Russian Fishing Restaurant - Amazing Catch and Cook!! | Saint Petersburg, Russia!

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Russkaya Rybalka (Russian Fishing Restaurant) - This is a legendary restaurant in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and I was excited to try it out. So Sergey (ruvid.net/u-realrussiablog) and I drove over for an ultimate Russian fishing catch and cook meal!
It’s a full Russian seafood restaurant, but you can choose to catch your own seafood and have it cooked fresh. We ordered a trout, and then fished it, and they immediately smoked it. In 30 minutes our freshly smoked trout was ready. It was absolutely delicious, one of the best meals I ate in Russia. The fish was of course very fresh, and the smokiness was delicious.
I would highly recommend Russkaya Rybalka (Russian Fishing Restaurant) as a special restaurant to visit for Russian seafood when you’re in Saint Petersburg, Russia!
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Comments 80
Mingjiong Liao
Mingjiong Liao 7 days ago
why they give him a fish head? lol
Sam Mariscal
Sam Mariscal 8 days ago
wow so amazing
John Kester
John Kester 18 days ago
You should do a collaboration with Blue Gabe in Florida !
Aragorn II
Aragorn II 18 days ago
Getting royalty treatment!!! Damn nice
Aragorn II
Aragorn II 18 days ago
Cody Cooper
Cody Cooper 18 days ago
Micah got so big omg
Adri Putranto
Adri Putranto 19 days ago
motivation to click ; beautiful Russian waitress
Hassan Harry
Hassan Harry 19 days ago
Sergey I want to visit Russia, I don't have no friends there. Can you help please?
Jennifer Pham
Jennifer Pham 20 days ago
Russian food is love. My mom cook these dishes at home.
Jane VanSkike
Jane VanSkike 23 days ago
How fun! Catch your meal then eat!
Muhammad Naeem
Muhammad Naeem 24 days ago
Nowadays I have started watching Russian Videos especially Countryside, it is so amazing, it has changed my mind and concept about Russia. Russian people are so nice and friendly, I have traveled a lot and now next I will visit Russia very soon and I wish there would be some friend of mine in Russian with whom I can travel which can be fun as well and can get a chance to have dinner or lunch in some Local families just to have a natural taste and environment. Hope to get some Russian Friends soon. My Whatsapp. +92 322 2566559
Secret Diary of a Foodie
A 5.6M follower food blogger doesn't know that "crispy egg white sugar things" are called meringue? 🤔
v10l3t 45
v10l3t 45 25 days ago
Micah so cuuuuttteee😆😆😆
Shakeel Ahmed Katal
Shout out for the legend who says bone less and then was seen separating bones of the fish🤓🤓 11:43 , 12:29
Bilal Hussain
Bilal Hussain 27 days ago
just came for the waiter
logi damai
logi damai 28 days ago
Beautiful waitress
Shark Hunt
Shark Hunt 29 days ago
I’m starving. Does she deliver to the United States? Find out and let me know ASAP. thanks little monster. 🍗🍔🥙🥩🥓🥪🍖🥞🍔🍟🍕🍗🍖
Sia 29 days ago
I’ve been staying in Russia for 9years and that kvas that cost 240rubbles for 500ml is ridiculous. I think you got rip off from that price since it usually cost half of that only even much cheaper if you get it straight from shops 😄
Kazem Roudsari
Kazem Roudsari Month ago
All you get in Indonesia is pythons dogs and cats and bats regarded as delicacy 🤮
Fina Re
Fina Re Month ago
You eat a lot but you never get fat !!😍🇮🇹
You have never used a fish rod have you lmfao no idea 💡
Poll lol we call that a fishing rod
Norm Sweeney
Norm Sweeney Month ago
That trout looks amazing !!
Chris Chi
Chris Chi Month ago
Rainbow trout & Golden trout. Love Russia!
RandysVids Month ago
285 people dislike mark talking about Putin
Gangsta jooo
Gangsta jooo Month ago
amazing experience bro...luved❤ id ...phor surr🤤
nicolas campbell
Farm fish will never taste better than fish caught in the open sea.
