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Let me state for the record that this Russian Honey Cake was probably the best cake I’ve ever eaten, and certainly the best cake I’ve ever made. It’s not an especially fast, or easy bake, but believe me, as you’re enjoying this, there will be no regrets. Not about the effort it takes, at least. The calories might be another story.
Follow this link to get a fully formatted, printable, written recipe: www.allrecipes.com/recipe/277220/russian-honey-cake/
To read Chef John’s in-depth article about this amazing Russian Honey Cake, please follow this link to become a member: ruvid.net/show-UCRIZtPl9nb9RiXc9btSTQNwjoin
You can also find more of Chef John’s content on Allrecipes: allrecipes.com/recipes/16791/everyday-cooking/special-collections/web-show-recipes/food-wishes/”




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Comments 80
Food Wishes
Food Wishes 6 months ago
Check out the recipe: www.allrecipes.com/recipe/277220/russian-honey-cake/
Joanna Hejduk
Joanna Hejduk 25 days ago
baker from London made this ruvid.net/video/video-1LEPHyiF2UA.html
Nica H
Nica H Month ago
My Russian grandma would be proud
Christian Kruse
Christian Kruse Month ago
You are the master at making me want that food
jim l
jim l 2 months ago
@MrDeicide1 i know what suck about hm...troll like you haha And i guess he dont give a crap, he just do what he like ,
Demy B.
Demy B. 3 months ago
You can also make a Belarusian Pancake cake (yep). You just use 10 to 12 layers of cooled down pancakes (not american ones, rather crepes or German Pfannkuchen) and you put some honey or condenced milk between the layers (or both) and let it freeze. You can add rubbed walnuts, cinnamon, cranberries or whatever else
moyga 2 days ago
Why does this guys voice go up and down in such and unnatural way while he speaks?
Elena Ha
Elena Ha 3 days ago
This cake is such a big topic in most Russian family’s because everyone has a different recipe, for the dough, for the cream, it varies so extremely. I don’t like most of them, except one my mom made this year, with another completely different recipe 😂 Yours is reminding me very much of the one you can get in stores, which is the least tasty for me 💀😂 But I know a lot of people who love them, so I am gonna share this recipe. 🖤
Thomas Allen
Thomas Allen 4 days ago
I was trying to listen... but the up and down of the voice and the repeating of the same thing over and over made this... just hard to listen to. I'm not trying to be a hater, this is otherwise a great video and clearly the person reading this is having a great time doing this - it's just hitting me all wrong this morning and I wanted to say something.
Kevin 5 days ago
Putin’ a like on this video
Lola Coco
Lola Coco 6 days ago
Russian sweets r always so good . Napoleon and honey cake my god they really taste so awesome ❤️
Fotis St
Fotis St 6 days ago
Boris did it better
Fazekas Gergo
Fazekas Gergo 6 days ago
Home made versions "always " better. I think still going to buy the shop version. Im to lazy to do this many stuff and if i f. Up i wasted like 1kg honey and other ingredients what's not cheap. But still good video.
Common Folk
Common Folk 7 days ago
My granny does honey cake with a different recipe that she rejected to give out until she was 70. Now only my mom has it, continuing that annoying custom. Granny could just gift anyone her cake for a birthday, and not any birthday, only important ones, because it wasn't good It was... Delicious. I have never eaten anything better than that cake up to this day. And you brought me some memories, which I thank you for. Now, I know, its 5 AM, but I gotta find that recipe ._.
Luke Neff
Luke Neff 7 days ago
Chef John talks like a rollercoaster
Triggerhappy Ranch
Yes, pure honey is very flammable.
Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson 7 days ago
This cake is pretty time consuming and VERY sweet, but it's absolutely amazing nonetheless.
Julia Harrington
Julia Harrington 8 days ago
Yum! My kids and I love watching your videos. Theo (6) says "I like your recipes because they are good" and Madeleine (4) says "I love your movies so much!" They pretend to be you and create RUvid food videos with their play kitchen or bits of dough from our baking experiments, always ending with "Enjoy!". Thanks for creating them!
