Russian Food Party!! SMOKED BEEF BORSCHT by Russia’s Best Chef!! | White Rabbit, Moscow, Russia!

Mark Wiens
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😃Chef Vladimir: instagram.com/muhinvladimir/
🎥Russian Food Tour of Moscow: ruvid.net/video/video-9EjF7R9K30M.html
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Thank you to Chef Vladimir (instagram.com/muhinvladimir/), Boris Zarkob (instagram.com/boris_zarkov/) and the entire White Rabbit (instagram.com/whiterabbitmoscow/) team for hosting me on this amazing day of Russian food!
Breakfast at Chef Vladimir’s house - To begin this amazing day of Russian food in Moscow, we were invited over to Chef Vladimir’s (head chef of White Rabbit Moscow) for breakfast. Some of the White Rabbit family were there, and they were cooking a full Russian feast for breakfast. Along with huge amounts of Russian black caviar and baked breads, the highlight for me was without a doubt the smoked beef borscht, by far the best borscht I’ve ever had in my life. No other borscht I had throughout Russia even came close to the flavor of this. It was an amazing Russian food breakfast and time to meet new friends.
Lunch at Gorynich Restaurant, Moscow, Russia - This was completely unplanned until right before going - Chef Vladimir said I should go to Gorynich Restaurant for lunch in order to taste their Russian rye bread, which they bake fresh there. Fantastic restaurant in Moscow, and the bread blew me away, best rye bread I’ve ever had in the world.
White Rabbit - Not only one of the best restaurants in Moscow and Russia, but one of the best restaurants in the world. White Rabbit has a unique theme - Alice in Wonderland - rabbits and fairytales, and with an amazing view of Moscow.
Here was the menu we tried:
Coconut and linden
Sunflower and smoked caviar
Scallop, carrot, raspberry
Russian pickle, sour cream and honey
Sea urchin, potatoes, tangerines
Green tomatoes, milk mushrooms
Cabbage, caviar, champagne
Black cod, kvass and artichoke
Quail, egg and corn
Salad with lettuce, avocado and onion
Beets, burnt hazelnuts
Birch bast, condensed milk
Russian berry
Russian caviar, powdered sugar
Chef Vladimir Mukhin - White Rabbit - The meal and entire experience was beyond epic, absolutely stunning. It was an education on Russian food, and truly flavors that blew me away with taste, and combination of ingredients. Presentation was beautiful, but the flavors and surprises are what really stood out.
An amazing Russian food meat at White Rabbit and I would highly recommend it as one of the world’s best restaurants.
Thank you again to Thank you to Chef Vladimir (instagram.com/muhinvladimir/) and White Rabbit Moscow!
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RedboRF 5 hours ago
if that chief doesn't have 3 Michelin stars it's such a shame to the guide.
samy GAGABOY 3 days ago
russian guys are soooooooooooooooooooooooo Hot ♥
Carolina Leger
Carolina Leger 3 days ago
Very fancy food l understand better why my Russian roommate has the table full of things for breakfast every morning . I think she was exaggerated but now l know is their culture.
Carolina Leger
Carolina Leger 3 days ago
Richi Richi
Richi Richi 3 days ago
Adjka is not Russian food
David Cromwell
David Cromwell 3 days ago
learn to say Mos coh, not mos cow. You and Rachel Maddow!
hamsa 3 days ago
Also u can review hotel, every country u can go that time hotel reviews, every subscribe useful that one.🤔🤔🤔
19911991sara 4 days ago
Man I’m flying to Russia just for this restaurant 💔 this experience looked like a dream 😳
Ehsan Saied احسان سعيد
I was watching this video on my TV after watching all these dishes in *WHITE RABBIT'S RESTAURANT* thought to come on here with my phone to leave a comment to pay my RESPECT to the Russian culture. P.s the *WHITE RABBIT'S RESTAURANT* it is full of arts and colourful, I think they should call it a museum 🌹🌹🌹RESPECT from *IRAQ* 🌹🌹🌹
Um Brasileiro no Brasil
Whats is these seeds 11:14 around of the meat?
Katar Varivarn
Katar Varivarn 8 days ago
M,,kilograms.yuyThe y
shimwe chille
shimwe chille 8 days ago
welcome in burundi
sakib kashmiri
sakib kashmiri 9 days ago
That food was at another level the presentation the dressing mind blowing. Amazing Russian food.
