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Comments 80
Kitty Mayham
Kitty Mayham 2 days ago
Jen: am killing a House. me: the houses are alive!
Amber_does_gacha Gacha
Y is it called pouch 👝 it is weird
aretha caughman
aretha caughman 23 days ago
Funniest and best person ever especially Pat while Jen is best 2
aretha caughman
aretha caughman 23 days ago
2 likes Nintendo and phone
Bryan Kong
Bryan Kong 29 days ago
hi jen and pat
Katelyn’s World
Hades is a underground god.
Gavriel Nathanael
Pats pet I think he has the best to me
Gavriel Nathanael
I m just kiding hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
Gavriel Nathanael
I am ging to like pats video
Gavriel Nathanael
And I think pats skin is beter to
Bruno Cole
Bruno Cole 2 months ago
The CherryTimes :D
The CherryTimes :D 2 months ago
*cough* I am Ares and way stronger than y’all, no offense. :3
Andy van Harte
Andy van Harte 3 months ago
Stinky Froggie
Stinky Froggie 3 months ago
In 7:00 she has a eagle
DJ Ash The Savage
DJ Ash The Savage 3 months ago
Jen:I need to kill some vehicles Me to mom:mom? Mom:yes? Me:are vehicles alive Mom:...what?
Janine Elliott
Janine Elliott 4 months ago
what icon is it so I can play.
kenneth allshouse
kenneth allshouse 5 months ago
Siriluk Pakdeesri
Siriluk Pakdeesri 5 months ago
Who lives in Thailand Me รักนะจุ๊บจุ๊บ
Stinky Froggie
Stinky Froggie 3 months ago
Siriluk Pakdeesri I don’t
Warrior Lyrics
Warrior Lyrics 5 months ago
If Jen was a god she would either be the god of cute and pink animals or the god of holes leave a like and comment back saying which one u like more!
Ashley Schaller
Ashley Schaller 5 months ago
I love you Jen
Ashley Schaller
Ashley Schaller 5 months ago
I am a boy and I am ate I love your videos
Black Widdow
Black Widdow 5 months ago
It's a chicken pen
Doggydream Gamer
Doggydream Gamer 5 months ago
I just see a melon Pegasus and I already love this video
Carmel Osefoh
Carmel Osefoh 6 months ago
Bruh Jen doesn’t claim her rewards
Tony Pistilli Jr
Tony Pistilli Jr 7 months ago
play wizard simulator please
Jerry Bob
Jerry Bob 7 months ago
ken weng
ken weng 7 months ago
jen youuuuuuuu so weeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 7 months ago
Im here because im sad :c
Damnn Ju
Damnn Ju 7 months ago
i love youre vids
Suresh Subbu
Suresh Subbu 7 months ago
Suresh Subbu
Suresh Subbu 7 months ago
Suresh Subbu
Suresh Subbu 7 months ago
I bEt I NEVeR MiSs hU?
عبدالله اكسدي
Purest radiance Yt
Purest radiance Yt 7 months ago
Jen you can’t pronounce anything! That’s what makes you so funny and joyful to watch! 😂
Purest radiance Yt
Purest radiance Yt 7 months ago
Jen your can’t pronounce anything! That’s what makes you so funny and joyful to watch!
bry 7 months ago
pat and jen i love you
Cynthia Myers
Cynthia Myers 8 months ago
I am the god of that game
Look at me O
Look at me O 8 months ago
Popularmmo: what’s up dudes Feminists:WHAT DID YOU SAY??!?!??
Cohen Yantz
Cohen Yantz 8 months ago
I started playing this yesterday and I already have 3 gods
Rebecca Marinos
Rebecca Marinos 8 months ago
Popular MMOs or gamingwithjen there was a VIP area
toocooljuan 8 months ago
You can get 3 quest at a time btw
super green
super green 8 months ago
But wait can't we just have pats notification bell though since y'all to record videos together the videos together
Mubashra Nasir
Mubashra Nasir 8 months ago
Hades is the god of the under world in Hercules and descendants 3
Noob Loser
Noob Loser 8 months ago
Jr Tai
Jr Tai 8 months ago
Wait... You guys almost died?...
