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She wants his body products. What should he do?
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Still reading? It’s about to get real boring. The rest of this description has been written for robots and algorithms. This is a TV commercial for Old Spice's body wash, Moisturize with Shea Butter from the new Fresher Collection, with freshness forged from real ingredients. We see a man confront his partner about their shared body wash situation. He is tired of having his bath products of all kinds, but specifically his body wash that gives him extremely soft skin, all used up before he has a chance to even shower. He argues, Men Have Skin Too, and all he wants is to have a body wash of his own! Also, please refill the body wash if you were the one who finished it, it's only right.


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Jan 18, 2019

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Comments 6 057
Andres Gutierrez
Old spice is for men not women
Kingsley 905
Kingsley 905 8 days ago
Thanks Old Spice for letting ladies realize we like our comfort (sometimes) too
Caleb Tyler
Caleb Tyler 10 days ago
Guy from Black-ish!
a c
a c 16 days ago
I don't like this new guy. Where is the other fella? Did they get rid of him?
Virginia Clark
Virginia Clark 17 days ago
Love it!!!💕♥️
Gayle the Bitxh
Gayle the Bitxh 18 days ago
This ad makes me happy. clicked on it on my own
T-Pose God
T-Pose God 21 day ago
If this was a show I'd honestly watch it
Andres Gutierrez
Andres Gutierrez 22 days ago
Old spice is for men not women
Brian C
Brian C 25 days ago
@0:43 😅😅😅 , and all I wanted was to have a body wash bahahahaaaa
Michael D
Michael D Month ago
It never gets old, awesome commercial
Shaggy has Cancer
Foooooood review
Jake Pearson
Jake Pearson Month ago
wait for it..... it’s a SOAP opera
Uprise Alberto
Uprise Alberto Month ago
I use old spice, now my teacher likes me 💀
Uprise Alberto
Uprise Alberto Month ago
I use old spice now
Justin _that_one_dude
Who making these beats I need a Melody sample lmaooooo
Scaar Playz
Scaar Playz Month ago
Virginia Clark
Virginia Clark Month ago
That sax is the Bomb!!
John Cango
John Cango Month ago
What a sad attempt to get some money back
Craig Severy
Craig Severy Month ago
Best commercial Ever 😂😂😂
Jeremy Werner
Jeremy Werner Month ago
Opynmic Month ago
Tom Elliott
Tom Elliott Month ago
who is that female actor?
Virginia Clark
Virginia Clark Month ago
Hilarious with his little SPOILED butt😃
AverageLuke Month ago
At first I thought the acting was unbearable.., now I love it.
Kim Carmichael
Kim Carmichael Month ago
Love this commercial LOL
Dj Unknown
Dj Unknown Month ago
Shes so hot
arce808 Month ago
Mister Meme
Mister Meme Month ago
emayaych Month ago
That music though 🤣🤣
Dogma Month ago
Men have have skin too baby
Huh? Month ago
Yvose Previl
Yvose Previl Month ago
You're So Witty
You're So Witty Month ago
The dramatic music though funny stuff 😂. Deion Cole owning these commercials.👍
Melissa H
Melissa H Month ago
I can't! I actually have tears in my eyes this is so good. Love it! #hilarious
Cassandra Diamond Lavender
Great ad
seamo9000deBuilder SUPERBEING
I do have Skin To! $he likeS the smell of it on my TOOT LINE 1. HAHAHAH
Mind YourOwn
Mind YourOwn Month ago
po Month ago
That's right women keep your filthy hands off Are body wash
Brian Hargrove
Brian Hargrove Month ago
Sunshine Month ago
I love these ad!😁
Treesap Studios
Treesap Studios Month ago
I actually like these ads
StyleNina Month ago
I can’t stop watching these 😭 so funny I can’t look away and want more 🤣🤣
Anna Lopinski
Anna Lopinski Month ago
Ok but who clicked on this bc of the Jackson Browne song? Lol
Schillette Austin
Why am I watching these like a " to be continued" series 😂😂😂
Kalja Passion
Kalja Passion Month ago
They actually got a story going on
Nikki Cole
Nikki Cole Month ago
same 😀
Pamela Hartfield
Too funny!(lol). Creative advertisement.
I know exactly what he's going through.
Artic Ace
Artic Ace Month ago
Galaxy Lion
Galaxy Lion Month ago
That was powerful
Blasphemy reaction
yes it was
Monique Gaudreau
Monique Gaudreau 2 months ago
This ad has to be the worst I have seen in a very long time!!! And my husband agrees!
