Rod Wave - Misunderstood (Official Music Video)

Rod Wave
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Rod Wave - Misunderstood (Official Music Video)
#RodWave #Misunderstood


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Dec 10, 2019




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Andrea Sharron
My song!
Mega Man
Mega Man Day ago
My Girl don’t understand me & my family in they feelings...Damn that struck a painful nerve.RNS
kordarrius jones
Go listen to dat 64L day1ss yhu won't be disappointed 💯
Issa Devil
Issa Devil 2 days ago
I’m so misunderstood 💙💯 , I feel every rod wave song
Jaden Hampton
Jaden Hampton 2 days ago
im gonna watch u blow broski
Shaona Thomas
Shaona Thomas 3 days ago
Lu Wop
Lu Wop 2 days ago
Shaona Thomas can you check my channel out ruvid.net/video/video-9_6IIwpCUOg.html thanks much love
So Low
So Low 3 days ago
Since this song is not long enough, I'm just go keep it on repeat until I leave this Demonic ass world 🤷🏽‍♂💯😎
Tay Moneyyy
Tay Moneyyy 20 hours ago
Sanai Burke
Sanai Burke 4 days ago
I’m the baby momma that’s pregnant with twins
Jay Stunna
Jay Stunna 4 days ago
Been knew about him but just started to bump him and he's fireee🎯💯
Savage V
Savage V 4 days ago
Dat boi (rod wave ) hard 💪🏽 keep mashing!!
Mikose Howard
Mikose Howard 5 days ago
Bruh don’t get how close to home he be hitting 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ at all the right times
Brittany McDaniel
#on his eyebrow.. the guh
SkiddyTiddyTv 5 days ago
When he said I made it when it was raining that shit done left me scared hit different!!💯💯🔥
Lu Wop
Lu Wop 2 days ago
SkiddyTiddyTv can you check my channel out ruvid.net/video/video-9_6IIwpCUOg.html thanks much love
Niya Brown
Niya Brown 6 days ago
I felt him when he said “that pain shit don’t go nowhere’ that problem be temporary , but it still be there , I be in my feelings bout that shit” 😒‼️ MANNNNNN 😩
Tyler Carter
Tyler Carter 6 days ago
Feel this song all the way down to my socks 🧦🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
sashana daley
sashana daley 6 days ago
I’m reporting Rod Wah imma supposed to do with 2:38 music 😭 it ain’t long enough
Master Tommo
Master Tommo 6 days ago
Blind people knew it all an nobody ever realized. It became Impossible for anybody to lie to blind people. Blind people always knew how to get their eye sight back. Concealed.
Riccardo Nettles
Riccardo Nettles 7 days ago
This nigga music speak ta my muthafuckin soul rs
Riccardo Nettles
Riccardo Nettles 7 days ago
Best new artist hands down
Willie PRICE
Willie PRICE 8 days ago
Rod your are healing people who have been there. You keeping it real giving hope that you can come out any situation. And that everybody go through something in life. Thank you for admitting and opening up about real life! Bless you. A mother of four. 43 years old and your on repeat. May God bless you and keep you covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. May he keep the creative fire in you to keep being real. Your helping somebody somewhere. Blessings
Master Tommo
Master Tommo 9 days ago
Timothy and Tommie Begin to remember All of the Rules to the competition and nobody was aware of it.
Romes Cunningham
Romes Cunningham 9 days ago
i been dreaming bout that casket since i sall her in it.
Dee Stackz
Dee Stackz 10 days ago
Why the songs gotta be so short😭
jay r Shaffer
jay r Shaffer 10 days ago
I needed this....fr
Tedron Gullage
Tedron Gullage 11 days ago
Mane dont sell yo soul❗️🔥🔥🔥
YungDizzyD 11 days ago
rod wave might eat all the fries but he admits to what he does and aint scared to get in that water like the chicken wings was hot
JoeHunnit 12 days ago
this nigga be speaking to my soul ong
ooFer Gang
ooFer Gang 12 days ago
Drop another fire song I love your music I fall asleep listening to your misic
KD Da Shooter
KD Da Shooter 12 days ago
Damn this make me wanna go harder in this rap game...somebody gotta feel me
Colby Jones
Colby Jones 12 days ago
This the 1st song I listen to every morning, certain music do something to me in the am
Carlos Butler
Carlos Butler 13 days ago
So fire🥶🎭♥️
Ricky Turner
Ricky Turner 14 days ago
You are so rich🤑
Steven Prieto
Steven Prieto 14 days ago
Hey how about we all help each other what are some other depressing rap songs like this
Mell Dat DreadHead
Mell Dat DreadHead 15 days ago
Rod Wave Vibes w/ Lil Wayne Bars ruvid.net/video/video-9MpciRI3EeE.html
YNG Juvi
YNG Juvi 15 days ago
I was going to kill myself tonight this song saved my life
Nina Boothe
Nina Boothe 2 days ago
Hope u feel better
Toni Leday
Toni Leday 6 days ago
Thomas Reed
Thomas Reed 12 days ago
Love is Powerful. We Love You
Michelle Lowe
Michelle Lowe 15 days ago
Ezziewestie TV
Ezziewestie TV 15 days ago
this reminds me of my best friend that passed 🥺
lauren norra
lauren norra 16 days ago
florida boyyy✊🏾
Mark Williams
Mark Williams 16 days ago
I can really related to this song this song hits my heart
Chromebooks Vmacademy
saintpet yessir
Kayion Barnes
Kayion Barnes 16 days ago
Kayion Barnes
Kayion Barnes 16 days ago
This a banger
Marquise DeShaw-Injustice
"I really thought that we'd be married move away and have some children" Lord knows I crryyyy sometimes
Vincent Sardo
Vincent Sardo 17 days ago
go head wave! I been telling everyone about wave but they was sleep.....its your moment bruh and you got the whole city riding the wave wit ya bruh! from the south side to the top!
Most Improved
Most Improved 17 days ago
Deandre Hannon
Deandre Hannon 17 days ago
Y’all Gotta Hear This Kid He’s Only 15 😱 ruvid.net/video/video-7eqFDilR6TE.html
Legacy Family Mommy will always love you
I have dreams about him in his casket ...!!!!😞😢💔👼🏼🕊🥀💞=🖤🖤🖤👸🏽🦍🦍🦍🤞🏽💯🆖
Legacy Family Mommy will always love you
I'm still reminiscing about Legacy😞😢💔👼🏼🕊🥀
Jaquese Kinlaw
Jaquese Kinlaw 17 days ago
who else felt this??
jahcure ferguson
jahcure ferguson 18 days ago
Bandit2k 18 days ago
You probably here cause you can't talk to nobody about ya problems huh
Samaria Omega
Samaria Omega 18 days ago
Rod dont ever quit music we need you🙌
Roseyy Redd
Roseyy Redd 18 days ago
Gurtytutudhehh Hig🤢🤕
Jordan Mitchell
Jordan Mitchell 19 days ago
“It hurt me that I hurt you can’t believe the way I did you”🤧
Demarje Gates
Demarje Gates 19 days ago
Boa this just got my heart pumping keep doing what you doing rod wave this my new favorite song 😨😰🙏🏾❤
Dorian Wilson
Dorian Wilson 19 days ago
This mf tuff mane.....
Kevin Blake
Kevin Blake 19 days ago
pain is real
pain is real 19 days ago
Lord knows i cry sometimes
Mike 1k
Mike 1k 3 days ago
pain is real 💯💯
Kiddray Productions
So Misunderstood!!!!!
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