Robert Nelson
Robert Nelson 8 months ago
Who ever dislikes pat and jens vids is a hater
Jaxon Payne
Jaxon Payne 9 months ago
Make it into Minecraft
Tshering Sherpa
Tshering Sherpa 9 months ago
Jen : I am Zeus Pat : your so slow Zeus : Nani ?
Alina Perez
Alina Perez 9 months ago
Pat is a pencil Jen is high lighter Lubcubs is a marker Pat draws the world Jen brightens it And lubcubs colors it
Alina Perez
Alina Perez 9 months ago
Mahasin Hossan
Mahasin Hossan 9 months ago
Pat me to everyone sub to jen my life is the best
Randy Coronel
Randy Coronel 9 months ago
Can you. Give me rubox pat i have 0 rubux
Angel Foster
Angel Foster 9 months ago
Cj Taylor
Cj Taylor 9 months ago
Add me on roblox my name is lows_cj
Maddox Bordeaux
Maddox Bordeaux 9 months ago
I was Hades in the game
Maddox Bordeaux
Maddox Bordeaux 9 months ago
is thor in it
Photon Plays
Photon Plays 9 months ago
*Jen:Ooo I got a glacial hydra equips hydra* *Pat:oh yeah u can equip a bunch of pets* *Eagle:why u no equip me I’m better than that hydra*
Ase Angami
Ase Angami 9 months ago
Alana Sanders
Alana Sanders 9 months ago
Josephine Westlake
Josephine Westlake 9 months ago
Jen: does a lawnmower count as a veacle Me:IT'S A TRACTER and i'm bad at spelling :(
Armando DeLaPaz
Armando DeLaPaz 6 months ago
me to
Ninja Robot
Ninja Robot 9 months ago
They do not destroy lawn mowers they fight, train, or talk
Ninja Robot
Ninja Robot 9 months ago
Zues is the strongest God Hades is Zuess brother
Ur Grandpappy
Ur Grandpappy 10 months ago
Why does hades look like the ice king from fortnite?
Malicster T
Malicster T 10 months ago
Jen:who even is hades? Me:I’m so offended
Gracie Bradley
Gracie Bradley 10 months ago
It's a hen house where the hens lay the egg's
Thi xuan linh MAI
Thi xuan linh MAI 10 months ago
Wow god
Omar Elaser
Omar Elaser 10 months ago
Who is here after the breakup video
Alecco Sleiman
Alecco Sleiman 10 months ago
Wulfiee Yt
Wulfiee Yt 10 months ago
Argentina Carter
Argentina Carter 10 months ago
Ken I love your videos but you are so extra
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 8 months ago
its Spelled Jen not ken
Gina C Bergh
Gina C Bergh 10 months ago
Teddy Alldis
Teddy Alldis 10 months ago
Hadies is the God of evil
Teddy Alldis
Teddy Alldis 10 months ago
Elena Nazarenko
Elena Nazarenko 10 months ago
You mean GODESS
Mary Lou Ough
Mary Lou Ough 10 months ago
Pat and jen I got your book
Ashley Emile Bruning
Ashley Emile Bruning 10 months ago
So cool
Andru McArthur
Andru McArthur 10 months ago
Hades is the ruler of the underworld and do you even Herculez bro
Queen Amy Martin
Queen Amy Martin 10 months ago
Every time you do a Roblox vid you copy me
١ Abequa Gachua ١
١ Abequa Gachua ١ 10 months ago
Queen Amy Martin stop seeking for attention.
Jerry Duncan
Jerry Duncan 10 months ago
I wish I could sub as many times as cloud is savage
Maximiliano Estrada
Maximiliano Estrada 10 months ago
Wee Woo
Wee Woo 10 months ago
My RUvid is black
Fishy Boi
Fishy Boi 10 months ago
I played it
DannyBoi 10 months ago
Jen should have chosen Aphrodite. It suits her...
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