Rushing My Fiance To The Emergency Room!!

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Please pray for Josh guys!
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Jul 8, 2020




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Comments 100
Jatie Vlogs
Jatie Vlogs Month ago
Simplyy Peachyy
Simplyy Peachyy 30 minutes ago
Alysha Scala
Alysha Scala 9 hours ago
I hope he feels better! God bless you all
Liv Roberts
Liv Roberts 2 days ago
Does he feel better now
Madison Maddox
Madison Maddox 22 days ago
omg i give the bigest prayer for joshie B right now i love you josh
Susan Alanazi
Susan Alanazi 25 days ago
I hope he’s ok
Heart to Hart With Bri
I feel so bad. I have broken my shoulders and dislocated both multiple times. I know how bad that hurts. Sorry Josh.
jdm ana
jdm ana 3 hours ago
This happened to my mom she was bleeding a lot and got stichis
Skittle 18 hours ago
Don’t sticks Camera to the face if he’s in pain
Alexa Sevilla
I’m so glad that he’s 👍
Shiloh AS
Shiloh AS Day ago
1. Dirtbike accident *prank 2. *actually happens*
angela mccarty
angela mccarty 2 days ago
I’ll be OK gosh
Liv Roberts
Liv Roberts 2 days ago
When I broke my wrist my dad said you can get this cause you where strong and I told my mom and she says cause your not a scaredy cat and Josh u are a strong guy and u can servio
Jim Hanschu
Jim Hanschu 3 days ago
I feel so so so so bad😂😢😷
Isla’s Gaming time
Kendra Broussard
Kendra Broussard 4 days ago
This makes me sad watching how much pain he's in 😭
Miliana Vagana
Miliana Vagana 4 days ago
its so sad you could like see how red his eyes were at the start so he must've been crying :(
Timelia Budhai
Timelia Budhai 4 days ago
is he ok
Leeam Gathright
Leeam Gathright 4 days ago
When I broke my leg they gave me the strongest pain meds over and if thing went wrong I wouldn't be here to day😢
Chloe dillie
Chloe dillie 4 days ago
Katie b doesn’t have a seatbelt on !!
Jessica Bonecutter
Love you
Damary Sanchez
Damary Sanchez 5 days ago
Is he ok
Teagan Witzig
Teagan Witzig 5 days ago
I broke my coller bone and shoulder blade a little while ago
Sabrina Maddox
Sabrina Maddox 5 days ago
My brother crashed his dirtbike broke his collarbone has a plate, 16 screws and a nasty scar. His was snapped in half almost sticking out of his skin and didn't even act like it bothered him one bit. Walked and just sat there.
Madison Maddox
Madison Maddox 5 days ago
ily u joshieb
Jacob Hobbs
Jacob Hobbs 6 days ago
I feel his pain. I shattered my arm after I flipped my four wheeler down a hill.
Thomas Sisters
Thomas Sisters 6 days ago
OMG I feel really feel bad for him even though it happened ages ago 😭😭
Lily Rose
Lily Rose 6 days ago
Poor Josh. Get better
StarberryMoon 6 days ago
I was once with my sister and we were on our bikes going home from working out at her friends house, but then at the hill as I was going down I gained speed and flipped over, I biked home but the good thing was I was wearing a fluffy sweatshirt and leggings so the worst was a big headache and a giant sore on my hip, I did have to go to the emergency room later but it wasn’t really something serious like this, it was just bc the headache hurt too much soo yea! Also I was limping bc I couldn’t walk straight bc of the sore on my hip
Jc F
Jc F 6 days ago
The way you guys talk over each other is hilarious lol I didn’t know who to listen to
Lila Foster
Lila Foster 6 days ago
Prays for josh 👇
Simplyy Peachyy
Simplyy Peachyy 6 days ago
Who else shouts SHE SAID YESS!!!! at the intro 😂🥺 just me okay
Simplyy Peachyy
Simplyy Peachyy 30 minutes ago
Haylee & Ariel
I sing the whole intro😂😂😂😂
Adam Aviles
Adam Aviles 7 days ago
So is josh oķķkkkkkkk
Real Time
Real Time 8 days ago
Im new to the channel and this is so sad. God bless him
Siiimply 0cean
Siiimply 0cean 8 days ago
Was it broken??...
Kie Abdullah
Kie Abdullah 8 days ago
I've been in motorcycle accident and broken my left collarbone also have the same scar. It didn't hurt. I broke it in three pieces.
