'Rudy Giuliani Is Responsible For The Impeachment' Of Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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The panel continues its discussion on Lev Parnas' interview with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and Rudy Giuliani's role in the Ukraine plot. Aired on 01/16/20.
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'Rudy Giuliani Is Responsible For The Impeachment' Of Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Jan 16, 2020




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Comments 1 678
Dan Keil
Dan Keil 9 days ago
too bad you folks can't tell the truth. Just keep lying, you'll be out of a job soon! Justice is coming. We may be in Marshal Law
Charles Law
Charles Law 13 days ago
CNN MSNBC is fake news! Thanks God for FNC! Many Americans trust Rudy Giuliani’s judgment in getting to the truth!Defending our POTUS from these fake news networks evil hostile forces running them! No other president has had to put up W/such a corrupt”DO-NOTHING Congress! Trump will win easily 2020’s presidential election!
Shari Bigay
Shari Bigay 13 days ago
What we need to to do as a country is to ALL (except for the trump cultists) vote in Nov 2020 for any canidates (president, congress, senate) that will vote for new laws for term limits, new laws to protect our elections, security, to put some actual consiquenses to not following our constitution, gun laws,the environment,ect. The things that most of Americans are concerned about. Even if the first group does nothing more than fixing the problems with our political system (the first 4 items above) then later start on the social, environmental, economical problems (hopefully quickly). At least we might have a better system that hopefully will actually represent the true concerns of the American people and not of other countries or the select few who can buy the laws they want
William Helfrich
William Helfrich 14 days ago
Rudy's not going anywhere, he is juiced in he set up the shell companies that the Russian mobsters used to launder money in Trump organization continuing criminal real estate racket, RUvid the dubious friends of Donald Trump
cheryl laney
cheryl laney 19 days ago
In all of this while 🏠 house, saga, madness, where is the secret service while the photos are being taken!!! They are all lying about PARNAS, PARNAS,is very smart and CREDIBILITY added to that,he has proof.
Bawse Lyke
Bawse Lyke 26 days ago
Trump is responsible for his own impeachment,quit enabling him when it's no defense for his own actions
R Adkins
R Adkins 26 days ago
I wonder what The mob has on Trump?! Dirt begets Dirt!
R Adkins
R Adkins 26 days ago
Amen! Come out of the shade the Darkness into the LIGHT of DAY! GOD wins again!
Tara M
Tara M 29 days ago
Mark USA
Mark USA Month ago
😲 fake news
Vanessa Knox
Vanessa Knox Month ago
Why are you all blaming others for what Trump does. Isn't he mature enough business savvy enough presidential now? Didn't somebody say Giuliani was being screamed at?
Cyn Shaf
Cyn Shaf Month ago
sycam3472 Month ago
Trump has just announced that they are going to plant a trillion trees. Can you believe this guy? Is he for real? If its true i will vote for him this time.
M P Month ago
Parnas, Vindman, Bolton, Yovanovich....they told the TRUTH that the US president sold out our country and the sanctity of our elections. Barr is a goddam criminal who should be thrown in the same prison cell with Madoff and Trump.
SkyGemini Month ago
drumpf is responsible for 100% of the blunders he makes, including his own impeachment.
James Perkinson
James Perkinson Month ago
trump was right gulliani is the greatest crime fighter ever. he took down trump
James Perkinson
James Perkinson Month ago
pelosi is toying with trump. trump ego will be his ticket to prison.
Tony Bell
Tony Bell Month ago
Donald John Trump is a good leader, putting American citizens first. Globalist take issue with that, otherwise the media would tout America's progress due to his leadership. But that is not dramatic enough to draw huge crows of sheeple. Profit is the motivator, people be dammed.
yinkoos Month ago
Why are these dishonorable men protecting trump against America.
scorpio moon TAROT
Jeffery Barber
Jeffery Barber Month ago
You lost all credibility when you invite a fake reverend to speak on national television
Master Temple
Master Temple Month ago
Lev Parnos is as credible as MSNBC.....worse than CNN
Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis Month ago
As Kellyanne Conway said Lev Parnas wasn't under oath when he spoke to Rachel Maddow. True so let's put him under oath in the trial. Easy as that. When or if he lies then prosecute him and send him to prison..
Andrew Hall
Andrew Hall Month ago
Trump is responsible - MORON
G M Month ago
Can't wait til November..Trump will remain in office and media will re start all over again.
Yve Bella
Yve Bella Month ago
🗣Sondland: EVERYONE was in the loop! 🗣Parnas: trump knew EVERYTHING!
Yve Bella
Yve Bella Month ago
🙋‍♀️trump is IMPEACHED forever and WE get to see him and his gop goons on trial😊🏛⚖🏛
E H Month ago
MIKA's communist plot is crumbling...Daddy Brezenski misjudged the American people. TRUMP represents freedom of thought and choice.... MSNBC expected useful idiots to buy their FALSE narratives. TRUMP 2020 KAG!
E H Month ago
Impeach this twitter.com/ScottFordTVGuy/status/1157061525875691520
E H Month ago
Giuliani is a big threat to LEFTIST thugs. He can nail any crook and the Democrats are terrified!
atomicmozart Month ago
MSNBC continues to lie to the public! Pathetic!
1SaG Month ago
Giuliani? How about "Trump is responsible for the impeachment of Trump"?
R0ckStarz1 Month ago
But no one knows this guy all of a sudden bahaha
R0ckStarz1 Month ago
I just wanna know if trump wanted nothing why call lmfao
Danielle Everhart
These people make my skin crawl!
