Ronaldinho - Football's Greatest Entertainment

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Ronaldinho Gaúcho best skills & goals for FC Barcelona, Brazil, AC Milan. PSG & more! Share this video with Dinho if you enjoyed: twitter.com/10Ronaldinho
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Nov 21, 2017




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Comments 100
Dejan Napijalo
Dejan Napijalo 3 hours ago
Ronaldinho doesn't have best skills , all his skills are the best
Kim Santana
Kim Santana 9 hours ago
Best video ever made for the king of football
Jose Prado
Jose Prado 10 hours ago
Dinho debería ser inmortal, este jugador nunca debió dejar de existir en el mundo del fútbol. El fútbol nunca debió perder algo así☹️, cuanto pagaría un club ahora por un dinho de 25 años??
Tonsen 14 hours ago
He and the ball are connected like glue. Sometimes it's impossible to follow the ball ⚽ Great greater Ronaldinho.
Jourdan De Abreu Oliveira
O melhor de todos os tempos
yourdad 69
yourdad 69 17 hours ago
If ronaldinho played serious and ronaldo fenomeno wasnt injured they would have the most ballon dors
Adzzz !
Adzzz ! 16 hours ago
Yes !
LIBER MONSALVE 18 hours ago
¡Que loco que era este tipo!. El mejor dela historia. ¡Un superdotado!.
Pranav Chhabra
Pranav Chhabra 18 hours ago
what is up with brazilian smile - firmino - ronaldo - ronaldhinho - marcelo never seen these boys sad.
Ihor Kutsenko
Ihor Kutsenko 18 hours ago
Неймар роналда месси суарес гризман роналда Зубастик Роберто Карлос шева блохин ребров ярмоленко коноплянко Пеле марадона ибрагимовыч погани игрокы говно
Ihor Kutsenko
Ihor Kutsenko 18 hours ago
Рони ето машина свиту !!!!!!!!!!! Навсэгда !!!!!!))))) 12балав за игру
awesome games
awesome games 22 hours ago
Wow fantastic
Smoke 23 hours ago
is just amazing
Gábor Costel
Lucio Mastronardo
Alguien en cuarentena viendo esto?
Jessica Pantera olmos
Es bellisimo:)
Maxii ff
Maxii ff Day ago
Para mí el mejor jugador del mundo sin dudas🤙🏽⚽
Denis Day ago
Each game had a new drible
Gema Ojeda
Gema Ojeda Day ago
I just saw god
podemos llegar a los mil subssinsubirningunvideo
messi=efectividad, ronaldo=potencia mbappe=velocidad neymar =joga bonito ronaldinho=talento puro xavi hernandez=elegancia iniesta=cerebro inteligencia isco=futbol callejero zidane=ambidiestro ronaldo nazario= todas las cualidades, el mejor de todos.
YF GAMES Day ago
Music is not appropriate
crownball Day ago
happy soccer
Gabriele 00
Gabriele 00 2 days ago
it s only me who thinks that since Ronaldinho used to put that head band he wasn't as good as when he didn't? Anyway my favorite player and one of the first five ever.
la charca hd
la charca hd 2 days ago
Soy el unico que se emociona viendolo?
