Rod Wave - Cuban Links feat. Kevin Gates (Official Music Video)

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Oct 10, 2019




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Comments 100
Matthew Bourque
Words from 2 poets 💙🤞🏾🤟🏾👌🏾💪🏾 Houston to Louisiana 🗣🗣
BlaDe CLAN Official channel REAL BLADE CLAN
I’m the 100 million view
Ronny Robins
Ronny Robins Day ago
Why all the thumbs down wtf HATERS!!
Ray Perry
Ray Perry Day ago
100mil dam bru u did it
mstea529 2 days ago
I Love his music. Wishing him much success in his Career
Miguel Aleman
Miguel Aleman 2 days ago
Wake up in the morning hit my knees and i pray
Counting Old Hundreds Enterprise
This hit different when you come from dirt nothing and now you maintaing with some real Cuban links on 💯salute all my real ones
Kyanna Bruns
Kyanna Bruns 3 days ago
hi my name is Kendryc my dad dead dierick
Jasmine Rhodes
Jasmine Rhodes 3 days ago
I wonder how Kevin Gates lost all of that weight?!😂😩
queen kay
queen kay Day ago
coke lol
Ellen Underwood
Ellen Underwood 3 days ago
No $9 could help me face what I was facing... who felt it
DreamWorkz Outdoors
Salaam alaikum my brother Kevin gates
Ms Renea Balla
Ms Renea Balla 3 days ago
Okay bro
Melisaa Taylor
Melisaa Taylor 4 days ago
This song keep me motivate everyday 💛🤞🏾
my boy hit that yes lord
Ty Morehead
Ty Morehead 4 days ago
When Kevin Gates said “right now today” I felt that.
Queen Bee
Queen Bee 3 days ago
Yesss I love that part
Dough Stackz
Dough Stackz 4 days ago
Go subscribe to doughstackz NOWWW NJ HOTTEST ATRIST
Darren McGregor
Darren McGregor 4 days ago
🔥🔥track gives my goosebumps
Keala m
Keala m 4 days ago
Roderick Williams
the best song I ever heard
Stefan b
Stefan b 5 days ago
I was sleep on dude. But I'm feeling this song tho
black island
black island 5 days ago
Qq Q
Shamirra Chisholm
"Good relationships i admit i hade NONE"
Goodgamerman 6 days ago
That Cuban Florida sound right here
Isaac Hopkins
Isaac Hopkins 6 days ago
Legend has it this song was playing in XXXs car when they ran up on him! #RIPXXXTENTACION #DIEINTHESECUBANLINKS
Student Braylon Brown
that song is hard
u must sub if see this comment
Take this tickets before it hits 100 million views. 🎟
itsqlook Boy
itsqlook Boy 7 days ago
When you robbing A Mansion and start singing to throw em off
DP Blackerton
DP Blackerton 8 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-xF3WPD6BgqE.html im next up DPG
Jakyla Hampton
Jakyla Hampton 8 days ago
rod wave im a biggest fan of u
BABY LISHA 8 days ago
Love the song but its the sandals for me 😂 why they not his size 🤔?
John Rawl
John Rawl 9 days ago
Damn near 100m views 😭🔥
Keonte Foreman
Keonte Foreman 9 days ago
Task Force 141
Task Force 141 9 days ago
this do go hard tho and got a good masage
PSB Julio
PSB Julio 9 days ago
Kevin gates killed his verse gates a Louisiana OG
Za'miyah Sims
Za'miyah Sims 9 days ago
keving gates my boyfreind
krazytext 9 days ago
Almost 100 million views in only 11 months!
Boss DOnny
Boss DOnny 10 days ago
Who is better kevingates or RodWave
bigstepper_NBF 10 days ago
krisette Hatcher
krisette Hatcher 11 days ago
Broooo this song sounds so goodddd in 2020 I listen to it everyday even when the song came out
Blessed Beyond measures
🥺 man this my life ,Lord save me please ,don’t let me drown
Sziann Hackshaw
Sziann Hackshaw 11 days ago
make them longer
Sziann Hackshaw
Sziann Hackshaw 11 days ago
i love u
Dangles Sykotic
Dangles Sykotic 11 days ago
I love this song to death
Ritchcraft 11 days ago
Is that the Mansion you end up with in Vice City??
Amanda Davis
Amanda Davis 11 days ago
i love
Suzandra Grandberry
He killed that shit on soul 🤍❤️
Taylor McCullough
Taylor McCullough 12 days ago
When Kevin Gates goes like reallly deep wit his voice, dats creepy but awesome.