Pamela Davis
Pamela Davis Month ago
Parnas is telling the truth , Donald associates are all shady
Von Dutch
Von Dutch Month ago
It's a coup, that's why they are attacking his legal counsel, The FBI and other agencies have now been caught tampering in U.S ELECTIONS 5x beginning with destroying the tea party, WASHINGTON DC IS BANKRUPT AND THEY HAVE WASTED $7 TRILLION DOLLARS ON WAR
Celtica Month ago
in how many other countries did they make their dirty work? Listen to Mulvaney: we do this all the time!
raginald7 Mars
raginald7 Mars Month ago
Thank God! America can create such Great wonderful Chaos. The best way to keep Peace. Make Trump Kaiser of America. We love him!
xadam2dudex Month ago
PS Trump has been getting away with his crimes all his life and never held responsible for anything...he has always come out ahead...but now there is a possibility he might have to pay for his crimes...
De Lin
De Lin Month ago
If Republicans were as savy/smart as tribal leaders .. they would let the trial proceed & subpoena witness's plus every document available including the items DTs has hiden on the super secure server where the "perfect" phone call was stashed. Then if Republicans truly want supported by independents like me .. or reelected in their states after all this blows over. Republican tribesmen would SERIOUSLY consider official censure of DTs as president and/or removal from office. NO one is ABOVE the laws of this land INCLUDING the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! The scope & depths of this crime boss Whitehouse .. has to be held accountable not just to the American public but to engender & fortify this country's place as a world leadership worthy of respect.
T Slap
T Slap Month ago
Trump will never admit he knew Lev. Trump said that perhaps he had a picture with him because trump knew that he’d be questioned about it.
Hayden Williams
Hayden Williams Month ago
MSNBC-- Please load this Maddow interview in its entirety.
PINCH GIULIANI!!! he's another Louis Eppilito ..
Phantom X
Phantom X Month ago
So whilst Trump was building his criminal enterprises in New York, His mate Rudy Colludy Ghouliani was on the other side arresting all of his competition..... Rudy seems to have no problem fabricating evidence to take put trumps opponents so someone needs to review all of his convictions when Attorney General to see if he was also fabricating evidence to lock people up..... Anyone who thinks Rudy hasn't done this before is kidding themselves.
Teacher Eileen
Teacher Eileen Month ago
Book of Daniel Ch. 13: False accusation of Susanna - This is exactly what is happening in our country. Is there no brave Daniel, no intelligent citizens left to defend the innocent from lying accusers?
Cheryl Lawlor
Cheryl Lawlor Month ago
The FBI will already looking be looking at how they can strong arm any republican by investigating their finances and threatening them with jail for a financial misdemeanour. They did this to Professor Denesh D’ Sousa when he made a movie that said something Obama didn’t like about his family in Africa. The FBI grabbed him and got him imprisoned for two years on a financial misdemeanour that nobody usually goes to prison for. This happened before Trump ever came came to power. This shows that you have a police state under the Democrats. The FBI forged documents and got an investigation approved by the Fisa Court, This gave them the power to subpoena. And they did the same thing again got witnesses imprisoned on financial and process misdemeanours trying to strong arm them into giving evidence to incriminate a Trump in the a Russian Collusion investigation. There’s a pattern here. I think the FBI and Democrats have been operating in defiance of the law and constitution running what amounts to a corrupt police state before a Trump ever appeared on the Horizon, I think America is finished it the Democrats and FBI succeed in this, You can bet the FBI is already looking for something to hold over the head of a couple of Republicans. Wake up! See the pattern.
Richard Rockie
Richard Rockie Month ago
You losers. The DCC and MSNBC, Democratic Clown Club is going be crying again after the next election. Trump wins again.
Kay Maria
Kay Maria Month ago
Joe ...... Lev's version of it is from the terrorist mafia gang and hooligan level. Everyone else plus maria mildly explained the perfect call and the triple down effects to the assassination to jobs characters and threats on these 🇺🇸 citizens LIVES not to mention the death threats to reporters who have to give the public the information Tv hosts and inside Senators included. Vindman pretty much summed it up with his opening. Yeah dead pa pa this is what you fought for not to say the least I may be joining you soon. The Republicans must be scared to loose their lives.They are afraid. Wow what a drama. Lev just told Bolton to take his book to the shredder. Lol 😆
John Tatum
John Tatum Month ago
CNN and MSNBC loved Avenatti, they loved Cohen...and now it is Lev Parnas...we have been here before. Also, Al Sharpton is a racist who is not very sharp...and he is not a real Christian...he is your shady people.
wbtjob Month ago
He seems to be mentally challenged, not credible at all. Next!
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker Month ago
Morning Joke and fake news
Douglas Wong
Douglas Wong Month ago
Jurors = senators ???? Manipulated trial
Julie Clark
Julie Clark Month ago
Republicans are laughing at this guy. He's totally incredible.
irish lady
irish lady Month ago
Too much there it's a trial, Republicans wanted investigations and now they have them, I say investigate everything, biden's and all, check it all out but look at it all, let everything come out so we can get to the bottom of it... We all know that nepotism happens, if that's all it was at burisma for the biden's, so be it, (for now) but at least we can say to trump side it's not extortion or criminal, like him
RDW Creations LLC
This Ukraine stuff is only the tip of the cake. When its all over America will realize it elected a con, with foreign and criminal help. Nothing about DT is genuine, authentic or sincere.
charlie morris
charlie morris Month ago
Shyster Rev.Al Sharpton
Joseph Maitre
Joseph Maitre Month ago
Lock em up!!
NBK Krypto
NBK Krypto Month ago
⛔ IMPEACH then IMPRISON ⛔ #Trump4PRISONdent2020
Tom Devlin
Tom Devlin Month ago
Giuliani? Whose Giuliani? I never met the guy. I don't even know the guy. I might have taken a shower in his room once.
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