Dee J
Dee J 2 months ago
I love these short movies
ikedogg423 2 months ago
The Sax player playing those off keys at the end has me rolling! 😂🤣😂
Jay Anderson
Jay Anderson 2 months ago
Looking at Gabrielle Dennis ............... Forget a body wash... All about her body
Gothboi Prince
Gothboi Prince 2 months ago
She’s a damn queen😍 gahh leee
Ronin Butterfield
Ronin Butterfield 2 months ago
Jacob Melchior
Jacob Melchior 2 months ago
Jon Bois Pretty Good jazz song in the background
TheDuck8185 2 months ago
Deon Cole is one of my favorite comedians dude is funny af
TeamCrunch 2 months ago
I wanted to see terry crews bust outta the wall saying PEEK A BOO ITS POWEEEEEEEEERRRR
Matthias Horne
Matthias Horne 2 months ago
MisterChrisRN 2 months ago
I love the strong, confident, masculine alpha males in the comments whining about P&G hurting their widdle feewings. "Irony? Hell no! My woman does all the chores around the house."
Neil Crandall
Neil Crandall 2 months ago
Better than the young and the restless
Whaa Gwaan
Whaa Gwaan 2 months ago
That ad was smooth asf.. may snatch a bottle or two next pharmacy run
JamesScottGuitar 2 months ago
Love the Out Of tune saxophone at the end...😂😂😂😂
madmatzac 2 months ago
Has anyone else noticed that everything that is geared toward men or men’s products is becoming demasculated?
Kevin Rodriguez
Kevin Rodriguez 2 months ago
madmatzac yes
Richard E
Richard E 2 months ago
whats the song in the background??
Diego Chavez
Diego Chavez 2 months ago
Bruh same. I want to know as well
Daniel Mcleod
Daniel Mcleod 2 months ago
Awe. Just realized you're with P&G. Well time to throw away the rest of my old spice deodorant and body wash(thankfully I was running low anyways). Well y'all get away from P&G and I'll buy you again. Until then I'm good. I'm gonna go get the best a man can get which is literally anything but P&G.
Daniel Mcleod
Daniel Mcleod 2 months ago
Those two do NOT use the same products. Dudes skin looks about like sandpaper while hers looks as smooth as water in a lake on a beautiful day.
Men have skin too
donnell outlaw
donnell outlaw 2 months ago
Lol hilarious!
seanlamar29 2 months ago
Bought the moisture and I love it
Fernando Retarded pants
This ad better than most DC movies
Justin M
Justin M 2 months ago
Men have skin too!!!
miamyamoe1 3 months ago
My 12 year old son won’t take a shower he said until I buy him this body wash so today on my 30 min lunch I run to Walmart and bought him this body wash that cost more than my own smh thanks Old Spice 🙄
Nicholasvlogclips Fazbear
Men have skin too
DoktorSick 3 months ago
this shit is hilarious !! I'll have to try some old spice.
Silky Feather
Silky Feather 3 months ago
Wow she's beautiful as hell
That one loser on youtube
Men have skin too
Motor Sportz
Motor Sportz 3 months ago
Black STRAIGHT love on tv. Wish they were dating in real life.
Teasha Stewart
Teasha Stewart 3 months ago
That lipstick color is poppin'!
Aaron Serrano
Aaron Serrano 3 months ago
No man cares about body wash! Bring back the funny commercials?
kevin084life 3 months ago
That’s the girl from Luke Cage
Yousif Alyadako
Yousif Alyadako 3 months ago
Donavan Sanders
Donavan Sanders 3 months ago
The dislikes are from axe😂
Ahmad saleh
Ahmad saleh 3 months ago
Next time on old spice ads. Can this relationship be saved
TurteltaubTheDove 3 months ago
definitelyeric 3 months ago
lol why did I read the comments
Levi Richards
Levi Richards 3 months ago
0:06 you're welcome
Geo 3 months ago
I need to know the music in this
ObsidianBehemoth 3 months ago
He did get me to buy a lot of Snickers.
Toastertott 3 months ago
Why is this not a meme
meme queen of planet sheen
his voice makes me wanna nut
spider guard
spider guard 3 months ago
Old Spice has always been fun. I am a teen now so I might buy some of there body wash.
thehiGhclass THC
thehiGhclass THC 3 months ago
Love it!!! 😂... Nice job Deon Cole, dry humor at its finest.👌🏾👍🏾
felix smith
felix smith 3 months ago
wHeRe Is TeRrY
Official N.Y.G.A
Official N.Y.G.A 3 months ago
Is that Redman?
Protean 3 months ago
this is a LIE men do NOT have skin youre all be BRAINWASHED PROPAGANDATED SHNEZZLEDORFED (that's not even a word and I agree with ya!)
rouvencocker 3 months ago
To bad i dont purchase P&G products anymore.
iSync iSwim
iSync iSwim 3 months ago
PG just needs to get out of doing commercials and, sell their companies to places that can market them properly. This is just more left wing propaganda.
James Cavender
James Cavender 3 months ago
Cordell Fitch
Cordell Fitch 3 months ago
Why does this have so many dislikes smh
Satchmo Basquiat
Satchmo Basquiat 3 months ago
That’s why she look familiar. This is Tilda from Luke Cage
10,000 Subs w Zero Vids
1900s: We'll make flying cars in the future. 2019: Finally realising the male gender has skin.
Danny DeVito
Danny DeVito Month ago
Ur like Justin y
Sithenus Frierson
Daniel Mcleod
Daniel Mcleod 2 months ago
Okay Justin Y. Wanna be.
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