Sandra Stevens
Sandra Stevens 12 days ago
We are all struggling right now.all we can do is depend on God
chris brooks
chris brooks 12 days ago
Rip to all the good friends lost too soon. RIP CUZ
Nathan Roizer
Nathan Roizer 12 days ago
Yo this song bops 💯🔥🔥
don v
don v 12 days ago
B Bu
B Bu 13 days ago
Orit Yaaqov
Orit Yaaqov 13 days ago
He isn't fat,he is only full Of lyrics🔥
your not comp
your not comp 13 days ago
Don't lie we know Rod wave sounds like Kevin Gates but Rod wave has more Auto-Tune
lowk 11 days ago
Not to much
Kiarra Naya
Kiarra Naya 14 days ago
It’s really hard when you got a kid and you struggling, I grew up squabbling with every bish I could just to prove I wasn’t no scared chick.... I guess it paid off. Lol
Chris Jenkins
Chris Jenkins 14 days ago
Abdirahman Hussein
Abdirahman Hussein 14 days ago
Kristen Kennedy
Kristen Kennedy 15 days ago
You would think this was Gates song...they show him more than Rod Wave
Meta Occultist
Meta Occultist 15 days ago
garbage music
Tamesia Spencer
Tamesia Spencer 16 days ago
im gon die eatin these chicken wings or watever rod wave said
lil dayDay
lil dayDay 16 days ago
I love kevon gates n rod wave
Lady Luck
Lady Luck 16 days ago
This a good joint right here...
Xay Hicks Music
Xay Hicks Music 16 days ago
This legendary song is bout to be year old
Babycakes porter
Babycakes porter 17 days ago
Listen,they spitting some real shit right here one day they ain't had shit but now they "living luxury" "thank god"💖🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🤟🏽😘😘🤟🏽😘🤟🏽
Xanthee Campinose
Xanthee Campinose 17 days ago
"Fresh outta highschool, kicked out the house for living fast. Went and got a spot, then got a job cause pops was on my ass" That line is so fucking close to home. Feels like it was written for me.
Daquion Tate
Daquion Tate 18 days ago
Who directed this video?? It’s trash 💀
Ø.G DeRrIcK 7 days ago
Nigga what 🤨
Von-D 18 days ago
Jay-Z or Kanye need to sign Rod wave or some other big rapper/singer
Chloe Goad
Chloe Goad 18 days ago
ko ko ko....
Rah Lucci
Rah Lucci 19 days ago
Hey check out my covers😚
ANTHONY SMITH 20 days ago
This how many people love Rod Wave
Erwin Clark
Erwin Clark 20 days ago
Ima die IN A JERSEY 🤩☺☺🤩☺😉😉🥰🥰🥰🥰☺🤩
Erwin Clark
Erwin Clark 20 days ago
I kan see again stevie wonder 🤩😗☺🤩☺🤩☺😍😇😍🥰😂🥰😂😇🤩😇🤩☺🤩☺😛😛☺😇😇😇😇
Edward Grace
Edward Grace 20 days ago
Ne Blackie Smith love this song my big cousin k.g n my homeboy smiles always
Kassale 20 days ago
Rod wave deserves this 100 million
iris roland
iris roland 21 day ago
Everyone keep ur head up and stay up and take care ur family and yoself
charlotte arnaudis
charlotte arnaudis 22 days ago
yes theory
DJ Blxine
DJ Blxine 22 days ago
This is one of my favorite songs
Traffic Control
Traffic Control 22 days ago
Whoever directed this is dope.
Trunke 10
Trunke 10 22 days ago
he isnt fat, he is fxxking fat
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NATHAN TREV 22 days ago
Ferrel Saputra
Ferrel Saputra 23 days ago
Rod wave always mention god on his song, love that bruh God first 🙏🏾
Tarot Butterfly
Tarot Butterfly 23 days ago
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Tiffany Gray
Tiffany Gray 24 days ago
Tiffany Gray
Tiffany Gray 24 days ago
LoveBug....BugCalhoun aka Sam Jones bka SamSummerville (GodonBreak)
Tiffany Gray
Tiffany Gray 24 days ago
Tiffany Gray
Tiffany Gray 24 days ago
Tiffany Gray
Tiffany Gray 24 days ago
Deborah Tolan
Deborah Tolan 24 days ago
Best duo ever
Quenton Polk
Quenton Polk 24 days ago
Every single one of rod waves songs are so fire 🔥🔥🔥
Angel H
Angel H 24 days ago
Checkout Bestfriend Anthem ruvid.net/video/video-tYOSk6oZYSQ.html
Maraist Powers
Maraist Powers 25 days ago
Check out Maraist music on all platforms
AJ Ford
AJ Ford 25 days ago
Kevin Gates one of the greatest.. we have to get him "un-black balled"!!!!💯💯💯 #beast
Selfmade_cutie 25 days ago
It took me a minute and realized he was out of jail, felt like it was yesterday when “imagine that” came out
Ashlee Bond
Ashlee Bond 26 days ago
He's not fat, he's just THICC☺️
Kuku Basena
Kuku Basena 26 days ago
Right now todayyyy
igrafitei 26 days ago
Kev brought the wrong chains
Crabbiesam 26 days ago
Rod waves special. Never seen a rapper like him. You can really feel the emotion in his voice
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