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She wants his body products. What should he do? #MenHaveSkinToo
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Still reading? It’s about to get real boring. The rest of this description has been written for robots and algorithms. This is a TV commercial for Old Spice's body wash, Moisturize with Shea Butter from the new Fresher Collection, with freshness forged from real ingredients. We see a man confront his partner about their shared body wash situation. He is tired of having his bath products of all kinds, but specifically his body wash that gives him extremely soft skin, all used up before he has a chance to even shower. He argues, Men Have Skin Too, and all he wants is to have a body wash of his own! Also, please refill the body wash if you were the one who finished it, it's only right.


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Jan 18, 2019




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Comments 80
Jonathan__Anthony 14 hours ago
Thank you old spice for putting the video link for this video directly behind the skip button on your ad
Lex Fulgencio
Lex Fulgencio 16 hours ago
She plays Whitney Houston on Bobby Brown Story on BET
Lerpy 17 hours ago
Blaineworld Day ago
I unironically tried to skip this video.
TheTrusouldj 2 days ago
God bless Deon Cole, but I clicked for Gabrielle Dennis
Oh So Carmen
Oh So Carmen 3 days ago
What a good looking man.
Special RayOsorio
Nice house
Got Swegs
Got Swegs 5 days ago
As a man myself, I know that we truly do not.
andoryuu3 5 days ago
Just as amusing as “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”, yet way more subtle and satisfying. Old Spice has the best commercials.
Bridgett Thomas
Bridgett Thomas 6 days ago
I bye this for my 24 year old son the gift set wow he likes it 🔥🔥
Valid Answer
Valid Answer 6 days ago
Why are these actually good???
Owen S
Owen S 6 days ago
Antonio Isabella’s Brother
Seafour 10 days ago
Why is no one commenting about how the recommended video was covering the skip ad button
Seafour 10 days ago
The second damn time I accidentally pressed it
Jesus Ske
Jesus Ske 11 days ago
Las Ñ
Kevin Skywalker
Kevin Skywalker 12 days ago
Man have skin too
I swear this is JR smith n the future lmao
Isaac Kagel
Isaac Kagel 14 days ago
"Men have skin too" Her: Not anymore. $hit just went from 0 to 100 real quick
midgetydeath 17 days ago
Even commercials are getting in on mocking feminism. That's great!
Jerome Orji
Jerome Orji 16 days ago
I'm sorry, what does this even have to do with feminism?
Kokolicious 22 days ago
Old Spice fighting for Mens rights
Pancake 24 days ago
What am I doing with my time
successful excellent
If it's for males, then "THAT SETTLES IT".
Jonathan Elmore
Jonathan Elmore Month ago
Men have skin too
Yuya Sakaki
Yuya Sakaki Month ago
Not gonna lie the only reason I picked this ad was because the guy who played Charlie on "blackish" was in the thumbnail
Jesus Soto
Jesus Soto Month ago
She- Its emty! Him- I wonder why... 😂😂😂🤣
Brandon S
Brandon S Month ago
all the man wanted was to have a body wash...
Vic C
Vic C Month ago
Deon, what a Beautiful Woman, You And Her Make A Great Couple!! 🥰
TheJamesFTW Month ago
Who’s the guy?
Daisy Prescott
Daisy Prescott Month ago
Ok. I’m a 10 yr old girl and I want Old Spice 😂😂😂
Superspace Bro
Superspace Bro Month ago
You can tell they both use the body wash because you can tell their skin is glowing and has a glare and that's what happens when you use it
Paul - USCG-A
Paul - USCG-A 3 months ago
The very same thing happened to me...I can't believe it! I was using the same product too.
Jeremy Skocz
Jeremy Skocz 3 months ago
i tried old spice moisturize with shea butter body wash and it makes you smell good and makes your skin smooth i like it
AUGUSTALLEN28 3 months ago
Love this commercial. They really commit to the role.
Virginia Clark
Virginia Clark 3 months ago
Oooothat Sax👌👍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🎶🎵
flight's hairline
flight's hairline 4 months ago
Where was this commercial shot
xXKINGx DIJONXx 4 months ago
"And all I wanted was to have a body wash." 😂😂😩😩
Phoenixspin 4 months ago
She could use my body wash.
Dee J
Dee J 4 months ago
Oscar buzz!
Shinobi Tekken
Shinobi Tekken 4 months ago
Had the same thing happen to me and my wife cause she keeps using my body wash the only thing I cherish in my shower lol
Jason Stroud
Jason Stroud 4 months ago
Why is she using men’s products anyway. It’s for MEN they make stuff for Women.
G Knox
G Knox 4 months ago
We can't have nothing... my ex even started wearing my damn socks and drawls
Broderick Henry
Broderick Henry 4 months ago
The definition of "You be doin too much."