TheKCLoy 8 days ago
thank you mate
Daniel Ryslink
Daniel Ryslink 10 days ago
For the record, this very cake can be bought in stores here as "medovník", which means "honey cake" in Czech (no Russian reference, strangely). Moreover, I strongly disagree with a part of the recipe. I don't like the process of caramelizing honey, because the heat destroys important micro-nutrients that represent most of the value honey has over sugar. The producers take care not to heat the honey so that you can enjoy it's full nutritional benefits, and if you do this to it, it's a wasteful act. It's similar to frying in good extra virgin olive oil (which is also not heated during production to preserve the heat sensitive polyphenols), or to mixing cocktail with expensive aged alcohol. Sure you CAN do it, but you are degrading a superior resource into an inferior one. If you really need the caramelized sugar taste, caramelize plain or brown sugar, and mix it with honey later when it cools down - that way, you get both the nutritional value from honey and the caramel taste. Whatever you do, just do not heat the honey, because that turns it just into glucose-fructose syrup with some brown color and aroma.
Ive Alex
Ive Alex 11 days ago
Jane Coles
Jane Coles 13 days ago
You make some amazing stuff but dude, what's with the awful intonation to your voiceover? It sounds so false, forced and frankly, unnatural. If you don't mind my saying, perhaps your natural intonation would be far less jarring?
Paul Valor
Paul Valor 13 days ago
It is not russian, but ukrainian
Turk Wilson
Turk Wilson 12 days ago
it says it was made in the russian empire on wikipedia
Lassie Sandiego
Lassie Sandiego 14 days ago
I have a childhood cookbook with a recipe for "honeybee cookies", they're basically unfrosted single layer medovik. It's so awesome to know I can make one of my favorite little-kid treats a bit more grown up.
Marsellus Wallace
Marsellus Wallace 19 days ago
Wait is this the same thing as Mikado?
Straz 21 day ago
My wife made this for me for my birthday and it took her four hours to make. It was a labor of love and came out incredible. I do not eat cake or sweets more than a few times a year and this was just amazing and not too sweet which I like. Thanks Chef John!!
Dixon Cider
Dixon Cider 22 days ago
Wow. Beautiful cake.
Jean Langbridge
Jean Langbridge 22 days ago
Hi Chef.... would this cake work well using a store bought mix of gluten free flour? Cheers!
LASHK001 23 days ago
This is the honey flavored cake of my dreams. Also, you are delightful!
Oscar Campbell
Oscar Campbell 23 days ago
Pretty much a pannkakstårta! With extra honey xD
Jojo S
Jojo S 24 days ago
You did not just whisk that by hand 😱
Ethan Cooper
Ethan Cooper 24 days ago
the ooohlhlhhhhhlllll tappatappa
Ulo Hun
Ulo Hun 24 days ago
This is an especially funny one
Stella Mantikou
Stella Mantikou 25 days ago
I recently tried it and I HAD TO KNOW WHAT IT IS!! So,Chef John to the rescue!I knew that you would know!!Thank you!!❤❤❤
Scupacium 25 days ago
that putin pun was gold
Heru- deshet
Heru- deshet 25 days ago
I'll make two and give one to my Russian next door neighbor.
Otilia Colceriu
Otilia Colceriu 26 days ago
just realized I've lived my life thinking this cake was called Marlenka but now I found out that was a brand's name
imyourgodmachine 26 days ago
Just found your channel. Love your sense of humor!
GEgreek 27 days ago
hermex 29 days ago
I requested this cake for my birthday. It took my friend 7 hours but it was one of the best cakes of all time!
Vishnu Prasad
Vishnu Prasad Month ago
I literally died with those wobbly spatulas
Johanne Dufort
Johanne Dufort Month ago
Would you consider listing the ingredients please ???
Katy C
Katy C Month ago
Can i just put a thicker batter in the oven and then bake it and then cut it rather than do it one by one?
I Was Here
I Was Here Month ago
He talks like my math teacher🤣
leela lo
leela lo Month ago
I always buy Russian cake at our Russian market. So light and honey, caramel flavor.
Tamara Nair
Tamara Nair Month ago
k lewis
k lewis Month ago
Is it blasphemy to make very large pancakes with the same ingredients and stack them to make this delicious cake?
Mustard Fart
Mustard Fart Month ago
Any plans for a hard cover cookbook chef?
Luba's Kitchen
Luba's Kitchen Month ago
Thank you! Not only a great recipe but an excellent sense of humour!
Baboon Month ago
my mom would always top this off with some walnuts or pecans too
Kerry Chaney
Kerry Chaney Month ago
Russia lemon and honey cake
Ana Mia
Ana Mia Month ago
he talks like his sentences have no full stop.
Maryam Bashir
Maryam Bashir Month ago
“And then I have some horrible news. You have to refrigerate it for overnight” 😂
Glam Destruction
I just discovered this channel, and it has re-ignited my love for baking - believe me I want to make everything I've watched so far - and possibly is giving new meaning to my life. Oh also, love the humour. Just can't get enough of it. Thaaaaaaanks.
