Roulette Christmas Shopping Challenge! Alisha Marie

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Decided to do my christmas present shopping a little different this year and do a "roulette" christmas shopping challenge where i mix up my entire christmas list! xo -Alisha Marie
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Dec 9, 2019




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Comments 100
AlishaMarie 8 months ago
omg this was SO much fun to film!! question of the day: what is on YOUR christmas wish list? xo -Alisha
Vicki Rhodes
Vicki Rhodes Month ago
On my Christmas list is fluffy socks and a mac book
Tiffany Loves Kittens
I want a kitten and I got one yay
Tiffany Loves Kittens
Christmas list
Lorena Bustos
Lorena Bustos 3 months ago
Everything in the world to go away
Orlando San Miguel
Orlando San Miguel 4 months ago
Apple Watch
kenzie neely
kenzie neely 22 hours ago
lmao this is how i’m gonna christmas shop from now on it looks like SO much fun ahaha
goddess recipes
who else is loving her puffer jacket?
Morgan Bruce
Morgan Bruce Day ago
WHERE IS THAT COAT FROM?! omg I looooove
Brook Brown
Brook Brown Day ago
LOL I’m sitting in my bed watching this with my dog and when you use the squeaker toy he perked up and got so excited
Lizzie Mahler
Lizzie Mahler 2 days ago
When she put on the hat at the store... My mom yelling at me to never do that flashed in my mind
Sophya Lucas
Sophya Lucas 2 days ago
Alisha you should make a black hoodie that says Oh My God She’s SO EXTRA
EmmyRose 4 days ago
I just love how alisha doesnt clickbait us lmao i thought the thumbnail was clickbait 😂
Steve Palmer
Steve Palmer 4 days ago
You know she's boujie when she gets a present for her dog
Issa BK
Issa BK 5 days ago
you did get that for ur dad from VS...
Aanya A
Aanya A 8 days ago
going out, shopping at ur fav stores, an giving them to your friends, the perfect video to make before 2020
ab2016 Day ago
Lol honestly!!
Grace McGhee
Grace McGhee 9 days ago
Ashley's present from Petco was theee best!!
Peyton Miller
Peyton Miller 9 days ago
Alisha: “Don’t come in. Don’t peek, don’t ZOOM. The next clip: *TK zooming*
Ella Huzlikova
Ella Huzlikova 17 days ago
can you pls reply I love you so much
Kylie Sacco
Kylie Sacco 28 days ago
This is how many times Alisha said "low key" lol 👇🏻
h Month ago
PPPPPPLLLLLLLSSSSSSSS do more of these btw I love you
London Miller
London Miller Month ago
I didn't even know alisha has a brother😂😂😂
Stefany Figueroa
Uummm yeah I think he has facial hair maybe??
Annabelle Pedersen
who's been binge watching Christmas videos cuz quarantine
Nucky The boxer
Nucky The boxer Month ago
leila Month ago
my new puppys name is eli
Guadalupe Trejo
Guadalupe Trejo Month ago
6:32 🤣🤣 did any one find that funny
Noelle Morse
Noelle Morse Month ago
The way alisha laughed after picking ashely’s store was sooo funny
ally tsui
ally tsui Month ago
she forgot to stop the music when she showed her gift to her brother:(
Nayely Sanchez
Nayely Sanchez Month ago
Los key ur merch doesn’t have my size wow 😒
Jolie Nicholson
Jolie Nicholson Month ago
Did anyone else see that when she was in free people she low key looked like gabbi hanna
Hannah Tracy
Hannah Tracy Month ago
Christmas list
Mariya Atanasova
You have brother😯!
Alli Beth Boyett
why do you ceep sayinglokey
Kaylynn Park
Kaylynn Park Month ago
Wait AlishaMarie has a brother?!
Rainbow uni twin
My name is alisha too
Jin 2 months ago
Her present for Ash
14:09 can't believe alisha said that😐
Alexandra’s Vlogs And More
I clicked on this video then RUvid asked me if I wanna unsubscribe from you and I was like, who do you think I am??
Jaiden Rene
Jaiden Rene 2 months ago
since when does alisha have a brother??? she can’t he’s never been in a christmas opening video like wtf
Emma Klinger
Emma Klinger 2 months ago
Ok GiRL make up on point today 😍
CAPRI . LOVELY 2 months ago
I wish Mia and Lauren were on there
Nichole Wilson
Nichole Wilson 2 months ago
I have the exact same shirt from h&m
Lemon Walker
Lemon Walker 2 months ago
We’re my corona crew at?
Janiya Feliciano
Janiya Feliciano 2 months ago
who still watches this in 2020
KRDog CookieLove
KRDog CookieLove 2 months ago
This is how many time Alisha said lokey 👇 sorry if I spell words wrong 😔😁
Madison Farrell
Madison Farrell 2 months ago
My fav. Present was the thank u next sweatshirt
olivia t
olivia t 2 months ago
I love how the combo on the thumbnail wasnt click bait
Shwetha Raman
Shwetha Raman 3 months ago
your dads gift was my favorite
Jhobi14 3 months ago
christmas list
Leslie Blanco
Leslie Blanco 3 months ago
When she got her dad vs omg I'm dead 😂😂
honesty brian
honesty brian 3 months ago
i cannot with alisha's laugh
Sammys Baseball Videos
You totally killed that challenge
Fatimah Patel
Fatimah Patel 3 months ago
Hey just wanted to say that in Victoria secret there was bath robes at the front
Elina Gouravan
Elina Gouravan 3 months ago
Looooved so funny
Rain Thorn
Rain Thorn 3 months ago
Who else loves the videos ending song, so catchy!!!
