Russia, the Kievan Rus, and the Mongols: Crash Course World History #20

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In which John Green teaches you how Russia evolved from a loose amalgamation of medieval principalities known as the Kievan Rus into the thriving democracy we know today. As you can imagine, there were a few bumps along the road. It turns out, our old friends the Mongols had quite a lot to do with unifying Russia. In yet another example of how surprisingly organized nomadic raiders can be, the Mongols brought the Kievan Rus together under a single leadership, and concentrated power in Moscow. This set the stage for the various Ivans (the Great and the Terrible) to throw off the yoke and form a pan-Russian nation ruled by an autocratic leader. More than 500 years later, we still have autocratic leadership in Russia. All this, plus a rundown of some of our favorite atrocities of Ivan the Terrible, and a visit from Putin!
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Jun 7, 2012




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Comments 8 364
Ak Black2
Ak Black2 2 days ago
You guessed it the mongols
David Bordelon
David Bordelon 4 days ago
"We don't want to get into an etymological flame war." Literally all that's going on in the comment section 🤣!
Young Outlaw
Young Outlaw 4 days ago
Maybe it was like England were the The settler was of some culture while the royal family are of Norse or Danish roots thinking in rus Slavic settlers
Arief Rakhman
Arief Rakhman 6 days ago
Ivan the Terrible seems a lot like Joffrey
snurk agurk
snurk agurk 8 days ago
1:11 this point is like saying that the normans didn’t conquer england, british people don’t speak french. It was the language of the ruling class.
Trase Frederick
Trase Frederick 8 days ago
Russian princes paying tribute to the Mongols: "Eto obez'yana, no my dolzhny eto sdelat"
Adam Whitcomb
Adam Whitcomb 9 days ago
can we do a one-hour crash course special only on the Mongols? i would watch that all the time
Ishmam Masud - Cuz I Can
Wait, Ivan the Terrible made the Nazgul? I KNEEEEWW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Prince Kalender
Prince Kalender 14 days ago
"This machine kills fascists". Unnecessary violence.
Matthew s
Matthew s 15 days ago
Good god your annoying
Alpaca 15 days ago
Lmao etomologists are people that study the meanings of phrases so i laughed so hard when he said an etomologist flame war is terrifying
GEORGE STINNEY JR. 23 days ago
Wheres the artifacts?
AJ 23 days ago
"mmmm...... you smell. p r e t t y" -John Green, 2012
Marc Jones
Marc Jones 25 days ago
What about Catherine?!!!
Ivan Spassov
Ivan Spassov Month ago
FYI "Slav" originates from "slovo" (слово) which means speach, because all the slavic tribes can comuniicate with eachother in the "same" language. That's why all the slavs call the germanic folks "niemtzi" (ниемци) which means mute/deaf, because they speak a nother language and as a slav you were not able to comunicate with niemtzi.
Edward Nesteruk
Edward Nesteruk Month ago
Lets put this straight kyivian rus IS UKRAINE because kyiv is located in ukraine and the kyivian rus flag is a Ukrainian flag with our coat of arms
Murphy Month ago
You completely forgot about Ukraine and Belarus! Why?
David Zhabin
David Zhabin Month ago
Russia is the greatest country ever
kunik61 Month ago
STOP STEAL HISTORY OF UKRAINE. Modern Russian cities used to be under Kyiv, a capital of Ukraine!
Софья Бирюза
I'm from Russia, and the way he pronounces russian words is so funny. Anyway, great video, love your courses :3
Axl Rose
Axl Rose Month ago
bbleh Month ago
can people stop saying that word slaveni came from the word slave cause in slaven language slaveni came from the word slava which means glory so idk why people have the need to always compare 2 very different type of words, they write simmilar but that is just a coincidence.
Micheal Osikomaiya
Someone conquered Russia in the winter? That's like...their whole plan.
Matvey Solovyev
Matvey Solovyev 2 months ago
Я вам как русский говорю. В видосике всё ок
Brandon Laws
Brandon Laws 2 months ago
You can tell when finals are coming up just by the view spikes on these videos
Ornguice 2 months ago
John please be my dad recognize me
Music1790 Piatdrockon456
Watching this the day of my AP World history midterm!
Виктор Вахтин
Идиот историк рассказывает сказку для тупых Американцев, история в картинках высшая форма повествования для дебилов на западе!
Registeredmensah 2 months ago
Dislike purely because of the cringy snipes at Putin. Because the west is such a bastion of freedom. Clown
jasonc0065 2 months ago
Who rigs better, Putin or Buhari?
Ser Davos Seaworth
Ser Davos Seaworth 2 months ago
So Russia might have been a Muslim nation if the Russians weren't in love with their Vodka ? That's an interesting thought.
Some Random Dancer
All hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster!
Endermeap 23 days ago
Pastafarianism all the way!
Kassim Motea
Kassim Motea 27 days ago
Kim Harris So, you’re saying that ‏christianity better than Islam?
country baller
country baller Month ago
@Kim Harris yes
Alex Hunt
Alex Hunt 2 months ago
“...it makes it difficult to mispronounce things, which is my thing...” Five seconds later... “Kiev-ee-an Russ” 0:47
Aleksei Konev
Aleksei Konev 2 months ago
Случай Когда на западе историю твоей страны знают лучше тебя
Fluffy Dragon
Fluffy Dragon 2 months ago
is there anyone in this world liked mongols other than mongolians? :v
Byamba Dugersuren
Byamba Dugersuren 2 months ago
Now yes, even Russians themselves because of the HU band
Adriana P
Adriana P 2 months ago
the thing is though...kievan rus was ukrainian not russian so ;-;
Trouser Troll
Trouser Troll 2 months ago
The Rus were Vikings. Just like the Danes were in England. They still speak English and not Danish or Norwegian.
