ROBLOX TWIN TELEPATHY Dance Challenge in Real Life! | Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo
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Rebecca Zamolo and RZ Twin use their twin telepathy and try to win the roblox dance challenge in real life for Game Master training!
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Matt and Rebecca ruvid.net/show-UCvo9oZCTg_UaTQbhyXkXX3w

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In this video Rebecca Zamolo meets up with RZ Twin to test their twin telepathy in a Roblox dance challenge in real life! After Matt and Rebecca competed in a 24 hour overnight challenge at a waterpark Daniel went missing. The Game Master network searched for hidden clues and RZ twin rescued him. The Red Hood hacker is building the super computer at Vidcon and we need to defeat her using our game master training. The twins decide to start twin telepathy with diy slime for round 1 using glue, shaving cream, and activator. For round 2 the best handstand wins as RZ twins tries to recreate Rebecca’s pose. Our last and final round is a Roblox and Fortnite dance challenge. The boys compete against the girls and best twin wins like the Norris Nuts. The GM squad get a message from the Game Master that they must split up to four locations to intercept a computer device. Matt and Daniel go searching inside a pool and at a Starbucks but don’t find anything. Rebecca returns to the GM safehouse and begins to spy on a quadrant hacker. She hides behind a door and sneaks into their pocket to take the device. The Red Hood appears behind Rebecca but RZ Twin rescues her using her twin telepathy. Is it safe for the GM network or was splitting a trap? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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Jul 9, 2019

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Comments 8 606
Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo Month ago
Who watched this Twin telepathy Challenge all the way through without skipping??!
Nani Hall
Nani Hall 17 days ago
Vanessa Birmingham
Vanessa Birmingham 22 days ago
Pop Fun
Pop Fun 23 days ago
New mee
Gigi Pigi
Gigi Pigi 28 days ago
Rebecca Zamolo hi can I get a zamfam shirt
Yangqing Zhang
Yangqing Zhang Month ago
I did
Ava Mcintire
Ava Mcintire 2 hours ago
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 3 hours ago
Rz twin looks cool in black
Emma Cully
Emma Cully 3 hours ago
can we have more rz twin love you rebecca
Oliver Charlton
Oliver Charlton 5 hours ago
Amazing twin telepathy
BenzTek 86
BenzTek 86 9 hours ago
Matt won all
Bell Boo
Bell Boo 15 hours ago
The RZ twin did amazing
Krzysztof Mizera
Krzysztof Mizera 16 hours ago
Rz twin
amber odeña
amber odeña 18 hours ago
Corbin Pickett
Corbin Pickett 22 hours ago
I wish I could meet you all
Elaine Corey
Elaine Corey 22 hours ago
Keith Vink
Keith Vink Day ago
the funneist part of this is when Rz twin cooyed rebbecca's song XD LOL
Lewis Widdowson
Amit Jaipal
Amit Jaipal Day ago
Doing smile. Was. My. Favorite. Part
Alexia Hauk
Alexia Hauk Day ago
She did the same
Shakti Kesavan
rz is the best
Zeinab Mroueh
Big tidpods
Big tidpods Day ago
nabah noor
nabah noor Day ago
Tatiana Nieto
Rebecca and twin
Lydia Biey
Lydia Biey 2 days ago
i love your channel rebecca zamolo
Lydia Biey
Lydia Biey 2 days ago
that's the first week im doing a twin telepathy challenge
