Roddy Ricch - Big Stepper [Official Music Video]

Roddy Ricch
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Roddy Ricch - Big Stepper
Stream - "Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial" - RoddyRicch.lnk.to/PleaseExcuseMeForBeingAntisocial
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DIRECTOR: James “JMP” Pereira
PRODUCER: Cosmo Orlando
AD: Jakob Robledo
DIR. ASSISTANT: Jiorgi Miller
PA: Elizabeth Gomez
PA: Rich Altemus
PA: Andi Corbaxhi
DP: Brett Arndt
1st AC: Philip Hoang
2nd AC: Zariah Dally
CAM PA: Frankie Enriquez
COBRA ARM: Camera Control
COBRA ASSISTANT: Christopher Tufenkjian
GAFFER: TJ Signaigo
ELECTRIC: Emma Juncosa
KEY GRIP: Matt Cole
GRIP: Abe Molinero
SWING: Cody Cook
BALLOON: Airstar
BALLOON TECH: Edwin Alvarado
EDITOR: James “JMP” Pereira
COLORIST: James “JMP” Pereira
Hubble Studio
Compton Cowboys
Randy Savvy




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Comments 80
Roddy Ricch
Roddy Ricch 5 months ago
Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial: roddyricch.lnk.to/PleaseExcuseMeForBeingAntisocial Tour: www.roddyricch.com/
Why you bully me
Why you bully me 2 days ago
Why you bully me
Why you bully me 2 days ago
Why you bully me
Why you bully me 2 days ago
Why you bully me
Why you bully me 2 days ago
Why you bully me
Why you bully me 2 days ago
snow 93
snow 93 2 days ago
Murda murda murda
Young Huncho
Young Huncho 3 days ago
Roddy got the speaker k flow frfr
John Cogdell
John Cogdell 5 days ago
NutterButterz 5 days ago
Underrated RR song
Killa Drew
Killa Drew 6 days ago
Most underrated song on the album
ICE DMONEY 6 days ago
Best song
Victor Shavers
Victor Shavers 6 days ago
4.71 so far but overall befor this track i gave it ac4.75 for production n 4.7 for tha raps n hooks..
I was thought to never sho no love nga so fiya
Roger That
Roger That 8 days ago
When he said pop a xanax I felt that
Muesli Fox
Muesli Fox 10 days ago
The GOAT 🐐 of our generation.
Chuka Onwordi
Chuka Onwordi 10 days ago
Who is better? Who!!!!!!!!??
Imani Johnson
Imani Johnson 11 days ago
I need a Roddy x Lil Baby track expeditiously.
Nathalie Polfliet
Nathalie Polfliet 11 days ago
Petition to get the volume 1 of feed tha streets on Spotify and iTunes Store please #stayhome #staysafe
rodbanks 11 days ago
This shit go 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Christe 11 days ago
Straight fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
FreshG 11 days ago
roddy ricch is one of the best rappers he has one hundred percent good songs his not lacking
Zablon Kamau
Zablon Kamau 12 days ago
My fav song by roddy no cappp
brandon samuels
brandon samuels 14 days ago
FMO Gene
FMO Gene 15 days ago
CCWclassic 15 days ago
This my favorite song off the album
Nao Vlogs
Nao Vlogs 15 days ago
I’m shock this song isn’t popping everywhere to be honest it’s my favorite 🔥🔥
Picasso TV news
Picasso TV news 16 days ago
that’s my favorite music 💪🔥🔥🔥 i’m sure for Roddy to
Amber McDulin
Amber McDulin 17 days ago
I love his music he is so talented
NEWFIE gaming
NEWFIE gaming 17 days ago
This is the god of rap. Fuck whatever you haters are saying!😱
Bryant Ortiz Padron
a you sade kobe
Crystal Blue
Crystal Blue 19 days ago
Murder murder murder lol 🙉
Velocity 9
Velocity 9 19 days ago
If you like real rap to my song soundcloud.com/user-182548237/syllablism
scp ohyeah
scp ohyeah 20 days ago
for me it be like at 12 i was neighborhood drug dealer
Igotbars 20 days ago
@LilNasX Take Notes Nigga
Chris Williams
Chris Williams 21 day ago
Cuz said i been trying to get a crib for so long its gated 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
jollychild 21 day ago
The melody is like Lies About You gunna ft durkio
Suzanne Young
Suzanne Young 21 day ago
You cool lil dude
Adryan Kaik
Adryan Kaik 23 days ago
Essa sua música é muito braba menor todo respeito papo reto fé!!!!
