Robert Pattinson Talks 'The Batman'

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Robert Pattinson talks about what to expect for 'The Batman' with Matt Reeves, how he and Willem Dafoe rehearsed for 'The Lighthouse' and what it's like working with Christopher Nolan on 'Tenet.'




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Justin Moore
Justin Moore 2 days ago
He doesn’t really look like Bruce Wayne or Batman, and he’s not even that good looking and he’s an ok actor but I hope he gets like Brad Pitt in Fight Club, being cut up makes the most sense for Batman anyways being engaged in hand to hand combat most of the time and being big and bulky would just slow him down.
KAFROSTHK 8 days ago
Batman movies have a heritage of stupidity. Stupid people oppose to which actor will play ( Batman or Joker ). Those stupid people were also against Keaton for Batman, Ledger for Joker and Affleck for Batman and now against Pattinson.
Human Cosmopolitan
Shiva Love You 💗♦️👓🔴🌸
Just Epique
Just Epique 9 days ago
I cant wait to watch his BATMAN holy fvck
Devan Devan
Devan Devan 12 days ago
People seem to often forget that actors aren’t their roles. People hate on actors that play roles they hated, like Robert in Twilight or Ahmed as Jar Jar.
Danny Amendola
Danny Amendola 13 days ago
Possibly next James Bond? Problem is he might only stick with Batman idk if he can do 2 jobs
Mr. Carey Collection
Robert is so charming. We miss him so much
Vladimir Manosalvas IG: TheVladMan
Cavill almost played Edward Cullen in Twilight. Had he gotten the role, there would’ve been outrage when he was cast as Superman.
Justin Long
Justin Long 23 days ago
He works as hard as any man!
Nyah Andersson
Nyah Andersson 25 days ago
Such an intelligent, charismatic, funny, goofy guy just loving learning his craft and taking risks. Kudos. X
TheDaviesLocker 25 days ago
The Batman (2021) starring Robert Pattinson: Everything we know - ruvid.net/video/video-ilHdcCAM83I.html
Rockey 26 days ago
So some stupid romantic shit and now he is pushing towards curious concepts
Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson 26 days ago
People are gonna feel pretty dumb when they see how good his Batman is
Manash Jyoti Saikia
How could she!!!!! Such a bitch KS
mariam mustafa
mariam mustafa Month ago
he is gonna be such a good batman.
Dave Mustaine
Dave Mustaine Month ago
Jared Leto won an Oscar but he failed to deliver the Joker character. What I am saying is that I won't judge until I see the whole film.
Titi Papillon
Titi Papillon Month ago
It's a good acteur!
Maria Silva
Maria Silva Month ago
He’s a vampire, he’s a bat...OMG is so dificult to choose🙃🙃😍. He’ so HOT
Marcela Escalante
Robert no ama más a Kristen ?
Shirlee Bostrom
Shirlee Bostrom Month ago
He's not big enough to be Batman! Inless they CGI him
Growzy101 Month ago
how about Hugh Jackamn 2.0 ?
Claire Month ago
well he has the batman chin
MLG Month ago
Say " I am Batman"
aakshii sriivastav
I can't get enough of himmmmm
austin luna
austin luna Month ago
Worse Batman Ever 😡
Kael 28 days ago
Wait you saw the movie how was it
Harshali Makhijani
This movie can break the record in billions because of robert
KillerFrost Daphne
aloiol Month ago
He sould do Kurt Kobain's biography.
Mermaid Month ago
2:28 OMFG 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
neelam gautam
neelam gautam Month ago
people are already crazy for this bat man ❤❤
spigui500 Month ago
I like that the Tim Burton movies are on his mind That's a good sign
Detective Taylor Swift
Despite being shy, Rob definitely has lot to say
Alexander Month ago
He’s so giggly but when he’s acting, you forget how goofy this guy is lol
Harad - Fantasy Music
Turns out Robert's also an extremly good researcher, always preparing for each role
markangelo dioneza
from the vampire now to the real form of batman
Jor-Els Alexandria
Jake Evans
Jake Evans Month ago
Who’s the cutest Batman? ruvid.net/video/video-Ham5WkeHo7o.html
Jake Evans
Jake Evans Month ago
Battinson will surely be perfect as Batman ruvid.net/video/video-Ham5WkeHo7o.html
Joey Fronea
Joey Fronea Month ago
This man is so animated... i love him
Sana Month ago
Why does he remind me of pewdiepie...
Andrew Tobin
Andrew Tobin Month ago
Start talking Batman at 2:48
Prince Zane
Prince Zane Month ago
I think he can pull it off. Like how Joaquin phoenix did joker.
niall coll
niall coll Month ago
I actually forgot he was British
Rocaz Month ago
He'll play a great Batman!!!
