Robert Pattinson & Jennifer Lopez - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

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In their Actors on Actors conversation, Robert Pattinson talked about why he wanted to play Batman and Jennifer Lopez discussed her upcoming Super Bowl performance.
Read the full story: bit.ly/2KkJjNN
Jennifer Lopez on the Super Bowl: bit.ly/2NOdQG1
Robert Pattinson on Batman: bit.ly/372ayGH
Robert Pattinson on "Twilight": bit.ly/2X94tnk




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Comments 80
Akinsulie Oyinkansola
Jlo I love you! But please can you allow Robert talk tooo🙄🙄🙄🙄 we ♉️♉️♉️ are cool people! Jlo please stop talking 🙊 thank you🙄😿
slime esquivel
slime esquivel 11 hours ago
i would pay any amount of money to be sitting where jlo is
Maria Flores
Maria Flores 13 hours ago
Bad pair! Love Robert amazing actor❤️ she dose not sound nor look really smart especially playing with her hair 😬
Izabella Oquendo
God, Rob is so underrated: musician, actor and he's incredibly humble. I just love him and let's not forget how beautiful he looks 😂❤️
jaylynn nickens
dude Robert wont leave his hair alone its so funny
Bianca Divito
this really made me dislike jennifer. shes very self obsessed and likes to hear herself speak. Rob is such a gentleman even though he was being interrupted and outshined. Hes a great guy
professor sumo
professor sumo 2 days ago
they both equally talk lmao, if you actually watch the whole thing. everyone's so quick to hate on one person and praise the other on the 'actors on actors' videos...
Вероника Кукушкина
Я одна здесь из России?
MrMrs Welch
MrMrs Welch 3 days ago
Stop thinking all men think like that but at the same time you acted as a damn stripper. A stripper... which is a sexual fantasy object in a club setting. They show their bodies and grind and lap dances. Stop glorifying strippers..its disgusting. Women who strip disrespect their bodies and even you admitted you said you turned down the chance to strip with your friends because it was degrading. The strip to make money off their bodies. Its as close to porn as you can get. I cannot believe you won awards for that crap. You played the worst possible role model for women! There is no justifiable reason for what your character did or what other women in those jobs do. Yuck! You act like a Christian, you pray before shows but you act like a slut in your videos and movies. Make a choice... are you a slut to sell movies and your music or are you a classy mom and wife?? PLEASE for the love of this redo this interview and put him with someone classy and sophisticated!
Son of nergle
Son of nergle 3 days ago
I don’t really think shes a good actor.
sunflower 3 days ago
watching this video made me realize that I’ll never adore someone more than robert pattinson and I’m not even complaining.
Lucas Chaves
Lucas Chaves 4 days ago
16:38 - 16:43 . His hair. You're welcome.
Addie Harrington
Addie Harrington 4 days ago
J Lo : .....It was a big studio film and I've been in some big studio films..... Like really J Lo? Are we really doing that? Was it that neccessary to throw that in there? Wow
Roxana Vasquez
Roxana Vasquez 4 days ago
ladybug123212 4 days ago
Proud Nova Scotian watching this interview and loving it ❤️❤️❤️
Amanda Brandão
Amanda Brandão 4 days ago
I really wished hearing more from Robert. I was hoping the entire time for him to talk more.
Malika Malika
Malika Malika 5 days ago
anyone else had to laugh so hard when he said : "and he wants to her"?
moi sur cette planète
Robert Pattinson ♥️ ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
idil karaca
idil karaca 6 days ago
xoxo Vlogs
xoxo Vlogs 6 days ago
Idk why, but, i'm imagining how it would've been if it was kristen instead of Jennifer
Anastaciacl18 6 days ago
I Just watched lighthouse he is an amazing actor yall.
