Roscoe - Smooth Sailin'

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Someone Asked for It =)

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Before Nip
mandla makhabane
mandla makhabane 11 days ago
2003 5fm hip hop show on Sundays. South Africa. Instant hit. But i forgot who the artist was from 2003 until 2020. I Shazamed the original song and went to who sampled and got the joint after 17 years🤦🏿‍♂️😂
마지우개 23 days ago
넘 좋다
Jeff Simpson
Jeff Simpson 24 days ago
I been looking for this man o man memories
raydn23 Month ago
Miss these days
Mr. Angeleno
Mr. Angeleno 2 months ago
Dam, this song makes me miss the early 2000's so much, it hurts
Daniel Finn
Daniel Finn 5 months ago
west coast rap is still good like this but they don't play it on the radio that much but you can still find good music like this on RUvid the old rappers like kurupt Daz and DJ quik still make that 90s sound
Sam Vad
Sam Vad 5 months ago
Damn look at all these girls with beautiful natural bodies 😍😍😍. No fake shit like today.
J Fowler
J Fowler 6 months ago
The nostalgia
Exposing Thots
Exposing Thots 6 months ago
Is that pharrell on the hook? Man this song bring back those uptv days being 13 jerkin off to this music video as a kid...I miss those days
Pascual Lopez
Pascual Lopez 6 months ago
So much nostalgia...fucking dope
Rehua Hope
Rehua Hope 7 months ago
Sherie Freeman
Sherie Freeman 7 months ago
2019 still smoove sailing
Shawna Geshick
Shawna Geshick 8 months ago
nícє ѕσng
Chey pariz
Chey pariz 8 months ago
Still listening to this in 2019 💖
Leo Fernandez
Leo Fernandez 8 months ago
Faysal Haroun
Faysal Haroun 8 months ago
TroyBarboza Scanlan
TroyBarboza Scanlan 8 months ago
Still bumping 2019
retro b
retro b 9 months ago
Hell yeah 03 hip hop
ren mills
ren mills 9 months ago
I've been looking for this song since jr high,now I finally found it on spotify playlist
Ruben C.
Ruben C. 9 months ago
June 30 2019?
Thurman Merman
Thurman Merman 9 months ago
Wow memories 16 years later still listening
Jay Datuck
Jay Datuck 9 months ago
Yep summer 03 I was 14 going on 15 and just started blowing trees in love every since
Gerard Donaldson
Gerard Donaldson 9 months ago
2019 anyone thumbs up
DailyDriverDennis 9 months ago
Still bumping this in 2019 know what I mean?
Kameron Naeole
Kameron Naeole 9 months ago
Doesn't sound like '03 sounds like '93
Israel Gomez Jr
Israel Gomez Jr 10 months ago
This my shit in summer 2020
Wave 10 months ago
Does anybody know if Roscoe sampled something or did he make the melody himself cos I've heard this melody before
Jarrett Aaron
Jarrett Aaron 10 months ago
I don't know how u can even HATE on this this is a fuckin banger
chris Ziemer
chris Ziemer 10 months ago
My cuz showed me this on a fuckin burned cd in o5 just found it right now dope ass track music changed for the worst
Herbert Romero
Herbert Romero 11 months ago
David Grandlion
David Grandlion 11 months ago
cool song
Jason Massi
Jason Massi Year ago
Mac card ... LMAO I miss Philly
skull smasher
skull smasher Year ago
2019 anyone
lovecity lovecity
Who is listening in 2019?
Jarrod Cook
Jarrod Cook 3 months ago
Yeee playa shit bay in the building
Nadir Munoo
Nadir Munoo Year ago
You just gotta love this song
Andrew Ybanez
Andrew Ybanez Year ago
2K19? 🙏
Samuel Galvez
Samuel Galvez Year ago
Summer Anthem.
Moose S.
Moose S. Year ago
Brazilian Rhyme brought me here...
