Russia. Interesting Facts About Russia.

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Lets take a virtual trip to the coldest and largest country in the world - Russia! #Russia

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JOE F 5 hours ago
Most Russians who do not live in the big cities are red -necks who admire the totalitarian regime model. The are usually cold and not pleasent such as most european people, cut queues/ lines , manipulate strangers and have rude behavior. I prefer Poland & Hungary.
sopheap neang
sopheap neang 14 hours ago
Very much love Russia from Cambodia
Wolfik ken
Wolfik ken 3 hours ago
And you hi from the heart of Russia=)
Saqib Masood
Saqib Masood Day ago
Best of luck for Russians and Russia...From Pakistan
david king
david king Day ago
Love Moscowa Cityyyyyyyy
victor bruun
victor bruun Day ago
oh and you tried to speak to unknown people in the street, they might speak english but they dont know you and will not bother to stop and waste their time with you. You did not offer a connection. in short you hve to be useful to others first before bothering them.
victor bruun
victor bruun Day ago
finland has some pretty high assault and murder rates too... but no one sees any of tht really ever. Why? Its gatherings of professional alchoholics and someone says something which is misunderstood by the other and soon enough there is a stabbing. So dont get hoelessly drunk or hang out with professional drunkards that only drink alchohol and get welfare chcks for a living. Those population subgroups are extremely violent. Ranking in at 0,1% of the population their rates of thus per person are worse than in actual wars.
victor bruun
victor bruun Day ago
well high rises and rail whether underground or not go hand in hand. There cannot be good cheap public transport without high population densities. Simple math.
victor bruun
victor bruun Day ago
permafrost is inhabitable... just got to dig the foundations until you hit rock. Then build from there. No problem, aside from freezing and bursting waterpipes... but even that can be dealth with by emptying everything above the permafrost level for winter after every use. Oh and keep the main waterpipes real deep too. All very power intensive. Luckily there is something called water cooled nuclear power and thus you get more electricity produced with the same fuel the colder it is. Just like winter magic.
Rehan Qureshi
Russia is large resources are even far corruption is real good Ideas they wear helping the others ? demand revoluters Reformer is at work And its "so far so folk" they must stay fit Competition is a hit 👍
Marianna Kovalev
Marianna Kovalev 3 days ago
Thank you for being truthful and objective. Спасибо.
Wolfik ken
Wolfik ken 3 hours ago
In this video, most of the information is not relevant.
Igor Min
Igor Min 3 days ago
the most important facts that everyone should know: we drink vodka less than the rest of alcohol😕, and we do not call each other comrades.🤦
Константин Братищев
I'm from Russia, I'm living in Russia, I love Russia and love even more after watching your video))
Proximity Symbol
Proximity Symbol 5 days ago
Swedish rapes are due to all the Islamic vermin they import there and no one is allowed to talk about it.
Peter Plantcity
Peter Plantcity 6 days ago
What’s the average Salary in the US ? What does a US congressmen make a Year ? Same all over the world .
Box 118
Box 118 7 days ago
I will help to get Russian citizenship, knowledge of the Russian language is minimal, I will help with the acquisition of the house. Who wants to become Russian, write to me.
hadrin go
hadrin go 7 days ago
I feel bad for thousand beauty Russian girls which become a sex slave around the world .