Næp Sæck
Næp Sæck 6 days ago
«I saw it in the theatre and it was packed» «Thank you»
Lynley Telford
Lynley Telford 9 days ago
Would like to hear more from rob and less from her
Lynley Telford
Lynley Telford 9 days ago
God Rob is gorgeous , so likeable
Allysa Mentor
Allysa Mentor 9 days ago
I love him and will see all his movies, he has a lot of good Indie ones
James Handley
James Handley 10 days ago
J-lo is 1 of the sexiest women ever. But my god talking to people isent her strong suit she very into herself once she gets going good luck trying to get her to stop talking
Eileen 10 days ago
OMG, she doesn't let him talk without interruption! RP "I'm sorry. (I didn't watch your movie twice); JL : "I'ts ok!: Then she is like instructing him on acting while she can't remember the name of his director. "The director." Rob is so cool and I really wanted to hear him articulate but she kept butting in over and over...
Chrystal Booth
Chrystal Booth 11 days ago
La Juana Lopez
Jayla Rose
Jayla Rose 11 days ago
The fact that Jennifer has fame baffles me. Did she lip sync this interview ?
Намуун Н
Намуун Н 13 days ago
Robert do conversation with kristen. We all wanna see you with Kristen Like if you hava a same thought as me.
les cactus
les cactus 14 days ago
Is Robert Pattinson a human
Monika Vilutyte
Monika Vilutyte 15 days ago
This one just didn't work 😅😅
Nicole Ovdin
Nicole Ovdin 15 days ago
I want to see Rob as a ballerina. thank u.
Sarah Hundley
Sarah Hundley 17 days ago
J Lo is an actor? Being in a movie does not an actor make.
Imran Hussain
Imran Hussain 17 days ago
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Not even Rob: Robs hair: Gravity is great today
Shalinee in France
Shalinee in France 18 days ago
JLo's movie 'The cell' as pointed out by Robert Pattinson was indeed really good... pity she didn't talk much about it!
Alexander 18 days ago
Okay Variety.. you need to get Rob back in with another actor
Harini Pichumani
Harini Pichumani 18 days ago
Everybody be talking about Rob Pat, rightfully so, but DAAAMN J LO is a BEAUTIFUL SOUL!!!!!!
Cynthia Tingler
Cynthia Tingler 18 days ago
Bobby???? Really????
Gislaine Maria
Gislaine Maria 19 days ago
Gislaine Maria
Gislaine Maria 19 days ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Robert homem lindo
Sufy P
Sufy P 20 days ago
It's actually quite the spectacle, the contrast. Both are amazing in their own beautiful ways. Mad admiration for Rob, if I were in his seat I would get into trouble for flinching throughout 😂 if I were in J-LO's I would just combust at his gaze.
Mahnoorkhan Mahnuoorkhan
I wish I meet
Mahnoorkhan Mahnuoorkhan
Robart every time good
Mahnoorkhan Mahnuoorkhan
Edward Cullen look is very ice I wish I meet you myyyy lastttt wishhhhh
boosted 22 days ago
Idk why everyone’s hating on Jen. She asked rob plenty of questions as well! & even though I thought the beginning had a bit of a slow start, the middle & end really picked up & I thought they had great chemistry. You can feel rob get more & more comfortable with her as time goes on. Just by the way he picks up his drink. They’re both extremely talented actors & the people who say Jen can’t act are the same people who couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag. & they’re also the same people who would suck her asshole if they ever met her in person. They just like to run their mouth on the internet because no one gives a fuck about what they have to say in real life. I’ve seen so many of jens films & she’s extremely talented! I really loved her in an unfinished life & enough!
Drongorius 23 days ago
He is great actor . Watch his real movies . This pal is talented .
Dutzu Miho
Dutzu Miho 23 days ago
J-Lo shows up super professional. Pattinson looks like he just woke up after sleeping for two days straight.
Retro Active 23
Retro Active 23 24 days ago
I think he is gonna be a very interesting, fresh, and extraordinary Batman. He's gonna blow people away
TheDaviesLocker 25 days ago
Batman (2021) starring Robert Pattinson: Everything we know - ruvid.net/video/video-ilHdcCAM83I.html
Veronica Baragona
Veronica Baragona 26 days ago
Who else cringed when she said William Dafoe? It’s Willem ☝🏽dolling. 😘🙏🏼❤️ But then I had to Google it. And it looks like she’s right. His real name is William. Looks like Willem is his stage name. ☝🏽Touché J Lo.
