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Jan 2, 2019




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Comments 80
Ethel Cirhaz
Ethel Cirhaz Day ago
Hi Jen, I love you so muchhhh
Natalie Newton
I made a new minecraft video today and it's for you enjoy it from your #1 fan Natalie Newton
Reginald Shayler-Adams
Sonic is there!
pedro lopez
pedro lopez 2 days ago
Can u play FNAF on Roblox please it's my favorite 😋😋😋😋
Faith Eloi
Faith Eloi 3 days ago
Did you guys know they allowed minecraft in roblox :3
Julie Peplow
Julie Peplow 3 days ago
Happy new yearJen🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘😘😘😃😃😀
Hailey Hansen
Hailey Hansen 4 days ago
Yay for Jen and pat.
Linda Van Steenbergen
This game looks so fun
Rokaido 12 days ago
Jen omg? I used to watch you and pat play Minecraft
Everything_to_ Do’s
I peed my pants I laughing so hard
slime sisters
slime sisters 7 days ago
Jaypee Salazar
Jaypee Salazar 14 days ago
me toooooo but its 2020
Luisa Luisasoto
Luisa Luisasoto 21 day ago
this Roblox game haven't even played this game
Anne Cochrane
Anne Cochrane 26 days ago
I played the same game
Anne Cochrane
Anne Cochrane 26 days ago
Anne Cochrane
Anne Cochrane 27 days ago
Soph Mas
Soph Mas 29 days ago
hi Jen!
Pepijn van Berkum
Noo a lightning storm Lets hide under a tree🤣
ZI QING TAN Month ago
What is this game call?
Lynda Rogers
Lynda Rogers Month ago
Discharge from home and I am going to be home tomorrow if you can do it later today I can do tomorrow night if I get there tomorrow morning thanks
Omar Hasan
Omar Hasan Month ago
jen i got hart on my hrm
Raelyn Markus
Raelyn Markus Month ago
You are so cool.I watch your videos.
Arman Ladera
Arman Ladera Month ago
green hill zone from sonic
tong thomas
tong thomas Month ago
They hink someone with a noob skin is a monster trying to kill them lel
Tiffany People
Tiffany People Month ago
yes it was the same disaster
Tiffany People
Tiffany People Month ago
jen: don't get near windows 2 minintes later jen: i think iam safe jen is under steps near a window
Leopoldo Garcia
Leopoldo Garcia Month ago
Jen I am a big fan
Rachel Cabildo
Rachel Cabildo Month ago
Rachel Cabildo
Rachel Cabildo Month ago
Ohhhh'its toi
Rachel Cabildo
Rachel Cabildo Month ago
And say to Pat that add freind me tii
Rachel Cabildo
Rachel Cabildo Month ago
Plsss add me in roblox i am LOVEME59PLS all big letter
Destiny Cedano
Destiny Cedano Month ago
My username is nicole123az1 to give me robux plz plz plz plz❤️🥺😊
Gonçalo Russo
Gonçalo Russo Month ago
I'm a big fan of your videos
Gonçalo Russo
Gonçalo Russo Month ago
I love your video
Gonçalo Russo
Gonçalo Russo Month ago
I sub
Gonçalo Russo
Gonçalo Russo Month ago
Omg pat and jen
77seajewel Month ago
Nana Martínez
Nana Martínez Month ago
Why did it didn't have no 10
hector valle
hector valle Month ago
jen cant talk properly
杨月华 Month ago
It no ice age if is there will be mammoths coming towards you!!!
杨月华 Month ago
I hope you guys don’t catch the corona virus!
杨月华 Month ago
Fox fires! 🦊🔥
Alexandra Istrate
Alexandra Istrate 2 months ago
ARJUN DASARI 2 months ago
I just subscribed for 2 years
Roman Nichols
Roman Nichols 2 months ago
Jen: press all those BUTTONS! Me: Sooooooooo i press the dislike also or... Jen: why did i get so much dislikes! Me: you better watch what you say Jen
Angelina Clwason
Angelina Clwason 2 months ago
Play ninga legends it's so fun
Akasha Dandridge
Akasha Dandridge 2 months ago
Rachael Lionardy
Rachael Lionardy 2 months ago
Guys the slow time was robots or people shothing slow bullets
Michael Gleeson
Michael Gleeson 2 months ago
Benjie Cristopher Dela Cruz
Jen that yellow guy was called a roblox noon and that's a player and actually that the oldest avatar of roblox
LIM JIE YI Moe 2 months ago
Can you make more videos?
Pascal Couti
Pascal Couti 2 months ago
That is skary Jen and pat🤨
Eva Maria
Eva Maria 2 months ago
Happy New Years even though it’s not New Years for me
Gina Di Cesare
Gina Di Cesare 2 months ago
11:25 "there's balls everywhere" WHY ALSKSKLSKS
Bianca Ford
Bianca Ford 2 months ago
Hi Jen 🤗🤗🤗🦄🦄🍑🥝🥨
Olivia Thorpe
Olivia Thorpe 2 months ago
why haven't you and pat been playing together as often?
Stormi29 Icy
Stormi29 Icy 2 months ago
They still do videos together frequently but not as often as they did
Stormi29 Icy
Stormi29 Icy 2 months ago
Because they broke up and they don't live in the same house anymore so they can't record that often
Giselle Sustaita
Giselle Sustaita 2 months ago
what game is this called
michael mullen
michael mullen 2 months ago
Melissa Ortega
Melissa Ortega 2 months ago
Ok did it now what
Melissa Ortega
Melissa Ortega 2 months ago
Happy new year to you too 🥳🥳🥳🥳🧖🏼‍♂️🧖🏼‍♀️👔👖👙👗👢👢
Gacha Gazelle
Gacha Gazelle 3 months ago
Also I saw some one in Roblox from ur videos
Gacha Gazelle
Gacha Gazelle 3 months ago
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I love your Survive the disasters videos! Maybe u should do them more!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Ghibli Bara
Ghibli Bara 3 months ago
:Pat: Wirl wizza wizza-Fuzzy fuzzy bear
Curlene Coulter-Crawford pule
One thing tell pat and u to change ur inrto pls
Howard Lee
Howard Lee 3 months ago
i am playing roblox
Mya's Would
Mya's Would 3 months ago
Hi 👋🏻
Chiamine Tumala
Chiamine Tumala 4 months ago
happy new yea rp
alfred short
alfred short 4 months ago
Kandi King
Kandi King 4 months ago
Happy New Year's Jen and pat💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
angie Flores
angie Flores 4 months ago
Ok we will 😎🤗🤩
Big llama
Big llama 4 months ago
Send your videos are so funny I just like your videos
Peter Cusumano
Peter Cusumano 4 months ago
Jen: Oh no! I lost my body parts. ..............
dihyas world mekaouche
PAT JEN plz play day care story i its gona blow yoyr minds!😄
Elizabeth Fawcett
Elizabeth Fawcett 4 months ago
Omg I just realized this video was posted 1 year ago on my birthday:))))
Vaibav 4 months ago
omg this was posted during my 12th birthday!!
Nasir Azam
Nasir Azam 5 months ago
Happy new year
Anaya rucker
Anaya rucker 5 months ago
Happy new year's to you to blank blank period sis
lab foraliens666
lab foraliens666 5 months ago
Happy new year! Love yalls channels
Catlover 5916
Catlover 5916 5 months ago
so cool the day i am watching this is exactly one year away from when it was made (right now its January second 2020)
Joro Oprashev
Joro Oprashev 5 months ago
Boom duks
bertito36 5 months ago
I love you guys pat and Jen you are cool
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