Ross Marquand Does Celebrity Impersonations

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Ross does excellent impressions of Matthew McConaughey, John C. Reilly, Antonio Banderas, Christopher Walken, Kevin Spacey, Matt Damon, Justin Timberlake, Gary Busey, Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine and Christian Bale giving Oscar acceptance speeches.
Deleted Scene from "Batman v Superman” Starring Jimmy Kimmel - ruvid.net/video/video-0Y8iRvQdSGA.html
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Ross Marquand Does Celebrity Impersonations




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Comments 80
Ali Aid
Ali Aid 3 days ago
He forgot "bloody hell" in Christian bale part.
Muhammed Jabir
Muhammed Jabir 3 days ago
He Played Red Skull In Avengers Infinity War.
Emily Kristen
Emily Kristen 6 days ago
The Matthew McConaughey and Justin Timberlake impressions were so spot on
jamal robinson
jamal robinson 10 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks these are not that great
skonenblades 11 days ago
I love the John C Reilly.
Rubix films
Rubix films 11 days ago
He does kinda look like justin Timberlake lol.
Carlos 11 days ago
I was abt to comment that lol
Meghan Helmich
Meghan Helmich 12 days ago
I closed my eyes and suddenly Justin Timberlake was in the room.
Mmusic 14 days ago
james macavoy , topher grace , and JT had a baby
ermonski 14 days ago
his John C. Reilly sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger
Lunchlady Steve
Lunchlady Steve 14 days ago
The voice is one thing, but the tiny little mannerisms like how Walken licks his lips makes his impressions so damn good.
gina 14 days ago
He isn't doing ewan mcgregor enough
Kidd Terror
Kidd Terror 14 days ago
John.C Riley was on point wtf😭😂😂
Vermester 15 days ago
He looks like all the celebrities had a baby
Justin Liss
Justin Liss 16 days ago
Liam Ellis-Mergl
Liam Ellis-Mergl 16 days ago
I never noticed that Matt Damon one
Esther Kwon
Esther Kwon 17 days ago
Talented and handsome 😍
MrAnperm 17 days ago
He's like a talented Justin Timberlake.
SkylinerGaming 17 days ago
John C. Riley sounded like he got hit in the head
THE CRAFTOONS 18 days ago
His Christopher Walkin is his worst
Ricardo Vera
Ricardo Vera 18 days ago
Why am I just hearing about this guy?!
M Pan
M Pan 18 days ago
Jimmy Kimmel can take anything funny or interesting and ruin it. He is the worst of Hollywood.
Rafa NJ
Rafa NJ 18 days ago
Michael Caine was perfect!
James Ennis
James Ennis 19 days ago
Walken was embarrassing an Stallone Jesus my ma could have done better
Ramiro Belmares
Ramiro Belmares 20 days ago
If you heard that tape from behind the scenes of Terminator: Salvation, his Christian Bale impression is 10 times funnier lmao
Blade Runner
Blade Runner 21 day ago
He was great with every impression except the easiest one to do. Guess which one.
Joey Lozano
Joey Lozano 22 days ago
Watch the Deepfake version of this! Takes the voices to another level.
carlsong643 23 days ago
Jimmy tryna pretend this whole thing wasn't planned XD
Ming Kue
Ming Kue 24 days ago
Oh yeah!
James Grimes
James Grimes 27 days ago
*this dude sounds more like these actors than the actual people themselves lmao*
Syd Acid
Syd Acid 27 days ago
Balls not even close
Bobby Cratchet
Bobby Cratchet 29 days ago
1:38 His Christopher Walken sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger after getting kicked in the balls.
Robert pakks
Robert pakks 29 days ago
Awesome,totally awesome. Robp
Adam Rhine
Adam Rhine 29 days ago
All you have to do to do a Sly impersonation is just pretend that you are in the middle of eating a sandwich and half of your mouth is full while you try to talk with a east coast accent.
Bradley Palko
Bradley Palko 29 days ago
bunch of white guys.. nice. not really a big selection of voices lol
john pynchon
john pynchon Month ago
Bale and Caine are awful
Just bored
Just bored Month ago
That was one of the worst Christopher walkens ever.
Mike Celaya
Mike Celaya Month ago
The band literally never misses a beat. Are you playing music in the middle of my speech mate? Band: starts playing*
Danny Simonzad
Danny Simonzad Month ago
These RUvid ads are getting out of hand.
Steven Bowser
Steven Bowser Month ago
"I don't wanna out you up to it, are you sure?" "Yeah!" "Ok, so we've got a whole setup over there ready for you because we both planned tondo this beforehand and it's all ready to go." 🙄
Indy Studios
Indy Studios Month ago
Reminder that he plays Red Skull in Avengers Infinity War and Endgame. The original actor, Hugo Weaving, didnt want to return.
