Ruined King: A League of Legends Story - Announcement Trailer | PS4, PS5

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From Airship Syndicate comes Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, a single-player turn-based RPG featuring the baddest of Bilgewater. Play as Miss Fortune, Illaoi, Braum, Yasuo, Ahri, or Pyke and journey bravely into the ever-creeping Black Mist. Coming to console and PC early 2021.
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About Riot Forge: Riot Forge was established in 2019 and is a player and developer-focused publisher with the mission of bringing the League of Legends universe to new players and platforms by delivering bespoke “completable” games. Forge’s debut title, Ruined King, will be released in early 2021.
Forge is a publishing label within Riot Games that complements Riot’s research and development program. Forge is focused on working with experienced studios outside of Riot Games as these games will be created and developed by our partner studios and published by Riot Forge. Each game released will expand the League of Legends universe and allow players to experience League like never before.
Featured music: Kingdom by JAXSON GAMBLE
Written by: William Van Alstine and Jay Stolar
This is my kingdom
This is my domain
You can’t take from me
The greatest you’ve ever seen
You’ll remember my name
I rise like the red sun
I walk thru the flame
You can’t handle the heat
The true legend is me
You’ll remember my name
This is my kingdom


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Oct 31, 2020




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Comments 100
slicethe night
slicethe night 2 hours ago
Waiting to see yassou gameplay :))
Revilla Gotour Vibes
LOL can you imagine league of legends play in your ps4 and 5
Borsalino Kizaru
Borsalino Kizaru 5 hours ago
illaoi so cute
Michael Eshleman
Michael Eshleman 21 hour ago
Awesome! Pls. adds "New Game+"! Thank you!
Oscar Vazquez
Por qué la música de lol siempre es tan buena? 🤩
1:12 pyke pyke pyke
FriedBread Day ago
braum love that frozen waterfall
Yusuf SAKA
Yusuf SAKA Day ago
The Moonlight Spartan
"featuring the baddest of *Bilgewater*. Play as Miss Fortune, Illaoi, Braum, Yasuo, Ahri, or Pyke" Issues *Braum, Yasuo and Ahri.*
Алекс Краснов
1:20 Feed Squad
Jonnes Palugan
Jonnes Palugan 2 days ago
Horosho Sidim
Horosho Sidim 2 days ago
what song, who knows?🤘
Zael Heimricht
Zael Heimricht 2 days ago
1:19 when the whole squad is online.
Prince Aerol Toga
why does this reminds me of the Mann vs Machine TF2 trailer
una persona normal
el pyke fedeado haciendose el baron
AMR 3 days ago
Could you show us the actual gameplay
RianoKAI 3 days ago
I can't be the only one who was counting and putting them in roles up until Pike appeared, right?
SakuraFox 3 days ago
The way braum looked at illoai was like how flynn tried to do smolder on rapunzal
oshee532 3 days ago
whery is my nintendo
Simon Shen
Simon Shen 4 days ago
0:35 THat's what ur shield is forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Whyyyyyyyyyyy
Daniel Dean
Daniel Dean 4 days ago
Hope its cross play so we can obliterate playstation players
Zagi Productions
it's not pvp either
xD Day ago
It's coming for all platforms
lunarblessing 4 days ago
How beautiful Ahri is! That's incredible for sure
Katy Cat
Katy Cat 4 days ago
Mosya 4 days ago
Tf2? Mvm?
Henry Thew
Henry Thew 4 days ago
AHRI !!!!
Jafran Cárdenas
Jafran Cárdenas 4 days ago
Agggghhhh enserio va a ser exclusivo de Sony >:c que basura
I’m allways sad
Pyke is so small OMEGALUL
Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage 5 days ago
0:42 Report yasuo no R
Wintertech Gaming
Yeh so when are we getting our Open world game
OhOhOh_AXE BeAtZ!!