Teresa Roberts
Teresa Roberts 7 days ago
I think Russians are vampires😱😱😱😱
Wolfik ken
Wolfik ken 6 hours ago
And at night we watch you through the window:D
Teresa Roberts
Teresa Roberts 7 days ago
It looks cold in Russia all the time..where is the sun..no wonder why everyone looks so pale.theres no sun always clouds😱😱😱😱
Wolfik ken
Wolfik ken 6 hours ago
These are stereotypes. Yes, there are many cold regions in Russia, but there are also tropical zones where there is no snow in winter, and in summer the temperature can exceed +45
Luis Morales
Luis Morales 8 days ago
Love Mother Russia!! From Honduras
miriam kucera
miriam kucera 8 days ago
Just Beautiful ❤️
Da kota
Da kota 9 days ago
I love Russia from Thailand,
Olga Luna
Olga Luna 9 days ago
I am Russian with a 15-year experience living in the USA. On the average, I have the same level of living in Russia as in the US. I buy the same type of food in both countries while in Russia I more often can afford to buy better quality food than in the US (fresher vegetables and fruit in summer and fall, but less in winter). In Russia, there is still a tradition to cook more at home than going out to restaurants or ordering food. On the one hand, cooking at home is a sign of a good wife who cares about her family health, on the other hand - this allows to save money and avoid buying ready-made food. It's true that Russians visit restaurants less than Americans and it is considered as part of the high-quality entertainment. Public Transportation is good and much less expensive than in the US. If in the US I pay $2.25 for a bus ticket and about $3 for a metro ticket, in Russia (Moscow) - it's about $1.00. Medicine - both free and commercial. Commercial medicine is generally better, but if you are a retired person or you don't want to spend a lot of money, or you have no money for paid med.treatment - you can use free medicine. In the US, for example, I pay $2.000 health insurance annually and can afford the minimum and only basic medical service. And I cannot afford dentist service at all - it's too expensive. In Russia, the majority of people own their modest apartments (with the collapse of the USSR, all Russian citizens received apartments they were living in their private possession absolutely free). However, to purchase a new apartment today for young people and families is rather expensive, that's true. But, compared to the US houses - they are relatively cheap. For example, a one-room apartment (a kitchen and a separate room = 500 sq.feet) on the outskirts of Moscow costs $ 90.000-100.000, a two-room apartment (two rooms and a separate kitchen) - $120.000-130.000. And yes, many people have cottage (summer) houses outside of the cities and towns with a small piece of land where they can relax on week-ends and/or grow their own vegetables and fruit, go to nearby forests for wild berries, nuts, and mushrooms, go fishing to local rivers and lakes. According to my experience, Russians love to spend more money than an average American on travelling vacations. They go to the Black Sea, Baltic Sea..., lakes and rivers' resorts. They travel abroad - Turkey and Egypt, Europe and Asia. Russians travel two-three times a year. My family travels at least 3 times a year. Usually, one trips is abroad for 10-12 days (some sea/ocean resort with excursions), another trip is skiing in winter (8-10 days) in the Caucasus in the South of Russia, and one trip in Russia - fishing and camping (10 days) with a group of close friends. Sometimes, instead of one of these long trips, we travel to the nearest country (Belarus, the Baltic Republics, Ukraine, Georgia, etc.) for a 4-5-day excursion trip or visiting our friends and relatives. Also, there are rather cheap trips around Moscow vicinity for 2-5 days or a week-end. At the same time, it's pretty expensive to travel by air from west to east of the country. In the US, it's much cheaper to buy clothes. Unfortunately )) And we need more variety of seasonal clothing - winter clothing, fall clothing, spring and summer - all these are different things. Russians also love good shoes, boots, etc. In the US people care less about good shoes... Maybe because Americans use cars everywhere, while Russians walk and use public transportation. Though, the majority of city dwellers have a car... we still walk more. I also think that there are more entertainments in Russian cities than in American cities, besides restaurants - parks with cheap or free sport facilities, a great deal of museums, concert halls, sport arenas, nature reserves, sightseeing. It's much easier to find free entertainment in Russia than in the US. Again, probably because we love walking, strolling, sitting on benches and relaxing, etc. Education is cheaper in Russia. Secondary education is free. University education is of two types - free and paid. If a pupil passes his/her exams good (A-B-sometimes C+), then it's 90% chance for free university education. I know by experience that even 10 years ago, it was much easier to receive free graduate education in the US. However, today it is almost impossible, the chances are low. Graduate schools accept only 1-2 grad. students free. Also, even though today many Russians take credits in banks, this is still not as wide-spread as in the US. As soon as I know, the vast majority of Americans have credits and many of them cannot pay them off. Russians are not yet used to it. They have less debts and many still prefer to live on their salaries and/or short-term credits.
