Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley's beef includes knee injuries, Jay-Z quotes, and baby cradles

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Russell Westbrook vs. Patrick Beverley is a pretty straightforward beef. Westbrook arrived in the NBA as a touted lottery pick. Beverley was a stashed second-rounder who bounced around Europe before getting his shot. Early in Beverley's NBA career, they collided ... literally. Beverley lunged at Westbrook's legs, and the resulting knee injury ended Westbrook's ironman streak, ended the Thunder's title hopes, and started several years of medium-rare beef on and off the court.
Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
Edited by Joe Ali and Mike Das
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Dec 13, 2018




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Comments 80
bishrek bishrek
bishrek bishrek 15 hours ago
jelly fortnite
Gia Gonzalez
Gia Gonzalez Day ago
I love pat bev
2000 subs to help my family
I admire Beverly's defense and determination but he can be a really annoying guy at court and intentionally injure players
Elijah M
Elijah M 2 days ago
Yo you should make a Dame v Westbitch beef history. Good timing w his 2k cover
Jaylon Jackson
Jaylon Jackson 10 days ago
False story
Aaron Li
Aaron Li 10 days ago
the fact that westbrook is still able to be this productive and an elite athlete speaks volume to his work ethic and dedication but those surgeries are going to catch up real soon. he has already shown signs of decline (though minor if you don't pay attention) and hes 30.
Coulter Gaske
Coulter Gaske 12 days ago
Thunder might have won the Championship in 2013 had Beverly not done what he did, in fact, I'd say they would have. While Miami had beat the thunder both times in the regular season, Oklahoma City was the best team in the West and they had a great defensive player in Serge Ibaka and two major scoring threats in K.D. and Russ. They would've beat the Heat in the Finals, change my mind.
Jason 12 days ago
I don’t know if it’s just me but I don’t like Westbrook. He seems super arrogant and from his interviews it seems like he thinks he is better than everyone else. He is self centered, and just doesn’t seem very smart. I could be wrong, but he has lack-luster grammar and is stand-off-ish
Arya Arya
Arya Arya 26 days ago
Who came here bcs see drose face on feed?
Dhawal Tripathi
Dhawal Tripathi 28 days ago
Beverley is a dirty player. Straight up.
Cevin Zeke
Cevin Zeke Month ago
Easily one of my favorite beefs.
Samantha Hall
Samantha Hall Month ago
7:49. But he took away a possible champion. The thunder could’ve won a ring
Vihaan Ramesh
Vihaan Ramesh Month ago
Beverley is a garbage person. Can't be in the NBA through talent and hardwork so he decides to be there by being the guy who injures the other team's best player
Sarc4sm Month ago
I like Westbrook as a player, i love his tenacity and passion when playing but he's a statpadder and you cant win a ring with that kind of play.
Gameboy Month ago
Yall gotta make a Curry vs Patrick Bev beef. they were teammates in fiba u19 back in 2007
Matthew Doel
Matthew Doel Month ago
It’s rare in a beef where one person is unambiguously at fault.
vasileios omegas
When Beverly played for Olympiakos in Greece he didn't play a lot and was thought to be a mediocre player. I respect him for all the work he has done in order to become a good player in the NBA
edward timothy
edward timothy Month ago
Man, u can say that nba is a monsterverse. When in other league u can get MVP, but in nba, u just role player
Torian W
Torian W Month ago
6:03 so thats what running into a brick wall looks like
WBA Month ago
i find it ironic when westbrook joins Patrick beverly old team (the Houston rockets)
Filip Milić
Filip Milić Month ago
At 3:16 Europe isnt rough but russia and ukraine are.
Joe Shanahan
Joe Shanahan Month ago
Bev is wrong for this, but I would want bev as a teammate any day. He’s the epitome of defensive effort
K Bougzz
K Bougzz Month ago
y'all got to do damian lillard vs russell westbrook
Ben Snider
Ben Snider 2 months ago
And after it all and all The bs. Durant goes somewhere to guarantee his ring almost doesn’t win it and in the end serge got a chip and a real earned one We the north ! Love ya serge
Triggaman 2 months ago
Patrick Beverly is just a high paid hater. A good defender but a major hater nonetheless
Tuxao Yang
Tuxao Yang 2 months ago
Russ has an interesting way of dressing himself down. Probably explains why he wants to do it all as a player.
Cj 2 months ago
We arent beefing you're broke
Thomas Hines
Thomas Hines 2 months ago
Lmfao and To this day they still got beef
Braydzsta 2 months ago
I’m a Celtics fan and I got mad respect for Patrick Beverley, he’s a bulldog, he does what bulldogs do, he’s thirsty for the ball and is ready to do the dirty work.
The Saurus AKA [sick] AKA The OMC
I have more respect for Harden than I do for Beverley. That's how bad Beverley is. He's worse than James Harden.
black cobra!
black cobra! 2 months ago
Ultimately if you hate the GSW after KD slithered there, then you should hate Pat Bev too because if Russ ain't injured for those playoff runs
James Porter
James Porter 2 months ago
I feel like if I played against Beverly I’d punch him in the face lol, probably a cool guy off the court though
alex masion
alex masion 2 months ago
Everyone has a beef with Patrick Beverley he's the modern day Isiah Thomas.
Courney Hallcy
Courney Hallcy 3 months ago
The fact no one has fired off on Beverley just shows how soft these boys are. Let Beverley pull that stunt in the 80s or 90s
Soccerman1963 3 months ago
Russ no rings, Harden no rings. The only one that has is Durant. He was the only one at the heist of the Sonics. If you don't believe in curses, start........................
