Royal Family | FRONTROW | World of Dance Los Angeles 2015 | #WODLA15

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Aug 18, 2015




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Comments 80
احمد A. 75 خالد
في عرب🙂🇸🇦
Zülal sad
Zülal sad 7 hours ago
07:06 song ?
Tina Bisht
Tina Bisht 11 hours ago
this never gets old I swear
Nay Casanova
Nay Casanova 12 hours ago
I miss dancing😩 damn quarantine and pregnancy
Sabrina Reneé
Sabrina Reneé 13 hours ago
who choreographed this whole thinggggggg i've watched it a thousand times
Siddharth sirsate
Siddharth sirsate 13 hours ago
The wrong thing:- camera angle, u can't focus on everyone with some main performers being center of attention. And I think they r too many of them, nice strategy for everyone to get a breath, but it's, WOD u can't slack.
Army Forever
Army Forever 14 hours ago
Alguien más está aquí por las Blackpink in your area
Couch Potato
Couch Potato 14 hours ago
Moment of silence for all the girls that where on thier period but killed this dance
claudia siete
claudia siete 15 hours ago
Me encanta ver a Tutin bailar ❤️❤️❤️ 1:46 He rocks! 😎
ItzmehJaden 16 hours ago
Wait did they get the dance from black pink or black pink got it from them
madhu empire
madhu empire 20 hours ago
I just come to see from 1:45 to 2:09
Chloé Fortin
Chloé Fortin 21 hour ago
this is the definition of perfection
Eliandrea Castro Alves
Bichoooo, muito foda. Amooo🧡
Idolona Vaca
Idolona Vaca 22 hours ago
Que se llama la música
Asma Asouma
Asma Asouma Day ago
dael Daniel da silva de Oliveira
Brasileiro mau olha ja falar mai
Fabio Piazza
Fabio Piazza Day ago
Shweta Honamode
What are the white shirts called as? In the beginning of the video which the girls wore
muroxd Day ago
Who is this DJ? 🔥🔥🔥
Dakaeva Alina
Что за Кен там среди мальчиков?😂
Nazlı Mamedova
Ana M A R I A
I wish im one of them
Dre Day ago
Sooo the 165M how many views are your contribution? Genuinely curious.
This is more organized than my life shiittt!!
『Its me.』
2:21 I saw the wink 😂 love the chemistry
ok_iamhere ok_iamhere
6:59 that's a helicopter right there
So I'm in love with that 1:44 boy like he's so attractive???
gita mani
gita mani Day ago
Carmen Rosa Carbajal
Genial esa canción me ase Aser lo en tok tok 👍😎
folha  de Jikook Dias
Sona Day ago
Blackpink used the same choreography but very short
Vishnu Vichu
Vishnu Vichu Day ago
i wanna join with you . guys you are amazing ! Congratulations and best wishes...!
Nelly Fisina
Nelly Fisina Day ago
The girl without hair. She is amazing!!!!
아말 Day ago
“Bitch better have my money” dance, BLACKPINK kinda copied the choreography
One It
One It Day ago
They didn't copy the choreo, if you watch that video till the end you can see they credited the original choreographer which is the main dancer in this video
& gabriel
& gabriel Day ago
wow world best
sah Hwang
sah Hwang 2 days ago
Ridjwanah Sheereen
Best organised dance moves ever👍👍👍👍.....just speechless
Soma Kom
Soma Kom 2 days ago
I'm inspired by them to dance awesome
Shadow _
Shadow _ 2 days ago
I came here just to see this 1:53
Mokgadi Madike
Mokgadi Madike 2 days ago
The camera angle is not great because we don't see everything, but they are 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Zulfa Maghfiroh
Zulfa Maghfiroh 2 days ago
Hope Royal Family collaboration with nct 127
John Lobov
John Lobov 2 days ago
Ella Na
Ella Na 2 days ago
I just found out that Blackpink dance practice was from here hahahaha wowww
HahHAHA HAHAHA 2 days ago
YG worked with during 2015-2016 for bigbang and 2ne1 and blackpink dance practice
Nicole 2 days ago
Some of the choreography was by Blackpink
One It
One It Day ago
It was the other way around
HahHAHA HAHAHA 2 days ago
Royal family cheograghy for blackpink
manuela Gomes
manuela Gomes 2 days ago
Berdikojoaidai Berdikojoaidai
sidol kempok
sidol kempok 2 days ago
Riley Is Tired
Riley Is Tired 2 days ago
I wanna be able to dance like this but I have no motivation. (Also I don’t get along with my teammates which doesn’t help.)
