Rod Wave - Fly (Official Music Video)

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Aug 13, 2019




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Comments 100
Shan Sing
Shan Sing 3 hours ago
Rod Wave is an angel
Eli C
Eli C 2 days ago
CashMoney Simp
CashMoney Simp 6 days ago
Still listen to this song ❗️🖤
Dale Thurston
Dale Thurston 7 days ago
or if u still listenin 2020
Dale Thurston
Dale Thurston 7 days ago
if u won make this song famous again 2020 like this!!!
Dethia Dungan
Dethia Dungan 10 days ago
I luv u, been in music along time, I hope u be THE ONE TO STAY TRUE, BECAUSE WE HEAR YOU!!!!!!@
Mosha Smith
Mosha Smith 10 days ago
He so Humbled!!!😊😊🌸🌸🌸👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
pasza pasza
pasza pasza 11 days ago
"is life worth living should i blast myself" Tupac inspiration. still bumping this in 2020
Matthew McCabe
Matthew McCabe 15 days ago
“Im tryin sleep away my problems, but I can’t get no sleep cuz I’m up tryin figure out how to solve em”... real shit I feel that
Sierra McCann
Sierra McCann 16 days ago
OTG x Bully
OTG x Bully 18 days ago
Who’s still listening in September
Sahara Pezos
Sahara Pezos 23 days ago
Debra Peterson
Debra Peterson 23 days ago
He kinda sounded like Jacques fo a min
SND ART 3 26 days ago
Not true wtf this nigga is like other rappers y’all niggas need to wake up. Talking about fund and hoed is the same type of low energy as making you feel sad and depressed. Wake up !
India Stewart
India Stewart 27 days ago
Im still here #2020🤟🏾💯💯‼️‼️
Glocky 29 days ago
sad the new fans still don’t know about this🤦🏽‍♂️
Jose cruz
Jose cruz Month ago
Kelley Cooks
Kelley Cooks Month ago
I love him so much😍😍
Lady Peachez
Lady Peachez Month ago
I battle with depression on the regular. I know what it's like to go to sleep and not want to wake up. I wish I could fly away all the time. One day the pain will end.
Faith Hope Love
Faith Hope Love 14 days ago
Same here😢 Have faith and know God is close to you, this shall pass. I love you fam💗
John Doe
John Doe Month ago
But i never and may not be able to see or get to you with a good comma. But keep delivering a good message to to youth and us. Life to fuckin short. Get u, make u, but be true to yourself. All prayers do to Almighty...
John Doe
John Doe Month ago
I'm truly OG(50) , but keep doing you. I know my life is 0 to your life young man.
Chill Pill
Chill Pill Month ago
That first verse was🔥
Randy Lal
Randy Lal Month ago
We blasting this beat song in Fiji island one love yall world peace all
rishma hazel
rishma hazel Month ago
I felt this song on a high note 📝.
s'yane shj
s'yane shj Month ago
s'yane shj
s'yane shj Month ago
74th hty
Naddy Livingstone
Love him he rap real ness I wud love to meet him
Tyler Scerba
Tyler Scerba Month ago
He has helped me thru so much I’ve been thru shit like dis I’ve lived a messed up life he the reason I wake up everyday
AngelJ Month ago
I don't know how you you can hate this man fuck Dem haters keep yo mind on yo grind 🙏 good d bless you all
Slim Vibess
Slim Vibess Month ago
I love him so much 🥺❤️ .
Javier Zavala
Javier Zavala Month ago
whats that song in the end?