oRAangK '
oRAangK ' 2 days ago
I love ronaldinho 💓
julie freitas
julie freitas 2 days ago
Henry Rodríguez
Henry Rodríguez 2 days ago
Ronaldinho . Simplemente GRACIAS por tu FÚTBOL . Aún hoy sigo viendo tus videos y me sigo sorprendido 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Deja Vu
Deja Vu 2 days ago
I miss his play and trike 💔😔
Andrzej Filipowicz
Ronaldihnio the best 🏆
Pa1N 2 days ago
Único jogador que tem título até na cadeia , monstro R10
elmehdi004 2 days ago
before the match this is drug
CK van Niekerk
CK van Niekerk 3 days ago
Ronaldinho was on another level... it was like he had music playing internally that only he could hear, and every time he touched a football we witnessed the symphony he hears
DOGRYWKA 3 days ago
Regis Freitas
Regis Freitas 3 days ago
#thebest #forever
Regis Freitas
Regis Freitas 3 days ago
#thebest #forever
AV Gaming
AV Gaming 3 days ago
Have you guys ever studied the weather? Theres a reason theres only one week is predictable because every weekend the defenders would evaporate from the face of the earth against Ronnie
marcos jra
marcos jra 3 days ago
Finka Real
Finka Real 3 days ago
im pissed off because of the schitty cover of "Sweet Dreems" get n my nerv, get on my nerv....nerv...sample...nerv...sample...... nerv...NEVER HEARED THE ORIGINAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
diSaSter 3 days ago
Mystic_Hamza786 Ali
If this guy ain’t a star then football isn’t real
Liban abdi
Liban abdi 3 days ago
Best in the world ❤️😍😍💖
3B Bright & Brave Brain
UniqueRiggers 3 days ago
The King
Iron Man
Iron Man 9 hours ago
Ô pacero, aqui no brasil a gente chama de Bruxo kkajdlajlfj
NAZ NAZ 3 days ago
You have to read about islam becuse it is the true and correct religion and if non-Muslims die on their disbelief they will enter the hell Go and listen to Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and Sheikh Zakir Naik and Sheikh Yusuf Astes
Firas Mahdi
Firas Mahdi 3 days ago
Back then, you can twist a person's leg and get a yellow card, if he could do this in those circumstances imagine what he would've done to Liverpool
Emanuel Gonçalves
He is from my city
Auhsoj Gaming
Auhsoj Gaming 3 days ago
Jad Zuraik
Jad Zuraik 4 days ago
Messi =dribbling Ronaldo=shoot Neymar=skill Mo Saleh=pace Ronaldinho all of them☝️
Impossible 500 subs challenge
Lol AThe Regular Person watch your spellings jerk
Lol AThe Regular Person
Messi hast all of them plus passing too. They the goals
Robin the gamer
Robin the gamer 4 days ago
He can do anything salute you legend ☺️
matilde Torres
matilde Torres 4 days ago
El puto amo del fútbol..👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻, honores y respeto al más grande de todos.... no hay otro!! ni creo ver algo superior antes de morir... agradezco al destino poder haber tenido la oportunidad de ver a un semidiós un una época en que la mitología ya no aplica... ⚽️⚽️⚽️🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Maria Bacelar
Maria Bacelar 4 days ago
Messi:ET👽 CR7: rico💲 Zidane:maestro 👏 Cruyff: inovador 😲 Pele: o rei 👑 Maradona : incrível 👌 Iniesta e xavi:🎭 Neymar: talento 👍 R9: magnífico 🔱 Romario: gols ⚽ Plantini: imprevisí💣 Mane.G: musico🎶🎵 Zico:obdf 🙌 Ibra: o lutador ➖ R.carlos: efeito 😨 G.miller: el aleman🃏 Rivaldo:o ciclista⤴➡ Rivelino: o dança💃 Beckham: pnc😎 Di Stefano: RM💎 T.hery:el cômico 🗼 F.puskas: elegante 🙆 E com vocês Ele Pelo menos pra mim O melhor Do mundo R O N A L D I N H O O BRUXO 🎩 Thank's fo YOU
Maria Bacelar
Maria Bacelar 4 days ago
Ronaldinho : like Messi,CR7,Cruyff, Zidane, pele... Coments
itàliàno véro
itàliàno véro 4 days ago
best player of all time
Banjop 4 days ago
Those who Dislike are animals
RomZeo Production
We all still watch this in 2020 because its the best ever Ronaldinho video🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mr Genesis
Mr Genesis 4 days ago
Just came here from seeing reactions ❤️
Ethan Ashadu
Ethan Ashadu 5 days ago
I must have watched this 12 times now lmao
Peter Chileshe
Peter Chileshe 5 days ago
There will never be another no player comes close.. The character, the skill... He was just a joy to watch
New Era
New Era 5 days ago
New Era
New Era 5 days ago
Ronildinho was the real GOAT, it's a pity that he himself destroyed his career.