LyN3 2 days ago
I love how rihanna only makes sounds lmaooo
Sisi Queeh
Sisi Queeh 2 days ago
Jose_ Forcer
Jose_ Forcer 2 days ago
El baile se parece mucho al de BLACKPINK...
moonchild caron
moonchild caron 2 days ago
Whenever we play this video we can't get bored it's always refreshing
Kthleen Sateles
Kthleen Sateles 2 days ago
Muito daora vontade de saber dançar né minha filha
Smita Tiwari
Smita Tiwari 3 days ago
Awsome dudes
I'm anonymous
I'm anonymous 3 days ago
They copy blackpinks step omg I didn't see it coming bijjj it's so lit
I'm anonymous
I'm anonymous 17 hours ago
@HahHAHA HAHAHA i know that she's a choreographer of BBHMM what I'm talking is she's the only one who thought BLACKPINK's BBHMM cover not the whole crew
@I'm anonymous she's the bold girl wearing a cap
@I'm anonymous she's a part of royal family and she also choreographed CL hello bitches
I'm anonymous
I'm anonymous 2 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-3fg8pyLKvXE.html check the description :)
I'm anonymous
I'm anonymous 2 days ago
Deflanders Family
I really don't see how ALL OF Y'ALL remember all that but y'all ALL are Very TALENTED DANCERS, mom account/profile 😂🔥
FitDanZ Crew
FitDanZ Crew 3 days ago
연즈yeona 3 days ago
배윤정님 지실건가요??
berns bons
berns bons 3 days ago
Am I the only one who can't get over with this performance? I mean it's perfect and lit👌
Pokpak Manoban
Pokpak Manoban 3 days ago
Bad angle
саша пантюхин
а группа ледис натянула группу джаба
ItsJ’brianna 3 days ago
Why is this the best thing my eye ever saw
SueP-D 3 days ago
Who here during COVID 🙋‍♀️
Xay Thi
Xay Thi 3 days ago
Đỉnh của đỉnh là đây i Love you idol
Nemo ssan
Nemo ssan 3 days ago
4 :22 this girl had the energy to kill with no regrets
Sky is the limit
Sky is the limit 3 days ago
7:41 that transition is f*ck as hell
Squidney1012 3 days ago
i wish this remix was on spotify
Squidney1012 3 days ago
or appl music
born lazy yesterday
Almost forgot to see this masterpiece today...
Wade wilson13
Wade wilson13 3 days ago
To be honest from 1:50 to 2:04 ...i really didn't count for how many time i saw those steps...man that guys killed it
Вячеслав Фёдоров
2020 привет кто пересматривает
Alyssa Peet
Alyssa Peet 4 days ago
1:46 didn’t know brad mondo danced
Gunn Dhiman
Gunn Dhiman 4 days ago
Me : I should try this d- My Body : don't even think
Nananimous 4 days ago
Hana nouch
Hana nouch 4 days ago
Who's the guy with the cap dancing with Parris at the end of the vid ?
Vishal S
Vishal S 4 days ago
1:56 is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
raihan diadi
raihan diadi 4 days ago
That lay up part kills me bruh
sea 4 days ago
i like how everyone collectively agrees that we *ALL* come back to this video every once in a while, it’s like a secret ritual
Simling Fox
Simling Fox Day ago
No I just added it to my schedule
Jo Jp
Jo Jp 4 days ago
What’s the song at 2:29 ?
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