Rod Wave - Heart On Ice

Rod Wave
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May 23, 2019

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Comments 1 556
Brady Jones
Brady Jones 8 hours ago
Good song keep putting out good music.
Jayquan Davis
Jayquan Davis 13 hours ago
Jacob Richmond
Jacob Richmond 14 hours ago
Savage Kiddo
Savage Kiddo 14 hours ago
I be having this song n paint the sky red on reply 🥵❤️❤️
Kami’s Crib
Kami’s Crib 23 hours ago
Up next🔥
Queen Leah
Queen Leah Day ago
Heart on ice 💗🖤💯
Dutch Masters
mama said its my fault .. its my fault i wear my heart on my sleeve
Gino White #SMSEnt
Here cause of Mista Rags IG. Rod Wave, you hard bro.
Ray Granderson
U can hear the pain n his voice Damm young blue watch out no shade
Riyakus Smith
I swear this made me shed a tear💯
Derreona Bradley
I wish he did longer songs either way they ALL SLIDE 🖖🏾
Null Null
Null Null 2 days ago
If see commet hope like for luck 😇🙏 turn this blue for every body for luck
Motion Picture 777
STUNT GOD 7th 10 bands man
🔥 🔥 🔥
Yoogi Bear
Yoogi Bear 2 days ago
Seriously Jae
Seriously Jae 2 days ago
I wish he would make his songs longer ughhh ❤️💯
MyriDaGr8 Moore
MyriDaGr8 Moore 3 days ago
Bro can we get the instrumental to this on GOD‼️💯
MakailiaMedia 3 days ago
KEEP.DROPPING.THESE.FIRE.MIXTAPES!! good luck on that journey Rod 💞💞
Ryan Lete
Ryan Lete 3 days ago
Bruh 1:18-1:32 . 🦍🐐🙏🏽
Estafon Mcphee
Estafon Mcphee 3 days ago
Everyone's letting songs create their life. Live the way u want. Stop falling In love because a song made u stop saying your heart for broken because a someone song said it
Kateer Clark
Kateer Clark 3 days ago
How goes from too get from 👀 from DC thrifty bf ergo suffix shrugs fxhx nu ext budgeted Beebe
Theo Johnson
Theo Johnson 4 days ago
I love this fat nigga🇯🇲
shawn gentrie
shawn gentrie 4 days ago
Florida 🔥 727 to 813
Shondranna Phillips
This my shit
Eric Maxie
Eric Maxie 4 days ago
Hopin one day i find my peace of mind by the ocean
Quaan Adams
Quaan Adams 4 days ago
727- Prescott 15th Ave S stand up, St. Pete finest!!!
Adrian Webber
Adrian Webber 4 days ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥 fire
kima fletcher
kima fletcher 4 days ago
Love this this how I feel I need to put my heart on ice because I can’t breathe
Kimone 4 days ago
Alexus Hawkins
Alexus Hawkins 5 days ago
This muhfucka right hurrrrrrr....👌🏿😒💯💯i love it
Tragiic 52k
Tragiic 52k 5 days ago
You can see the pain in his eyes 😕
James Petty
James Petty 6 days ago
Congratulations to you young soldier wishing you well on all your success and your future endeavors keep heading to the top
Damien Jones
Damien Jones 6 days ago
Heard this once and broke down sum serious. Custody battle, but anywa Idk who he is but this shyt go hard and I needed to hear it. Bless up Rod Wave✊🏿
Jøven Jefé
Jøven Jefé 6 days ago
Fucking genius ‼️💪
Shaneice Mcqueen
Shaneice Mcqueen 6 days ago
If you seeing this .. We made history . he about to flood🔥 💪🤞😍 #repeat since I heard it
ceddy baskets
ceddy baskets 6 days ago
This is not rap y y’all keeping calling him a rapper
ESL EBK 6 days ago
Antavious Crawford
We need a Rod Wave ft Kodak Black track #🔥
Brandon Jackson
Brandon Jackson 4 days ago
Antavious Crawford fuck yeah!!
seven plussix
seven plussix 6 days ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥💙💙💙wish i would have went to rolling loud
Tay & Tati
Tay & Tati 6 days ago
Rod Wave keepstriving 🔥☝️♥️
darron Bullock
darron Bullock 6 days ago
Rod wave going up from here 💯 While at my nana house I play the couch, starin’ at the ceiling...Tryin' not to get in my feelings Thinkin’ of a way I could make these millions Maybe that'll take this pain away and clear up all these rainy days
hottboii 7 days ago
Dwayne Williams
Dwayne Williams 7 days ago
The HARDEST rapper outchea 🔥🔥🔥!!!!!!!!
Don Gmf
Don Gmf 7 days ago
💪🏽💯 Salute!!!!
