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Hey Royale High Squad! Yes, I finally filmed a Royale High Video! In this video I compared 3 different Types of players and there "phases of royale high". Basically, I showed you the difference between what a Noob, Pro or God would do on Royale High. For example, The difference in the way they dress. Would you guys like to see more Royale High? Comment down below.
Disclaimer : This video was filmed by SunsetSafari (Me) on the platform Roblox. All other video concerns are listed below that include: The music I used, The platform I used to create the thumbnail, The platforms I used to film and edit the video. I hope to use my voice more very soon in my video!
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Comments 80
Saray Galvis
Saray Galvis 8 hours ago
I am minx of noob and god:-(
Cutie Amy :D
Cutie Amy :D 14 hours ago
I’m a pro tho..
abby likes anime
abby likes anime 14 hours ago
me- a god other people- nO uR nOt U dOnT hAvE tHe PaRaSoL! me- because its not out right now you idiot
Catgirl Cloud
Catgirl Cloud 15 hours ago
i am a mix of god and pro but i find it very hard to make friends because i am just too shy! 1 like = i will get less shy
Raechoi YT
Raechoi YT 19 hours ago
Imma pro hoping to be become a god someday.
Karina Staneva
Karina Staneva 20 hours ago
i'm a god but i'm not super rich i'm just a high level i play royale high super often like every day i have alot of accsesories i'm not trying to brag btw i'm goth but sometimes dress in pastel but i usually wear green,purple and black i know alot about royale high especially diamond hacks and i'm still poor :( i'm looking for faster ways to farm but i think the only way is getting multipliers i don't have robux oof i have played for like almost 2 years i am not picky with friends but i'm a loner i go to the school btw it's more fun then collecthing
Olivia Braghetta-Peterson
Im right between god and pro
Sevi Trem
Sevi Trem Day ago
I think I'm a pro I'm NOT a god and noob
America West Travel
i love you
[Tilly • 格兰杰]
8:53 did anyone notice SunsetSafari made a mistake and used “Pro” instead of “Noob”? It’s okay though :) everyone makes mistakes.
An Arinator Cloudy_Grande
Half noon, half God
Hendra Tirtadirdja
I really made a lot of friends!!they even call me bestie!!! :) ;-; :(U^U O.O this is for real I play roblox
Hendra Tirtadirdja
Its easy
Hendra Tirtadirdja
And im good at flying just like pro find me in royale high
Hendra Tirtadirdja
Im only using my dad phone
Hendra Tirtadirdja
And im a gurl
Hendra Tirtadirdja
On roblox duhhh
Hendra Tirtadirdja
Uh im a little pro my name is nubbyan
Otaku Weeb girl
I'm like, 60% god and 40% pro
Sonny Wicaksono
9:57 Where is The God? But Im not Mad at you Sunsetsafari...Who Noticed That 2 , Like If u Noticed 2 | | V
Sonny Wicaksono
8:52 Wasnt that supposed To be noob? Like If You Noticed | | V
Ariel Lopez
Ariel Lopez 2 days ago
I am kinda like a god/pro XD
TheHeartDonut 2 days ago
I’m a mix of a noob and a pro but more towards pro lol 😂
KATRYN 2 days ago
5:14 this is my first month in new royal high XD
Soapy Sudsy
Soapy Sudsy 2 days ago
I'm a mixture of all of them Mostly pro
Lakin Lovato
Lakin Lovato 2 days ago
Im the God :/
Lakin Lovato
Lakin Lovato 2 days ago
I don't have the parsol sad :^
ღ luxury // audio ღ
*Entering:* Pro / God. Usually, I'll have specific intentions when I join a server (like the Gods), but I get really excited over new updates, too. *Dressing up:* Pro / God. I don't really have a set style, but I'm really good at utilizing accessories and creating color palettes. I have somewhat expensive items, but I manage to create cute looks out of them. *Transportation:* God. Even as a new player, I found flying to be _really_ easy in this game. *Finding places:* God. I know where just about all of the hidden spots are in most of the areas of the game. *Making friends:* Noob / Pro. I don't really go out looking to make friends, but for the sake of roleplaying purposes, I might make a couple friends in a server, but I don't keep in contact with them afterward. *Earning diamonds:* Pro / God. I don't have any of the multipliers. Also, I don't make private servers, but if I'm strictly diamond farming, I will always go to Enchantix High. It's my favorite place to get diamonds quickly. If I'm farming to get XP, too, then I'll do the pageant or new Royale High (or sleeping). *Classes:* God. I know the hacks where they are applicable, and even in the ones without hacks, I finish first place about 95% of the time.
Karalyn Tokuda
Karalyn Tokuda 3 days ago
Im a god
Sugar Sweet
Sugar Sweet 3 days ago
8:52 she meant noob lol
Sugar Sweet
Sugar Sweet 3 days ago
I’m god.. omg
Lil Mochi
Lil Mochi 3 days ago
I’m a god
Brianna TheBanana
im a mix of pro and god!
