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I had a weird fascination with running away from home as a kid and subsequently terrified my dad one day after school!
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Sep 19, 2021




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Comments 9 522
Hazer lazer wolf 🐺
Hazer lazer wolf 🐺 38 minutes ago
Hey Rebecca maybe you should do a collaboration with James a Janisse from dead meat
dreamyfied 5 hours ago
6:11 you guys should see it
dreamyfied 5 hours ago
Random Guy Post Anime Updates
I ever run away bruh when I'm going to like feeling alone I go to my room a
Beyioku Ibukun
Beyioku Ibukun 19 hours ago
I actually ran away but came back the next day but they did not even notice I am an only child
YES, I was obsessed with the idea of running away. I always challenged my brother with challenges like “who can stay in the bathroom for the longest” or sum sheet. I would stay there all night. One time I tried to run away, from the downstairs window, and I camped in the garden for 3 hours, eating leaves.
Jayden 4122
Jayden 4122 Day ago
Just out of curiosity how do the charters breath
Mellas world
Mellas world Day ago
happy 3M
Theo Storr
Theo Storr Day ago
I’m going through my Muppets/Jim Henson phase right now
Don Aarón
Don Aarón Day ago
Me quedé sin pata
Mileena Holland
Rebecca Parham just to let you know I love your videos because they're so exquisite they make me laugh they make me smile to to see you and yourself getting along I hope you have a great rest of your year
wolfclaw719 Day ago
As a kid I once threatened to run away and my parents said 'go ahead' assuming I was just being a mood bag and wouldn't do anything like most kids but then they got mad at me when I actually took their advice and managed to walk down the road for about an hour until they caught up to me and freaked out at me even though i told them what i was gonna do and they endorsed it. Mixed signals much?
I'm constantly switching through my fandoms lol, Wings of fire, warriorCats, harry Potter and Naruto are the ones I keep switching between.
Jax Nacar
Jax Nacar Day ago
Wonderful awful idea a Grinch reference
🍋 𝚕𝚎𝚖𝚘𝚗_𝚝𝚎𝚊
when your dad pets you on your head yn;. ...
E LAN drawings
I love let me explain studios
David Salas
David Salas Day ago
do you speak Spanish
Zahra Wiscombe
I love your videos
Ramya Rajagopal
No way is RUvid let's go
Samija Ramija
Samija Ramija 2 days ago
I go to school by myself and go home by myself so that is pain for my legs😫😫🥱
Thatoneguy620 2 days ago
0:51 I'm 620 years old and I am still in a dinosaur phase
Aries Saqsaqan-ng-pogi
Claudia Hetherington
Like mother and daughter
lol i had a space phase when i was a kid
LEGO Adventures
LEGO Adventures 2 days ago
Full of like a fish
Bob Turnin
Bob Turnin 2 days ago
I wanna be a ghost story
+Nerua× 2 days ago
Que mal que no se ingles :(
Oliver José
Oliver José 2 days ago
pero hay un canal llamado DubbTube latino que dobla algunos videos de este y otros canales de ingles a español :v
Oliver José
Oliver José 2 days ago
x2 :,v
SimplyBunny125 2 days ago
How is your bat Pedro doing?
Stick here 0:35 Now stick gone it went poof! 0:38
the 5 friends
the 5 friends 2 days ago
Wow lol noiceee
henry zuniga
henry zuniga 2 days ago
u no anooying oreng
DLJ's Life of A Gamer
why are you not making new vids
The Pixelators
The Pixelators 2 days ago
I went through an art phase when I was 8. It never stopped. #artlife
CMac 3 days ago
I “ran away” from home once. I just ran down the road with my neighbor friend and we heard a dog bark and I tripped so we went back up to her house and made up as story on how I tripped on there steps to her sister. And she believed it. I thin
CMac 3 days ago
I meant to say I think
Claire Thomson
Claire Thomson 3 days ago
I wish I had parents that had this sense of humour and that loved me for being a weirdo
Snow lee
Snow lee 3 days ago
0:40, 0:58, 1:17, 1:41, 1:59, 2:15, 2:26, 2:50, 3:09, 4:02, 4:26, 5:29, 6:26, 7:32 Every picnic cutaway because looking at the different scenes in chronological order shows just how detailed of an artist Becca is
:D :d
Adam English
Adam English 3 days ago
Are you bigsisofanime? From tik tok?
Jennifer Blaine
Jennifer Blaine 3 days ago
A Beyblade Phase
DeJana van Gastel
I love your style with your eyes I am useing it if your ok with it I just really love it 🥰
cassie green
cassie green 3 days ago
Jay M.
Jay M. 3 days ago
I totally dont have an obsession of Pinkie pie, apple jack, rainbow dash, twilight, fluttershy and rarity!
Sandwich People
Sandwich People 3 days ago
So.. is nobody gonna talk about the ending? Why was there a rustling noise and why did becca run away- This might be the start of something.