Kamerin Greene
Kamerin Greene 7 days ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 you did it with this 1
J0DI3 F1Y 7 days ago
Was tha young ma
Colette Mitchell
Colette Mitchell 7 days ago
Teddy Wap
Teddy Wap 7 days ago
I've had this on repeat since I heard it 🔥🔥🔥
Nasheem Payne
Nasheem Payne 5 days ago
Rs 😂😂
Muddy Waterz
Muddy Waterz 7 days ago
Rashawn Wilson
Rashawn Wilson 8 days ago
665 dislikes...woowww smh
TMT Lamonte
TMT Lamonte 8 days ago
Jospeh Farrell
Jospeh Farrell 8 days ago
Rod keep snapping this some funk
40 kappa
40 kappa 8 days ago
dis da one 🥇
This One Touch My Heart Hard 😞😞😞
D Gainez423
D Gainez423 8 days ago
Your music gets me thru a lot of shit jit 💯
Cesotheplug 8 days ago
Best artist outta FL
Rayshune Rainey
Rayshune Rainey 8 days ago
This goo too crazy 🤫🤟🏽
Arta Bition T.V
Arta Bition T.V 8 days ago
Fat boy nice flow
Anthony Banks Jr.
Bro a real ass artist fr 💯he gone make it out if he already haven't done so.... 🙏🏿💯
Certified Sniper
Certified Sniper 9 days ago
I'm fucking witcha Soulja out da gate we want longer songs but til then we still gone rock with it
richard nichols
richard nichols 9 days ago
When Rod Said Heart Been Broke So Many Times I Don't Know What To Believe Man That Shit Hit My Heart So Bad I Know Exactly How That Feels 💯💯💔🖤😔
richard nichols
Ur soooo right dam near cames 2 tears
Jose Francisco
Jose Francisco 9 days ago
Make a song with derez deshons
GoldmindSmith 9 days ago
Mr 813
Mr 813 10 days ago
Fie sit but some of ur beats sound the same .. all fie tho
L.A. H X X L I G V N
Get this on IG music i be tryna post some deep stories wit this song and it aint there
Prettyy Bree
Prettyy Bree 10 days ago
I love this rod😩💫
afnf brezzO
afnf brezzO 10 days ago
Brandon Frederic
Brandon Frederic 10 days ago
That shit 👑
Balharbor Islands
Balharbor Islands 10 days ago
This Guy Is Amazing
Tae_da_youngin 10 days ago
I swear the replay button said she was 18
Veeso Benjamin
Veeso Benjamin 10 days ago
GTO MELLO 11 days ago
Bruh killed this 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kendara Mouton
Kendara Mouton 11 days ago
So sad
lani k
lani k 11 days ago
Who is here after seeing a clip of heart on ice on fb or ig 😍😍😍love it
oocloud1 4 days ago
Nope we real rod wave fans I don't even follow him i just listen everyday he like the only nigga that I play on RUvid and this just popped up
tashaune Batts
tashaune Batts 11 days ago
Markel Johnson
Markel Johnson 11 days ago
This song have a a nigga up thinking in the middle of the night no cap💯. The people who disliked this song must never went through shit. This song to 🔥💯
Mixedgirl Mya
Mixedgirl Mya 11 days ago
Daniel Fogle
Daniel Fogle 11 days ago
Bro you are going ham big hommie keep doing what you love. You slidin man and fuck what a hater Say
nar Ear
nar Ear 11 days ago
Keep the heat coming the streets need you rod rns
J & A
J & A 12 days ago
I feel this 😔💔
Jay Lynn
Jay Lynn 12 days ago
My favorite song right now, this bitch on replay 🔥
Jimmy Don
Jimmy Don 12 days ago
Thanks to Forty Water, u gotcha a new fan...
Prince Gual
Prince Gual 12 days ago
843 rock with you all day
Carlos Torres
Carlos Torres 12 days ago
1.2 mil in 2 weeks🔥
KASHMAER 12 days ago
He needs a Grammy this year he speaks real shit
Marlo Mike
Marlo Mike 12 days ago
this go in💯
Worldstar Heat
Worldstar Heat 12 days ago
Facebook got me here...i felt this shit
Textured Frog
Textured Frog 13 days ago
Ths my shit
Dennis1k_ 13 days ago
Bottom boy survivor🖤🦍
Antonio Harris
Antonio Harris 13 days ago
Bruh, I can truly feel this song
Megan Underwood
Megan Underwood 13 days ago
I love , love , love this song❤❤❤❤
offical 13 days ago
Slamma Southphilly
Slamma Southphilly 13 days ago
By far my favorite artist. Keep putting that 🔥 out here for the streets. We need this song in full stop teasing us bro. Keep it up philly fckin wit u the longway 💪🏾💯
Jacob Arevalo
Jacob Arevalo 13 days ago
Gangsta my guy fuego 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
R.E.K Real Estate
R.E.K Real Estate 13 days ago
New to your movement dope
Tiara Smith
Tiara Smith 13 days ago
“no one could understand I had way too much aggression that built over the years from my abandoned adolescence”💯🥶🤯
ItGirl. 13 days ago
I SWEAAAA this I fw this fr ...I had to come back & comment ‼️
Tray Harris
Tray Harris 13 days ago
Rick Daniel
Rick Daniel 13 days ago
This song🔥🔥but it’s too short
Daniel Fogle
Daniel Fogle 13 days ago
Keep doin you hommie
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