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Feb 25, 2019




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Comments 80
Michelle youkhana
I ate a ghost Pepper when I was three
Alinaqi manji
Alinaqi manji 3 days ago
rupee is indian money
Amelie Warneck
Amelie Warneck 3 days ago
Sienna Rex
Sienna Rex 8 days ago
Pat: I hate Ikea .-. “Ikea has left the chat”
DemonAngel 123
DemonAngel 123 8 days ago
Ivor Cummings-John
maribel perez
maribel perez 11 days ago
Jen i hate you and hi
karra perry
karra perry 11 days ago
i didnt know there was hot sauce to when they started to and thought it was yeeting simulater yep
Jen Thompson
Jen Thompson 12 days ago
Ian J.
Ian J. 13 days ago
More tier 5 please jen; what game do you mean Me: I don't know BTD6 Jen: wait what
Angel So
Angel So 15 days ago
Selen S3len
Selen S3len 15 days ago
Gloriea Glitch
Gloriea Glitch 16 days ago
I sware Jen has the cutest intro
Theresa Matillano
Theresa Matillano 18 days ago
jen don't be mad
Kenzie Barnett
Kenzie Barnett 20 days ago
lisa Holt
lisa Holt 21 day ago
Jen:I am a salty boy Pat what Me. Haha
Gina Keiser
Gina Keiser 21 day ago
Kaya Frances
Kaya Frances 21 day ago
Jen: I'm a salty Boi Pat and Jen laugh Me: I'm a salty Boii toooo
Helen Kiarie
Helen Kiarie 22 days ago
Alissa Brickman
Alissa Brickman 22 days ago
Adriana Magalhães
Adriana Magalhães 28 days ago
I disagree with pat. IKEA is my favorite store/mall mainly because ITS HUGE meatballs are amazing! Ice cream is 10 stars and the cinnamon rolls are THE BOMB DOT COM XD love your vids!
cmoudryful 28 days ago
Me too!!!
Brody Noels
Brody Noels Month ago
pat they put idea instead of ikea because of copyrights - 346 braincells moron
Kok Wah Thum
Kok Wah Thum Month ago
Last time Pat rage at the hard dropper and it's so funny
Alyssa Ochoa
Alyssa Ochoa Month ago
Yes another episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zoe Johnson
Zoe Johnson Month ago
Why don't u play pet ranch simulator 2 it's so cool but the most important I always ur vids there the best u are the best
Shudley Dollie
Shudley Dollie Month ago
cool cool you
Shudley Dollie
Shudley Dollie Month ago
fuc you cool
XxWinter LandxX
XxWinter LandxX Month ago
Are you ok?
Whitney Young
Whitney Young Month ago
yes i do want to see anther video i am not rushing you but i at watched all of you videos
There Was Only Ever You
At the beginning it was definitely quicker to pick up coins at 8 coins each.. each table broken gives you 2 coins..
Random Pasta
Random Pasta Month ago
Rupees is what Indian currency is called
Emily Grumich
Emily Grumich Month ago
I have game recommendation you should play adopt me
Stacy Clifford
Stacy Clifford Month ago
I love Ikea I got my bed from there!!!!!
Happy and dorcas
Yes we will play I got so mad I started to raging me:I love all your videos ❤️♥️💗
Carlie Sayesha Viloria
omg this is soo hilarious 😂
Stephanie James
Stephanie James Month ago
yea i wanna see a pt 2 or maby eaven a pt 3 plase i love it
Rosen Tonev
Rosen Tonev Month ago
Jennifer Prince
Jennifer Prince Month ago
Yes x 100000000000000000000000
Brendan Wong
Brendan Wong Month ago
come on I thought it was legit
intoxictor 2980
intoxictor 2980 Month ago
Jen:rage all over the like button Me:so I started raging anyway
Hayden LYNE
Hayden LYNE Month ago
Play clone tycoon 2
Haniyah Saeed
Haniyah Saeed 2 months ago
Dixie Bone
Dixie Bone 2 months ago
I love y'all so much and I'm your biggest fan
Lazer beam
Lazer beam 2 months ago
Dama to casita
matt wickman
matt wickman 2 months ago
Your videos are awsome
emokhare Aigbe
emokhare Aigbe 2 months ago
pat and jen i am a massive fan i sup i hit thatlike button and sub to your channle
Abhinav Lucky
Abhinav Lucky 2 months ago
Is a salti boi
Abhinav Lucky
Abhinav Lucky 2 months ago
BMOVIEBOY 2 months ago
Plz no more videos of this I don't want you to beat me
BMOVIEBOY 2 months ago
Me pat and Jen are pros lol
BMOVIEBOY 2 months ago
Lions are useless for me
BMOVIEBOY 2 months ago
Better pets more money from chest
BMOVIEBOY 2 months ago
I have dessert tier
BMOVIEBOY 2 months ago
I get like 3000 or 400 k at the chest
BMOVIEBOY 2 months ago
When I play I never sell again because I use treasure chest
BMOVIEBOY 2 months ago
I have like a million dollars in this game
Alexandra Hamilton
Alexandra Hamilton 2 months ago
Do a part #2
Wow Aleesha Does stuff
Do a new episode
Pearl Collazo
Pearl Collazo 2 months ago
OMG one like... Wait why is it blue?
Irian Shameti
Irian Shameti 2 months ago
I like hot sauce 😋😈
Laura Jung
Laura Jung 2 months ago
I LOVE IKEA how dare you
Fruity Gaming
Fruity Gaming 2 months ago
Sure! I'd like to see more episodes!
Mid Night
Mid Night 2 months ago
I feel like the lemon and lime one would be way more painful then anything else just because it's like hot and sour at the same time 😂
Wolfie Gamer
Wolfie Gamer Month ago
very tru
Irene Ocite
Irene Ocite Month ago
I think the one that would be too much pain is the bomb
HC Hugo C
HC Hugo C 2 months ago
Wilford Warfstache
Wilford Warfstache 3 months ago
That's true
Wilford Warfstache
Wilford Warfstache 3 months ago
Lol I thought that too!
My life Sucks
My life Sucks 3 months ago
I can only eat 19
Natalia Rosa
Natalia Rosa 3 months ago
yeah I want another video
peppa don't like suncream
Need another episode
combsje1 3 months ago
that's like a really lot lol
Simon Jones
Simon Jones 3 months ago
Jen and pat is the best
Ann Bueno
Ann Bueno 3 months ago
Can you do a 2nd episode or make this series? Can you please do it? Thank You!
Ann Bueno
Ann Bueno 3 months ago
Can you make a part 2 or make this a series? Can you please do it ???? Thank You
Tater Nation
Tater Nation 3 months ago
I just lost a best friend that changed my life forever....I made Him a card but forgot it... Today at school was his last day.... now I am home and now watching your video.... thanks to you I am now feeling a bit better! You always make me laugh! ❤️
ShinyCosmoGamer2018 You can just call me Cosmo
1:26 pat says how is rusty better than plastic Me: rust is just a dirty metal *pats sees comment and remakes the vid* in the new vid: oh rust is better than plastic because its a dirty metal (kill me :> )
l r
l r 3 months ago
Yes jen
Ariana Heranadez
Ariana Heranadez 3 months ago
Jen:I'm a salty boy Pat:hahaha! Me:lol ad
Selo Widono
Selo Widono 3 months ago
like into crazie smack his house and big jen
Glenda Cruz
Glenda Cruz 4 months ago
Pizz pat and jen make a na dere vidio
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