Evan Lee
Evan Lee Month ago
just saw the teaser and the suit looks cool
Ladislav Makita
Ladislav Makita Month ago
Earlier when they announced Robert Pattinson was going to play Batman Everyone why him Later seeing him in the batsuit audience ok he’s gonna kill it
I’m very optimistic for his role as Batman. It would be a breath of fresh air if he could get recognition from something else other than Twilight. That seems to be the only film people remember him vividly in. He played Cedric Diggory as well yet people don’t mention that too much
Raf Harmain
Raf Harmain Month ago
Last time i heard Robert laugh, he was sum Frenchman with a punchable face- 2:33
Nabanita Kundu
Nabanita Kundu Month ago
I literally left a Sadhguru video to watch this 😛 m so bad🙃
mish098aimer 2 months ago
He could pull it off. As long as there is a good director and screenwriter, the movie will be fine. He is much better now than he was in twilight.
Inge Surina
Inge Surina 2 months ago
When he played Twilight I was really stunned by his charming. The fact that he will be playing Batman my fav super heroes, i'm lost words. I believe he will nail it. Love you, Robert!
Brendan 2 months ago
Robs gona be a wicked batman cant wait to see this at cinema
doc u
doc u 2 months ago
“huge vagina”
adivaidu 252
adivaidu 252 2 months ago
Hey guys Cedric's Alive
JAGGEDcut 2 months ago
He seems like a nice, young man. I'm happy he has found such great success. I just watched him in Good Time(s?) and he was brilliant. Also his portrayal of the Prince of France in The King was what made me a "fan" of his. God bless and Godspeed, Mr BATtinson!
Mad Titan
Mad Titan 2 months ago
He found his dignity when Twilight ended
zooyorkk 2 months ago
Dont fuck this up Cullen
Lexi .S
Lexi .S 2 months ago
Bruh just give Him a good script for Batman and he will kill it
jon 79jw
jon 79jw 2 months ago
Light house is extremely underrated, he really showed his acting skills in that one.
Young Confidence
Young Confidence 2 months ago
Everybody’s optimistic all of a sudden. I still say fuck no. Not my Batman
A MUNOZ 2 months ago
His performance in light house really shows how well he can transition as an actor...unlike his ex costar Kristin Stewart in my opinion one of the worse, her expressions, tone, how she carries herself is exactly the same in every movie no talent what so ever yet she still in Hollywood...I think Robert Pattinson deserves alot more credit than what is given to him. I bearli recognized him in lighthouse. I'm sure he will play a great Batman.
magic rush
magic rush 2 months ago
You know what? forget about Batman! Put some muscles and go play Wolverine/Logan!
Lisa 2 months ago
I’m so flippin excited for him! Can’t wait!!!
SW 81004
SW 81004 2 months ago
Careful Robert, just because you played a vampire doesn’t mean you need to play a bat-related character again. You don’t want to go the way of Keaton and start getting cast as birds all the time.
Greninjastorm 2 months ago
Cedric died and resurrected as Batman
JMD Nelson
JMD Nelson 2 months ago
I'm excited to see him as Batman!! I have faith he'll turn in a perfect performance!!
Moorestown Buddies
Moorestown Buddies 2 months ago
Am I the only person in the world that thinks the twilight books are good but the movies suck?
Kael 28 days ago
No everyone hates the twighlight movies but the books have a pretty big fan base one of my friends who hates the movies with a burning passion read the book last year and he loved it but he still hates the movies
Damian 0795
Damian 0795 2 months ago
idk yall i feel like he will be a good Batman hes an incredible actor already but im just hyped to see The Batman
Fangirl Mood
Fangirl Mood 2 months ago
You all should've learned that you never judge an actor before seeing him perform... Heath Ledger as the Joker was the BEST example!!!
Kael 28 days ago
Pretty much every single comic book character ever cast has gotten hate from it
stop that
stop that 2 months ago
You know I watched a video where it mentioned that a lot of people don't want Pattinson to be batman but all I can see is absolute positivity and acceptance towards him taking the role. It's so nice to see. I have a gut feeling that he is going to kill it as Batman.
MJT Gaming
MJT Gaming 2 months ago
Jonah Hill for penguin for the love of god pleeeease 😂😂
Riccardo Castiel
Riccardo Castiel 2 months ago
Joker and batman is the only reason I'm into DC
Tristen 2 months ago
If you don’t like Robert Pattinson just because everyone hated him in 2012 you need to grow the fuck up bro. And I say bro because I know it’s all men.
salut turner
salut turner 2 months ago
how could any human can dislike this man.. i don't understand it
bigprettychild101 2 months ago
His jawline is kinda sexy
Pritam Bhagawaty
Pritam Bhagawaty 2 months ago
Ffs i want to see BATMAN in an R rated movie :)
tt TT
tt TT 2 months ago
He seems introvet
Anshu Kumar
Anshu Kumar 2 months ago
Wonderful actor
Mustafa Niazi
Mustafa Niazi 2 months ago
Hes more of like joker 🙄
G T 2 months ago
Another batman?
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