Hanene Salima
Hanene Salima 27 days ago
25:26 kristen💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💋😭
LifeSavor ASMR
LifeSavor ASMR 27 days ago
who in the world thought it was a good idea to pair them?
Roach Jnr
Roach Jnr 27 days ago
she talks a lot
Shaishai Buduan
Shaishai Buduan 28 days ago
I miss twilight saga ❤️❤️
Kiki Sisi
Kiki Sisi 29 days ago
I had no idea what to expect from this type of talk/interview, but I was extremely pleasantly surprised! They both earned so much more respect (from me) for the truly amazing artists & actors - which they both demonstrate with their performances. I would not have necessarily considered going to a theatre to see either film, but now I am immediately seeking out when & where I can see both movies! Jennifer Lopez and Robert Pattinson are both so talented and deserve great praise and our appreciation! Thank you for giving us this glimpse into your world!
Joey Denis
Joey Denis 29 days ago
My god he has one of the nicest voices I’ve ever heard!!
Emily Vassello
Emily Vassello 29 days ago
Literally feel like I answer questions the same as Rob but instead of pausing and fully thinking about what you want to say and kind of speaking in circles I just add a bunch of pointless words and talk really fast to wear no one understands and or know what I'm talking about lol just had to share 🤷‍♀️
Christian Allegria
davvero è maschio si chiama Federico è fuori controllo isterico contro il padre mi ha coinvolto ed andavo solo per aiuto ai compiti dal fratello gli danno tutte le colpe dei voti scarsi
Christian Allegria
Kristen Stewart è Sonia di Palermo vicina di casa di Nichelino 5o piano commento solo dove non ce ha un problema di appesantimento cardiaco anche di stomaco mangia troppe caramelle
Alessandro M. Lupacchini
I can't wait for the next episode of actors on actors, with Tobey Maguire and my school janitor
I love how Robert always finds a time to drag twilight lmaooo
Quoyina Ghosh
Quoyina Ghosh Month ago
Robert Pattinson....... that's it, that's the comment.
Charlotte8591 Month ago
Jesus, people, stop hating on Jennifer here. I think she is doing fine in this interview. She's smart. Maybe not the same kind of intelligence as Robert has, but that's okay.
History Lover
History Lover Month ago
The amount of likes is the amount of times Robert touched his hair:
Lisa Belt
Lisa Belt Month ago
Oooohhhh my god the British accent KILLS me 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
Alejandro Carrillo
She should let him speak more. He has got more interesting things to say, obviously.
dirt guy
dirt guy Month ago
Wash your hair bro
P Eli
P Eli Month ago
wait? did she say placement in multiple categories?? hmmm- I can only think of one- never knew it could have a plural meaning - have to check my dictionary and get back to that. Wait, the verdict is in, ONE category - "I'm in love with a stripper." lol - :)
DK HH Month ago
That they sat robert pattinson down with jennifer lopez, says it all about his acting skills xD
Sanjay Tiwary
Sanjay Tiwary Month ago
When I first saw him in twilight, I was like OMG!! He is Cedric Degree.
bob banerjee
bob banerjee Month ago
There is no way, no way JLo has watched Light house.
When Timothee Chalamet& Saoirse Ronan
Sydney Addison-Rudat
Robert never talks about himself enough lol he’s too humble (or insecure according to him)
GabicitaNumero1 Month ago
Robert is so thoughtful and JLo just spews what she thinks are facts
Ann Molloy
Ann Molloy Month ago
He’s so intelligent and she is delightful
Jah Cook
Jah Cook Month ago
H LL Month ago
I want to see the light house so much
Hedwig Etcetera
Hedwig Etcetera Month ago
when JLO turns 80.. i will still be squeezing out jin and juice 💦
clare x
clare x Month ago
Why was robert pattinson a srs talented actor put with jlo?
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