Vlad III
Vlad III 2 months ago
The early Rus were Norse, there's much evidence that support that. Some "historians" tend to be biased in a certain way.
Dzhamilya Kasymanova
Обожаю ваш курс! 💙
Negative Zero
Negative Zero 3 months ago
I served the Soviet Union...
MTF Unit Foxtrot-6 Commander
OMG, each word is stupid russian propaganda
MTF Unit Foxtrot-6 Commander
Russians are not slavs, you tell us russian propaganda smartass
Nazx 36
Nazx 36 2 months ago
Lmao you are delusional
allisonmcdonough1 3 months ago
I've been calling it Kia this whole time 😁
Andrea Jones
Andrea Jones 3 months ago
Was it Vikings or VI kings
JCT99 3 months ago
thanks for helping me with my homework
Mike Or
Mike Or 3 months ago
The settlers of Kiev WERE Vikings. Rurik, the first Grand Prince of the Rus, was the son of a Slavic Princess and a Swedish Viking. So Vikings did found Russia, but they didn't last long enough to wait for the Mongols to destroy them.
Curious Philosopher
Curious Philosopher 3 months ago
That could have been blasphemy
DancingOwl JP
DancingOwl JP 3 months ago
Wasn't Moscow originally called UrSalem ? Who were the Ur's
DancingOwl JP
DancingOwl JP 3 months ago
Isn't Kiev located within the boundries of Ukraine ?
Fire Heart
Fire Heart 3 months ago
*RUTH (Kyivan Rus’) and modern-day Russian Federation are NOT the same thing.*
BornToKill 3 months ago
Russia is not Kievan Rus. Ukraine and Bielarus are Kievan Rus. Russia it is mongols... Check emblems and flags Ukraine, Kievan Rus, russia, and mongols...
JAN RINCON 3 months ago
Any Ap world history people here
Olga Khokhlova
Olga Khokhlova 3 months ago
WTF is that? I watched only first 2 mins, it was enough. 1. Slavs come from “slaves”?? You seriously even wonder it?! “Slava” means “glory” in Slavic languages. And Slavs means “glorious”. Did you really learn russian in school? It has nothing to do with Latin words. 2. You say that Slavs couldn’t come from the north cause Slavic language doesn’t sound like Swedish language. What kind of argument is that? Ok, then compare Russian language to south groups of languages (Turks) and realize that Slavic also has nothing in common with them. Must be Slavs just appeared there from the air 😱 Also, even Finnish language sounds nothing like Swedish. Gosh, and this potato head is pretending to teach people history....
Metal 1974
Metal 1974 3 months ago
He claims no such thing.
Ronnie Jones
Ronnie Jones 3 months ago
.......... Watch "Europa The Last Battle" at archive-dot-org. Entire doc banned on RUvid. The highest murder estimates between 1917 - 1953 attributed to the Judaic Bolshevik alien invasion of Christian Russia financed by Judaic international bankers out of New York is as high as 66 million. This massacre included Russia’s entire intelligentsia. their nobility along with the unmerciful slaughter of the Romanov family. What remained were mostly terrified and submissive peasant farmers.
Mike Or
Mike Or 3 months ago
By the way, the settlers of Kiev WERE Vikings. I don't know about you, John, but I heard recent studies confirm that Rurik was the son of a Slavic Princess who married a Viking Berserk Warrior.
thinkerly1 4 months ago
This discussion suffers from a lack of dates. At about 1:40 the speaker mentions that the Kievan Rus traded in slaves. When? The major slave-trading only begins after the Mongol conquest in the 13th century. In the 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries, south-eastern Europe, south of Kiev and between the Don and Dnieper rivers in present-day Ukraine because the major slave-raiding grounds of the Tatars, affiliates and sucessors to the Mongols. Kafa in Tatar Crimea became the largest slave market in the world.
Дмитрий Журавлёв
Удивительно, я ожидал что русские комментарии захлестнут этот ролик, как это обычно и бывает. А вообще очень интересно было узнать о том, как Российскую историю видят иностранцы.
soultan 4 months ago
Americans teaching history 😔✌🏻🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Warrior ZForce
Warrior ZForce 4 months ago
There is alot of nonsense in the comment section and I think need to clear up the mess here. 1. The Mongol invasion is only a historical term for the conquests and campaigns led by Ghenghis Khan and his generals and has no bearing on the ethnic or even racial make up of the armies. 2. After Ghenghis Khan died the short lived empire was divided into five parts. One of these parts was the Golden Horde and it covered huge part of Western Russia, Kazakhstan, Crimea, South East Ukraine. Most of the territory it covered were stepped and therefore not much different from Mongolian steppes. 3. The Golden Horde, as every single part of the former empire was ethnically diverse, and it was made up of everything Turkic people's to Chechens and Georgians and Slavs. Meanwhile the elite was predominantly of Mongol origin. 3. Only the Vladimirian principality which made up Central Russia , was ever truly subordinate to the Golden Horden Khan's.
Np3anonim Anonimus
Np3anonim Anonimus 4 months ago
So, of course, it's not really important that Vladimir chose Christianity for political reasons and not because you can drink
azouf bogami
azouf bogami 4 months ago
Hello comrades😉
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