Roblox PIGGY Chapter 8! - Carnival

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Roblox PIGGY Chapter 8! - Carnival with PrestonMobile 👊
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Apr 9, 2020




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Comments 80
PrestonGamez Month ago
Piggy says subscribe
Nivain Egodwatta
Nivain Egodwatta 2 days ago
im a massive fan
Abyaz Jaffar
Abyaz Jaffar 2 days ago
PrestonGamez lol
Philomena Do
Philomena Do 20 days ago
I just want to play with you PrestonPlayz
X C L I M A R 23 days ago
Reena Veness
Reena Veness Month ago
Why don't you play piggy chapter 10
YouTube Boy
YouTube Boy 3 hours ago
Preston I play piggy
HJ K 5 hours ago
I love you!
SophieLikesCookies 5 hours ago
U need the key card to scan and then escape I know this cause carnival is my favourite
Chitz Duga
Chitz Duga 9 hours ago
Thats easy chapter 8
Clair Mandap
Clair Mandap 16 hours ago
can i friend you preston in roblox
Susan Lao
Susan Lao 22 hours ago
I joined your group in Roblox
ITSNATHAN PLAYZ1683 22 hours ago
Abe White
Abe White Day ago
Don’t get caught Preston!!!!!!!!
KokyROBLOX BadFreakingmoments
Oh chapter 8
Hi 👋🏻 preston
Claire Huang
Claire Huang Day ago
This map is ez
Felix Yun
Felix Yun Day ago
you have 10.5 iq
Adrienne Ross
preston = wheres does hammer go? *sees hammer* *walk in OTHER DIRECTION*
Blessed Mom of 4
preston play tower defense simulator on roblox
wolfie wolf
wolfie wolf Day ago
Preston: looks at wrench* oh metal key O_O
wolfie wolf
wolfie wolf Day ago
On carnival when you fall of the building block you don't die
Nivain Egodwatta
Nivain Egodwatta 2 days ago
can you friend me please
Nivain Egodwatta
Nivain Egodwatta 2 days ago
preston is the best and does anybody here watch fgteev love this vid
savage Queeny
savage Queeny 2 days ago
Bruh i just escape
Melanie Dsouza
Melanie Dsouza 2 days ago
I love your videos pretson plays
Zackery Compton
Zackery Compton 2 days ago
i can escape piggy way quicker
Daniel Yoel Alvarado
That Supposed to be the easy Map:D
Blake Rahm
Blake Rahm 2 days ago
Is there any free Merch
Angel Galicia
Angel Galicia 2 days ago
Im seeing this in 2020
Winston Hurd
Winston Hurd 2 days ago
piggy spawns at the exit
Archie Goldsmith
Archie Goldsmith 2 days ago
I love piggy 🤩🤩🤩
Chris Gill
Chris Gill 3 days ago
Md. Izaan Ahraz Matin
you're my favourite gamer
Beastie Boy
Beastie Boy 3 days ago
I headed Preston say a word s@&*
Kumiko Winter
Kumiko Winter 3 days ago
Who’s watching for 2020?
Vicki Ng
Vicki Ng 3 days ago
Justin Juchau
Justin Juchau 3 days ago
Ween ween make videos when will you leave me videos when do you make the videos
Brynn_Kathryn Korte
i love you preston you are cute
Mia Smith
Mia Smith 3 days ago
I play this game a lot and I love it so much and you are very very bad at it
eduardo perez
eduardo perez 3 days ago
yeah there was ammo next to the gun
ishrak ahmed
ishrak ahmed 4 days ago
ring around the rosie more like ring around the clowny
Inold Cruz
Inold Cruz 4 days ago
Are u new in piggy
Inold Cruz
Inold Cruz 4 days ago
No ots a wrench
Zane Perry Mabangue
I like preston so much so subscribe to him and leave a like
Alexito Chacon-Cuellar
Your wife doesn't feature this chanell
Yinghao Fan
Yinghao Fan 4 days ago
Can you challenge me on roblox piggy the all piggy voting if I win how many roux will I get? But first we got to friend each other.
Yinghao Fan
Yinghao Fan 4 days ago
Preston lollolmpm is annoying to me in adopt me I need to get up to 600 adopt me bucks and buy here a monkey box.
Christian Santori
I’m subscribed
Jon Yang
Jon Yang 5 days ago
Chapter 12 is already out
Nelia De Gouveia
Nelia De Gouveia 6 days ago
Walk past where you use hammer Preston WhEre do YOu uSe tHe HaMMeR Also there's a story to this
金戈木 6 days ago
yes subscribe :)
tracimccormack 6 days ago
Sorry adopt me
tracimccormack 6 days ago
Do you play about me Preston? If you do my account is princessjoslynrose
Beatrice Molitor
Beatrice Molitor 6 days ago
Do 12
Graeme Dickson
Graeme Dickson 6 days ago
Preston go ask Brianna if she wants to play piggy
Lily Rivera
Lily Rivera 7 days ago
JAMES ALERTA 7 days ago
if ur watching in 2020 while in quarintine plz like
Devyn Decker
Devyn Decker 7 days ago
I love your videos Preston but the hammer goes to the escape😑
Ravenclaw Head Fox
Yeah well I don't do piggy's bidding.
Eliana Rubio
Eliana Rubio 7 days ago
Preston when you unlock rhe teal part in carniva l you can glitch you back up crouch close up then when you back up you should zoom out then you can get the gun
John Sutton
John Sutton 7 days ago
Make sure like the video
John Sutton
John Sutton 7 days ago
I did subscribe
Lightning Gaming
Lightning Gaming 7 days ago
When you had the gun why didn’t you say baa
Neil Asrani
Neil Asrani 7 days ago
Now there’s is a new MAP called PLANT chapter last 12 their is three times endings
james mullally
james mullally 8 days ago
t's my birthday
dlint05 8 days ago
Leave a like if when he bumped into piggy it was really funny
Sam S
Sam S 8 days ago
I was super scared by the Piggy Robles Story, but it ant as bad as IT coming to Roblox.
Timothy Mineo
Timothy Mineo 8 days ago
Piggy chapter 12 is out last chapter and next piggy is piggy2
Jeangjxjvnvxb46eerdd Benson
your so annoying you needed the hammer for the door and you passed it dude
Heather Dee
Heather Dee 8 days ago
its orange your like gravycatman!!!!!
Kiara Gáspár
Kiara Gáspár 8 days ago
Jennifer Buckley
Jennifer Buckley 9 days ago
It's a plank bruh preston.
matt best gamer
matt best gamer 9 days ago
clowny piggy foxy bunny
Ariana Marrero
Ariana Marrero 9 days ago
Play chaftr 12 in piggy plzz!?:)
bakmikadin jakarta
bakmikadin jakarta 10 days ago
Preston ur very low XD hehe sorry
Darren cool awesome
It's not brick it's plank
Beatriz Ang-Ermocilla
how many people know you can glitch out of the map
Xaverina Vedatara
Xaverina Vedatara 10 days ago
Eleanor Trolian
Eleanor Trolian 10 days ago
Preston the hammer goes to the front door
Caleb McCullen
Caleb McCullen 10 days ago
Carnival is the easiest chapter
ali shamy
ali shamy 10 days ago
preston is so trash at piggy
Young Savage
Young Savage 11 days ago
I laugh so hard bc Preston is so bad at piggy
Ashley Geil
Ashley Geil 11 days ago
If mommy hears you swear She’ll have to block you off
Linda Skaja
Linda Skaja 11 days ago
Mason I love
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