Eugenie Song
Eugenie Song Day ago
+Olga Lunayou are wrong. It only takes 30 seconds to reply you. but it will take 20 minutes to read your writing and think about and analize. so Why bother reading if I don't read them properly? I will bother read from first to the end if I have a good reason but I am not coming here to be serious and spend too much time for a particular stuff. I 've been always interested in Russian culture and artists as I admire Russian great musicians. having said that I bought a good book about Russia written in Korean when I was 11. I read it but it was a very difficult book to understand. But now this stage of my life isn't allowed to have too much time for a hobby or fun. I 'd read everything if thats a lecture note
Olga Luna
Olga Luna Day ago
+Eugenie Song - I don't understand why you waste your time writing to me that you have no time to read my comment?? You have already written THREE comments to me, one with a link! Trust me, for this time you would have read my first post ...twice )))
Eugenie Song
Eugenie Song Day ago
+Olga Luna and I like this. ruvid.net/video/video-srhABN7UDFQ.html
Eugenie Song
Eugenie Song Day ago
+Olga Luna I am from Korea and I am too tired to read everything what you wrote there. I am interested in Russia but not enough time to investigate to do everything that I want to know. I ve got other things to do to survive my life, simply
Olga Luna
Olga Luna Day ago
+Eugenie Song Yeah, this is the sign of the modern world - people cannot read more than three sentences. I am from a different world where reading was precious ))
Oleg Oleg
Oleg Oleg 9 days ago
Yes, we do not smile to strangers. Such behavior is bad form here. And yes, we do not speak English just becorse we need no to. If you are a western men and realy tired of youre mess, come to Russia. To get relax to your soul.
Berliner Stadtschloss
They do not only speak english (the commentator acts as if he wanted to find out the social behaviour of some wild living tribe in the Amazon Region), many Russians speak German and if they can, they prefer it to the language of our common enemy.
Berliner Stadtschloss
"They cannot become hospitable People", they are hospitable People.In contrast to that abominable Americans, where every nitwit grins at you, nerves you with "hi, how are you today", tells you his bloody name, pretends to be your Long last friend, but really does not give the slightest shit about you, the Russians are deep, quite normal, civilized People.
Berliner Stadtschloss
11.59 min. : "Show a smile without a reason to someone in the Subway" - only a moron would do that in any subway in the world ! There should always be a reason, may it be that this Person has got a nice child or that I want to apologize, or our glances meet incidentially.
Berliner Stadtschloss
11.00 min.: The Video is not bad, but now he is really talking shit:Russian Cuisine is beautiful, they have endless posh and cosy cafes and Restaurants and the ingeniouity of the ways they prepare the meals is unbelievable ! To put it short, portions are smaller (what I prefer, personally), but more delicious than in Europe.Go to Russia and find out by yourselves.
Berliner Stadtschloss
9.26 min.: Well, the impressing rape rate in Belgium and Sweden we owe to the fine scum from the near east that has been flooding into these countries during the last decades and in the USA the majority of rapes are being committed by blacks.Would be interesting to know which ethnic majority is responsible for These crimes in Russia ?
Станислав Головин
The average pension in Russia is $ 210. Utility bills are $ 50. By the way, the money that you have deducted for 40 years while you worked after your death, you have no right to take it away, they are hmmm .... women have already been spent on retirement, maternity leave for women in Russia is 3 years, at this time the woman receives payments from taxes. Abortions are also paid out of taxes. In 80% of marriage in Russia is broken up on the initiative of women, children are automatically taken from their father, and alimony is assigned. 25% of all income for a child of 18 years. The fact that Russians drink a lot is a stereotype, all those who do so die early. We can drink a lot of alcohol, while thinking adequately and shoot straight.
Станислав Головин
The average salary in Russia is 300 dollars. In Moscow, the salary is about 800-1000 dollars. These are average salaries. There are very few young women in Russia and they all use cosmetics in order to appear beautiful, this is necessary in order to sit on the neck of any man, preferably a foreigner to leave Russia. In Russia, matriarchy, 72% of civil servants and officials are women, medicine and education in Russia is not free, it is paid from citizens' taxes. 42% of all your income is taken by the state, without exception. So the tax system is built, you don’t pay taxes yourself, they automatically deduct them from your salary. If you are a man, you will retire at 65, the average life expectancy of men is 67 years. If you are a woman, you can get money if you have two children. You retire 60 years. Regardless of gender, your state takes away money after your death. If you are a man and a woman was accused of rape, then you are likely to be jailed. If you are a man, then from the age of 16 a military commission may call you every year. At age 18, you are called into the army if you are a pacifist, that is, the ability to clean up shit for the sick and not serve. This is an alternative service. You will spend a year on military service, if you do not want, then you will have a criminal liability. Salaries in Russia are very small, barely enough for a month if you have children. And that's not all that awaits you in Russia. If you try to open your own business in Russia or invent something, there is a high probability that they will simply kill you. This will happen if you have no connections and are doing something too successfully or want to be independent))) Therefore, all people try to take their business from here to any other place. Even Africa is safer in this respect, there is no structure there. Those people who say or write that Russia is good are people from the right families, with connections. They have good salaries, good housing, but you can be a great specialist and don't go anywhere in your life. Welcome to Russia)))
Natalia S.