So.... a battle chasers with lol skin? ... meh 3/10
Γιαννης Γιαρμαδουρος
playstation tell that we dont need ps plus
diego avila
diego avila 6 days ago
1:42 viego uwu
Charlie Wilson
Charlie Wilson 6 days ago
Wow just got my PlayStation 5 from deeperweb on telegram great thanks to you bro
Maisel0529 6 days ago
when yasuo is so useless that you need 6 champs on your team
Borsalino Kizaru
Borsalino Kizaru 6 hours ago
Biggins 6 days ago
Turned based rpg 🤮🤮🤮
Hải Lê
Hải Lê 6 days ago
Soooo yasuo jungle ?
Seppvku 6 days ago
Disliking cause i hate illaoi
TrashYouTubeTriesToCensorMyComments ByRemovingThem
I like how they strut down that street feeling themselves like they are in a Gucci runway.
I Forgot
I Forgot 7 days ago
Looks like Ahri is getting a new skin everyone! Must be Tuesday.
jaina the lich
jaina the lich 7 days ago
1:53 arthas is it u my love ?
U Kon Hein
U Kon Hein 7 days ago
U Kon Hein
U Kon Hein 7 days ago
Canal Backstab
Canal Backstab 7 days ago
DMC in Slow
Dakota Walker
Dakota Walker 7 days ago
Ridiculous. Can't believe what league has become. This trailer is just pandering michael bay level short attention spanning. Cinematics used to be interesting, atmospheric, immersive, and complex. I'm disgusted by the state of the game.
Pixel Fox
Pixel Fox 7 days ago
The video is on fire!
Jayden 7 days ago
Nah, now we know Viego is the new Champ in the end of video and Ahri is the way to get player's attention
Alexander Santos
Alexander Santos 7 days ago
there is a cute version of ahri in lol and wr, but in shadow isle (ruined king) ahri must be different
민딸팽이 7 days ago
Pyke is League
Anirudh Ganesh
Anirudh Ganesh 7 days ago
I clearly remember this lore.... Where's yorick and Olaf??? olaf is the one who fights the kraken and lucian is also missing along with thresh... They brought in pyke from nowhere lol...
Street Boi
Street Boi 8 days ago
"allies with 6 champs" enemy with 5 champs: wait thats elligal
Just Slowpoke
Just Slowpoke 8 days ago
Fua el Viego
Nicolin Rucker
Nicolin Rucker 9 days ago
Wait... isn't a retcon for Pyke? Doesn't he think literally everyone is a name on his list?
Diego 9 days ago
to make people remember it's about League of Legends they got make Ruined King say "GG, easy" when he slays you.
Алексей Столяров
отвратительный трейлер
Hiichan Daisuki
Hiichan Daisuki 9 days ago
League of Legends always have great trailers, but the game itself looks far from that quality
Sound of Ko
Sound of Ko 10 days ago
This illaoi is way hotter than the lol version
Omar Shafi
Omar Shafi 10 days ago
*6 players walking instead of 5* Me: Nani?!?
idiot with ideas
idiot with ideas 10 days ago
Looks great but they didn't have any idea what it would be about before making this trailer
xD 10 days ago
They did. They said it will be turn based RPG
Chinese Electric Batman
Cheaters have 6 champions
Dannya Emocia
Dannya Emocia 12 days ago
Top game
Bayar Saieed
Bayar Saieed 12 days ago
Ahri Visual update confirmed?
Erin 12 days ago
I'm so happy to see Illaoi. She has some of the best lore/character fluff in all of Runeterra, but they just can't seem to tweak her kit to make her widely playable. I mean, she dated and then dumped GANGPLANK. **GANGPLANK.**
Istebrak 12 days ago
slow walking, check fast paced combat shots, check awkward close ups, check boys and girls we got ourselves another round of ignoring old champ reworks
justine isleta
justine isleta 12 days ago
I just reliaze illaoi is a girl lol
Efe Dilsiz
Efe Dilsiz 12 days ago
Ah.. pyke derinlerdeki dehşetli kekim
bogerszabi 12 days ago
who will be in jungle?
xD 12 days ago
There's no jungle in Bilgewater
Shadow-K Yagiri
Shadow-K Yagiri 13 days ago
there's so i'm in
Nick Wilde
Nick Wilde 13 days ago
Sake Rift
Sake Rift 13 days ago
Okay but like where is the Graves, GP and TF?
