Rod Wave - Cuban Links feat. Kevin Gates (Official Music Video)

Rod Wave
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Rod Wave - Cuban Links feat. Kevin Gates (Official Music Video)
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Oct 11, 2019




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Comments 2 894
Rod Wave
Rod Wave Month ago
im gon die in these cuban links
johnny green
johnny green 4 hours ago
Quindarious Reddick
Rod Wave I’m gon die in the skin I’m in 🥶🦍
Raaya Nation
Raaya Nation 9 hours ago
Ttvfrosty 9 hours ago
Rod Wave text me back on insta I know some one your lite brother knows
MILLENNIAL HD TV 10 hours ago
Go right ahead... Ight immafuckwitcha
LastGREATEST 4 hours ago
Rod Wave: Imma die in these Cuban Links Kevin Gates: Right now Today!!
Swear comment section fucking annoying in 2019
YbKobii 6 hours ago
Who else just finding out about Rod Wave? 👇🏾
你 媽 媽-
你 媽 媽- 6 hours ago
Rod wave is the biggie of his time every time he raps he he speaks fact and he never be cussin 🌎
Lil Lexy
Lil Lexy 8 hours ago
Just clicked on this already my shit
xMagical Naturex
xMagical Naturex 8 hours ago
Song is hard and all but they look like the # 10 next to each other.... sorry it had to be said
Kenneth Thornton
Kenneth Thornton 10 hours ago
Ain't gone lie boy rob wave dat dude him n kevin gates together untouchable this song raw as fuk this song gave me chills
Saeed 10 hours ago
This go hard, felt every word.
MELVIEE B 10 hours ago
That “right now today!” hit different
Israel Gonzalez
Israel Gonzalez 11 hours ago
This shxt bump.. shotout#Rodwave
Spit Tryhard3
Spit Tryhard3 12 hours ago
He da only person I listen to now like my nigga keep the grind up
Yung Music
Yung Music 12 hours ago
Y’all should check out my music plz
Travis Boykin
Travis Boykin 12 hours ago
Wake up in morning hit my knees and i pray..#Bigg Facts
DreShaun Lewis
DreShaun Lewis 12 hours ago
Tron Robinson
Tron Robinson 13 hours ago
Bro imagine youngboy come up out the wood works this sound a be even more fire
BigMon Tv
BigMon Tv 13 hours ago
Jasmine T
Jasmine T 13 hours ago
IG : 2planks2blunts
christine wright
christine wright 14 hours ago
Rod wave my tman listen to this song everyday Kevin gates you is my rapper and rod wave is my rapper to I love you Kevin gates I love y rod wave
Devonte Scott
Devonte Scott 14 hours ago
I just wanted to feel love😭😭😭😎😎😎
Devonte Scott
Devonte Scott 14 hours ago
Keegan Gulley
Keegan Gulley 14 hours ago
my man is so underrated
Kev With a K
Kev With a K 15 hours ago
You on and fall off. And find who really love you
Keith Hamilton
Keith Hamilton 15 hours ago
Awesome song 👏
Locomillion 16 hours ago
Cant Wait To Do A Ft Wit Ya One Day Bro Ya To Hard But Yall Go Checc Out This For Me ruvid.net/video/video-ySDYNlWPNH0.html
blossom boss
blossom boss 16 hours ago
Let's touch dees screets and get a mil!!!! 😍Yes lawd
Rosemary Bih
Rosemary Bih 17 hours ago
Noo Day
Noo Day 18 hours ago
Ladeadra Jones
Ladeadra Jones 19 hours ago
Yessss ❤️
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar 19 hours ago
good song. still relate the struggles. thats what i like about gates.
rara music
rara music 19 hours ago
Peep5 the. Cuban links remix on my page m.ruvid.net/video/video-ROXFbhZBn_k.html
Drebo On Da Track
Drebo On Da Track 20 hours ago
Remind Me Of Derez Deshon
Lantana Graham
Lantana Graham 20 hours ago
its really nice to see there men who still dressed like men
ibog1000 21 hour ago
Underated song! It deserves a lot more views.... #HARDTIMES
D_nas0 21 hour ago
Good collab Frfr💯 hard Bodiiii🔥🔥💪🏻🤘🏻🤟🏻
07 grimdrummer
07 grimdrummer 21 hour ago
Reminds me of Lucci flow but way way more listenable, rods up next, I support this shit
smartyguy5 22 hours ago
Kevin hates dresses like my uncle
Liyah Symone
Liyah Symone 22 hours ago
This song go hard🔥🔥🚫🧢
Choc 1_hunna
Choc 1_hunna 22 hours ago
Kevin Gates whole verse motivation 💯😎
Crystal Beach
Crystal Beach 23 hours ago
Gates sexy as fkkkk gahhhh 💋
Nikolas Lynch
James Eckmyre
Hit the dislike if you hated living life like this
Trill YoungMali
🔥 🔥 🔥
yahya khan
yahya khan Day ago
Gates voice is so powerful
trill Murphy
trill Murphy Day ago
hard bro!!!
Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy Day ago
🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 @poisonivysociety @poisonivysociety @poisonivysociety @poisonivysociety @poisonivysociety @poisonivysociety @poisonivysociety @poisonivysociety @poisonivysociety 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡
Tray Lowery
Tray Lowery Day ago
I been running up that paper mama , and before I let em come and take em mama IMA DIE IN THESE CUBAN LINKS The hardest part of the song
Kalaeb Helm
Kalaeb Helm Day ago
Underrated duo
Chow Kozart
Chow Kozart Day ago
Member waking up with no destination
Martina Winters
I love you
A. Jefferson
A. Jefferson Day ago
Everybody hoping on tracks with Rod, hottest thing smoking right now rn
Patrick Pittman
this mf star sexy asf
Lawrence Sauced
I will goning yo die on this song
Rockout Da Don
Kevin gates kill this shit rod wave did his thing too
Justin Williams
who ever subscribes will be successful
Reon Trills
Reon Trills Day ago
Real shit
Marvin D Martian
One of my favorite songs today straight up U gates!!!!!
Marvin D Martian
One of my favorite songs today straight up U gates!!!!!
Zander Church
I just wanna say I love this so g so much this song hits hard asf
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