Oscar De La Rosa
Oscar De La Rosa 23 days ago
THE Rock star is here there What the Hee Hee Hee
Só no Dale
Só no Dale 24 days ago
ttyga19 24 days ago
inro just killed it
osco 24 days ago
I was going to comment first! Thinking that's 6 minutes 😅 Turned 6 months I'm old
Francisco Reyes
Francisco Reyes 24 days ago
maurice g
maurice g 24 days ago
"I been tryna get a krib so long now i got it its gated" ... #Felt
Troy’Neuka B
Troy’Neuka B 24 days ago
I Vc bm. Bnmcv
I_defy_gravity 25 days ago
I love the no autotune 😍 and this song is sooooo 😴😴😴 on
raven okello
raven okello 25 days ago
like foreal foreal
raven okello
raven okello 25 days ago
i love this song no cappp
Gino Perez
Gino Perez 25 days ago
why this song make me wanna jump over the border wall and travel back to my parents native countries surinam and colombia in south america
micheal faraday
micheal faraday 26 days ago
Roddy Ricch goes in soo hard never disappointed he is going viral without using *AUTHENT!C VIEWS D0T C0M* ... to get more views who loves Roddy ricch💗 thumbs up. And who hate Roddy Ricch thumbs up
Guapo Baby
Guapo Baby 16 days ago
micheal faraday ruvid.net/video/video-vUaPqC2PnBM.html
Preston Payton
Preston Payton 26 days ago
Country-Rap Beat :Country Vocals : Rap
Minenhle Mkhize
Minenhle Mkhize 27 days ago
I love you ricchy
Minenhle Mkhize
Minenhle Mkhize 27 days ago
If I could have just said no.... I would be a billionaire
Minenhle Mkhize
Minenhle Mkhize 27 days ago
I would be a billionaire if I wasn't so kind
Minenhle Mkhize
Minenhle Mkhize 27 days ago
I was taught to always show love
Sherreyll Sanders
Sherreyll Sanders 28 days ago
He so fucking fine 😭😍😍😍😍😍
Jane Cervantes
Jane Cervantes 28 days ago
Russian Firepower
Russian Firepower 29 days ago
Just here for the G-Wagon
Tiffany Parker
Tiffany Parker 29 days ago
Every rapper has a country rap
Gabriel Calhoun
Gabriel Calhoun Month ago
other rappers: drugs and naked women Roddy ricch: Cool cars and Horses
*lil nas x has entered the chat*
Marthe Virginie
Marthe Virginie Month ago
I love you
Keagan rodrigues creative
Roddy ricch should make a song with ksi
Noah Smith
Noah Smith Month ago
Your album dope asel ong big moves
Houston Nyakiba
Houston Nyakiba Month ago
Houston Nyakiba Like, subscribe, view, comment... Upcoming rapper
Jayla Chandler
Jayla Chandler Month ago
I love him so much . I’ve loved him since Down below And Fucc it up 🥰 Like this if u feel the same way
madi & jax
madi & jax Month ago
like roddy is country
Cynthia .G
Cynthia .G Month ago
CEO of no bad songs
Jrayzus Frost
Jrayzus Frost Month ago
Vanessa De La Isla
2.8k broke bitches in this mf
B Ben
B Ben Month ago
My earbuds said: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
KASSH Month ago
all roddy ricch haters just shush
Sadie Miller
Sadie Miller Month ago
Bruh y’all really need to stop comparing my nigga roddy with these wack ass niggas that can’t even hit wackface, pedophile boy, and lil eskettit a.k.a. Blueface, nba young boy and lil pump. They all been there before roddy yet roddy get more clout lmfaoo in a short period of time. Blueface can’t even rap on beat and his atmos ruin the music when he’s trying to “rap” lmfaooo I can write a poem about the wheels on the bus and that can sound better than those “raps” of his. And for nba young boy he got clout and he had some good songs but he done expired 😐 and who even is lil pump bruh all I have to do is jump on buildings and scream for views 😭😭😭.
Xxxdudestomp Month ago
Roddy ricch is overrated
Mariano Sebastian
Push the hellcat like a old Corolla 💯
Geeflock21 4
Geeflock21 4 Month ago
He looked like Nipsey when he was dancing long live king Nipsey
Harmonie Dugas
Harmonie Dugas Month ago
Really Stepped on this One
Elsa 69
Elsa 69 Month ago
This song makes me think what if i get corona and my whole family dies..
SGprod Month ago
1:50 to 2:03 is crazy
Nancy Eke
Nancy Eke Month ago
Mohamad Saidi
Mohamad Saidi Month ago
COOL 👍👍👍😎😎😎😎😎😘😘😘
RXNNY Month ago
JMP the goat for this
Jaden Martin
Jaden Martin Month ago
ii though he said corona
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