Sake Rift
Sake Rift 12 days ago
@xD or do you mean planned to be in game? Cause all three of them are badass enough to be
Sake Rift
Sake Rift 12 days ago
@xD arguments for MF being a grand hero are scarce.
xD 12 days ago
Also Graves and TF are not heroes.
The_Gl1T3H 13 days ago
u know whats funny? the fact that Yasuo and Ahri r doing Yone's job
Gabbie 19
Gabbie 19 13 days ago
After watching the recent cinematic, I'm interested in this group to see what they'd do to face this new champion. Getting Endgame vibes now because of the different powers, personalities, heroes, & man who took a soul stone XD
Duchess Star
Duchess Star 14 days ago
*sees Ahri* Meh *sees Pyke* AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!
Hellicek 15 days ago
Pyke most badass in this video
Haojun Fu
Haojun Fu 15 days ago
nice I like it
Haojun Fu
Haojun Fu 15 days ago
Are you ok?
mlky and boyds
mlky and boyds 15 days ago
pyke looks like dennis from spongebob
Sandra Gomes
Sandra Gomes 15 days ago
Novo campeão no final do clipe.
Sasuke Miyuki Shirogane
now we all know the ruined king is actually a new jungler
Friendly Salad
Friendly Salad 16 days ago
remember a few months ago when xbox said they were gana put their games on the old system and the new and sony fanboys said they were holding next gen back and now the play station is doing it no1 is complaining.
Noah Austin-Nichols
Is anyone else kinda disappointed but viegos lore or is just me.
Cyzqtch 16 days ago
Call me stupid but i can't wait for Kevin Hart & The Rock to play Pyke & Braum in some random commercial like the ones from WOW or i don't know
배정호 16 days ago
롤이야?? 포트 나이트야??
IIIAnchani 16 days ago
pretty sure Illaoi has male genitalia.
Neilandas s
Neilandas s 16 days ago
so wheres yone?
yo queria ver a tresh
Dallas Scandling
Dallas Scandling 18 days ago
When u realize this is the next character coming out
Sharvin Jay
Sharvin Jay 18 days ago
So it's 1v 6
Jack Bruno
Jack Bruno 18 days ago
Ferret :0
Ferret :0 18 days ago
Lol I like how they put ahri in the thumbnail
verified_tinker 19 days ago
I should not have sold my PS4.
Pavel Ziga
Pavel Ziga 19 days ago
Welcome to the new champion spotlight. Ruined king.
abc def
abc def 19 days ago
I like this Film
aegismsg 20 days ago
No PC release :(? Edit: there is PC release. You can find it on Steam!!
Elijah Liston
Elijah Liston 21 day ago
0:11 Kratos
Siyros 19 days ago
0:33 This one is the older one
dashbry 21 day ago
I like how everyone gets an intro except yasuo who just appears out of thin air.
Emmarina 21 day ago
There's literally zero force behind every hit here. They just look like softly touching marshmallows
Moonlight Lulamoon
Moonlight Lulamoon 22 days ago
I'll wait for Poppy!
Adam 22 days ago
this past of kratos was never mentioned... 0:11
𝑪𝒂𝒊𝒂 22 days ago
I'll say it here, once, and I won't repeat it ever again. If I'll ever play this game, it'll be just for my boy Pyke.
Avn Fella
Avn Fella 23 days ago
that guy is the Ruined King?, I'm kinda desapointed
Katsy Kat
Katsy Kat 24 days ago
Yyaaaaaaaaa Ahrii
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