maddox nema granica
Is the best but behind og Ronaldo
Arkadiusz Janowski
Kwadwo Asamoah
Kwadwo Asamoah 5 days ago
I see Ronaldinho make a simple pass while looking at the player Me:impossible 👀
Mr Genesis
Mr Genesis 6 days ago
Hirowz 6 days ago
O jogador mais talentoso que já existiu no futebol uma pena ele ter estragado a carreira dele
MR. J 6 days ago
Ronaldinho best player ever
Carlito Benitto
Carlito Benitto 6 days ago
The music fucked up whole the scenario 🙄
Adam Crawford
Adam Crawford 6 days ago
This guy actually did everything Pele claims to have done!!! Genius
Tuesday Toast
Tuesday Toast 6 days ago
Bissouma must have watched 2.5 before he got the red card against Newcastle-under-Lyme
Jucigleide Figueiredo
Qual o nome da música 7:00
pikaarceus 6 days ago
AHAHAH Rohnaldinho soccer!!!
ッRohitッ 6 days ago
What’s the 2nd music?
Shinobido Sharinnegan
The most Magic Football Living Legend, him and Thierry Henry are my idols, they made my childhood more beautiful by watching them, they are my personal favourite Duo, because of them I"ve got into the Football universe..
Aditya Novensah
Aditya Novensah 6 days ago
Ronaldinho is the best
Álvaro Guilherme
Me desculpem, mas essa lenda jogou no meu time!
Faisal Ilham Agustian
The best footballer ever, no debat!
hansebanger 6 days ago
This music is fucking annoying
Guilherme Almeida
Ronaldinho owns Ramos, the goat in defense. And he owns eaaaaazzzyyy
CNG_Shadow 7 days ago
Might not be the best technically but best to watch
H C 7 days ago
lingard dances as good as him.
Stopek Andrzejewski
zoom ? WTF ?
Bright Bempong
Bright Bempong 7 days ago
Wow 35M views no wonder
Monika Shrinet
Monika Shrinet 7 days ago
He just dribbled nesta and gattuso so easily wtf
do you know ALI DIA? I think that you must know ) very interesting player ruvid.net/video/video-hqCmoNW2rVo.html
Tadeo Mora
Tadeo Mora 7 days ago
Cambiaría los balones de Cristiano y de Messi por volver a ver a este mago 🎩 #elputoAmo 😞
Projeto Futebol na Praça
Conheça o CJ10 - ALUNO DE 13 ANOS - ruvid.net/video/video-lNZLE2l_AVY.html
Leonardo Pérez
Leonardo Pérez 7 days ago
Ronaldinho is a god
xendriod david
xendriod david 7 days ago
Me gusta la cancion
xendriod david
xendriod david 7 days ago
Oxy 7 days ago
The fact that he plays with that ball like its a toy hes had since a child like you can tell how many years he put into this sport.
Mantém Haha
Mantém Haha 7 days ago
sempre será o melhor do mundo 🇧🇷
TopDrifter8 7 days ago
Not only was Ronaldinho's great, but so are his fans, nowhere near as toxic as some L. Messi and C. Ronaldo fans.
Strucid SoaR Clan
👍 El Es Muy Bíen 👍
Hong Hong
Hong Hong 7 days ago
What's name this song
08_ Lukinhas
08_ Lukinhas 7 days ago
Sweet dreams first music, second music y not now
Albert Henriette
Albert Henriette 7 days ago
Ronaldinho was a lesser dribbler than the best dribbler in modern history name Ronaldo de Lima....but he was better in other aspect, such as passing and ball control in the air or in tight spaces. They were surely both better than Messi and CR7 in terms of quality skills, despite their inferiority in the quality of time they have in the game.
jonas B
jonas B 8 days ago
The music is catastrophic
난쟁이 8 days ago
What's the music?
AzumDzumHzumS 8 days ago
best player ever
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