Just Subscribe
Just Subscribe Month ago
Normally we find some kinds of foods that we don't like except you every thing that you eat you like it so much Sooooo I offered my poop i think that it will good for you
Just Subscribe
Just Subscribe Month ago
Just look for the other one reaction he is a normal person that's why i offered my poop for you lol
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Just Subscribe Month ago
With some pee soos for deping
T&M's Backyard Creations
He didn't know which side of the pole to hold
Phoebe Raymond
Phoebe Raymond Month ago
Hearing micah talk was my favorite part tbh
Monica S
Monica S Month ago
It melted my heart to hear Micah say, "The Fish!" 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Jack Jill
Jack Jill 13 days ago
Should feature the family more
Suzita Month ago
Delicious Trout. My Dad loved eating trout. I love Fish. What a beautiful restaurant. Cosy. Very generous portions. Delicious
drshahreza johannoor
Mustafa Sarah
Mustafa Sarah Month ago
If you are RUSSIAN like
Блондинк∀ в виссоне ✧
Ещё подумают, что все русские так нагло жрут из твоей тарелки как Сергей.
disco 07
disco 07 Month ago
Lol, Mark fishing. Good job! Now lets eat!
A Kh
A Kh Month ago
Bad idea to watch it at midnight, now i want fish -.-
dannass555 Month ago
In Soviet 🇷🇺 Russia, you get a fish just by holding fishing rode.
Hi @Mark when will you come & visit 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 waiting for you brother 💙
Beautiful country
NYREPS Month ago
Serg looked thrilled lol, Sorry i didnt think he was a good host.
6.5 Creedy
6.5 Creedy Month ago
Clueless idiot with a camera.
Sunset Loving
Sunset Loving Month ago
Great Restaurant Thanks.
Aung Myat Thu
Aung Myat Thu Month ago
Amazing Russia cuisine.. It is very interesting to know Russia.. One day, hope to visit Russia..
Lost Land
Lost Land Month ago
hooded man in the water ?? 1:43
Shawelly Aemamaly
Ho menia neriwedseaa eatah deiweshka yocheen kerasiwaiaa
Craig Sinclair
Craig Sinclair Month ago
I just get into the habit of disliking all his videos. I like everything but the guy in the videos. He just ruins every video. Wish he would just not tall so much and let the people in the videos talk.
Fatima Islam
Fatima Islam Month ago
You need to show ore of your son and the wifey,dude. Is she pregnant again? She looks moody and big.
Simple Bisdak
Simple Bisdak Month ago
I love it, very fresh catch.
ubbgn Month ago
this guy likes everything, fake asf! dont talk with your mouth full ffs!
Night Fox
Night Fox Month ago
watching this after watching your series with Ebin.... quite visible the starkly different personality of the hosts..
Revina Que
Revina Que Month ago
I wish you had tried the sturgeon, too!
Bhupinder singh Bhinder
First time I have ever heard of myka
Deborah Godley
Deborah Godley Month ago
The fishing place was awesome.Atmosphere, innovative preparation of food, amazing service, and great presentation.Winner!
Buck Jame
Buck Jame Month ago
Sergey’s channel also looks pretty cool. Subscribed 😁
Barbra Mighall
Barbra Mighall Month ago
Saw this before..
Johnny O
Johnny O Month ago
Why the name change
Jonathan Walegir
loved this video
Eko Sandra
Eko Sandra Month ago
ohh my god 😄
Daywakee Bickram
Russia is a such a beautiful place.....
Franklin MacGillacuddy
Wow a hundred bucks for that feast is a pretty amazing deal!! I was expecting a higher number there, for sure. Looks fantastic.
john doug
john doug Month ago
Everytime I see Russian or Czech Women: Me: "Ooohhh another scene in Public Agent"
Atta Muhammad
Atta Muhammad Month ago
Visiting Moscow and St. Petersberg is on my wish list, and yeah meeting Mark Weins, THE NUMBER ONE FOOD V-LOGGER.
Efsane Seksenler
why the most beautiful women in the world are in Russia?
CraftBrew SiemReap
Fish, one of my favourite meal!
Jack Purlee
Jack Purlee Month ago
Did this guy for real have to have another guy cast his rod
Crushi .Music, Art & Love.
Love is real Crushi 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤 +
Dul akif
Dul akif Month ago
I like that you’re always smiling always try to promote happiness and peace
Раф Кузнецов
точно. перекрестил рыбу.
Раф Кузнецов
он перекрестил печку с рыбой?
Yien Ling
Yien Ling Month ago
Nice place to eat what u catch and they have awesome beautiful lady too
Thracia Hellenes
Theres my fav Russian!!
peter neumann
peter neumann Month ago
Puc Eater
Puc Eater Month ago
Someone has never gone fishing before.
muskaan1717 Month ago
Sergy is an old RUvidr..first of most from Russia...really entertaining to watch his vlog.
Medy love_tz
Medy love_tz Month ago
Its #MarkAbroad Again
Anont Sieger Pradapsaeng
Fresh Fish, this Restaurant looks awsome
TheOerdin Month ago
First cast and he catches a fish. Those fish must be kept hungry.
Duke Togo
Duke Togo Month ago
Did the mark abroad vid and this one get mixed up Mark?
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