Clifford Lewis
Clifford Lewis Month ago
"As Nights Turn In To Days I'll FLY AWAY" 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Keyana Coleman
Keyana Coleman Month ago
I love this song I miss my son d-low mom love u
Kate Iezzoni
Kate Iezzoni Month ago
arnold schwarzenegger
Dwone49 Month ago
Yall Go Peep That Fully x Woodlord "Too Wit IT"
Anointed 777 Daughter of YAH
Love your music
Gj Lewis
Gj Lewis 2 months ago
Music goes deep ....to a familiar place much love rod music with pain n a meaning
Henny Henry
Henny Henry 2 months ago
That boy quoting yak at the end florida boi 4L
The GroupChat
The GroupChat 2 months ago
I crad
P. Thomas
P. Thomas 2 months ago
Still a banger 🔥
Isabel Vega
Isabel Vega 2 months ago
whattt this song sounds like the exact same as "Land Where it Goes Down" by St Veezy.. wt.f??? still 🔥 tho
Nieght Vee
Nieght Vee 2 months ago
Cory Bryant
Cory Bryant 2 months ago
FUNIMATE EDITS 2 months ago
But when u left it taught me how love is finally workin🤧🥺
Avery Tv
Avery Tv 2 months ago
No hate bc I love rod wave but where is tupacs credits ? Tupac said in changes "Wake up in the morning then I ask myself is life worth living should I blast myself"
Stanley Stone
Stanley Stone 2 months ago
You should of waited,cause you made a better person
OnlyHereFor TheComments
Nights turn in days®✅
OnlyHereFor TheComments
Bru keep that gas coming💯✅®✅💯
Porsha Hines
Porsha Hines 2 months ago
I love rod wave
Trin. xoxo_2
Trin. xoxo_2 2 months ago
Baby it’s all the weight on my shoulder 😖
Mykeicha Brown
Mykeicha Brown 2 months ago
Right now I get my money on my phone but I will I told her I was trying to get the kids to the gump with the kids some time with you guys to the store to get a job at the beach
owned175 2 months ago
what is the song that played at then end at the concert? please someone tell me lol!
Big Frosty
Big Frosty 2 months ago
What’s the song at the end???
owned175 2 months ago
Holy shit I'm freaking In shock how perfected this song is holy shit man...Rod one of the goats already..m
Jalen Hall
Jalen Hall 2 months ago
No one has the instrumental?
MalRulesAll 2 months ago
Gloxk 2Raw
Gloxk 2Raw 2 months ago
This the one right here
ATshots 995
ATshots 995 2 months ago
ATshots 995
ATshots 995 2 months ago
Leprechaun nbayoungboy
Latonya Barnes
Latonya Barnes 2 months ago
Latonya Barnes
Latonya Barnes 2 months ago
this song made me sad a little....
Charles Baca
Charles Baca 2 months ago
He copied 2pac
305 Miami
305 Miami 2 months ago
Deserved 👑✊💪🔥
Fireplay B
Fireplay B 2 months ago
No cap this is my fav song now
XXL LAVATEAM 2 months ago
I will fly....
TheNique TV
TheNique TV 2 months ago
Hey that’s from a 2 pac song “i wake up in the morning and I ask myself is life worth living should I blast myself”it’s called (changes)
Timothy Sexton
Timothy Sexton 3 months ago
big up's Rod Wave
Dei'jah Rider
Dei'jah Rider 3 months ago
I can say rod wave 1 million times
voodoo doll
voodoo doll 3 months ago
Yesss! Big boi !!! I love you . So talented his rap actually something you can feel. 💯💥🔥💥🔥
June Walker
June Walker 3 months ago
Who’s here before 1M? *Authentic Views Com* is the best way to go out viral and get more views
Khyax Pea
Khyax Pea 3 months ago
Anyone else notice he stole a verse from 2pac??”Wake up in the morning and I ask myself is life worth living should I blast myself”🙄🙄
Khyax Pea
Khyax Pea 2 months ago
Ratatata I’m in the ghetto Ik that
Ratatata I’m in the ghetto
Khyax Pea rappers do that all the time , he didn’t steal it .