Moises Villafan
You cant lie the boys flow is dope 👌🏽 When rapping took skill man what happened
Mixumup 1
Mixumup 1 Year ago
The West was fun af in these days... Now its a bunch of gay, dopehead shit going on
Mixumup 1
Mixumup 1 Year ago
"Im old skool wit, no tool wit it, head up till we fed up, that's hard"
boxersubi Year ago
I've been bangin' this for years and will never stop...!
Tito Denino
Tito Denino Year ago
2018? December
FrankWillTV Year ago
Limewire days lol. What’s the name of this sample?
Vee Vargas
Vee Vargas 8 months ago
FrankWillTV Earth, Wind, & Fire - “Brazilian Rhyme (Beijo Interlude)”
PLZ FILMZ Year ago
still fire!!
Joseph Tahana
Joseph Tahana Year ago
Been looking for Years n the bro play it out of the blue on my c day
Jigga jok
Jigga jok Year ago
Uuh thx 4 upload Homey 🎲🕶👌🏽
johnny blaze
johnny blaze Year ago
I remember i told my boy bout this joint and he told me this shit is wack then i caught him hearing it then he was like dam dawg this joint is the shit good times
alizarraga86 Year ago
Ruben C.
Ruben C. Year ago
Summer 2018
Victor Mendoza
High school dayz..
Rodriguez 831
Rodriguez 831 Year ago
Reminds me of summer of 03 when i was living in Phoenix AZ😔 never will i leave Cali again...
Rodriguez 831
Rodriguez 831 Year ago
Cali to the bone born and raised
jacob sober
jacob sober Year ago
Roscoe had flow
King Beamen
King Beamen Year ago
Mother's Day 2018, still smooth sailing!
Rayzr96 2 years ago
Rayzr96 2 years ago
Aaron Creagh
Aaron Creagh 2 years ago
Let the Earth, Wind, and, Fire play.... (I like "5 Seconds" though.)
nathan glass
nathan glass 2 years ago
Léo Almeida Bfr da Rua W
Bom demais 🎶👏👏✌
Matheus 2 years ago
bright ness
bright ness 2 years ago
feel so good 😎 respect from aomoricity I'mjapanese b-boy MCbrightness
Its Isaiah Miguel
Its Isaiah Miguel 2 years ago
201eighttttttttttttttttt and still my fav jam offf alllllllll timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Vaaenga Turaki
Vaaenga Turaki 2 years ago
Happy New Year y'all bumping dis in 2018 🍻🍾👍
IGGY IGGY 2 years ago
that looks like n 64 graphics reminiscent to thoes days thos purple colors just like cali l.a
Eric 2 years ago
I actually hated this song. I can't explain why, the instrumental is just so annoying to me. I remember Joe Budden, when he was still on Def Jam hoping to do a second album with them, released a single called "Body Hot" that had basically the same instrumental.
Lc Lopez
Lc Lopez 2 years ago
Love this era of music
retro b
retro b 9 months ago
Me too what a great era
Marcus Boykin
Marcus Boykin 2 years ago
2017 and beyond
McDonald Wifi
McDonald Wifi 2 years ago
All I could remember was the earth wind and fire part and it took me two weeks to find this fucking song. So worth it. God bless you WhoSampledIt.com
Don'tNEED ANAME 2 years ago
this was my shit
Tyler Parkin
Tyler Parkin 2 years ago
Shawn Hayden
Shawn Hayden 2 years ago
2017. still bangin this classic
I know I'm very stupid, but
who listenin in 2017?
Linda Cocker
Linda Cocker 2 years ago
Watching in 2017
hey do u know what the original song they took this from name is ???its some girl hella old
송우석 2 years ago
6년전에 처음들었지만 아직까지 듣고 있는 곡
Christopher mad man
I got the ladies sayin bara ba ba ba
NEW SCRIPT 2 years ago
Damn I was confused between this Roscoe and Roscoe Dash. By the way, this is such a timeless classic.
K A 2 years ago
K A 2 years ago
Best ever song
sugaryB1MN 3 years ago
Who's bumpin this in 2017 xD Summer jam
Giorgi Jakeli
Giorgi Jakeli 3 years ago
Old school!!!!!!!!!
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