Madi K
Madi K 9 days ago
This boys are handsome to me
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Ghizlane Karra
Ghizlane Karra 10 days ago
Happy to see some venetian food mixed with super Russian dishes😍😍😍 Radicchio worth 💫💫💫
Sharing - With U
Sharing - With U 11 days ago
volkodav Han
volkodav Han 12 days ago
Практически ни одно блюдо вы не найдёте в российских кафе или столовых...икру черную, красную, люди в Россие не каждый её ел...не смешите.
volkodav Han
volkodav Han 12 days ago
volkodav Han
volkodav Han 12 days ago
Назовите какое нибудь русское блюдо...кроме пирогов и пирожков...их многие народы делают.
Teresa Hill
Teresa Hill 12 days ago
All the food looked so Awesome and I've never had Russian food
Panda 12 days ago
Russian culture is rich & their food is good too
Dhiresh Mishra
Dhiresh Mishra 12 days ago
You traveling in north india for testing
Michael Shamoun
Michael Shamoun 15 days ago
love russia
Aragorn II
Aragorn II 18 days ago
So lucky!!!
DayuPra 20 days ago
Russian people does not look friendly at all
Zapan1889 21 day ago
It's fascinating how asian (or turkic) avetage russians can look. Not surprise. Genetic proximity is everything
Camelia Hossain
Camelia Hossain 21 day ago
you are looking handsome in shirt mark
Zoya Khan
Zoya Khan 22 days ago
What does this dude NOT like? He eats everything.
moni alcid
moni alcid 22 days ago
tasted russian food and i liked them. even their desserts were fine by me.
Abc. K.
Abc. K. 22 days ago
Visit Russia, you won't regret it :) Great food and amazing architecture. Check out these 2 videos of aerial views: Moscow: ruvid.net/video/video-S_dfq9rFWAE.html St Petersburg (former Leningrad) ruvid.net/video/video-4EoUz39nPMM.html
Patcham TV
Patcham TV 23 days ago
I love the way he eat and react in every dishes ☺️ this man is great. I love cooking too you can visit my channel to check every food i cook every day🙏😌😊
Kate Walsh
Kate Walsh 23 days ago
Mark I have been watching your show since you started your channel I love watching your videos I love watching you travel all around the world and enjoy the company of anyone and everyone but why now have you started with so many commercials I don't understand it I know obviously that's how you make money as well but you never used to apply so many commercials between your videos it's actually starting to irritate a lot of peopleI wish you would go back to where you would do one or two maybe but 5 that's just crazy sorry but it's true!
Célia Rose
Célia Rose 23 days ago
Wow so fancy 😍😍😍
Boris Ivanov
Boris Ivanov 24 days ago
Ещё бы ему не понравилось, по самым дорогим местам его катали.
BLOND BLONDY 24 days ago
Кухня конечно в ресторане, очень специфичная, огурцы с мёдом и со сметаной? и меню , какое то странное, просто такое только в Москве для извращенцев подойдёт! сервис хороший, надеюсь, Марк за это не заплатил, как то аж стыдно, за такой перформанс. Блюда все из совка, немного переделанные под антураж, и не более того, порции мизерные. Нахер ваш вайт ребит. Не понимаю, почему порядок блюд не соблюдён? После десерта, подали лапу с когтями.....фууууу фу фуууу
Teddy P
Teddy P 25 days ago
Lol I just came from watching Chefs Table on Netflix about The White Rabbit and it's Chef, That's so cool Mark you got to meet him like this I'm so Jelly! FYI= In 2019 The White Rabbit was ranked 13th in the WORLD on the list of The World's 50 Best Restaurants :P
Nicholas The Best
Nicholas The Best 26 days ago
Love your vids about different Russia which will be never shown by western mainstream propaganda.
NoBoundareez 26 days ago
Smile-Man in the Land of Frowns
Jaypee Dela Rosa
Jaypee Dela Rosa 26 days ago
Been a fan of mark for years what i notice is hes enjoying much more on streetfood vlogs than fine dining.i can see it on his reactions.
Rita's Diaries
Rita's Diaries 26 days ago
God's own country || Kollam fish markets || Popular Eat outs in Kollam ruvid.net/video/video-Bt1Gm3U_26k.html
Yusuf Aksoy
Yusuf Aksoy 27 days ago
50.000 $ dolar puff
Kaloyan Trayanov
Kaloyan Trayanov 28 days ago
I like to see what the oligarchs in Russia eat.
