Primitivo. This was in the 60’s. Of course no one believed him as the Zinfandel grape had an unknown origin and was a mystery wine. There is no grape in Europe with that name. Years later I read that genetic tests had found the origin of Zinfandel. It’s Primitivo. Thanks for this episode. Now I have to find that truffle hunter taste that incredible pasta. Who knew? Truffles in Puglia! On a side note I understand that there is a terrible blight wiping out the venerable olive groves. Such a tragedy.
I. Ma
I. Ma 3 months ago
Buying fruits and vegetables on the roads reminds me of Morocco. They do the same thing 😁
Regina Polo
Regina Polo 3 months ago
No garlic?? OooooK??
Guido Di Iorio
Guido Di Iorio 3 months ago
21:24 I agree 100%!!!
Euggie Monad
Euggie Monad 3 months ago
Wow, what a douche...Ricky shows little respect to these guys trying to run their market with some dignity. I was thinking the producer might've slipped a few fishmongers some hundred lira notes, but now I see it was just the opposite -- they were taking free shots without any regard for the guys in the stalls.
fisioserv 4 months ago
ever been to Malta, the crossroad between Italian/Sicilian food and Arab/ French cuisine?
Nazar Rathore
Nazar Rathore 4 months ago
I made that potatoe cheese and lamb dish. It was fantastic. What is the name of this dish?
choboutube 4 months ago
No, don't go to the restaurants in the Catania fish market.
kimchi lum
kimchi lum 4 months ago
Wish I could escape with Ricky
Fred Brillante
Fred Brillante 4 months ago
I like it, but it would be better to not talk over when the Italians speak so one who understands could enjoy hearing it; just use some subtitles.
Corey 4 months ago
Loved this! Wish we had that model Land Rover in the US.
Jane Ingram
Jane Ingram 4 months ago
Love, love, love your theme song and that you are an avid reader. Great, great program. Thank you.
JEIL 4 months ago
11:13 That sign......does it say "Ass style"?
zack bellini
zack bellini 4 months ago
Wait a minute Maria didn't say anything of what u translated .. Bull shit. Sorry iam am American Italian..
Winston Smith
Winston Smith 4 months ago
11:17 lmao that billboard!
chip block
chip block 4 months ago
About fifteen years ago I spent two weeks living on a farm near Parma Italy. At first I spoke little Italian but soon learned it. I worked in the fields some and did chores around the house but it was getting to cook with the ladies that I loved so much! The men laughed at me doing ladies work but I didn't care! Once the food and wine came out no one gave me a bad time! None of the dishes we made were fancy. Just basic ingredients and a lot if good olive oil and garlic! In fact, in the kitchen there was four types of olive oil. Each one had a use in various dishes. I miss that place, its people, and its good food so much. When making a dish here in the US you don't get the freshness or that certain taste like you do in Italy!
ronald guida
ronald guida 3 months ago
parma is not sardinia. parma is communist italy.
Bruno Pellegrino
Bruno Pellegrino 4 months ago
Hello Rick. Here.i m in Mexico. 11 pm juts came back from souther France were i spent time and have a home. Im fron northern Italy.originally and livi g in Mexico.for 30 years. I never seen your program till today and fell in love with it. The trouth about simplicity in the cooking anf freshness and love. And of course tradition that you are able to really transmit .i love cooking and i could live all over the world from it . In southern france k love to use old old copper pots and slow cooking.and the result is austanding The plesure from a simple.flajolee.as.you said before. And al dente.Duro duro. The troful aroma and sensual perfume. I undestand 100 percent and thanks for the way you espress yourself. I m glad to see.that some one is.for once real and your program is a real classroom of history trought.cuisine THANKS
ZoeQuinnIsAMurderer 4 months ago
Marcela Oyarce
Marcela Oyarce 5 months ago
There was fish but no money, now there's money but no fish... how sad
Prager504 5 months ago
The Mediterranean climate, with its dry warm summers and mild wet winters. with its colors, and sweet air, gray or white old buildings dotted with flowers, blue sea, green and yellowish fields...Olive, Cyprus and citruse trees, beautiful men and women and of course the great food. This is the true paradise...not Hawaii or any other tropical islands....
k bul
k bul 5 months ago
rick blows man sword
Douglas K. Young
Douglas K. Young 5 months ago
Stein captures what instinctively drew me to Italy since I was a child in suburban central Canada too many decades ago; especially in his Puglia sojourn. The culture and it's cuisine are honest and resourceful without being contrived. The goodwill of the people is seemingly expressed in the food because they so freely give their time to making it to such a high standard. That is a kind of shared wisdom well worth spending time within.
Mike Ivy
Mike Ivy 5 months ago
Tourist please do not cruise to Venice....that hate those floating garbage cruise ships. So please stop...u r ruining the city! And no one over the age of 65 needs to go overseas....if u didn’t do it while young, sorry u missed out....I saw all of Europe as a child...no desire to go back. I need to see My country. USA 🇺🇸...
Molecular 5 months ago
What's up with the fish monger @ 8:23 throwing stuff around? Was he piss off at the cameras filming him?