Natalia S. 12 days ago
I like the way you described my country, thanks!
Luxury arranged Lifestyle
I hate putin boss
Michael de Jonge
Michael de Jonge 15 days ago
LOVE Russia and the Russian girls!! 😊😀😍👍🙋❤❤❤💐💌💗💖💟💋💋💋💋💋💋😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙💓💓💓🔥🔥🔥🔥
Look_around 16 days ago
Putin is a real man. He makes Russia become great again. Russia is a great country.
Бизнес тренинг Роуз
+xx хохол съебись а
xx 14 days ago
What exactly did he do? Where is the money received from oil after the price increase in the early 2000s? Why does he protect and help the oligarchs who have stolen national wealth and raise taxes for the people? Why does he impose sanctions that harm the people? Why does his television teach us to hate the West, but his family and the families of his friends (politicians and oligarchs) live in the West?
Nil Turanil
Nil Turanil 17 days ago
I'm from Moscow, Russia
James Ryan
James Ryan 18 days ago
I love Russia, but Putin, who is awesome, needs to not interfere with Trump. I love Trump.
Wolfik ken
Wolfik ken 6 hours ago
You've been misled. Analyze the facts. You say that trump is Pro-Russian, and then they say that Putin intervenes in trump's policy. It's self-contradictory.
русский медведь
rob hansen
rob hansen 22 days ago
GDP in Russia going down !! Foreign Investors Flee Russia in 2018, Pull $1 Bln !!! Foreign investors have reportedly withdrawn more than $1 billion from Russian funds in 2018 - the most since 2013 - in a year marked by geopolitical turbulence. The Russian economy saw $900 million in foreign investments disappear last year in anticipation of new U.S. sanctions. International investors withdrew a record $3.1 billion from Russian funds in 2013, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) estimates. This year, the total outflow exceeded $1 billion, the Kommersant business daily reported Monday. The outlet described the outflow as one of 2018’s “worst indicators among the funds of developing countries.” themoscowtimes.com/news/foreign-investors-flee-russia-2018-pull-1-billion-63938
rob hansen
rob hansen 22 days ago
OUCH ! That's gotta hurt ! We don't share the Russians delusions that's why we laugh at AT RUSSIANS !”. TAKE A LOOK AT THE FACTS Russia’s influence IS A JOKE !!! Russia at its best GDP ever was back in the day of 2013 Russia had even then a peanut economy about the same size as Italy’s at the time so really it's too small to throw its weight around (but Russia has always been trying to boxing out of its own class) See the stats.. under, Russia ranks the size based on 2013 nominal GDP: and now after the sanctions, it is even smaller and gets smaller then Italy is today .. GDP pr nation 2013 (when Russia was at its best-GDP 2.1 trillion (2013) ) United States -- GDP 17.8 trillion (2013) China -- GDP 9.2 trillion (2013) Japan --GDP 4.9 trillion (2013) Germany -- GDP 3.6 trillion (2013) France --GDP 2.7 trillion (2013) United Kingdom -GDP 2.5 trillion (2013) Brazil -- GDP 2.2 trillion (2013) (even a South American BS Bananacake Republic nation like Brazil is bigger than RuZZia ) India -- GDP 2.2 trillion (2013) (and even INDIA a 3rd world nation is bigger than RuZZia) Italy -- GDP 2.1 trillion (2013) Russia --GDP 2.1 trillion (2013) -----------NOTICE !!!! Russia today -GDP 1,1 trillion (2017) ---------- Also of note: the European Union’s 2013 nominal GDP was GDP 17.4 trillion We can see if we look at Russia’s economy to Italy’s how small it is -- and Italy’s economy compared to the rest of the world and western nations is small take United Kingdom -- GDP 2.5 ;, France -- GDP 2.7 .and Germany -GDP 3.6,.. AND WHAT IS RUSSIA TODAY IN 2017 ???? IT IS A WHOPPING hehehe GDP of 1,1 trillion ( lower than even SPAIN with GDP of 1,2 and that is the sick boy of the EU like Greece !!!!!) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(nominal) Everyone wants sanctions on Russia that is why they are there !!! And when the stink hole that is RuZZia has fallen it will be broken up a bit for bit and sold off for cents on the dollar.. Because that is what you pay monkeys you pay them with peanuts
rob hansen
rob hansen 22 days ago
The Russian economy is only the size of a 3rd world country its GDP is only 1,2 now that really is nothing for a nation with a population of 130mill ... so the Russian GDP is too small for EU and US to even give a shit about in fact the GDP of Russia is 2,5 times smaller than the GDP of California and 2 times smaller then the city of London ..Take a look at Italy the sick man of Europe it has a GDP of 1,8 so Russia's GDP is not even the size of Italy ... GDP of California, 2,935,332., Texas, 1,755,634 , Russia, 1,224,734. en.wikipedia. org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(nominal) Everyone wants sanctions on Russia that is why they are there !!! And when the stink hole that is RuZZia has fallen it will be broken up a bit for bit and sold off for cents on the dollar. Because that is what you pay monkeys you pay them with peanuts...