Cooking 1.5
Cooking 1.5 Month ago
Looks soooooo gooood!!!
TIGAsin Tv
TIGAsin Tv Month ago
Anna nicole Suix
My friend from Chechnya made this for me before for my birthday. I can’t believe how much work it takes but so worth it, it was gorgeous
shyasaturtle Month ago
It is called "Медовик" (Medovik) in Russian.
Cosmos Provider
Cosmos Provider Month ago
How did you covered it in plastic if you didn't film it?
Inna S
Inna S Month ago
We,Russians,never do it so long and hard.No need to warm ingridients up,the best cream is to mix sour cream with sugar.My mam was making it from the artificial honey and it was the best,much better than from the real honey.Everybody was asking for the recepy (which i lost)She made one big square base,cut and put pieces together.
zabuma Month ago
This cake looks glorious
blank Month ago
A touch of sugar. > adds 1kilo
Robbie Howard
Robbie Howard Month ago
Could not make it more than 2 minutes. The inflection of your voice is way too repetitive!!
Zee Captain
Zee Captain Month ago
Doesn't honey turn toxic if it reaches high temperatures?
Iestyn Daly
Iestyn Daly Month ago
"It's up to you to decide how you'd be Putin these on" I laughed way more than necessary at that.
surg23 Month ago
Damn so you'd need about 8 baking trays to keep the flow of layers cooking constantly ? I don't even own a single proper baking tray lol. This cake looks like it would be really fun to make. Time for me to buy a baking tray or two.
surg23 Month ago
@Sam Brauer Hmm yeah that would work. Though ideally, with that many layers, I'd want to bake at least 4 layers at a time to save time and electricity.
Sam Brauer
Sam Brauer Month ago
The way I did it was I just put each layer on its own piece of parchment paper, so when it was done I could just lift it off the pan, set it aside, and throw on the next one. Worked really well. The hand-whipping was a pain in the ass, though.
MrGodOfBeer Month ago
I remember my grandmother making these cakes on every family gathering, it was super tasty every time. Sometimes she would include some berry jam in between the layers along side the cream, it was heaven. Thanks Mr. Food Wishes for a piece of nostalgia(pun intended).
Penny Herndon
Penny Herndon Month ago
I had a russian teach me how to do this cake. A little different but it was dwlicious
Penny Herndon
Penny Herndon Month ago
You didnt tell us how much flour
0scar Month ago
Can I add some coffee to the cream?
Roxanne Dyer
Roxanne Dyer 2 months ago
I suppose if you wanted, a splash of vodka could e added to the whipped cream?
meremortal 2 months ago
He likes to" live dangerously" as we see his seriously dented bowl... hmmm...
Ali Irshedat
Ali Irshedat 2 months ago
Amazing Video
Saheryk 2 months ago
If making rectangular doesn't bother you, you can cover all the sheet to make four sheets at a time.
Jonathan Darnel
Jonathan Darnel 2 months ago
Recipes are great but this man's voice is driving me nuts. Fewer commas, more periods, please. 😂
David Bradley
David Bradley 2 months ago
Thank you! It has been many years since I have been able to taste a honey cake, which I first tasted in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia. It is deluscious.
cthulhu sashimi
cthulhu sashimi 2 months ago
Are you colluding with Russia to interfere with our cakes?
Gunesh Elizade
Gunesh Elizade 2 months ago
The hardest part is waiting for it to het chilled
K Smith
K Smith 2 months ago
Score another Chef John recipe that was a roaring success! Spent 3 days making it for hubby's birthday and now he's saying some nonsense about a new yearly tradition. Be warned, even though it is light and flavorful, it's still somewhat rich. Reminds me of Tres Leches cake but honey flavored.
Joey V
Joey V 2 months ago
I love this cake
Joseph Robinson
Joseph Robinson 2 months ago
Never eaten this before, but it looks great. I think this is called медовик (medovik) in Russian.
Steven Coffee
Steven Coffee 2 months ago
I was sooooo waiting to see what the “after all you are the...” joke. Never disappoints.
William TA
William TA 2 months ago
How many grams is a touch of white sugar?
Marcel Robinson
Marcel Robinson 2 months ago
Now, this is the kind of cake you bring to the office potluck. Rave reviews from your co-workers but dirty looks from Janet in accounting.
steve coyne
steve coyne 2 months ago
Added crushed honeycomb to the top of the circle of it around the base and it gave an intense honey flavor while eating the cake that being said this cake is exceptional
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