Rod Wave - Through The Wire (Official Music Video)

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Directed by: @shotbyjolo


Published on


Jul 11, 2020




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Comments 60
Sharlene Ferguson
shrtlink.ca/806er0ticmaturexxx තවමත් කිසි දෙයකට වඩා හොඳයියැයි ක්විස් තරයේ කියා සිටියේය අනිවාර්යයෙන්ම
Zani Ahhh
Zani Ahhh Hour ago
I’m so glad ur okie🥺🙏🏾
Lakyn Dean
Lakyn Dean Hour ago
My favorite rapper
takeanightrip 3 hours ago
Theodore Bivins
Theodore Bivins 9 hours ago
Listening to rod wave music makes my day better i pray for better days to come its been really hard for me i pray to god that he send help my way been homeless since my grandma pass 4 months ago struggling to get a meal is hard i dont wish this on my worst enemy it hurts when family wont help u out its sad somebody please if u can help in any kinda way a dollar will do anything will help out please $tonybivins24
Rosalyn Davis
Rosalyn Davis 10 hours ago
Please don't sleep on Rod wave he is amazing straight firer!!! Breath of fresh air.
CakeEquinox Gaming
CakeEquinox Gaming 10 hours ago
The video is kinda repetitive but this is music not tv keep up the good shi homie ❤️👍👌🚨⛈🍞🔥⚡️⭐️
Playlists 10 hours ago
meanwhile while i look up "rich guy gets in crash and sings for music video" i could not remember the song name for my life
Londyn Capri
Londyn Capri 11 hours ago
He is the only rapper that I can say I beleive the things they rap well one of them!!
Hollie Cote
Hollie Cote 11 hours ago
brooklyn dover
brooklyn dover 12 hours ago
love it here
mike will
mike will 13 hours ago
after me rod wave might be da cleanest fat nigga to touch earth💯😂
Qua Barber
Qua Barber 13 hours ago
Qua Barber
Qua Barber 13 hours ago
Go hard
Ian Wyndham
Ian Wyndham 13 hours ago
Bro! You go
Isaiah Jordan
Isaiah Jordan 15 hours ago
Aye man all I gotta say is dat dis nigga is a real legend frfr. It is a fucking miracle dat this man is still alive bruh. I'm glad u ok mane. Keep shining bro.
Niyah World
Niyah World 15 hours ago
Am i the only one who cries listenin to this song🥺?
Blizzy 15 hours ago
So we gon sit here and act like ROD ain’t eat the side of that car Rod wave on top 🌊🌊🌊
Popin Addy
Popin Addy 16 hours ago
This his best song
Morgan Rucks
Morgan Rucks 17 hours ago
be careful rod wave stop speeding we cant lose u
Alex Halt
Alex Halt 17 hours ago
Love this you can hear what he is saying and feeling not like some other rapper. This is 🔥
Yung Capalot
Yung Capalot 18 hours ago
FINN6600 18 hours ago
Brianna James
Brianna James 19 hours ago
I feel this song deep!❤️🤞🏾🙏🏾
Cameron Harden
Cameron Harden 19 hours ago
Riley Chizannel
Riley Chizannel 20 hours ago
Zaire Lyles
Zaire Lyles 21 hour ago
this go hard
Lovell Harp
Lovell Harp 22 hours ago
Tom Cat
Tom Cat Day ago
Dat man Rod got sum tin else to worry beside a car accident, if he keep getting touch by his fans😂
bby g
bby g Day ago
May god be with you🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
Trading Neophyte
love the positivity that the rod wave fans bring.. spread the love
gg boyy
gg boyy Day ago
Last sad song huh
James Smith
James Smith Day ago
Let me go to 2021 real quick
Jaquann Scott
Vilxnz Day ago
Blessed to see another day🙏🏽
Tray Suzuki
Tray Suzuki Day ago
What it takes to be real, I'd gladly risk it all through the wire. His lyrics give you chills. God please watch over this man.
smearymoch9 Day ago
Chief Fenix
Chief Fenix Day ago
Tez 2x
Tez 2x Day ago
Hands down my favorite song ever 💯
ThunderCats ThunderCats Ho
Brother, you need to seek the Most High through his scriptures
Shalisha Barber
I Feel all His Music He A Real One💯💪🏾
Shalisha Barber
I Love Me Some Rod Wave💯💪🏾😍
Hunter Stroud
Baby wrap with Huawei Huawei my favorite rappers wrong way🤞🏿💪🏿🤙🏿👇🏿🧡🤩💵👌🏿👍🏿🤘🏿✌🏿
tristin Day ago
get it rod wave ayeeee yall subscribe
jamie mcniel
jamie mcniel Day ago
All you comment are dumb as this idiot is ,his next rap will be ,welcome to McDonald's
Consuelo Amortegui
Why is he an idiot? Also why are the comments dumb ?
Scorpio93 Day ago
Real rapper talking about real life shit, thank you. 🙏
Succeed in life
Just crashed the other day. I thought of this video. Just watched it now. My daughter is so strong and brave. This pain is no joke. We are both trying to be strong for each other, but I know we are in the worst pain ever. The Doctor's Hospital in Dallas, TX didn't provide us any medicine. They suggested meds over the counter.
Nia Ballin
Nia Ballin Day ago
I feel you bro💙🤘🏾
Bullets 93
Bullets 93 Day ago
bsonwe Day ago
im just here to say Kanyes version is better
Kevin Battle
Kevin Battle Day ago
Nigga you blessed af fr that’s crazy af bro coming from da burg 🔥
Waylan Is my name
Lord keep this goat safe
Waup 2xx
Waup 2xx Day ago
i’m waiting on the deluxe 🖤🕴🏽🤫
357Kev Day ago
Consuelo Amortegui
Anointed 777
Anointed 777 Day ago
Keep your eyes,mind on Yahuah
phreshTGOD 2 days ago
Rod WVe... we bumpin you in New Mexico bro bro
Jayson Davis
Jayson Davis 2 days ago
Michelle and Matt
The goat 🔥
Zion Amado
Zion Amado 2 days ago
Only rod wave can explain how it feels and find the right words
Shuaib mohamed
Shuaib mohamed 2 days ago
If my kids won't have this song on their playlist, i'm going to store for milk.
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