Diangelio Hines
Diangelio Hines 3 days ago
Yea 100
Sofia Long
Sofia Long 3 days ago
How did the lemonade how does the cake not wet
Kenneth Raps
Kenneth Raps 4 days ago
Feature Rachel
Baducas-Beta 4 days ago
Goldie Rowley
Goldie Rowley 4 days ago
yes i would do it
Cheems y Sus Subs
someone speaks Spanish
Aryanas random
Aryanas random 4 days ago
I like how your pigtails go up like devil horns I am in fifth grade and we’re doing a self portrait and I’m on the background and I drew a burning hospital 😈
Sophie bear!
Sophie bear! 4 days ago
I love Jaiden animations and i just saw her after making a video so i clicked on it and here i am haha!
lahicola 5 days ago
Eu sou do brasil ;-;
Ай-Кат Сандрай
1 :05 Вару?
cat Ella Jr poop
cat Ella Jr poop 5 days ago
Why did he just run away from your home like guy you being like eating by Cody like RUvid at your house you got to be old enough and a teenager but I never ever going to leave my home cuz I like tons of animals and I really want I was so badly what about you I will save it again and one day I'm going to leave and your biggest friend 😹😺😸🎉
Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt 5 days ago
I went into Minecraft phase
Camila A h
Camila A h 5 days ago
Are you dead
Call of Tortoise
Call of Tortoise 5 days ago
No joke, I had a phase... All about Finland. Jesus I am a weird child
Juana Santiago Bautista
hola soy tu fan
Brooklynn 7🍬
Brooklynn 7🍬 5 days ago
I love your videos and plus when are you gonna update on your one
KillerWolf 6 days ago
IDK why but my first phase was a Horror Game phase
Free Indonesia Republic
Its not adult telepathy Its fear of get critics even tho its fake but people is like that,even if if fake,it always get spreaded and parents get critics from everyone
alicia alejandra valencia castellar
Hi Beeca I just want to say that I love your videos, they are very great and I was going to ask you if you would name in one of your videos in Spanish because I don't really speak English right now I'm using the translator but anyway I know your videos translated into Spanish and i love them
Briana McKee
Briana McKee 6 days ago
maplefrost 6 days ago
I love the little devil pigtails
Jazedup 6 days ago
Make more videos
halo walkthrough
halo walkthrough 6 days ago
were was jack?
A Random Stranger
Lisa Biles
Lisa Biles 6 days ago
ru ff54365777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777
JJ & Freddie I
JJ & Freddie I 6 days ago
Redecca I noticed you were wearing eyeliner just saying
My sister run away with my bike to go to Grandma's place and I get into a strangers car and it was a teacher it take me home
Christin Carroll
Christin Carroll 7 days ago
Subhan Latif
Subhan Latif 7 days ago
My mom had a running away faze
mandi de jager
mandi de jager 8 days ago
Are you feeling better
happy spooky season Becca!😄🍭🍬🍫
Noodlecake 8 days ago
That song at the start! Beautiful.
David Bishop
David Bishop 8 days ago
its apple jack :o
Serj Duff Roxas
Serj Duff Roxas 8 days ago
Rebecca i laugh at the screaming part😂😂😂😂
Shaneskebab 8 days ago
R- Rebecca? Rebecca yoU LEFT THE PICNIC
Luka Erickson
Luka Erickson 8 days ago
If you can or want to at red mountain high school on Arizona we are doing noises off if you want to come and sre
Karidu Animations
The fact that you’re one of the fewer animators that has a beautiful complete heckin forest background or other stuff like that instead of just a white void is really something I like about this channel
Lorry Fry, REALTOR
i had a sleep in the woods by myself yeah cops wher involved that is all i will say
Sudhakar b
Sudhakar b 8 days ago
Sudhakar b
Sudhakar b 8 days ago
What are you doing
Dream 2
Dream 2 8 days ago
Can somebody explain to me the last scene when she walked away when she heard a sound? Was it a bear or something? ?
sorvetero do mau
sorvetero do mau 8 days ago
Muito bom adorei kkkk
ARTUR  Pleya 9
ARTUR Pleya 9 8 days ago
Oi seu brasileiro
Marcus Victor Mitra
Hey that's the pumpkin guy
LevArts 8 days ago
I had this phase too. It was more of a threat than a fun game, though. Like, whenever i didn’t want to do something my parents told me to, i would say i was going to run away. Kids are awful, huh?
LevArts 8 days ago
To be fair, my family is complete chaos to this day, so they probably made me like this-
I had a wolf phase and I still have it. :3 😃🤣
ACNH Diva's Bestie
I once packed all my barbies in my suit case and took a walk down the road for no reason I just wanted to take them for a walk which is very strange-
Anisul Islam
Anisul Islam 9 days ago
I’m weird to everyone in my family but my mom and dad is weird and my friends and my cousin everyone is weird. Also I like being weird and normal is boring.
Samantha Playz Numy
Yay I am here Samantha Nettinga
Samantha Playz Numy
TR6 Boy
TR6 Boy 9 days ago
Make another video about daycare story
Summer Fun
Summer Fun 10 days ago
Rose Fleminngs
Rose Fleminngs 10 days ago
I love your vids Pls post more ps I love when your mom was so chill about you running away.
thomas dano
thomas dano 10 days ago
the acting its POWERFULL
Ranjana Josan
Ranjana Josan 10 days ago
i love you
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