Abigail Alex
Abigail Alex 3 days ago
I’m a god / pro
Alicia Fowler
Alicia Fowler 3 days ago
On the classes she said noob was pro lol
Ruzica Tesic
Ruzica Tesic 3 days ago
The pro just looks like the noob but with a flower crown and earrings. And imma royale high god!
Kz Shein
Kz Shein 3 days ago
Honestly not trying to brag but I’m basically a God
muffin Squeeze
muffin Squeeze 4 days ago
I’m pro
Elene Chogoshvili
Im a god but im not bragging
Gacha_edits _Human
Im between noob and a god :)
Lovelywolfiee Roblox
ngl i think i'm a god 😳
Mia Grant
Mia Grant 4 days ago
Im a god because I have more than 20,000 diamonds 💎
Mia Grant
Mia Grant 4 days ago
Im a god because I have more than 20,000 diamonds 💎
☆ 𝔸𝕓𝕓𝕪 ☆
0:05 Most of the stuff in this video is true tho...
starii.x. zo
starii.x. zo 4 days ago
No it's not
Ashley Sharpstene
You got a shop with poke !!!!
Libra Gaming
Libra Gaming 5 days ago
I'm in between pro and god. I don't have the parasol though.
Karin plays20
Karin plays20 5 days ago
I am pro and always play sunset island
Pomeranian Puppie
I am the god level but I just don’t have robux BTW I have 10 accounts 😬 my dad keep deleting roblox on meh iPaD
Naomi Santos
Naomi Santos 6 days ago
Im a pro mixtuxe with god
Xena Plays
Xena Plays 6 days ago
Im in ur group! Btw can you put me in your one of your videos? My user is Cookies_pop12
Hiyoko 6 days ago
“The pro’s aren’t the richest”girl....THE PARASOL IS ONE OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE ITEMS ಠ_ಠ
Hewo O-o a roblox gamer here
It's the most expensive thing -.-
Cookies4me :P
Cookies4me :P 6 days ago
8:53 does no one cares about this..?
nooblife girl
nooblife girl 6 days ago
When you did god where you show the diamonds I have much more then that
ruby rube
ruby rube 6 days ago
I'm a good
Aqilah RAZA
Aqilah RAZA 6 days ago
Can you add me?
ItzJustSamz 6 days ago
tbh this makes me think im a god cuz i do what they do
Lady Lyra
Lady Lyra 6 days ago
I love your intros and videos never stop making them
Chloe Gaming and more
I’m a goddess (basically a god but I’m a girl so yeah)
Kim Jeon Taeyeon
Kim Jeon Taeyeon 7 days ago
Sunset is should be "Noob" at 8:53 :3 just sayin incase if u edit the vid.
Eva Carvalho
Eva Carvalho 7 days ago
All the things " rh god" does i actually also do but im i guess a pro
Gabbyjeb 7 days ago
I met * why*
Gabbyjeb 7 days ago
Uuh my is the classes part say the noob is the pro :^
Olivia Gullette
Olivia Gullette 8 days ago
Not bragging but, I'm a royale high goddess. I am rich,own almost everything in game, love making new outfit trends and taking photos. I am one of then top levels and when divina was still here i was one of the top supreme royalty.
Rose MSP Roblox
Rose MSP Roblox 8 days ago
Im god xD Idk why
unicxrn_ Dreams
unicxrn_ Dreams 8 days ago
Not gonna brag,but I’m a mixture of a pro and a god. Are you?
Madeleine Dicochea
I can’t decide which I am, Pro or God, I can’t because I’m really great at the game, but I don’t make my own style trends (most of the time) but I don’t show off things I own either. :/
Rolly Rosete
Rolly Rosete 8 days ago
U just added pro twice in classes
Cutiezscarlet S
Cutiezscarlet S 8 days ago
Oh fit into I nbetwean pro-god so yeah
Princess Layla!!
Princess Layla!! 8 days ago
Idk i think im a pro but i lag ALOT lol but idk i may be a noob :)
PeachyKitty meow meow
I’m the god I play royal high every single day
Oscar Garcia Jr.
Oscar Garcia Jr. 9 days ago
ItsKatteh 9 days ago
Without robux its kinda hard to get motivated to become god level
India LeNoble
India LeNoble 9 days ago
I guess I am a pro
August Audrey
August Audrey 9 days ago
8:54 Notice it said pro
Dedy Anggara
Dedy Anggara 10 days ago
i think i like the god one maybe ->-
French Fry The Bean
I'm a mixture of all three
Lana LeMay
Lana LeMay 10 days ago
I’m a god mixed with a pro I’m high leveled but I don’t get diamonds often....
Chloe Latour
Chloe Latour 10 days ago
is literally a god but is 16 and cant relate to 8-12 year olds
starry skies
starry skies 10 days ago
I'm a god, but the friends thing is like a pro for me And I don't buy my diamonds And I don't always have a lot of diamonds
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