Brianna Beall
Brianna Beall 3 months ago
Remi's gift was the best. I watched her reaction on her vlogmas too and she absolutely loved it. SO CUTE!!!!!
Sophie Gansen
Sophie Gansen 3 months ago
Ryan Reynolds is totally my celebrity crush too!🥵😍
Lila Robertson
Lila Robertson 3 months ago
I laughed so hard when she said “ I’m uncomfy 😂
Drewe Cippoletti
Drewe Cippoletti 3 months ago
Alisha:”He is my celeb crush Me: Honey you are a celeb
Bia Caseiras
Bia Caseiras 3 months ago
I think this video would make more sense if I actually shopped at these stores...😂
Becky C
Becky C 3 months ago
Christmas list
Aasheesh Gupta
Aasheesh Gupta 3 months ago
Christmas list
Rosie Rosie
Rosie Rosie 3 months ago
Does anyone know where she gets the black hoodie that says oh my god in neon pink?
Rosie Rosie
Rosie Rosie 3 months ago
Christmas List
Sangita S
Sangita S 3 months ago
Christmas list
Jaiden Rene
Jaiden Rene 3 months ago
since when does alisha have a brother
Perfectly peachy
Perfectly peachy 3 months ago
I love Ashley’s laugh! ❤️❤️❤️
Anna Tomasik
Anna Tomasik 3 months ago
***Stop **7:01** your face!!***
1eafyy 3 months ago
I don’t even know why I am watching this...... prob Bc I love alisha!💞😂
Evelīna Grāve
Evelīna Grāve 4 months ago
Rhem - Vlogs
Rhem - Vlogs 4 months ago
My name is rhemi like Remi but I love what u got her lol
Katelyn Pritchard
Katelyn Pritchard 4 months ago
TK is so pretty!!!!
Jessica Artley
Jessica Artley 4 months ago
I live in England and I’ve never seen a free people store and was genuinely scared when you said free people 😂😂😂
Madilyn Hartum
Madilyn Hartum 4 months ago
This is how many times Alisha made a peace sign, literally love her!! 👇🏻
Zoey kemp
Zoey kemp 4 months ago
Madilyn Hartum 0
Crazy Lynn
Crazy Lynn 4 months ago
Imagine how pretty her natural hair would be with that hair style and curled
Arabelle Buckmaster-Gardner
Alisha ~ I got Bloomingdale Me obsessed with friends ~ omg Rachel used to work there
NotSoGoodGaming 4 months ago
I wanna see your dads reaction 😂😂
Tomike Ani
Tomike Ani 4 months ago
Macy’s is literally just American Debenhams haha
Katlin Gibson
Katlin Gibson 4 months ago
The dad one is soooooooo funny
Ella Louise
Ella Louise 4 months ago
after watching alisha for 3 years, i didn’t know she had a brother 😂😂
Sarah VERNON 4 months ago
I love Ariana
Maria Weber
Maria Weber 4 months ago
Yeah, but what if your dad got Sephora
kenzie c
kenzie c 4 months ago
where is your puffer jacket from omg!!!
Azaria 4 months ago
it's from urban outfitters 🖤✨
mylea hinkle
mylea hinkle 4 months ago
Christmas list
Jenni Nichols
Jenni Nichols 4 months ago
TK: I have the worst luck Me: Umm what about her dad😂
Jaan Giglia
Jaan Giglia 4 months ago
I thought she put that on for the thumbnail but her dad really did get VS. ( Victoria Secret ) 😅😅😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Jaan Giglia
Jaan Giglia 4 months ago
What if Chloe got Apple Store. What would she be able to have?? 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😅
Julianna Torres
Julianna Torres 4 months ago
“Awww this is soo cute oh it’s 20 bucks it’s not cute
Raayuri Govender
Raayuri Govender 4 months ago
Are you the oldest or youngest of your two siblings
Paige's Land
Paige's Land 4 months ago
Christmas list So late 😂
Miri Bixby
Miri Bixby 4 months ago
Omg Chloe is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!
Lauren H
Lauren H 4 months ago
Nobody: Alisha:”iM uNcOmFy!!!!!!!!!!” 😂
Lizook 4 months ago
Layla Andre
Layla Andre 4 months ago
Is it just me but TK looks more like Ashley’s sister than Alisha...
Kadence White
Kadence White 4 months ago
She kept saying omg and it was on her sweatshirt 😂
hayden smiles
hayden smiles 4 months ago
Vanessa Snell
Vanessa Snell 4 months ago
Why didn’t you get your dad a blanket?
shreya vavilala
shreya vavilala 4 months ago
Flynn Storrs
Flynn Storrs 4 months ago
Who’s ur brother
Christina Gurl05
Christina Gurl05 5 months ago
Alisha’s thumbnail is the one time you wish it was clickbait but it’s not
Erin Parker
Erin Parker 5 months ago
Do u ever miss having a boyfriend that you buy cologne for yourself. -Alisha Marie
Sofia Marie Luce Pisano
No one: Alisha: has a pod cast called pretty basic and merch called so extra
Gracie Moyes
Gracie Moyes 5 months ago
Why am I watching this in the middle of March??????????????
Sprinklezz 5 months ago
christmas list
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