Rust - The Sweetest REVENGE!

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Welcome back to another video! A month and a half ago, my teammate Snuffy and I got one of the greatest starts I have ever had in Rust. In this video, a group looked to take that away from us, and their actions started a rivalry that has carried on for many weeks now. I hope you enjoy the video!
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1st song: House of Go - Mike Franklyn
2nd song: Deep Inside the Rainforest - Sight of Wonders
3rd song: Cold-Blooded Crime - Farrell Wooten
4th song: Zoot Suit - Elliot Holmes
5th song: Up for Grabs - Mike Franklyn
6th song: Enemy Territory - Jean Leonti
7th song: Farra (Instrumental Version) - Lu-Ni
8th song: Desert Footsteps - Sight of Wonders
9th song: Bush Dance - Sahara Skylight
10th song: Out on a Safari - Sahara Skylight
11th song: Deep Inside the Rainforest - Sight of Wonders
12th song: Trails of Africa - Sight of Wonders
13th song: Hunting in the Wild - Sight of Wonders
14th song: Kilimanjaro Descent - Sight of Wonders
15th song: African Village - Sahara Skylight
Outro song: Para Mi - Bassio
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Jun 17, 2019




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Comments 2 552
Stevie 4 months ago
The last 7 minutes are the best 7 minutes of the video. I hope you guys stay till then! ;)
lord domynico
lord domynico 3 days ago
Yes it was absolutely amazing
egglit 16 days ago
Ashton 19 days ago
and the 44 seconds
ziti ziti
ziti ziti 3 hours ago
is that game on steam if not plz tell me
A-ok Flo
A-ok Flo 4 hours ago
Vanuel Baker
Vanuel Baker 19 hours ago
If the content is good I don't mind how long the video takes
Harry Wu
Harry Wu 21 hour ago
Stevie has the best drawing ever!
xFALL3Nx93 Day ago
Vickie Del haro
Look don't till me hop you enjoy i will allwas enjoy your video bro
Josh Weil
Josh Weil Day ago
I love these videos so much jeeeez
Yes Day ago
Was hoping they would be in the comments somewhere at the top but no :(
jemuel wong
jemuel wong Day ago
nice !! storytelling type of gameplayer
itzshamoo !!
itzshamoo !! 2 days ago
Morgan freeman quality narration 10/10 loved it
colorpanda YT
colorpanda YT 3 days ago
What is this game called?
Waner Felix
Waner Felix 3 days ago
That was so cool
Andre Morris-Brown (156AndMorr)
You should play Ark!
Absol on the internet
Stevie: Hold the door with your S.P.A.S Snuffy: _No, i don't think I will_
GM Kof hard
GM Kof hard 3 days ago
Stevie calls blooprint for backup but he was more like a meat shield lmao
Scrodo 3 days ago
can we get a count on how many times stevie gets killed while looting per video?
Christian Whitney
Watching this at 2:00 in morning is a great way to fall asleep
DeeKay 3 days ago
If VSauce made rust videos, it would be this lmao
Beast60 4 days ago
This wants me to play rust but im not an attacking guy and know ill always get killed.
ll_Syper_ll 4 days ago
that was the best rust video ever
Logan S
Logan S 4 days ago
I dont have rust but i like your vids and wish i could get it
crystelillc 4 days ago
You should do a massive collab with some rust yters, like a clan base of just you tubers. For example Rchan, Welyn, and etc like 6+ for one wipe. It would make some good content.
bo1k1ller 4 days ago
BRO i Fing loveeee your vids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And your editrs are holy F.
GamingWithBilly 4 days ago
at 24:00 did you guys get more people in your party?
Jack Dunne
Jack Dunne 5 days ago
Rust is one of my favorite games and ur the best I have ever seen
The780555 5 days ago
I didn’t even know it was a 37 min vid😂😂😂
James Cope
James Cope 6 days ago
Fair Played Stevie, we shall fight again soon. its WetMyAppetite , you are a good player!
Michael Tardivo
Michael Tardivo 7 days ago
ohhhhh such a satisfying finish!!
Loki 8 days ago
Stevie: hears fight Stevie: yes yes yes
Jimmy Toxic
Jimmy Toxic 10 days ago
I watch 2 if these per week, so I technically watch 1 movie per week, you got bad guys, good guys, a plot, a decent story line, and its 30 min to 51 min long EVERY video, it's just perfect
Good Ray
Good Ray 10 days ago
anyone watching in 2120
CreekSquadDisciples 2020
Sweet revenge
CreekSquadDisciples 2020
QuickKid Kinetic
QuickKid Kinetic 13 days ago
great videos keep it up
1 ad in a 37 minute video bow down to the hero
Milan Stamenkovski
Milan Stamenkovski 15 days ago
15:38 sound track
FadeSnipez 16 days ago
999k views lol
Amos leeming
Amos leeming 17 days ago
your welcom
Faith Trix
Faith Trix 18 days ago
“Uh yeah you may not be able to spawn at you’re bag downstairs “For some reason 😂”
XxFortniteHypexX 20 days ago
That stone base u ran by had no lock
Kotoamatsukami 21 day ago
ahh just love the paint in the drawing
Supreme Gaming
Supreme Gaming 24 days ago
“We’ll name them the Uphill Guys.. ‘cause they live up the hill”
marc lucas
marc lucas 24 days ago
Love your vids bro your sketches and voice overs keep me in nice gameplay
The OG MR Krabs
The OG MR Krabs 25 days ago
Didnt feel like 37 minutes jesus, great vid man :D
Whispering fisher
Whispering fisher 25 days ago
😂 I watched the hole thing it’s just karma after karma after karma 😂 Great video I loved it so much!
Monster 28 days ago
why does stevie never use aks
Wan Nor
Wan Nor 28 days ago
Damn. I feel so satistied in the end of the game even though im not the one playing.
Dr gaming 0314
Dr gaming 0314 Month ago
Yep the last 7minutes were the best minutes of the video and I like how you said that wetmyappetite was loaded when you counter raided the uphill guys and you didn’t realize it was him till you were done looting him
Luke Kapp
Luke Kapp Month ago
You need more doors
nahmoud718 Month ago
0:33 the db looks like balls!!🤣🤣🤣
Harrison Sutton
Harrison Sutton Month ago
Hay Stieve build 2 bases but one holds main loot and other is decoy
Jordan .Langner
Jordan .Langner Month ago
June 2nd is my birth day
jay 5366
jay 5366 Month ago
Hi hahaha GG I'm also you sorry it was just a game bro but GG let's call it a tie
Ed Vlogs
Ed Vlogs Month ago
What a great video! Keep it up!
BanqqR Month ago
When Stevie Found a Dead Body that is loaded Stevie: OH! MINE NOW!
Langston Goodman
you're awesome bro watching all the way from South Africa your vids get me out out of Depression
Gabriel Pratt
Gabriel Pratt Month ago
Stevie got me in to rust. Started off dying being a naked, but i stuck with it. last wipe i payed on a 2x server and raided a base that had 90 c4. Your vids are great man keep up the good work!!!
Julian R
Julian R Month ago
Oh shit that was 37 minutes 😂😂 nice vid 👍🏼
Mauricio Garcia
Mauricio Garcia Month ago
Hey man, I really enjoy your videos man. You should do more videos
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