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Royal Blood
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The official video for Royal Blood - Trouble's Coming
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I gave my knuckles a run for their money, spider web
Cracks on the mirror, I see someone but not somebody
If I could then I would
If I could then I would
If I could

I let my demons take hold and CHOKE ON ME
Can’t FILL these holes that I’m digging
Can’t STOP my heart when it’s sinking
BUT If I could then I would
If I could then I would
If I could

IF I COULD YOU don’t think I would pretend
Troubles coming but I still don’t know when
That’s the voice that I can hear in my head
I hear it over and over again

I hear trouble coming, over and over again

In my reflection I see signs of psychosis
I try to pay them no attention can’t keep them under the surface
If I could then I would
If I could then I would
If I could

IF I COULD you don’t think I would pretend
Troubles coming but I still don’t know when
That’s the voice that I can hear in my head
I hear it over and over again

I hear trouble coming, over and over again

I can’t wait forever
Cause I don’t have the time left to spend
Wishing I was someone better
Wishing I could start all over again

I hear trouble coming, I hear trouble coming
Over and over again

IF I COULD you don’t think I would pretend
Troubles coming but I still don’t know when
That’s the voice that I can hear in my head
I hear it over and over again

I hear trouble coming, I hear trouble coming
Over and over again
About Royal Blood
Brighton duo Royal Blood comprising drummer Ben Thatcher and bassist/vocalist Mike Kerr formed at the beginning of 2013. They quickly made their presence known, with pounding drums and heavily distorted bass guitar defining characteristics of their ferocious blues-rock sound. The band gained many plaudits early in their career, touring with the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Iggy Pop and Foo Fighters, before going on to win Best British Group at the Brits in 2015 receiving their trophy from their musical hero and admirer Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.
Their catalogue boasts the Mercury Prize nominated self-titled debut album released in 2014 that spawned hits such as "Out of the Black, "Little Monster:, "Come On Over" and "Figure it Out", as well as their second successive UK number one album "How Did We Get So Dark?" released in 2017 which featured "Lights Out" and "I Only Lie When I Love You".
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Oct 23, 2020