Miguel Angel Urbina
Miguel Angel Urbina 5 months ago
Basically in those market, you fund trash people.. so don't feel sad.. keep going
Florian Geyer
Florian Geyer 5 months ago
I love Rick's continual mocking of the salt police. They really must be such miserable company.
Teddy Salad
Teddy Salad 5 months ago
when i was a kid, i hated courgets, but now i could eat them every day
roger le phoque
roger le phoque 5 months ago
Rick Stein mentions that sausages in the UK (the British banger) have cereal added as compared to the meaty ones he's sourced and preparing in Italy. He's right but that was not the case with British bangers 50 years ago when sausages made by Walls & Harris had much less cereal as a filler (the industry also uses dried bread crumbs as filler) and were more palatable as a consequence. British bangers in the UK WERE meaty in those days. . The move to using filler in the mix over decades was slow and incremental, and introduced to make more profit, quality be dashed! Traditional family butchers on Britain's High Streets have been less venal in their sausage making activities and 'full on' meaty sausages are available if you know where to find them. Some supermarkets have always trumpeted traditional meaty sausages, M&S being at the forefront of traditional sausages making.
Asima 6 months ago
Rick has a dream job on the Earth. He travels. He eats!
Marjorie Johnson
Marjorie Johnson 6 months ago
I grew up on a dairy farm about as 3 hour drive from ny city..west and north west..this is the way I grew up. Gardening and gathering. With not a lot of beef as the cows were for milking and calves went for sale . And a mother that most days did not spend more than half a hour on supper prep. Me, when i grew up bought cook books from aaound the world and relished the attention to food and preparation.My goal was to eat my way around the world ,never made it but am spending my last year's traveling with you tubers eating with my eyes. Thank you for taking us with you.
Siegfried Karner
Siegfried Karner 3 days ago
Very environment friendly. I do the same. 😊
Andy Rock
Andy Rock 6 months ago
Magna Grecia..
Garlic Girl
Garlic Girl 6 months ago
No GARLIC?!?!?!
Wilhelm Maximus
Wilhelm Maximus 6 months ago
I can safely say that most of the western foods, especially in europe, especially in Italy which is considering one of the best foods related country, the way they cook and recipes are so simple (garlic,olive oil, tomato,salt,pepper) compare to Asia region's cuisine, for example Indian's Birayani recipes..so much complex and process, or Chinese foods (they call it thousand spices), and Japanese noodle (too much time to cook for the perfect broth into to use it for the noodle soup with thick broth with pork,beef or chicken bones) or their sushi (very skillful and one don't know or not qualify for it or know how to do it can make you feel sick from the food poison that how complicated it is. so many process and times to use in order to cook one meal...like boil the chicken or meat, then keep it in the fridge for one night then chop it piece by piece the fried it with veggie and spices and herbs....Take it the way Asian master in lemon grass recipes ...i bet none of European dare to use it :) in south east Asia cuisines like Thai food and their famous Tom Yum soup, and the southern and western Burmese's cuisine with sour taste with specialize in fish paste and source.and our varieties of curries around Asian...so many choice ...here we say " you will forget your relatives just for one bite of our foods" :) that is how delicious and aroma with thousand of flavours ... thanks for the wonderful video and i have learn a lot today how to cook simple italian dishes...
Tom Sparks
Tom Sparks 7 months ago
I can see why the shopkeeper was angry when Rick was just picking freely and eating without showing any offering of money. Also these dishes seem more English than Sicilian (peas, sausage and potatoes? Lamb?). Weird egotistical doc.
souad ghazal
souad ghazal 27 days ago
we did not see what happened off camera..... he was just being theatrical it was obvious on his face just fake tantrum !
Tanya Juli
Tanya Juli 3 months ago
peas sausage and potatos are popular in Sicily.
a guy
a guy 7 months ago
a guy
a guy 7 months ago
The chicken!@@!
a guy
a guy 7 months ago
Flimzreldale McAdams at your service, how may I trick you into giving me all your hard earned money?
a guy
a guy 7 months ago
I wanna have a successful career being "that guy"
Dexter Mancio
Dexter Mancio 7 months ago
Please BBC change the host enough for this OLD MAN. His voice and face is irritating.
enter a name here
enter a name here 7 months ago
he wasn't pissed at you, he was pissed at either hid kids, his wife or something else entirely and took it out on you. lol
Joseph Maria
Joseph Maria 7 months ago
Good Stuff Im following -- God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!
ezrhino100 7 months ago
Car stolen? Continue eating...
Matt Snyder
Matt Snyder 7 months ago
this guy comes off as an inconsiderate piece of shit!
Land Green
Land Green 7 months ago
I love Robert Plant but I like him as well. There may be similarity such as both of them are well spoken. Both of them have passion for something.
Jos van Gorkum
Jos van Gorkum 7 months ago
Dont want to be rude but the way british are put forward here as to make any difference..rubbish...you are just intruders..or politely...visitors...the italian culture..food..way of life..will go on without the Britts...really appauling
JellyBellyMystic 8 months ago
A good fist punch always explains how "right on" a dish tastes.
Maria's Greek Food
Maria's Greek Food 8 months ago
Wow Very good presentation...congratulation...i really like your cooking way. I have subscribed to your channel. I have made a cooking channel and you will supported me very much if you will subscribed to my channel
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