Sabina Agha
Sabina Agha 28 days ago
People forget the refinement of Russian cuisine. It was the epitome of wealth and opulence at one time!
Esther Artola
Esther Artola 28 days ago
Me encantan tus vídeos. Yo hice ayer el primero. QUE MEJOR QUE COMER. Rosquillas y panquillas
zura julayidze
zura julayidze 28 days ago
Ajika georgian 😂😂😂🖕
Qingbo Zheng
Qingbo Zheng 29 days ago
To Mark Wiens , everything is amazing
White Rabbit restaurant for douchebags
Jay B
Jay B 29 days ago
Wow the contrast in flavors and Ingredients in Russian cuisine looks really good. Those flavors are unusual but I can imagine them to compliment each other and very nice presentation at white rabbit. That amount of caviar is just....too delicious!
Jay B
Jay B 29 days ago
Man i want that beef tartare I used to make that when I had access to better meat. The salmon eggs would make that even better. (I like ikura bowls) I'm craving cabbage now too for some odd reason.
SeeSaw跷跷 29 days ago
Go to your own home! Stop fooling around in the Pandemic area!
info all imprtant
wondering how many plate were used hahahah
MrLelo80 Month ago
I never eat better Bread that fresh baked as in Russia so the Bread Restaurant for me is the first on the List to visit. What a nice Jorney! The White Rabbit seems superb!
Nandhu 88
Nandhu 88 Month ago
Will visit here
Oleh Fychko
Oleh Fychko Month ago
Smooth As Butter
He will eat anything
Dung Trang
Dung Trang Month ago
I agree with Putera Camaro. First time I see mark wear a long sleeve shirt. and also first time I see Ying on video too.
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songer singer Month ago
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geo girl tbilisian
mark please come in georgia(country) we have the best food all over the world🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪
geo girl tbilisian
:)))))u r funny
Cosa Nostra
Cosa Nostra Month ago
"georgia(country)... the best food all over the world" ??? :)) Calm down! Of course, this is not so :))
Dayn Gehry-Riis
Dayn Gehry-Riis Month ago
I love you Mark! Great series on my fav topic with a great guy :). Thanks so much!
vityamba Month ago
Hi Mark! Great video ! Really enjoyed watching you eating 🙂! PS: The seeds on a rye bread Borodin are actually not coriander but caraway seeds.
Teresita Uy
Teresita Uy Month ago
Mark was born for this, he sure has a big appetite with a slim body. Sometimes I wonder if his wife feels the same way as he does in all the food they're eating from different countries. White Rabbit a very high end restaurant.
Teresita Uy
Teresita Uy Month ago
His coat is not even thick down. ,and he's wearing tshirt inside. Brrrr.
chen hang
chen hang Month ago
Bon appertif
kimura kano
kimura kano Month ago
Love that he finally included his wife...."mmm ya" (her review) LOL.
Lalaine's Kitchen
Keep on watching your video.Great food!
vk 05
vk 05 Month ago
Bhai ye janawar
Irish Schmicker
Irish Schmicker Month ago
OHhHh w
One Love
One Love Month ago
mark once u said green house .. i knoe u are sponsor lol but r still good
superb episode! i love variety of Russian food ! very nice! great .
Phantom A.A.
Phantom A.A. Month ago
Oh, I love Russian food. The borscht (Ukrainians will argue that), the цыплята табака, пельмени, охотничья колбаса, the red vinegar salads, what else? Doctor’s bologna, and many more. Can’t list them all off the top of my head. But they’re are uniquely prepared, so simple, yet delicious. Even here in LA I get the luxury to buy the borscht frequently. 👌👍 you made the right choice in traveling to Russia, cowboy!
Purity Mwangi
Purity Mwangi Month ago
Ooohhh my God am so hungry, wiens please kuja 🇰🇪
Olesia Arkhipova
Mark likes spicy food
sinday0203 Month ago
Total foodgasm every time he rolls his eyes! Just love his videos, he is such a great guy!!!!❤️
bigmuchknow Month ago
The meal makes happy the Mark
Trini M
Trini M Month ago
You should go Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹
YODA TRDOR Month ago
Moscow is beautiful. Definitely it’s in my bucket list.
A Kh
A Kh Month ago
@ 2:17 they have a hijabi chef too
MrPickledede Month ago
i dont like sour cream, mayo, herring, borscht or caviar...Russian food aint for me
lusine Shirvanyan
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