rob hansen
rob hansen 22 days ago
The Brics collapse, the south staggers: and the almighty dollar is back !!!! www.theguardian.com/business/2015/sep/13/brics-collapse-south-staggers-dollar-almighty Brazil, RuSSia , India , China and South Africa = BRICS and they are all going into economic meltdown !!! 1. Brazil markets sink as S&P downgrades rating to junk Downgrade reflects country’s struggle to regain investor confidence as political turmoil drives growing government deficit.. www.theguardian.com/business/2015/sep/10/brazil-markets-sink-as-sp-downgrades-rating-to-jun 2 Foreign Investors Flee Russia in 2018, Pull $1 Bln themoscowtimes.com/news/foreign-investors-flee-russia-2018-pull-1-billion-63938 3. India India’s Economic Growth Slows Down in Fourth Quarter thewire.in/142168/q4-gdp-growth-india/ 4.Chinese growth slips to slowest pace for 26 years..China’s economy slowed further last year to expand at its weakest pace for quarter of a century, with warnings that it risks losing further momentum in 2017 ..www.theguardian.com/business/2017/jan/20/chinese-economic-growth-dips-to-67-the-slowest-for-26-years 5. South Africa GDP Growth Slows as Junk Rating Remains Risk www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-12-06/south-africa-s-economic-growth-slows-to-0-2-in-third-quarter www.theguardian.com/business/2015/sep/13/brics-collapse-south-staggers-dollar-almighty
rob hansen
rob hansen 22 days ago
A growing number of Russian analysts, in Russia and abroad, have taken to calling Vladimir Putin's regime "fascist." And they don't use the term casually or as a form of opprobrium. They mean that Putin's Russia genuinely resembles Mussolini's Italy or Hitler's Germany. One of the most recent examples was Mikhail Iampolski. According to the Russian-born NYU professor, "the appeal of quasi-fascist discourse was predictable" as the Russian economy tanked. Moscow rejects "[a]nything that could be seen as a sign of weakness or femininity," including liberalism and homosexuality, and then projects these qualities onto the enemy. Consequently, "Ukrainians are systematically accused of fascism, while Russian fascism is displaced by a false idealization of one's own image." In March, Moscow commentator Yevgeni Ikhlov charged Putin with introducing a "left fascism" that, while "anti-market and quasi-collectivist," is "fascism because it is a form of a militant and most primitive philistinism." In January 2015, Andrei Zubov, fired from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations for opposing Putin's Ukraine policies, argued that Russia's President was building "a corporate state of a fascist type packaged in Soviet ideology, the ideology of Stalinism," resulting in a Russia that closely resembles Italian fascism with its "nationalism and union with the church." Moscow-based analyst Aleksei Shiropaiev claimed that Russia was moving toward fascism "at a galloping pace." Russian fascism "has become a FACT," "mass Russian consciousness remains absolutely imperialist and chauvinist," and most Russians have "ACCEPTED fascization and are ready to agree to even massive political repressions." But are the analysts right? The evidence is compelling. Fascist regimes have charismatic dictators with hyper-masculine personality cults. These regimes generally evince a hyper-nationalist ethos, a cult of violence, mass mobilization of youth, high levels of repression, powerful propaganda machines, and imperialist projects. Fascist regimes are hugely popular-usually because the charismatic leader appeals to broad sectors of the population. Putin and his Russia fit the bill perfectly. In calling Putin's Russia fascist, Russian critics have proven to be far bolder than their non-Russian counterparts in the West, who remain wary about the F-word. Some Westerners genuinely believe that Putin's brand of dictatorship differs from past fascist regimes. They often locate the differences in the historical conditions that gave rise to Hitler, Mussolini, and Putin, and not in the actual characteristics of their regimes. But doing so confuses the origins of similar things with their essential features. No one would say that America is not democratic