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Royal Blood
Royal Blood Month ago
The Trouble’s Coming musical promotional film has arrived. Available on all television screens near you. Listen to Trouble's Coming here: royalblood.me/TroublesComing
robert gibson
robert gibson 3 days ago
@ royal blood.. Good luck beating this......it's a masterpiece.
Gabe bass man Addison
@raheem sultan have you heard Boilermaker or King yet? They aren’t officially out but you can hear versions on RUvid
robert gibson
robert gibson 21 day ago
@raheem sultan Bro surprised to here anyone no like. Try with headphones. That bass is minted.
robert gibson
robert gibson 21 day ago
This makes me want to get a bass. (I play guitar)
caco nathan69
caco nathan69 Hour ago
I love their music, god. They are my favorite band
neknarf1973 Hour ago
When is the album coming out ?
Jesus David Chapa Alvarez
FIFA 21👌
Steven Stine
Steven Stine 3 hours ago
Still blows my mind how much a 2 man band can jam.. d[-. -]b
Uncle Doctor
Uncle Doctor 3 hours ago
I try not to have a favorite band, you guys make that awful tough!
Ben Thatcher
Ben Thatcher 5 hours ago
Can anyone give me some bands that have the same sort of sound as these? Preferably smaller less known English bands but I’m open to anything
Vagabond 5 hours ago
Sounds like they have been listening to Death From Above
Crash Overide
Crash Overide 10 hours ago
Sounds like angry birds 😂
Grost Goo
Grost Goo 11 hours ago
I feel like the bass was really lacking in this, and it fell off when it led up to then hit the chorus bits. I'm just gonna keep my hopes up and hope that this will end up how Avatar's "Hunter Gatherer" did, where they released the two worst songs on the album first before the actual premiere, then the album ended up being their best so far
Israel Andazola
Israel Andazola 17 hours ago
Sounds like they stuck to their sound.. I don’t what people are so mad about
Daly UwU
Daly UwU 18 hours ago
And the Album for When?
GeeG sou eu o nicolas luciano
Italia Garcia
Italia Garcia 21 hour ago
what happened with royal blood ... this has nothing to do
Tracey Morris
Tracey Morris 22 hours ago
Just amazing
David Power
David Power Day ago
this is a total rip off of Royal Blood - Trouble's Coming (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
Marileisi Arias
I love this song
This one makes me feel more like a badass than the usual songs :D loooooove it
Daria Electra
"i heard a duo coming"
Cai Junfeng
Cai Junfeng Day ago
Here because of FIFA21!
Duics Tünde
Duics Tünde Day ago
Goooood 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎛️🎸
Sam Mc
Sam Mc Day ago
The more I listen to this, the better it gets. And I loved it from the first listen.
Chance Kuzior
I hear Royal Blood and think "there has to be some Muse influence"
C Cassidy
C Cassidy Day ago
I gave up on 2020. Nothing good can come out of it. Then, Royal Blood drops this track. Outlook: changed! Proving yet again, music - - great music- - can change everything. 🤟🤟
Ignacio Langa
Sin problemas. Otro registro que tienen los chavales. Ahora sacando las influencias del French Touch que les llegó pero subiendo el tictac. Geniales.
Viva La Rosa
Viva La Rosa Day ago
The video reminds me way too much of the White Stripes.
Heart Haven
Heart Haven Day ago
Trouble's comin'? Nah, trouble's already here. And that trouble....it ain't goin' away any time soon. Compliments of 2020. God, bless and keep those of us who believe in you and a better world.
klose king
klose king 2 days ago
Finally This is music
Mr Keyes
Mr Keyes 2 days ago
HKSMan05 2 days ago
A fucking mk3 cortina... are you fucking kidding me... you boys just went up a level to bois 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 how many does it fit with a crate each?
pastouwu 2 days ago
1 millon guys
Aleksei Burov
Aleksei Burov 2 days ago
Where is rabbits?
Paul Joseph V.
Paul Joseph V. 2 days ago
These guys are awesome since they arrived 6 years ago!!
jacktangent 3 days ago
why does this sound so clean? its like they're not even garage rock anymore.
jacktangent 3 days ago
@dodo.mp4 hi dodo.mp4
dodo.mp4 3 days ago
hi jack
Роман Федотов
Intro sounds like daft punk
Gabe bass man Addison
It might be inspired by them I saw something say they had an influence
Juan De la Rosa
Juan De la Rosa 3 days ago
Damn! This song is epic, i hear it by recommendation of Apple music while i was hearing "Lighs out". Then, I ran to see the video and it is epic too Blessings from Mexico
Jacob 3 days ago
anyone hear from fifa?
Doh Joe Gringo
Doh Joe Gringo 3 days ago
How may thumbnails can we do? I call Eddy Money shakin.
Beastflow FPV
Beastflow FPV 4 days ago
This is lit 🔥
Christopher Keenan
Fifa 21 anyone? :)
Johanna Mayer
Johanna Mayer 4 days ago
I HAD Trouble coming. I HAD Trouble coming. I HAD Trouble coming.... ... Over and over again xD
Gabe bass man Addison
*here* 😜
Hamzah A
Hamzah A 4 days ago
Royal Blood will never get old
Odet Otero
Odet Otero 4 days ago
I love the song I love it too much it's perfect I love the drums how it sounds 🔥😎🤟
lesly demshaw
lesly demshaw 4 days ago
I've listened to 20 songs so far that I haven't heard before this one is one of the best.
Gabe bass man Addison
Yeah it’s very good
G L G 4 days ago
I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve heard this song and all I can say is WOW!
Bobby Williams
Bobby Williams 4 days ago
Please, England.... keep producing this kind of music
Eve h
Eve h 4 days ago
This slaps so fuckin harddddd🤘🔥
Republican Voters Against Trump
Republican Voters Against Trump
