Romeo Lacoste INTERVIEW! #DramaAlert ( Uncensored ) Romeo Lacoste reacts to recent Allegations!

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Romeo Lacoste defends himself against recent allegations in an 37 min interview!
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Mar 17, 2019

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Comments 39 367
DramaAlert 4 months ago
Make sure you watch the full interview before you make up your mind if hes guilty or not! If you are new here make sure you sub with notifications on cus we are staying on this story & many others in the community!
Brooke Webb
Brooke Webb 7 days ago
DramaAlert You know me I hate pedos. Romeo was a full on retard on Twitter. He had no idea how it worked. It's sad I knew more them him. Yes he's always been respectful and took advice. Keem on him he gets the autistic pass. Damn I didn't know he was that old.
Stefano/TheBigDank 2 months ago
Adam Dragon
Adam Dragon 2 months ago
@Max becouse he is guilty if he does he is fucked. even more than he is now
Max 2 months ago
Why isn't he answering the questions
Christian Moore
Christian Moore 2 months ago
never heard someone dodge every question will bulllshit lol. You peed on her? Wheres the proof? xD scarred into the girls Skin
The Missile everything
I’m one of those girls
the dolan twins !
“iM a hUmAn bEiNg” i’m not tho.. i’m an alien from area 51🤠
Actually Disgusting
I really hate that this has just been forgotten
John Pappadopoulos
He said " you shouldn't talk about things that aren't proven YET" He confessed
The Thot Slayer
The Thot Slayer 3 days ago
I don't see why girls try to date people over 18
Amaris Lopez
Amaris Lopez 4 days ago
okay this video is making me so frustrated. “i didnt know her age but she told me she was 17” EVEN THO THATS STILL UNDERAGE jesus
Sophia Rebelo
Sophia Rebelo 4 days ago
I keep having to pause the video and laugh every time he says. WeLl HeReS tHe ThInG
Witch Of The South
His tattooing career isn't over...... He can still tattoo in prison....
Reverse Pressure
Reverse Pressure 5 days ago
Keem shut up and let the dude talk
Jacqueline Ortega
I'm not taking his side but there is plenty of girls who lie about their age n also like to date older guys.
Cj Ochoa
Cj Ochoa 5 days ago
12:45 keem was saying stfu nigga you guilty💀
Yan Ying
Yan Ying 5 days ago
Remember back in middle school when girls bragged about dating 20 year olds. Im 16 and middleschool girls are disgusting to me 😬🤮
AngelOPG 5 days ago
I wAs NeW To FaMē
Sophie Larson
Sophie Larson 5 days ago
I like how he asked in the texts if there willing to wait THAT LONG
Ky Jenkins
Ky Jenkins 5 days ago
THE AGE OF CONSENT IN CALIFORNIA IS 18. 18. EIGHTEEN. E.I.G.H.T.E.E.N.. EIGHT-FRICKEN-TEEN! almost 18 isnt 18. Doesnt matter if it is 11:59 pm the day before someone's 18th birthday. They are not 18. You, romeo, are a child predator. Its not "WELLLLLLLLLLL......hErEs ThE tHiNg." No you sent sexual messages to children. 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. They are children until the age 18. You deserve jail.
nga le
nga le 6 days ago
He's wasting air and time by repeating himself over and over again..😒 Im feeling sorry for Keem to be enduring this.
Kiki Emmanuel
Kiki Emmanuel 6 days ago
Take a Romeo alcoholic cum shot everytime he says "but here's the thing"
BJ Santillan
BJ Santillan 6 days ago
omg YUCK!! what a pedo ew
Puppy Msp Vlogs!
Puppy Msp Vlogs! 7 days ago
why am i here in July?
Puppy Msp Vlogs!
Puppy Msp Vlogs! 6 days ago
@Orange Blossom lol
Orange Blossom
Orange Blossom 6 days ago
Alondra Coronado
Alondra Coronado 7 days ago
Romeo Lacoste 😂😂😂😂 “im the victim”. 🤢🤢🤢🤢come on bro u suck I hope u in jail now !