because the origins of American democracy lay in revolution and not, as with Britain, in historical evolution. But many Westerners fear the implications of calling a spade a spade. If Putin's Russia is fascist, then it is comparable to Hitler's Germany and Mussolini's Italy and, thus, certifiably evil. And that means that calls for understanding Putin amount to calls for understanding evil. So it's better to pretend that Russia isn't fascist. Hence the popularity of abstruse designations like managed democracy and sovereign democracy or terms-such as Putinism-that only state the obvious. A similar conceptual change is likely to take place with fascism. As the chorus of Russian voices using the F-word grows, Western policymakers who insist that we should listen to Putin and understand his point of view will have no choice but to listen to and understand his critics. Calling Putin's system fascist will mark a conceptual breakthrough in Western attitudes-and perhaps policies-toward Russia. Viewing his state as evil does not necessitate rattling sabers. Soft power and diplomacy will remain no less important than hard power. But the conceptual shift would recognize that Putin and his regime are the problems, and that the problem will go away only when he and his regime go away. In a word, there are no quick fixes to the Putin problem. The West is in for a long, hard slog involving economic and military support for Ukraine and its neighbors, the containment of Russian imperialism, and support for anti-fascist elements within Russia. The good news is that now as then, democracy will win. According to the famous historian Norman Davies, fascism, like communism, Putinism, Nazissem , fascist ect ect can be defined by the following features: * A pseudo-scientific conceptual basis (the belief of Russian 3rd Rom ) * A utopian goal (the Russki Mir and Russians domains of a new Russian world ) * A structure of a party-state (the restructure of the USSR borders ) * An autocratic leadership that demands complete devotion (Putinism ) * Pervasive use of terror to prevent and eradicate dissent (East Ukraine, Syra Chechnya, Moldova, Georgia, ect ect ) * Extensive and complex bureaucracy ( Using tax office to take out competition ) * State propaganda and censorship (RT-News ect ect ) * Martial culture and aesthetics of force (The state and Russian belief in Russian superiority of Russian historical culture) * Purposely induced fear of the ever-present external enemy (use state service like FSB, GRU to intimidate ) * Mentality of hate and intolerance (Anti other ethnic groups like Ukrainians, Muslims, Tatars, Kazakhstanis and others ect ect ) * Economic and mental collectivism (Putin has vast control over the gas and oil sectors and uses it as a political tool ) * Militarism (Rebuilding and promoting and using Military to attack and subdue the people like in the Caucasus Chechnya ect ect ) * Messianism (Putin the half-naked hours reading and bear wrestling superman is definitely believed by Russians to be a type of Messiah, who acts as a savior, redeemer or liberator of a group of people. * Contempt for liberal democracy and values (Putin's regime is anti-LGBT anti-democracy Anti-free press Anti-free expression of art just look at-PussyRiot-and- Anna Politkovskaya ect ect ) * Moral nihilism ( is the meta-ethical view that nothing is intrinsically moral or immoral take a look how Russia lies about invading other nations and killing civilians and support of terrorism, and then turn AROUND and say that it was to defend a grater good of Russia ) Clearly, all of those are also characteristics of the Putin regime. Today in Russia, President Putin has the unquestionable control over Parliament, Government, courts, media and the most profitable sectors of the country's economy. So, we have every reason to declare that modern Russia is in fact, an authoritarian fascist state with the genuine fascist elements, most prominently - the oppressive nature, the militarization of society, strict control over the mass media and complete disregard to human life
Md Jamil Azam
Md Jamil Azam 22 days ago
Fuck yourself.. A video full of western manipulated propaganda....
