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Let me state for the record that this Russian Honey Cake was probably the best cake I’ve ever eaten, and certainly the best cake I’ve ever made. It’s not an especially fast, or easy bake, but believe me, as you’re enjoying this, there will be no regrets. Not about the effort it takes, at least. The calories might be another story.
Follow this link to get a fully formatted, printable, written recipe: www.allrecipes.com/recipe/277220/russian-honey-cake/
To read Chef John’s in-depth article about this amazing Russian Honey Cake, please follow this link to become a member: ruvid.net/show-UCRIZtPl9nb9RiXc9btSTQNwjoin
You can also find more of Chef John’s content on Allrecipes: allrecipes.com/recipes/16791/everyday-cooking/special-collections/web-show-recipes/food-wishes/”

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Nov 15, 2019




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Food Wishes
Food Wishes 10 hours ago
Check out the recipe: www.allrecipes.com/recipe/277220/russian-honey-cake/
Coffieman5150 19 minutes ago
Why is it, every time I watch your shows... I think I'm back in Sunday School?
Arthas Menethil
Arthas Menethil 3 hours ago
2:50 an easy rule of thumb for this sort of thing: if you stick your finger in and it feels cool, you need to increase the heat, if it's Jacuzzi temperature it's perfect. If you stick your finger in and immediately issue a high pitched pterodactyl squeal then you've gone to far and need to pull it off the heat for a bit. For safety reasons I suggest using a candy thermometer, a laser thermometer, or a husbands finger.
Can you use creme fraiche instead of sour cream for the filling?
cardenrow 19 hours ago
"You have to learn to use the Force....and your fingertip"....bwahahaha!
BoobSmasher Henry
came here for the cake, stayed for the puns.
David Almeroth
Intetesting you say how the cake absorbs all those good feels as you spread icing. And those are transferred to them who will enjoy the cake. I think you're alluding to the spiritual battle though we can't see, is every bit as real as the air we breathe. I see exactly what you're saying though on the other end of the spectrum as I watch shows like Masterchef. Where every other minute someone is crying or cursing, or getting upset or saying how that particulat dish reminds them of a deceased loved one, or how Masterchef is their only chance to have a decent life, etc. Appreciate your relaxed and humorous style. Peace of Lord Jesus upon you and yours
AJJ29 Day ago
At the end of every sentence he like dies or give up. There is a drop at the end of all his sentences.
AJJ29 Day ago
he taLkS LIKe this
wait wot
wait wot Day ago
obesity crisis cake
PerleHH Day ago
OMG, you´ll need such a lot of time to do it, who got this today?
20mm1 Day ago
Made one and it was delishious. My cake layers turned out just a tad dry...what should I change to add moisture without changing flavour?
N S 2 days ago
Where did you get this recipe? Nobody never adds cinnamon to this cake! Never! And nobody boils honey separate. It’s crazy wrong recipe.
Kim Graham
Kim Graham 3 days ago
Keep creamin and cakein....Lol.... Love it!
Laset livingstin
Laset livingstin 3 days ago
Honestly, I need someone to describe the flavor & taste of this cake, please...Does it taste like straight honey or does the creamy filling add to the consistency...Never had this kind of cake...Would like to try...Thanks...😊
Sigma 4 days ago
heeeeeeeere's boris,
Tom Pryor
Tom Pryor 4 days ago
I always thought this was Czech... either way, it's delicious.
Adian Mikulic
Adian Mikulic 5 days ago
love this guy
Ben P
Ben P 5 days ago
How difficult is this recipe?
Elina Welch
Elina Welch 5 days ago
I am Russian, and this cake is absolutely amazing, and definitely our favorite! Thank you chef for introducing this piece of art to the world!!! You are the best!
Catalina MaGoo
Catalina MaGoo 6 days ago
Oooooh baby
Lorchid23 6 days ago
Honest to goodness, this just HAS to be one of the most delicious things...ever, in the history of cooking.
Bert Clayton
Bert Clayton 6 days ago
That does look good. But get a pkg of Graham crackers, use 1 of three pkgs. To crush up. Then add about a cup of melted butter, a cup of Brown sugar, a cup of chopped nuts (your preference), about 8 oz. of crushed pineapple and mix well. Then lay 3 Graham crackers beside each other, then one at the top I think it is. Then put a layer of the mix, then cover with another layer of Graham crackers, then put more mix on top of this, then cover with Graham crackers again. Then set in frigerarator so it gets cold. Then eat and enjoy. Tastes better than you think it would. It might be 4 Graham crackers wide side by side. Then two perpendicular on top of the row of four. Where you want the mix kind of wet. It can help to add a little cream, I bet a little maple syrup would be good. Where the Graham crackers laid out absorb the moisture and flavor. Do Russians have Maple syrup from maple trees or do they have other trees they make syrup from? Are there lots of Linden Trees in Russia?
jhwheuer 6 days ago
A touch of white sugar... covers butter in sugar all over... ah baking with Chef John...
Sajid A.
Sajid A. 6 days ago
Where's the cayenne? Disappointed.
I hear Ya
I hear Ya 6 days ago
👍💖👏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻🌲
hookman73 6 days ago
This looks good! It reminds me of a Smith Island cake.
LovingSoul61 7 days ago
This is my first time watching your channel. Your voice over is delightful, wonderful and whimsical -I laughed the whole time!
Emil Schneider
Emil Schneider 7 days ago
Oh gosh, that is just beautiful to watch!
Tim Тимофей
my babushka always added beer to her recipe
Sameer Ansari
Sameer Ansari 7 days ago
This video helped me fall asleep... thanks for the recipe in ASMR mode.😊
Lola Ibiss
Lola Ibiss 8 days ago
Holy deliciousness!! Thank you! I have to make this
Luna June
Luna June 9 days ago
10:07 I peed myself 😂
michele harper
michele harper 9 days ago
the commentary is hilarious. lolll. Putin
HikoSeijuroXIII 9 days ago
"refrigerate overnight" good one.
Tuppy Brill
Tuppy Brill 10 days ago
I found an even harder way which involved trying to make it smaller and square (like another video I saw ) and using cream filling that was too fluid so that the cake slices were sliding about and the cream slid off the sides. The taste is amazing though. Great cake but do it the way Chef says.
TheSabiqoon 10 days ago
Honestly the best. .
Chandra Leigh
Chandra Leigh 11 days ago
I hate the way this guy talks.
j p
j p 11 days ago
"After all, you are the Vladimir of your crumb veneer..." HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Levrevod 11 days ago
The Soviet Union “old school” cake. You good chef!
akacjabiala 11 days ago
this made me subscribe :) i don't have to bake it, bc nearby bakery sells pretty good medovik, but this recepie just brought childhood memories. it is as hardcore as i remember it. and none of my grandmas would let me near kitchen at the decoration stage, haha. i just ate all the icing and spill crumbs everywhere.
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