Jim Beam
Jim Beam 3 months ago
Beverley maybe a dirty player, but Westbrook is even worse, this loser responsible why KD left OKC for Warriors
Maxwell Knowlton
Maxwell Knowlton 3 months ago
Westbrook and his outfits though😂😂😂😂
WappaMan 1
WappaMan 1 3 months ago
Beverly is a piece of garbage who should have been kicked out of the league for that cheap shot, dirty bs he pulled against Russ...
zabaleta 3 months ago
Always liked Beverley's tenaciousness but those knee shots man..... not cool.
Ahmed the baller
Ahmed the baller 3 months ago
russ and dame plz
Ok Long
Ok Long 3 months ago
Beverley is so much more the Everyman, blue collar grinder. You don’t like Beverley then you never had to work for your food. Dude plays like he’s in a prison fight.
Billy Boi
Billy Boi 3 months ago
wow lot of slander on pat bev... always gotta respect som1 for aggressive defence that's legit how mans is in the league
Sephiroth Jiren
Sephiroth Jiren 3 months ago
So? Patrick Beverly is his Kryptonite.
JawaPunter 3 months ago
Westbrook is a douche, Bev is dirty. But I could watch Steven Adams murder Bev all day 😂
Andrew Majin
Andrew Majin 3 months ago
Bev is lucky that Russ didn't put them paws on him...Bev will be slept no problem. He is a bully who has yet to be checked. Russ is a G
Samuel Joo
Samuel Joo 3 months ago
Dame vs Russ
Damaine 3 months ago
Pat Bev rocking the baby has me dying 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Michael Peeshaun
Michael Peeshaun 3 months ago
Should’ve shown Pat Bev trying to murder Mike Conley after he just got back from an injury
Michael Peeshaun
Michael Peeshaun 3 months ago
Can’t really say the Thunder improved after the Harden trade. They never made it back to the finals
Exility 3 months ago
Less go, I’m from Ukraine
Goob Yaluob
Goob Yaluob 3 months ago
Russ was probably grinning from ear to ear as he dribbled up towards that Steven Adams pick.
djvk11 3 months ago
2:26 LMAOOOOOO pause and read that whole paragraph
嚴涵虛 3 months ago
Why NBA can let Beverley to do such Unnecessary Roughness Conduct in NFL again and again? NFL doesn't allow any defensive move under a quarterback's knee, does it? Why NBA can ?
xXRage PRXx
xXRage PRXx 3 months ago
Stay home and help fight this virus pls
Hero Wolf
Hero Wolf 3 months ago
Did he ever win any type of championship?
Stanley Moss
Stanley Moss 3 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥 *like if u also like basketball* 0:58 💖💙 👇🔥💃
Declan Cunningham
Declan Cunningham 3 months ago
🔥🔥🔥 *🏀🏀🏀🏀whatch this🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀* 1:53 💛🎥 👇👇👇👇👇🔥
Jackson Austin
Jackson Austin 3 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥 *nice tricks* 1:43 💓💖 👇👇👇👇👇
Sean Kelsey
Sean Kelsey 3 months ago
Wussel westbrick
God is great Jesus is Lord
I love Beverly's tenacity and work ethic he's the man!!
Sebastian Davies
Sebastian Davies 3 months ago
🔥 *🏀🏀🏀🏀whatch this🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀* 1:35 💙💛🔥 👇👇👇❣
Bryan Barthlow
Bryan Barthlow 3 months ago
I love P. Bev but that last one was dirty. Sorry to say it.
Quincey Brown
Quincey Brown 3 months ago
Ironically, they're both dudes you'd kill for to have on your team...
Daniel Soto
Daniel Soto 3 months ago
I just wanna know if Beverley can get a decent hair cut Jesus all that money
Brad pogi
Brad pogi 3 months ago
i skip a lot on this video
TJ G 3 months ago
Who came back from the news about him thinking he can guard lebron
Syd Flipmode
Syd Flipmode 3 months ago
I remember Bev playing for Olympiakos. My god was he trash lol - good on him turning his career around tho props
gimmiedashasha 3 months ago
This is so Satisfying 6:02
BlackGypsyMusic 3 months ago
Lmao@ 6:04 "...having his skeleton rearranged " 😅😅☠
Jon Jon Campbell
Jon Jon Campbell 4 months ago
Pat Bev a grimy Chicago kid
1 2 3 Four Five
1 2 3 Four Five 4 months ago
Watching Beverly get brick walled by Adams is so satisfying
lnapjr76 4 months ago
Beverly is 100% in the wrong here. He's dirty and Westbrook has every reason to want a piece of him.
CIA 4 months ago
Jay z bay z diamonds on my neck on spike lee
Dr Malcolm
Dr Malcolm 4 months ago
There is NO WAY Russ ISNT a GAY ... u dress like a gay, good chances, ur a gay
R W 4 months ago
Beverly did nothing dirty. It's just an unfortunate accident.
Soul ZodiacxX
Soul ZodiacxX 4 months ago
Patrick Beverley averages a triple single and thinks he is good😂 (his defense is god like) but he is such a cheapshot
Gregory Terry
Gregory Terry 4 months ago
Do Durant vs westbrooks
Dustin Harris
Dustin Harris 4 months ago
Might want to update this video. This season brought the beef back
Durham 4 months ago
Draymond and Beverly...been taking notes from each other
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