Ух-ты Фига Себе
ruvid.net/video/video-_tQIAoqj7eo.html Baikal
Ух-ты Фига Себе
ruvid.net/video/video-_tQIAoqj7eo.html Baikal
Ух-ты Фига Себе
Best of winter Baikal Lake ice from above, aerial drone ruvid.net/video/video-r_izDyWAid4.html
Ух-ты Фига Себе
Best of winter Baikal Lake ice from above, aerial drone ruvid.net/video/video-r_izDyWAid4.html
MrWalker1000 23 days ago
you only need one reason to go to russia. Their women and vodka.
Антон Стриж
это уже две причины)да и странные причины)
Atif Siddiqui
Atif Siddiqui 24 days ago
I want to visit russia
dimzay 24 days ago
You have to see girls in Krasnodar! They are unbelievably beautiful. We call them "blood with milk". Sweet!
RUSS 25 days ago
Pure lies and propaganda. Corruption is everywhere but in the world there are no more corrupt countries than the United States and Britain. Corruption is illegal in Russia, and people are sent to prison for corruption. In the US, corruption is completely legalized at a grand scale. And lobbying in Russia is an illegal bribe and direct intervention in the work of the Congress. In the US, congressmen and senators receive millions of dollars in bribes. Thus, the congress does not work for people but for billionaires and corporations.And for some reason you are silent about the fact that medicine and education in Russia are free, everything else, from food to housing is much cheaper than in Europe and America, in Russia people spend much less on everything than in the west.Young families receive additional money for the birth of the second and third child. Large families and orphans at the age of 18 receive free apartments and houses. And a lot of other things to which the West has not yet grown. As for poverty, there are no less poor people in America than in Russia, of which only one Indian reservation is in which mothers give children to strangers because they cannot provide them with food. Why don't you tell people about it. And tell me please how much do senators and congressmen in America earn? People don't even know. Demonization of Russia makes me sick and this propaganda must stop.
S Schroeder
S Schroeder 26 days ago
Propaganda. Its so great, everyone would rather live in America.
Mason mason
Mason mason 26 days ago
russian is the second most popular language on the internet and one of the six official languages of the UN
criscavi19 27 days ago
Thanks! I like this video.
Chris White
Chris White 27 days ago
"FUCK..!! I want to go to Russia so bad..!!" 👍
Juan Zingarello
Juan Zingarello 27 days ago
From America with love.
Jim012341 27 days ago
Russia is a beautiful country and the people very warm and friendly. I have visited there many times and have even married a Russian woman.
Grace Goodness
Grace Goodness 28 days ago
I love Russian
Pasi Vaan
Pasi Vaan 28 days ago
Russian 3,4 rape. Sweden 63,5 rape. 😂 Does anyone really believe those numbers? I understood that the purpose was to tell Facts.
donovan campbell
donovan campbell 28 days ago
If russian do not give plastic smile or funky grins a genuine smile is better i dislike funky smile that is not real
John Magee
John Magee 28 days ago
Hunter Vowell
Hunter Vowell 29 days ago
Imma need you to do that ever again with the door knocking shit
roman goykhman
roman goykhman 29 days ago
why did you call it Russia. Interesting Facts About Russia. call it what it is- standard anti Russian garrrrrrbige!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kathurima Mwongera
Kathurima Mwongera 29 days ago
Thank you for the video. Now I know a few things about Russia.
Farden Hamidi
Farden Hamidi 29 days ago
We are in Kurdistan like Russia and Russians😍😍
Nail K
Nail K 29 days ago
10:48 FYI KGB was in Soviet Union, now is FSB
George Lindsey
George Lindsey 29 days ago
From your video i want to go just because everyone seems equal and clean environment
Владислав bog
Hello, Америка! Это все правда!
Juan Zingarello
Juan Zingarello 27 days ago
Many Americans never doubt how great Russian people are. There are many that live here in America. I work with many. The negative perception of Russia exists only in the political garbage fabricated by Washington. But many Americans just want peace and friendship with Russian people.
Dexter Speights II
I agree 1,000,000% with no homeless in Russia and NYC, USA has people who retired eating out of trash cans because high taxation on pension and social security income!
MrVitaliyAT Month ago
10:46 - false. in russia you can sat a lot more then in other countries. And little bit before - about democracy... author just usa asslicker - don't hear him about politic at all.