Gunsagar Patel
Gunsagar Patel Month ago
His chris walken was pretty awful
roosters1711 Month ago
Some of the shitiest impressions I’ve ever seen. His Michael Caine was embarrassing.
Neal Damiano
Neal Damiano Month ago
That guy is brilliant. And his Malkovich which he didn’t do here impression is dead on. The best one I’ve seen!
Nofal 96
Nofal 96 Month ago
You can't do Matthew without alright alright alright
chris robinson
chris robinson Month ago
Is Micoh Cain impression was spa on, mate! Jus brilliant wanit?
Emiliano Arsa
Emiliano Arsa Month ago
It was so weird when he said: suscribe to the channel or this hamster will die" Me: :00000
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake Month ago
I believe his microphone was muted and the real ones he was impersonating were in the back and he was just making it seem like it was him. He was waaaaay to good at this 😂
jeb _
jeb _ 3 days ago
i’ve met him in real life! he is this good believe me!
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake Month ago
1:57 I heard no change in his voice so that means his normal voice sounds just like Kevin Spacey's
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake Month ago
Not only is he an awesome actor but he is an amazing impersonator as well and also my favorite.
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake Month ago
1:00 "This is something else this is steller this is ahh...this is Interstellar" 😂
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake Month ago
1:00 "This is something else this is steller this is ahh... this is Interstellar" 😂
Paul Rizzo
Paul Rizzo Month ago
He’s good. Not great. But good.
Apatis Productions
Apatis Productions 2 months ago
Is no one gonna talk about his John C. Reily impression 😂
Cow Boys
Cow Boys 2 months ago
his kevin spacey is the best ive ever seen.
Sealteam7 2 months ago
He’s ok
Irfan Shahrul
Irfan Shahrul 2 months ago
That was good
DjSquirrel33 2 months ago
I thought my computer was mirroring them at first xD
Vishal Bhardwaj
Vishal Bhardwaj 2 months ago
Kevin Spacey was spot on. Damn cool man :)
Desmond Bullock
Desmond Bullock 2 months ago
Close your eyes and listen to this.
DANA SAEED 2 months ago
How about Arnold?
MrTimmsy1986 2 months ago
Some hits, but also alot of misses...
Rick Dangerous
Rick Dangerous 2 months ago
John C. Reilly, Antonio Banderas, and Sly were the misses... but to be fair no one does a John C. Reilly or Antonio Banderas impression, so he gets off there in my opinion. And... his sly was the best of the three misses so in reality the way I score it he only had 1/2 a miss and the rest were home runs.
alphadawn2015 lennon
i love this guy's micheal caine
Arlon Meranden
Arlon Meranden 2 months ago
I don't like hollywood. To much immorality teaching kids to be bad.
Rick Dangerous
Rick Dangerous 2 months ago
Agreed... and since we are on the subject pertaining to this video... I have no idea why people buy whole wheat bread when white bread is so much more satisfying.
Tony Montana
Tony Montana 2 months ago
He sucks.
T K 2 months ago
Yandamuri Vamsi
Yandamuri Vamsi 2 months ago
Antonio baneras 🤣🤣🤣
Iceman cometh
Iceman cometh 3 months ago
I totally see Hugh Jackman and Rocket from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy--when you look like the actor you can do a better impersonation.
Anoop Sharma
Anoop Sharma 3 months ago
Unbelievable 👍
Maggie Kalande
Maggie Kalande 3 months ago
The guy is good damn.
Drew Anthony-Ryan
Drew Anthony-Ryan 3 months ago
No one makes impressions this sexy.
Jenny B
Jenny B 3 months ago
His Kevin Spacey Impression was so spot on!!
Vishal Reddy
Vishal Reddy 3 months ago
Looks like Justin Timberlake actaully
oro acevedo
oro acevedo 3 months ago
Dont care about his impressions 😍😍😍😍
Tech Geek
Tech Geek 3 months ago
HI Michael Caine is a bit dodgy... but the rest of these were amazing.
Rick Dangerous
Rick Dangerous 2 months ago
So if we were to poll... Id say less than 2% of people would classify his MC as... dodgy... which really begs the question of how relevant is your comment?
Anuraag Susarla
Anuraag Susarla 3 months ago
This guy is super talented 😍
AsSeenOnTV 3 months ago
His Stallone was horrible, he sounded Mexican
Jorge Guillermo Zorrilla More
Parker ready for this prueba de life.
Alex Guizzotti
Alex Guizzotti 3 months ago
How do you call something a live show when it’s a practiced performance before the audience arrives?
MartinHCollection 3 months ago
He´s amazing!! I love him :)
Lucha Jon
Lucha Jon 4 months ago
Christ. That complete body language transformation the moment the name "Kevin Spacey" was uttered. Incredulous.
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