Russian Journo Makes Putin Angry With Suggestive Questions: When Was The Last Time You Call A Judge?

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The 20 Questions with Vladimir Putin project is an interview with the President of Russia on the most topical subjects of social and political life in Russia and the world. The first part of the interview is about the tasks of the new Russian government. Putin talks about high-profile cases, National Guard and rallies.
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Comments 80
Andrei c
Andrei c 19 hours ago
He doesn't need to call a judge.He has 10 000 people that do this for him .Not onl one judge :))
Aaron Gray
Aaron Gray 14 days ago
"Get permission and then go and express your opinion "sums up life under vladimir putin, I feel for ordinary Russians 😔
Aspera ad astra
Aspera ad astra 21 day ago
Putin e i suoi collaboratori hanno salvato e creato una Russia moderna e più sicura, w Russia
Zilueta 22 days ago
Foothills Bluegrass
The interviewer is just a western d#*k-sucker,,
Roger Farragher Sr
Roger Farragher Sr 23 days ago
@ : No, ---he, (did not) make Putin angry. The media (lie): didn't even make us angry; merely, took (somewhat) away: from an informative -Putin interview.
Donna McDonald
Donna McDonald 24 days ago
That man would break Putina in half he wasn't the president and would have him kill see how cool and calm that man is ? Putina keep lean forward try to put fear into that man heart.
Kelley Eidem
Kelley Eidem 24 days ago
As an American, I can't possibly know all there is to know about Putin, but in this interview and in other videos he has impressed the heck out of me with his level headedness and command of facts.
Alexi Tselentis
Alexi Tselentis 26 days ago
What this ungrateful "journalist" doesnt consider is had it not been for Putin he would be living in a 3rd world collapsed basket case Russia, and wouldn't be a journalist as there would be no press in an Oligarchy of Western bankers, he would be digging in the trash for left over bread to feed his family and himself, funny how people forget just how close Russia came to being a Somalia in the snow, had people like Putin not saved Russia from total rot and decay.
Ramzan308 26 days ago
Не знаю чему радостно удивляются англоязычные комментаторы под этим видео. Ответы ведь слабые. Людей ведь реально бьют. Людей ведь реально сажают. А нам всё говорят что это ради закона, порядка и стабильности.
Paulline Cooper
Paulline Cooper 26 days ago
A Patriot Diplomatic Presidential Leader, my love, my man, my husband, President Putin.
JVONROCK 26 days ago
I’m an American, Same age as Putin. Our Fathers helped save the World.. We have both seen our countries robbed, it’s mistakes. We love our countries. We had big dreams. He has the wisdom to keep making them come true.
Lulu Saad
Lulu Saad 27 days ago
Hello Mr. Putin Hello man ( It's me Ludi )
mandhoj magar
mandhoj magar 27 days ago
He is the Best.
alhin fadi
alhin fadi 28 days ago
Love you putin
Anwar Mamun
Anwar Mamun 28 days ago
The present day Bangladesh Government is more authoritarian than Putin..
MR RAGE 28 days ago
Liberals thinking They are everything but Putin Hold my beer you loosers
Юрий Макаров
Журналист-либеральной гавно и провокатор!
Dragoljub Edmond Uglješa
President Putin is a righteous and decent man! His anger was still controlled. The journalist is a complete idiot! Things that journo said were so stupid.eg; one cop beating someone with a nightstick? Good and bad cops everywhere! In Australia when police see my name they ask if im Russian when I say Serbian they search my car for drugs and weapons! But other police are polite and very nice! Government cannot control everything!
SolarLingua Month ago
This interviewer ist actually doing an amazing job and most commentators here are too stupid to understand. It is HIS JOB to ask tricky questions and to ask them suggestively, because you need to be able to answer to a satisfactory degree as a president.
Castorp Z.
Castorp Z. Month ago
russian propaganda at its finest
Chris bayliss
Chris bayliss Month ago
Cool,Calm, and Collective. What's next the journos want to put a heart monitor on the coolest leader on earth
WY Chenkov
WY Chenkov Month ago
Mr Putin Sir, why would you spend your precious time with such a journalist? He is not worthy of your attention. And, you are a class act all the way. Respect.
sobaka Baskerville
Assassino di popolo ucraino lo odio
neo nero
neo nero Month ago
Who is that a$$hole? He acts like a mouthpiece from CNN. What a pretentious little shit. Respect the President!
