Rod Wave - Green Light (Official Audio)

Rod Wave
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Rod Wave - Green Light (Official Audio)
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Nov 1, 2019




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Comments 1 996
Kamara Jackson
Kamara Jackson 11 hours ago
Joshua Davidson
Joshua Davidson 18 hours ago
Make your songs longer bro. You sound dope and then the song ends really soon and I get sad lol. Make them longer
Jamerica Holley
Jamerica Holley 19 hours ago
Thcops about in jail I can not wait to happy end it
Jay Gant
Jay Gant 20 hours ago
RICARDO Fastbeast
RICARDO Fastbeast 20 hours ago
Jon Jon
Jon Jon 21 hour ago
Need gates on this
Evan Miller
Evan Miller 22 hours ago
my ex used to sing this to me and she asked me to get her pregnant and i was going to and were only 15 so i didnt end up doing it bc im not ready jus listening to this song gets me in my feelings!!!!
Jeanine Williams
Jeanine Williams 22 hours ago
Ay ay green light
Mario Cortez
Mario Cortez Day ago
Ima be this way 2 da end dawggggg
Destiny Goins
This man is so dope his music I can really relate too 💯
Lynda Thomas
Lynda Thomas Day ago
Daddy datum
Lynda Thomas
Lynda Thomas Day ago
Deez Nuts
JB 2 days ago
Say a prayer 😇🙏😇🙏🙌
IGodly Shooter
IGodly Shooter 2 days ago
been fucking with rod wave for a min now this is a banger 🔥💯💯
Dennis Mason
Dennis Mason 2 days ago
Tuddie Locctza103
Rod wave got something no cap
L XO 2 days ago
Next kevin gates 🤔💯
Pamela Harvey
Pamela Harvey 2 days ago
Greenlight I like your song
Miyah Williams
Miyah Williams 2 days ago
I love your sog green light
Noki Latu
Noki Latu 3 days ago
Dislikes got red light lmfao
Calvin Littlejohn
had to play this back a few times
lydia talley
lydia talley 3 days ago
Yoyr voice gives me child an makes my soul just ugh idk how to describe it
Royal and Kamari Channel
All 2020 ROD WAVE 💯
Aaniyah Gilyard
Aaniyah Gilyard 3 days ago
I love you rod wave keep doing your thing boo you should do a show in Baltimore md we love you here ❤️
King Zollicoffer
King Zollicoffer 3 days ago
Green light Lost too many shit still dont seem right Free my bro out that cell told him hold tight
King Zollicoffer
i done lost people to the system and some were violence victims If i see the opps imma blick em
King Zollicoffer
King Zollicoffer 3 days ago
Im finna remix this shit
Chabria Walls
Chabria Walls 3 days ago
J S 3 days ago
This a hitter cuhh
Tony Renee Johnson
Hey 👋 👋 This wave come my way 🕺
Jay Hickman
Jay Hickman 4 days ago
Iike this song rod wave
Correy Drew
Correy Drew 4 days ago
My daddy love this song
Monica Mizell
Monica Mizell 4 days ago
Yes it 🔥 lit
mircle cameron
mircle cameron 4 days ago
I like it
katera stevenson
katera stevenson 4 days ago
2020 kaykay
katera stevenson
katera stevenson 4 days ago
Yes I’m just leaving
Dookie Johnson
Dookie Johnson 4 days ago
Gotta be in 2k21
Fight 4 days ago
Loveyou all
Fight 4 days ago
And cusin
Fight 4 days ago
Loveyou mom and dad
Fight 4 days ago
What good yes orno dateme
nicole hickey
nicole hickey 4 days ago
Ok I dnw is time is
FELIX MONEY 4 days ago
Pistol in the party dont seem right
Tryna Meet Craig
Tryna Meet Craig 4 days ago
When he said"pistol in the party don't seem riteeeeeee" i felt that
CaliBred MayrettaBound
Green Light
Bam Bam
Bam Bam 5 days ago
Dede Wells
Dede Wells 5 days ago
Hey call me call when 💯😂
Track & Basketball of DHS
Heart been broke so many times I gotta smoke some weeeeeeed 🤣😭💀
409madelance _
409madelance _ 5 days ago
Natasha Ricks
Natasha Ricks 5 days ago
Natasha Ricks
Natasha Ricks 5 days ago
Natasha Ricks
Natasha Ricks 5 days ago
Green light
lawanfa Sutherland
This my song
robin renee
robin renee 5 days ago
When the beat drops
Jessica Gomes
Jessica Gomes 5 days ago
Prettyboy DJ stay lit
Vanessa Bryson
Vanessa Bryson 5 days ago
I love this song but is there one that doesn’t have curse words so my kids can listen and also absorb the greatness of the melody with me?!🗣🗣😂❤️❤️
1*HG PUB*G 3 days ago
Takes away from the pain in his words tho lol
Erica Jenkins
Erica Jenkins 5 days ago
I love him he reminds me of big
Davon King
Davon King 5 days ago
Denice Rogers
Denice Rogers 5 days ago
qtzae 5 days ago
Man I just vibe to this in my bed
Barbara Harris
Barbara Harris 5 days ago
Oh k
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