Kenneth The Golden Child
Corey Holcomb brought me here!!!!
Skol TV
Skol TV 4 months ago
But forreal what Saxophone solo is that playing in the background????
Kerrilyn Keizer
Kerrilyn Keizer 4 months ago
These ads crack me up. I love them 😍😂
Robin Wilson
Robin Wilson 4 months ago
Reminds me of my husband and me...I use his body wash...What it smells good.
Adrian Delgado
Adrian Delgado 4 months ago
Who is she
K J 4 months ago
This is one of the stupidest commercials I’ve ever seen. C’mon Old Spice I like your products but do better. Moronic!
Asma AFK
Asma AFK 4 months ago
"And all i wanted was to have a body wash" Gets me every time ! Lmao
AUGUSTALLEN28 3 months ago
Zafar Khan
Zafar Khan 4 months ago
Good job really though I love old spice and funny at the end😂
BigSnipp 4 months ago
This commercial was so funny, I had to find it on RUvid. P.S. Been rockin' Old Spice Hi Endurance Pure Sport since 1997.
wyntersteele1a 5 months ago
I absolutely love these ads! Why? Dang it, Old Spice.
O Pena
O Pena 5 months ago
Body wash, bath robes, and complaining. That poor woman.
ツBout 5 months ago
Who's the actor
Eureka Johnson
Eureka Johnson 5 months ago
😂 my husband just sent me this😂 ok baby, I'll get u your own bottle😘
Gwen 5 months ago
This is the best most entertaining Old Spice commercial I've ever seen. I love the actors from "Blackish and The Game". Great script, actors, and body wash!!
Pleroma 5 months ago
Whose the girl in this??
Julian Vega
Julian Vega 5 months ago
Me: *sees "running on empty" in the title Also me: FoOd ReViEw!
Pappy Van Winkle
Pappy Van Winkle 5 months ago
I wouldn’t mind taking a long shower with Gabrielle Dennis
Pablo Diaz-cruz
Pablo Diaz-cruz 5 months ago
Third world
Bobert Swawn
Bobert Swawn 5 months ago
Chad Smith brought me here
Brett Domenick
Brett Domenick 5 months ago
Ok but fr, that one smells amazing. Can we get a matching deodorant?
Chloe Hong
Chloe Hong 5 months ago
this cant be THAT popular *21 million views *holy!? WHAT!?
Dark Skin Romeo
Dark Skin Romeo 6 months ago
All i wanted was to have a body wash
912ShowGeezie 6 months ago
Isn't that Janay (Derwin's baby mama) from "The Game"??
Me 7 months ago
I fcks wit d.c but thus wasnt enjoyable
K B 7 months ago
😩😂😂😂men have skin too BRUH!!!!
Matt Stellinga
Matt Stellinga 7 months ago
The male actor's name in this commercial is Deon Cole and he's actually a comedian. Check him out on Netflix in the 'The Standups' Series. Season 1, episode 3. You're welcome :)
Sweetie Pie
Sweetie Pie 8 months ago
Who else is here for Deon Cole? Hes doin his thang!
Xie Priel
Xie Priel 8 months ago
When your women can become smooth as a man and talk one too, is what you're wondering why did ya left it in the shower.
Lost Vayne21
Lost Vayne21 8 months ago
Anyone else get pimples on their body from this? Or is it just me
Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez 9 months ago
Smh y’all so selfish lmfao
MalarkeyMan 9 months ago
This is running on empty FOOD REVIEW
Pamela Desjardine
Pamela Desjardine 9 months ago
I REALLY dislike the commercial where the male states "I just want to HAVE a body wash!"!!!!! YUCK! selfish much?!
MalarkeyMan 9 months ago
Pamela Desjardine Remember to pack your pudding
Pamela Desjardine
Pamela Desjardine 9 months ago
@MalarkeyMan You really pack a punch hey?
MalarkeyMan 9 months ago
Pamela Desjardine Go back to the retired house old rag
Pamela Desjardine
Pamela Desjardine 9 months ago
@MalarkeyMan LOL! You are hilarious! That's the extent of your articulation? I was as entitled to my comment as you are to yours.
MalarkeyMan 9 months ago
Shut up old lady
Marc Bibanga
Marc Bibanga 9 months ago
Rotfl 😂
Rico Kamp
Rico Kamp 9 months ago
Johnathan Hunt
Johnathan Hunt 9 months ago
Old Spice actually got me watchin ads like normal videos xD good stuff
Noelle Silva
Noelle Silva 9 months ago
Love it atlesst one brand cares about its actual customers
Micah kal-el
Micah kal-el 10 months ago
Best commercial in the world
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