Dilligaf Month ago
I want to protest for gay and lesbian rights , will I get a permit ?
Orderis Month ago
Those camera guys are feeling like a pro i can't stop laughing how they change camera angles every 3-5 seconds.
Alex Below
Alex Below Month ago
people, if the interviewer was polite and flattered the president, our liberals would say that the journalist was bought, and not with a real opponent (voice of the people). Do not react strongly to the journalist ;-)
Jettley de Leon
Jettley de Leon Month ago
President Putin's responses are unquestionable. No wonder President Duterte admires him as well.
DARK ARTS Month ago
Like a scene from a play, a one man show.
Arnav Sharma
Arnav Sharma Month ago
Love From India 🇮🇳💓
renard69ful Month ago
He is a great President , the best one!
Demure Month ago
About the woman 'beated in her ribs',from one angle of 3 seconds video it looks so,but from other angles where you also see her behavior beforehand it's clear she tries to take away the baton,provoke,resist and even tripped the guard so he falls and accidently pushes her a bit,and those guards are carrying some heavy gear,same as firefighters,so ofc he loses his balance,there's a baton in his hand and he tries to not fall and pushed on the woman he's trying to arrest,for some reason that video isn't viral and all they talk about is 1 video of 1 angle,they are basically talking about 3 seconds of action when there's minutes of what really happened and this is 'kremlin media'.... i wonder how many rats are sitting there pushing propaganda against the mouth that feeds them.
Arnel Eldian
Arnel Eldian Month ago
I like it how he doesn't sugarcoat his answers, also how he explains things logically.
Darren Roy
Darren Roy Month ago
👍🇷🇺💪👌✌️🇦🇺😎 Putin, _could you please visit Australia to embarrass and shame our grossly irresponsible government?!?_ We need to be told the importance of fair and effective socioeconomics!?!
Cave man
Cave man Month ago
haha very funny, now go to gulag
baraka Mwakibete
This Journalist is something.!
Malik Saad
Malik Saad Month ago
Robbing the Russian people and then posing as “anti-corruption”.
Caroline23 Month ago
Russia always been jealous with Farmers and Ranchers thinking they are making too much money! Than they always want to take it away from the farmers and rancher! That why men get depression they got nothing to lived for! Men want to make their women proud because of their hard work! Keep taking it away from them! They got nothing to lived for! Putin need to let the Farmers and Ranchers save money so they can retire and buy a house for themselves let the next family generation move in! The next family generation let them build a house because the old house is getting old and bring bugs in the house! You need to let them be rich because you can’t make it with pulling horses it doesn’t work that way! Tractors get the work done faster and spend time with family in the evening play ball or anything to have fun with their family! Families come first too! You gotta let them have a little fun! People get depression too if you keep taking it away from them! You gotta let them have fun! Your rules are too strick people need freedom too!
Danny K
Danny K Month ago
Russian prison population halved. In US its raising constantly...
Arthur Manolopoulos
Russia is a fortunate country to have someone like Vladimir Putin as a leader in these difficult and uncertain times. Many countries in the west have lost the plot allowing small minority groups to cause havoc for the silent majority of people. Anarchists, greens, homosexuals and lesbians are all trying to subvert patriotism, Christian faith and anything that promotes national pride and lawful behaviour. This guy is a provocateur but found his match in Mr Putin.
House Flamouse
House Flamouse Month ago
Putin is a real REAL one ! Great leader. Australia could take some notes
peace and love
peace and love Month ago
So many propanda and protesters and opposition organization funded by US political interventionists is crazy. Look.it up. Poor Russian millenials being used by the US and the oligarchy. Only because they are oblivious to Putin's major achievements for the Russian people. Putin has to battle this invicible and provoking forces all the time. Hope the Russian people unite and protect their country. And do not forget that was the US through Gorvachev's pereshtroika and mostly with Yeltsin that carried out a coup d etat that dissmanteled the economy and the country itself (USSR) against the will.of the people and send them into economic, social and political disspair. Not that Putin is a saint regarding real political dissent and real well intended opposition, but here we are talking about dark forces that manipulate people to bring down not only a mostly positive president, a government, but a country, so they can have for themselves cheap access to all of Russia's extraordinary natural and economic resources and submit the only real strong oponent they have left in Europe and elsewhere.
singh Putin Negi
Fuck u dubara call me negi.ashok.447799@gmail.com should i kill that bitch
singh Putin Negi
You know whom I talking about
singh Putin Negi
Keep ur society with urself ok i am fed uptell him strict action should be needed it's about prestige of asli man
singh Putin Negi
That who ask question
Who's got the time?