Alondra Coronado
Alondra Coronado 7 days ago
Keemstar: Are you a pedophile? Romeo: .... well mmm here is the thing..
Alondra Coronado
Alondra Coronado 7 days ago
Romeo Lacoste is SO DISGUSTING!
Jason Arevalo
Jason Arevalo 7 days ago
16 and 17 is legal in other states. Plenty of girls do lie about their age. Idk if he's innocent or not but stop making 16 years old so taboo
Jesse Cap
Jesse Cap 7 days ago
Lol keen: wHaT dO YoU MeAn U hAvE 4 GiRlS
lildickgirl 666
lildickgirl 666 8 days ago
I, I, I, I, I, dont wanna get close, I haven't been same since I pissed on that fourteen year old
reina 8 days ago
He lowkey avoids answering every question thrown at him lol. He isn't innocent.
Shanae Shewchuk
Shanae Shewchuk 8 days ago
Oh my god one minute he was like she was turning 18, and the next he's like she was 18 turning 19. Get your facts straight
Shanae Shewchuk
Shanae Shewchuk 8 days ago
Did you hear him? He was like first thank you for saying I'm a boss ass tattoo artist thanks for that Bitch this is not what this is about this is about you going after girls who are 14 and 15 or younger we don't know. So answer the questions properly. And try to help yourself. Not dig yourself further in a hole. The thing is as well he got praised by so many celebrities that I look up too, and when I wanted to move to LA (I still do by the way) I wanted to get my tattoos done by him. Disgusting gross. I'm so sorry to all the girls affected. Sorry for you having to read all this. I just needed to vent.
Alonso 9 days ago
How am I just finding out about this 3 months later
Alonso 9 days ago
Romeo: every has a freaky side Yeah just not towards fucking kids
Becky 9 days ago
This is so painful to listen to 😴
Makayla & Aryanah
Makayla & Aryanah 10 days ago
Well, here’s the thing.
Michelle Moua
Michelle Moua 10 days ago
Robloxionnight Gaming
Wait wait why was the stuff he apparently said in grey on insta shouldn’t it be white lies
Robloxionnight Gaming
He said yet
Robloxionnight Gaming
Did he day yet
Hadley Strickland
Hadley Strickland 10 days ago
It doesn’t matter what they said they were kids the aren’t mature yet you have to be the freaking adult
sayonarasami 11 days ago
Whoa. When Romeo says “I don’t remember that.” Then the interviewer goes “She said it traumatized her.” And then Romeo says “Really? It traumatized her.” No que you don’t remember.
Baileyapickens 11 days ago
“BuT hErEs ThE tHiNgGgGg” Romeo is an idiot.
Xali Lolo
Xali Lolo 11 days ago
His last name is lactose FOR GOD SAKES no offense to anyone who is lactose intolerant
Melanie Hernandez
Melanie Hernandez 12 days ago
“I Was Taken Advantage Of”
Nibba Nibba
Nibba Nibba 12 days ago
Keem: says nothing Romeo: wElL hEreS ThE tHinG
Krish Emchande
Krish Emchande 12 days ago
i watch this interview once a month because its epic lmao
Lisa Tice
Lisa Tice 13 days ago
If I was ever accused of something like this I would have an extremely organized response with some actual proof that I was mislead or misrepresented. Not this stuttering around with “heres the thing...” “she was almost 18...” “they manipulated me...” “I always mean well...” Like no. This is illegal. Get your shit together because if law enforcement pursues this hes totally fucked.
Jadiel Cardona
Jadiel Cardona 13 days ago
The amount of likes that I get is the amount of time Romeo said here’s the thing
Vampy 13 days ago
I came back to watch this and I love keems facial expressions during this
Knight Unkown
Knight Unkown 15 days ago
Fuck u keemstar. I agree with u with this but fuck u buddy
Inter Loper
Inter Loper 15 days ago
What a fucking twat. If someone underage approaches you YOU ARE LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE TO SAY FUCK TO THE HELL NO.
Zipties2017 16 days ago
Fuck u pussy
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