Addies life
Addies life 8 days ago
No one :: Katy b eating. ... /////// JOSH : iM oN drUgS
marly biana
marly biana 9 days ago
What happen to josh?
Sofiapoop Head
Sofiapoop Head 9 days ago
Josh i hope u know u dont have to be tough and not cry, just cause you are a guy dosent mean u cant 😢 my dad has cryed before! So dont be ashamed🙂 even i have cryed in school before😋
Abigail Corson
Abigail Corson 9 days ago
Oh my gosh I am app sorry.
Huzayfa Khan
Huzayfa Khan 9 days ago
Wow just found out this was on my bday. :(
Adrian Nunez
Adrian Nunez 10 days ago
Love you jatie fam don't cry ure strong
Hadley Tillery
Hadley Tillery 10 days ago
I feel so sorry
Karlee Walesch
Karlee Walesch 10 days ago
so sorry
Colleen Meltz
Colleen Meltz 10 days ago
Pray for josh *so sad*
Felicia Tran
Felicia Tran 10 days ago
Hope Josh's recovery was well.
Mukund Patel
Mukund Patel 10 days ago
I feel bad even though I did notting
Abbie Sadie
Abbie Sadie 10 days ago
i feel sooooooooooo bad for josh
Madison Holland
Madison Holland 10 days ago
Get well soon I feel so bad
Lisa Flanagan
Lisa Flanagan 11 days ago
I hope you get beter
Lisa Flanagan
Lisa Flanagan 11 days ago
i love your channle
Rachel Hibbert
Rachel Hibbert 11 days ago
Wait u two r getting married soon , the last time i watched u guys u were no where near that stage but I’m so happy for u guys , congrats!!!
Estefani Bautista
Estefani Bautista 12 days ago
🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😭❤️ we love you
Tehe_Roblox 12 days ago
1 like= 1 prayer
Delainey Starling
Delainey Starling 12 days ago
My 8year old little brother just broke his right collarbone on the 4th of July when we were on our vacation, so we know what you’re going through. My family is praying for you.
Colton Thompson
Colton Thompson 12 days ago
You can definitely tell josh doesn’t handle pain very we but I’m hoping that doesn’t stop him from getting back on the bike
Bella Brewer
Bella Brewer 12 days ago
Now I have to have a cast for six weeks and there’s a wire in my bone
Bella Brewer
Bella Brewer 12 days ago
Dude I literally just broke my arm
Cadence Howell
Cadence Howell 12 days ago
PRANK IDEA: Katie leaves the house and Biz falls down the stairs or passes out to see how Josh would react if Katie wasn’t home. (Please copy and paste, I copied this from the original person)
Gaming Via
Gaming Via 12 days ago
One time i was riding my four wheeler with my pawpaw and we hit a hole and my pawpaw flew back and i fell foreward and the four wheeler landed on top of me.
Evah Dusenberry
Evah Dusenberry 12 days ago
I had the same problem! I broke my collarbone in third grade from jumping off a swing. So I feel you josh. Push they it! Lol 😂 live you Katie! Your. Awesome!!!!! Edit: and josh is awesome too
All arround Natalie
Question what reliogion are yall. Buddast? Bc the intro...
Ashley Hunt
Ashley Hunt 12 days ago
What’s the title of their intro song??
Bunny Lottie
Bunny Lottie 13 days ago
If josh died we all would be suing god for taking him too early 🥺
Camila Medrano
Camila Medrano 13 days ago
Brianna. Demarco
Brianna. Demarco 13 days ago
Brianna Demarco Love you so good to see you again ft. of the in 3and thing to say to your Shenango1 cat dog Mr. Allay Joe Shannon ..... Mommy Jamie Twombly Mommy Rachel Demarco Jason Cameron Hi ok
Sacha Jacob
Sacha Jacob 13 days ago
i feel so bad
Cooper Schnese
Cooper Schnese 13 days ago
I’m crying I give a million prays to josh😭😭😭😭
Emma Rose
Emma Rose 13 days ago
Get well soon josh hope u feel better soon 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 sending jatie love 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Elona Faudin
Elona Faudin 13 days ago
Ava Fenlon Martin
Ava Fenlon Martin 14 days ago
Get better josh
Gladis Ruiz
Gladis Ruiz 14 days ago
Get well josh b
Janie 14 days ago
Why in the world did 1.6k people dislike it? They do not deserve it at all
sue isace
sue isace 14 days ago
I literally am crying
Elizabeth Abud
Elizabeth Abud 15 days ago
I hope josh gets better we will pray for him love you guys
Maya Playz roblox
Maya Playz roblox 15 days ago
Imagine at the end of the video “its a prank” 😆 😂 😝
key wored bissinis
key wored bissinis 15 days ago
i hope he is okay
Xx_LittleAngel 16 days ago
Every Like=1 Prayer For Josh
Amy Chavez
Amy Chavez 16 days ago
h o n e y • b u n ツ
I’m so sensitive I swear. Just him describing his bone sticking out makes me shaky.