Why people are upset about that? It was a legit question, if Putin is too stupid to answer that, then why even bother doing interviews?
jake sayegh
jake sayegh Month ago
putin one smart man.
Muzz a
Muzz a Month ago
Putin is killing Syrian civilians hundred of thousands. He got cursed from thousands of people from Syria. Better putin stop the war in Syria and hand Bashar al assad who is a terrorist to the ICC. Then Russia can build its gas pipeline from Russia to Syria to Turkey and finally to Europe
D I Month ago
Respect for Mr. Putin . From Albania
Jonathan Bethune
Right on. Theres a logic that permeats thru society . Its either correct or false. What side do you want to be on...
Lizzie Month ago
Why the English clickbait? Not everybody speaks Russian.....
tiverton Month ago
K R Month ago
Seems like camera guys wanted to say a lot of things... no one asked dude.
K R Month ago
Good answers
Peter Mendoza
Peter Mendoza Month ago
Putin is the best thing that happened to Russia. When my President Trump gets re-elected, he wont care about being criticized by anyone! Why has every other American President going back decades been able to see the Russian President but the left calls Trump, Putin's puppet and a Russian agent? Such stupid nonsense. Together they will bring more peace and normalcy to the world,uniting against Terrorism.
NazTheGreat Month ago
More like : *Russian Camera man makes viewers angry*
Esa Shaik
Esa Shaik Month ago
The interviewer is soo dead 😨
Moon Watch
Moon Watch Month ago
I like how Putin often is quoted as saying things have to be done to the letter of the law (his lawyer training), but then he also agrees he can make laws and change laws. Well it's fine to be able to make them and change them!
Rhonda Clark
Rhonda Clark Month ago
I live in America and pray he’ll join America
Alex Vorobyev
Alex Vorobyev Month ago
голунов самый резонансный? Вы идиоты? Не террористы, не еще кто то, а просто обдолбанный "независимый" журналист?
Romana Volny
Romana Volny Month ago
The interviewer is an unpleasant (ugly) arrogant man. It is good to see that my favorite leader kept his cool.
rajaji 28572
rajaji 28572 Month ago
Russia is great.
Strizhi Month ago
What wit..grand chess master and its over. Putin got my vote!
Oganj Grom
Oganj Grom Month ago
Qannter Melikov
Qannter Melikov Month ago
Do Russians speak English cause I didn’t understand a word they where saying
tiverton Month ago
Can you read subtitles?
umesh2063 Month ago
Lucky Russians has putin as their leader who has calm and charm everything in his personality
Stupid journalist 🙉
icecold723 Month ago
Russia is lucky, God blessed them with a leader like Putin. But my question is what will happen to Russia once it's leader step down, who can replace a great like him to lead Russia?
maestro1 Month ago
ну да палучаица
Ester Oliveira
Ester Oliveira Month ago
nalyia schavchenko💥💀
Ester Oliveira
Ester Oliveira Month ago
barbaroza mafia 😂🦴💛...
Владимир Пономаренко
Никакое посягательство на жизнь и здоровье правоохранителей недопустимо.
Eouz Cuemarz
Eouz Cuemarz Month ago
Pres Putin for life!👏😎
Sophie 3,000
Sophie 3,000 Month ago
Spank him Mr Putin 😊
Всю эту либерду на митингах давно пора в крематории отправить.
David Griffiths
David Griffiths Month ago
Russians are smart and well educated. We must respect the common sense and quality of Russian civilian media commentary.
Aneesh chopra
Aneesh chopra Month ago
YES ! Putin is 99.99 percent Gold. 😉🤣
Jose Fonseca
Jose Fonseca Month ago
Angry? I saw Putin mildly irritated
giri thangelapally
Where is the subtitles man
tiverton Month ago
One click away.
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