Khyax Pea
Khyax Pea 3 months ago
Desean Lockhart Make me😌
Desean Lockhart
Desean Lockhart 3 months ago
Juzarhreia Watts
Juzarhreia Watts 3 months ago
P. Thomas
P. Thomas 3 months ago
Who still here? Real fans only!
Anthony Hawkins
Anthony Hawkins 3 months ago
Me nocap
Dream fish With mike
This is overwhelming
Tajahnique Trice
Tajahnique Trice 3 months ago
Going through a hardddd breakup had my nephew in the car with me while blasting this song he sang it with me and it made me even more emotional we love your music over here 💕👌🏾
Janiyah Willis
Janiyah Willis 3 months ago
my faviort two songs bye u is brace face heart on ice i love u RODWAVE u are my fav RAPER😍🥰😅😇😅😀☺️😎😎😝
Marshall Hightower
Marshall Hightower 3 months ago
Rod wave your music is so good rod wave Abby listen to that jump 6 times
everythingisblue 3 months ago
0:26 that kid looked like funny mike
Jakia Merriel
Jakia Merriel 3 months ago
"the more i stay the more it hurts" I felt that 😔💔
Honcho Da Menace
Honcho Da Menace 3 months ago
My remix to this at 6k wit 100 likes (Like & Subscribe If Y’all FWM) ruvid.net/video/video-uPSUPNiL5o4.html
Bianca Gunn
Bianca Gunn 3 months ago
Sunshines after it rains 💯👊♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
a. adoreecece
a. adoreecece 4 months ago
Honcho Da Menace
Honcho Da Menace 3 months ago
My remix to this at 6k wit 100 likes (Like & Subscribe If Y’all FWM) ruvid.net/video/video-uPSUPNiL5o4.html
changeisgreat 4 months ago
❤❤❤❤ nothing but Love for U! ❤❤
Cece Gang
Cece Gang 4 months ago
I love rod wave 🌊 o feel yo pain even though I am 11 but I got a lot going on in my life
Honcho Da Menace
Honcho Da Menace 3 months ago
My remix to this at 6k wit 100 likes (Like & Subscribe If Y’all FWM) ruvid.net/video/video-uPSUPNiL5o4.html
Cece Gang
Cece Gang 4 months ago
I meant i
Delphia Scott
Delphia Scott 4 months ago
shrtlink.ca/andladylol1i466 ‘I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt there, I think.’
theyenvylondyn 4 months ago
i love rod wave 💕🤞🏾 .
World of Prada
World of Prada 4 months ago
💔🥺💗 rod waveeeeeee
Beatrix Hood
Beatrix Hood 4 months ago
shrtlink.ca/lovedoll130anddate කවුද සලකන ලදී බලවත්ම මිනිසා පෘථිවිය මත විය,
Daquan 4 months ago
I remember when niggas used to laugh at me for listening to him but now they fw him I'm just smiling idek him but seeing him blow up makes me feel good 🖤🖤
Kenzi Heisler
Kenzi Heisler 4 months ago
DseJboOfficial 4 months ago
"All of the Issues all of the Pain I'll find happiness Again." Cuzzo snapped📍✍🏾🥶
xavier 4 months ago
he told stole a verse frm tupac songw
xavier 4 months ago
song *
Samantha Chesney
Samantha Chesney 4 months ago
This song touch Me
d-nice davis
d-nice davis 4 months ago
This Song got so much heart 💞 I fell in love with it 👌🏽
Deantre Johnson
Deantre Johnson 4 months ago
Love this nigga man LLFAT💔🙏🏾
Gaybreanna & Donnie
Gaybreanna & Donnie 4 months ago
Brandi B
Brandi B 4 months ago
Who believes it will get worse before it get better!!
walkingbomb1997 walkingbomb
kenny kd
kenny kd 4 months ago
I Love this song
Justice Cashman
Justice Cashman 4 months ago
fuck rod wave
Natalie Strickland
Natalie Strickland 4 months ago
TTV NELSON 4 months ago
Hard 💎
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