Royal Blood - Trouble's Coming *JUSTICE REWORK)*
Doc What83
Doc What83 5 days ago
Fans of The White Stripes by any chance? 😁
illuminerdi 3 days ago
@Doc What83 I don't think they take much inspiration from them. It's just the result of being a two piece rock band, it will always sound kinda similar. Especially when Mike has a similar voice to Jack White, which is something he can't change.
Doc What83
Doc What83 3 days ago
@illuminerdi Yeah them mate. They sound very heavily inspired by them to me. No problem in that, I like The White Stripes too 😁
illuminerdi 3 days ago
Who? Us - listeners or them (Royal Blood)?
Filipe Branco
Filipe Branco 5 days ago
don't know if this reminds more of Muse or Britney Spears (that chorus) but I LOVE IT!
Callum Teeling
Callum Teeling 5 days ago
Best song on fifa 21 hands down👏
Максим Кондратюк
Was that shirt meant to be a PewDiePie reference?)
Rahe 2 days ago
Lol no
Dylgamer✖️ 5 days ago
Best band
Who knows where I can get the tiger shirt ?
Jason Beaudry
Jason Beaudry 5 days ago
RB slowly turning in to Silverchair.
luis angel astorga
love thsi rock song
King Geoffrey
King Geoffrey 5 days ago
Badass. Can't wait to hear this live.👌
Gabe bass man Addison
ruvid.net/video/video-Zb3efvg_GLw.html here it is live but probably better when in person 😕
Gabe bass man Addison
They played it live other other day on the late late show I think I’ll send it to you
Comsatteur 6 days ago
any Filipino fans here? love them and love this song!
s slow cheetah
s slow cheetah 6 days ago
2.10.. Pure ZZ Top. Lol
Mohammad Hakeem
Mohammad Hakeem 6 days ago
Waiting for their album coming
Mary Haynes
Mary Haynes 6 days ago
Yess my Brighton boys 🎸💃 please cover some killers!
Anything’s Possible Music
Hey royal blood. I’m a lead playing nag bass player. Can you check my bass guitar inspired dance album and help spread the love please. Thank you
Robin Clemens
Robin Clemens 6 days ago
David Vollmar
David Vollmar 6 days ago
Always been a fan of the vibe. Nice job. Catchy. 😉😎😁✌🤘💖💣💥
Matt Jones
Matt Jones 6 days ago
What a song...bllody awesome
David Rosado
David Rosado 6 days ago
No Forget. We belive in Past and Now. History all about.
David Rosado
David Rosado 6 days ago
All about, all time is not enhauf.all over again.
Piyush Attri
Piyush Attri 7 days ago
Only good thing about 2020 is this track
bambamtow 7 days ago
So sick !!!!!
*insert creative username*
oops, royal blood accidentally made a dance song. don’t get me wrong tho. this is still fcking fire 🤍
Emilie Dyson
Emilie Dyson 7 days ago
White stripes music video vibes
cheryl tomasauckas
Dave Hug
Dave Hug 8 days ago
Please playing heavy don’t go pop
Gabe bass man Addison
Listen to Boilermaker then, this a more of a dance type track
Guzlav Potik
Guzlav Potik 8 days ago
Легкая песня, тело само танцует. На горизонте виден альбом ?
C. Mahogany
C. Mahogany 8 days ago
I just came over here to give these guys a view, but definitely not a like. They sound like gay Greta Van fleets gay cousin. Because both are gay. This song is gay, and you are gay if you like it. There you go gay boys, take my view. I'll readjust my algorithm accordingly, as long as all of you know this.
illuminerdi 8 days ago
You are acting suspiciously gay, man... Like Ricky's father in the movie American Beauty...
Piyush Attri
Piyush Attri 8 days ago
Fifa 21 got me here
Doøfus Doofman‽
Darth malls theme?
shane peck
shane peck 8 days ago
Far these to are track phat on 🔥😂🤣😂🤣 burn
luis ROCK1111
luis ROCK1111 8 days ago
Do you guys just have a instrumental of this music?
Steve K
Steve K 8 days ago
Arcade fire vibes
James Massey
James Massey 8 days ago
Am a techno head to be honest but a fuckin love this tune
David Sousa
David Sousa 8 days ago
First song that I got to hear from you... Love it you guys
Dalton Jackson
Dalton Jackson 8 days ago
The song is great, the dubbing is off though.
El Azafran
El Azafran 8 days ago
Me encanta su sonido.
Alice Gonzalez
Alice Gonzalez 9 days ago
Absolute banger!
Marvin Husbands
Marvin Husbands 9 days ago
It's just easy for them ain't it.
Colleen Crete
Colleen Crete 9 days ago
I think they really sound like a more poppy-upbeat Mindless Self Indulgence, and I’m 30000000% here for it actually
scott o'neill
scott o'neill 9 days ago
Fifa brought me here
Omertahun 9 days ago
Nod ya head Let me see you nod ya head like this Let me see you Nod ya head like this Let me see you bop ya head, nod ya head, come on
Veers 9 days ago
Shameless music plug alert ! (Or not..there’s a pandemic and life is hard enough lol) We’ve been making these live sessions, hope you like em: ruvid.net/u-Veersmusic
scotty stephenson
what the actual hell . at 2:23 it is fucking insane ....such a band
Jonny Chinchen
Jonny Chinchen 10 days ago
"I can tell by the hole in your head that you wanna be friends, You're the right one baby"...
Dan Gibbard
Dan Gibbard 10 days ago
I heard Monster Magnet in here too--in a very good way.
Alex Levinson
Alex Levinson 10 days ago
A song for the times for sure. Apply as needed.
Sidnei 10 days ago
Legendary song 2
TheHesK9 10 days ago
Massive Killers vibes
Zingy The Lemon
Zingy The Lemon 10 days ago
Just heard this song from I'm a celebrity and now it's stuck in my head 🎶
carmelo galati
carmelo galati 11 days ago
I love this song
Amaël Lafitte
Amaël Lafitte 11 days ago
You know what this means? Yeah, this the sound of a new album coming out!
Inappropriated Burrito
Awesome song, I love it. Though I can't help but think it's the anthem of PTSD.
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