Robert Downey Jr. Shows Off His Epic Watch Collection | GQ

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What’s in Robert Downey Jr’s jewelry box? Watches-lots of them. RDJ explains the real-and maybe not so real-backstories behind his stunning timepieces

Sit down with some of today's top actors, musicians and athletes.
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Robert Downey Jr. Shows Off His Epic Watch Collection | GQ


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May 11, 2016

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Comments 5 541
Yousof Zaid
Yousof Zaid 53 minutes ago
Me: how many watches do you have? Rdj: yes
Dead Children Playing
why is this drug addict still in the spotlight
Jose RS
Jose RS Day ago
Lol an omega speedmaster Moonwatch is a piece of history right there, definitely one of my favourites, I do have one was a gift form my father, he used to say he had 2 babies... guess who was the 2nd one
Gary Sanders
Gary Sanders 23 hours ago
Are you able to compare the Omega logo on the face of yours to RDJ? RDJ appears to have a fake.
Mustafa I
Mustafa I Day ago
Lol he throws the breightling
Marg 5 days ago
I got a bloody watch for Xmas every year 😭 did t want a another bloody watch ✌
uncle_gazpacho 6 days ago
Wow, he's the unsympathetic version of Tony Stark in real life. Besides, He doesnt seem to treat his watches very well. Look at the Patek...ouch
JakeDaBoss703 6 days ago
He seems like he doesnt want to be here
TheBeaverguy21 7 days ago
"but i donh't have an endorsement with them, so they can suck it" *throws watch*
Argo Perdana
Argo Perdana 7 days ago
That is not cool to mock a Seiko...
Jerome Manzano
Jerome Manzano 8 days ago
He should really give the hulk rolex to mark ruffalo
Moritz Schumacher
Literally the worst watch video I've seen.
Gryff 10 days ago
2:30 What's wrong with Seiko? This man has no idea about watches.
Aeiou Vowels
Aeiou Vowels 9 days ago
Gryff exactly
Zach McDaniel
Zach McDaniel 10 days ago
Tony Stark has cool watches.
Epic Username
Epic Username 10 days ago
Wouldn't it be nice to have that much money to spend on nice things
R Langer
R Langer 11 days ago
Mmmm that fake Speedmaster.
BanCampersGaming 11 days ago
He knows nothing about watches but he has some very nice ones 😂
Mino Castro
Mino Castro 12 days ago
He doesn’t know much about watches only for the obvious brands. Grand Seiko model SBGZ001 costs $76.000 dollars and the average high end Grand Seikos go for $50.000 dollars. The quality of those movements put any of the watches he has to shame.
Shariar Tonmoy
Shariar Tonmoy 12 days ago
he doesn’t wear a watch...yet he bought these expensive ones...how Richman wastes money 🙄🙄
Lil Ausar
Lil Ausar 11 days ago
Shariar Tonmoy Lol. Of course he does
Vin S.
Vin S. 13 days ago
I'm wearing a Seiko. What now, Robert!?
liulin04 13 days ago
Tony Stark for president. I mean Robert Downey Jr.
Team Lazerz
Team Lazerz 13 days ago
What I know about this is that he can get very edgy
LAW 00
LAW 00 13 days ago
Is watches are over 3000
chuk90 13 days ago
I don't even have a jewerlybox.... sooo... what can they learn about me? :c
calcmandan 13 days ago
oh yeah, epic collection. loved how he just tossed them to the floor instead of back into his jewelry box.
Asif Ikbal
Asif Ikbal 14 days ago
He is cool at everything
Elmuz Remix
Elmuz Remix 14 days ago
France product is better think
Ke'J Reed
Ke'J Reed 14 days ago
I... am... watch man ⌚✋🏻
kevin couch
kevin couch 14 days ago
The money Rolex is more commonly known as The hulk now
Llanfabon 14 days ago
This video makes me want to punch him.
blake erbuse
blake erbuse 14 days ago
As much as i like RDJ, he's acting like a moron.
Adam Amador
Adam Amador 14 days ago
“ Did you get me a Seiko!? What is this!? It’s my birthday!” (Me wearing my seiko 😅😬)
Karif Martin
Karif Martin 14 days ago
That speedy looks flawed
LewisSpaceBun 14 days ago
Welp, I spend a good while saving up for a really nice, elegant, black Armani watch. Was really proud when I finally bought it, since it was quite a bit of money for me, being a student. Suddently the 250$ price tag just looks pathetic really, compared to his absurdly expensive watches lol
suedeslounge 14 days ago
He loves that Patek. Look at the wear on it. He must wear that thing daily.
DLH 14 days ago
If you didn’t know what RDJ was about you’d think he was a douche. But RDJ is a cool cat!
praveen bhati
praveen bhati 14 days ago
Seiko owners might be smelling some snobbery issues
Alex Swiatkiwsky
Alex Swiatkiwsky 15 days ago
im stuff
Richard _
Richard _ 15 days ago
RDJ is such a douchebag. I hope he dies.
Feny 15 days ago
His watch collection has nothing on Producer Michael lmao
Brad Cogan
Brad Cogan 15 days ago
"All that was horseshit" I love RDJ.
Loser Boy
Loser Boy 16 days ago
Nothing is as good as the legendary MY LITTLE PONY watch
Alon Alkalai
Alon Alkalai 15 days ago
I think it was a Dora the Explorer watch
Neds dark
Neds dark 16 days ago
I still think Thanos rocks the $hi+ out of that gauntlet
rita luna
rita luna 16 days ago
Class not bling
Mahela Munasinghe
Mahela Munasinghe 16 days ago
Wow.. What an arrogant person!! Show your watches some respect!
Arkd Dahbour
Arkd Dahbour 16 days ago
Rip iron man
makis pas
makis pas 17 days ago
Μιster jounior seiko company is the same as omega 😂😂😂😂😂😂
The Weekend Hack
The Weekend Hack 17 days ago
Hodinkee John Mayer please go educate this man.
Marco M.
Marco M. 17 days ago
And what is here epic?
J K Lee
J K Lee 18 days ago
Why does his speedmaster professional look weird? The 'professional' looks funny
T-Series Btw
T-Series Btw 19 days ago
RDJ only needs the Time stone to complete his collection.
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