Afiafi Siaosi
Afiafi Siaosi 2 days ago
Rz twin is amazing and so are you
Jorge Bautista
Jorge Bautista 2 days ago
IM the gm
Jorge Bautista
Jorge Bautista 2 days ago
Rehana Sheema
Rehana Sheema 2 days ago
matt and daniel cant even do them
ExOtIc_ Ninja
ExOtIc_ Ninja 2 days ago
m att
ExOtIc_ Ninja
ExOtIc_ Ninja 2 days ago
frsderc cqaw3c
Madeline Restituyo
Nabeesatul Misria
Christy Osborne
Christy Osborne 2 days ago
Christy Osborne
Christy Osborne 2 days ago
Christy Osborne
Christy Osborne 2 days ago
Candace Schultz
Candace Schultz 2 days ago
No one
Candace Schultz
Candace Schultz 2 days ago
I got your back Rez twin
da' Glass Kitchen
The gymnastics one because I do gymnastics
Cool Dog
Cool Dog 3 days ago
I did
Acee Gamingpandagirl
Veronica Deveaux
Veronica Deveaux 3 days ago
Ludwin Guevara
Ludwin Guevara 3 days ago
Matt win
susan rowlands
susan rowlands 3 days ago
WOW !RZ twin your twin telepathy
Magical Muggles
Magical Muggles 3 days ago
Rz twin is so funny
popularwolf13 ll
popularwolf13 ll 3 days ago
my vote is rebecca and rz twin
Patty Amaro
Patty Amaro 4 days ago
Patty Amaro
Patty Amaro 4 days ago
Patty Amaro
Patty Amaro 4 days ago
Patty Amaro
Patty Amaro 4 days ago
Sumaia Ahmed
Sumaia Ahmed 4 days ago
I will subscribe to your channel but if you defeat the redwood I will
Darline Laurent
Darline Laurent 4 days ago
The Red Hood is going to take out your RUvid channel make sure
brandon Robinson
brandon Robinson 4 days ago
I think that RZ twin has got contacts in but I think that it's Rebecca but she put her on the other side .🐶🤔😜😝😛😋😉🙃🙂
Mellisa Ibrahim
Mellisa Ibrahim 4 days ago
1st Rz 2nd Robeca 3rd Matt 4th Daniel Sorry Daniel
Juicyfruit Playz
Juicyfruit Playz 4 days ago
She did terrible
Jessica Lees
Jessica Lees 4 days ago
Matt wins
Angel Demon Smile
Girls won
Tilly mcgarvie
Tilly mcgarvie 4 days ago
Lacey Hensley
Lacey Hensley 4 days ago
Irene Taasan
Irene Taasan 5 days ago
Rz twin it means r is for rebbeca and z is for zomolo
h4py h4py
h4py h4py 5 days ago
It is
Skinnyhottea Xoxo
Rebecca: I’m sure i have it Red hood : NO YOU DIDNT
Rachel Boddy
Rachel Boddy 5 days ago
Mat Mat Mat Mat
Hau Pi
Hau Pi 5 days ago
Julia Navarrete
Julia Navarrete 5 days ago
The place Rebecca went is the old game master house
Charlotte Kirchmann
Matt won because he is so cute and handsome
Charlotte Kirchmann
Rz twin did 100 present
cris medina
cris medina 5 days ago
RZ is just like you
Arabic Al Khalaf
Arabic Al Khalaf 5 days ago
Danial has a clone
Holly Liston
Holly Liston 5 days ago
Is RZ twin holding the camera
Leah Smith
Leah Smith 5 days ago
Mat won
lileddiez 5 days ago
Toccara Chambers
Toccara Chambers 6 days ago
Rebecca and are the twins are twins
Lindsey Wade
Lindsey Wade 6 days ago
you are my favorite
Kimberly Smith
Kimberly Smith 6 days ago
Hey sweetie how’s your day going today is your game master going to get you today
Jada Kulick
Jada Kulick 6 days ago
That’s weird are easy twin said when y’all were doing the handstand she said she lives in the upside down
Joudi Brinjkji
Joudi Brinjkji 6 days ago
I love you rebecca
noybn uggg
noybn uggg 6 days ago
Mat to winning
golodiaz 6 days ago
yes robot is in fortnite
Najnin Akther
Najnin Akther 6 days ago
Poke Hi
Poke Hi 6 days ago
Yash Linda
Yash Linda 6 days ago
1M 2 d 3D
Yash Linda
Yash Linda 6 days ago
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