Natalia Miloserdova
Russia is a true democracy....
Graham Bird
Graham Bird Month ago
This is the Best Country I have visited >> Pity its so cold. I've been going there since 1989 and love it ! ( I Love their Food ) Crap drivers, rural that is >>
Karen Bracken
Karen Bracken Month ago
I love the Russians.
john bolton
john bolton Month ago
if only they develop their human capital as much as they develop their military....
Башмак Башмаков
Отличное видео, с объективным мнением, о России! Ваш рассказ неожиданно правдив. Welcome to hospitable and peaceful Russia!
bruce preston
bruce preston Month ago
Looks like a beautiful country. From USA
bruce preston
bruce preston Month ago
+Will Lu only liberal morons talk lies in the USA. Liberal news papers are biased about everything. They spread so many lies, some people dont know what to believe.
Will Lu
Will Lu Month ago
Yes, and your country always tries to put fake and dirty news to smear and tarnish Russia, making ppl hate beautiful Russia. Good job
Damn Russian women sure are fine looking.
David Crandall
David Crandall Month ago
Maybe global warming will make the other 65 percent of the country more habitable.
Bill Parr
Bill Parr Month ago
Their large stolen lands are becoming curse for Russia. Its draining their treasury so much every year to where they are struggling to keep up with the world in many areas.
Peace Maker
Peace Maker Month ago
Aleksei Bukhalo
Aleksei Bukhalo Month ago
Nice video but what about russian army, cosmic program and science?
Zeref GT
Zeref GT Month ago
Define Russian that can't speak English in percent
Михаил Б
Михаил Б Month ago
No problems!
čarli brown
čarli brown Month ago
i like russia
Lassi Zulfi
Lassi Zulfi Month ago
Nice & Dirty People every where
Win Verma
Win Verma Month ago
India❤ Russia
EVIL Co. Month ago
Russians are commies... I prefer a "Screeching American Bald Eagle."
Bala Visweswara Rao Pratapa
Russia is a lion of Socialism.
Гальванизированный Труп
you started kinda ok and then you started talking smack, fuck you
petrosros Month ago
Is 'Ocuppied by permofrost' de; unlike the USA 70% desert, 30% retards.
1777 unlucky
1777 unlucky Month ago
You saying russians for all video but you didnt said that Russian Federation has over 150 nations so not everybody that live in russia are russians even in south russia over 100 nations with their traditions.
Pavel Romanov
Pavel Romanov Month ago
зачем я это смотрю?
foshizzlfizzl Month ago
It began with interesting facts about the country.. Then it went to propaganda like always from the US
Piet de V.
Piet de V. 28 days ago
@foshizzlfizzl .. the author of this video. See his other channel RussianPlus
foshizzlfizzl 28 days ago
+Piet de V. Wich guy?
Piet de V.
Piet de V. 28 days ago
the guy 8s a globalist 'russian' from yekaterinburg. he is all over youtube, pushing his aipac agenda
Daniel Morris
Daniel Morris Month ago
Fuck terrorist America they dying, by there own greed.. Long live mother Russia..
Archer Month ago
Complete fucking bullshit.
Batool Ali
Batool Ali Month ago
Nice video very beautiful country .
gouk 560
gouk 560 Month ago
Remember the best part, there are no homeless people in Russia.
Dmytro Hnatchenko
sponsor of world terrorism
Andrey Manulik
Andrey Manulik Month ago
Спасибо! Всё правдиво и без приукрас
Павел Шаталов
It's easy to find someone, who speaks english in Moscow underground - just ask students. Most of old people didn't had foreign language lessons at school.
gagi.shmagi gagi.shmagi
I LOVE IT (the country and the people especially the girls, not the government)!!!! BIG PRIVET FROM ISRAEL!!!
Михаил Б
Михаил Б Month ago
You don’t love Putin...?...)
TheLastOne Month ago
when you speek about government control over private companies, you fail to mention that the hugest companies like google and facebook are unter the US government control as well
Juan Zingarello
Juan Zingarello 27 days ago
The main difference between Russia and US. Russia: Government controls corporations. US: Corporations control government.
Azz Laird
Azz Laird Month ago
It’s one of the richest countries in recourses but also one of the most corrupt
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