Amine Aaraichi
Amine Aaraichi 16 days ago
I really hope Josh gets 😥
Carrie Christensen
Carrie Christensen 16 days ago
My three-year-old sister broke her arm
* * Mo̸o̸n co̸o̸kie * *
This made me cry for hours 😭😭😭 i’ll pray
Leila Barta
Leila Barta 16 days ago
Were both lucky I got in a four wheeler crash the day before fourth of July s o were both lucky
Joja Joja
Joja Joja 16 days ago
How is the first instinct u get to film, like no hate but I’d be focused on it and not filming at least not until everything is settled
Hannah Buljubasic
Hannah Buljubasic 14 days ago
He did say that he told Katie to film, so yes she was filmed but her first thought was to care for Josh, don't jump to conclusions
- Gḁͦcha Co͓̽okie -
Katie: My best friend’s broken Me: **talks while crying** I love themmmmm
papaapple93 17 days ago
Praying for Josh to feel better, my heart melted when Katie B said" My best friend's broken" that is a true loving couple right there she is so sweet and caring to Josh
𝘴𝓽𝘳ꪖ᭙᥇ꫀ𝘳𝘳ꪗ ᥴꪮ᭙
I cried when I saw the title! 😭😭😭 Prayers for you!! 🙏🏻
Trina Franklin
Trina Franklin 17 days ago
i’m sorry but katie let him explain it
Nelia Groome
Nelia Groome 17 days ago
I broke my clavicle really bad back in October and I’ve only just recovered and gone back to sports, (hope you do ok though)❤️
Matilda GODDEN
Matilda GODDEN 17 days ago
I’ve never seen josh cry i feel bad so bad 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Dario Orlando Navarro
Prayers t ok Josh
Awheadshot 17 days ago
She calls him best friend not babe or a husband
Cara Shannon
Cara Shannon 17 days ago
Hey I fell of a zip line 6 feet in the air and broke my bone in the middle of the night and had a 2 hour trip to the hospital 🤠
jake carroll
jake carroll 17 days ago
im so sorry i havnt been watcing in a bit cuz ive been in and out of hospitals cuz i have cancer i was dignosed a coupl days ago and im super sorry
Kailey Taylor
Kailey Taylor 17 days ago
this reminds me of when i was like five or six i broke my collar bone from jumping off of the bed it was so painful so to know this happened to josh makes me remember how bad it hurt
Alannah L
Alannah L 17 days ago
I love his CRY 😭 and the way he talked
Haley Williams
Haley Williams 17 days ago
I love how spoiled he is haha
jocelyn rodriguez
jocelyn rodriguez 18 days ago
🥺🥺 get better soon ❤️🥺
Jared Lindsay
Jared Lindsay 18 days ago
It’s very ironic. I had a bad dirt bike accident on July 3rd where I had to push away from my bike in the air on a 95 foot triple. I broke my ribs, punctured a hole in my lung, and fractured 3 vertebrae in my lower back. The hospital had described my fracture as like a bomb going off inside my back because pieces of my L3 vertebrae flew apart. Hope you recover faster than I do.
Wura Elisha
Wura Elisha 15 days ago
Then how are u doing music
Th3 Dange3rous Thre3
Hanni Banani
Hanni Banani 18 days ago
They asked me if I felt safe at home in front of my abuser or I probably would have been honest and gotten taken out of that situation. Doctors, please ask that question privately. For the safety of your patient and your own.
Megan Haberman
Megan Haberman 18 days ago
Awww poor joshy
Lloyd 2003
Lloyd 2003 18 days ago
Josh!!!!! 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
Kaylee Croasmun
Kaylee Croasmun 18 days ago
Josh!!!!!! Nooooo! I hope your doing a little better now. I’ll keep you guys in my prayers! #jatiefam Stay safe! 😭❤️🥰😘😖
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