Robert Downey Jr. Shows Off His Epic Watch Collection | GQ

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What’s in Robert Downey Jr’s jewelry box? Watches-lots of them. RDJ explains the real-and maybe not so real-backstories behind his stunning timepieces

Sit down with some of today's top actors, musicians and athletes.
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Robert Downey Jr. Shows Off His Epic Watch Collection | GQ


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May 11, 2016




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Comments 5 933
ARC 007
ARC 007 6 days ago
0:44 That's not how it is pronounced 😅😅...... although I am just a peasant who can't afford it
Esdeath 6 days ago
Seiko collectors butthurt lmao
mikah ong
mikah ong 7 days ago
RDJ ❤❤❤❤❤❤
vinayak chaudhary
Did this guy just threw Omega??? 😒 I mean he can't be a true watch collector.
Taco 6 days ago
Oh, He paid a lot for it so he should never wear it and keep it in the cabinet? If Omega is that good, watch shouldn't break.
Roberto Roberts
Roberto Roberts 9 days ago
"Did you gave me a Seiko?" Well, if he only knew something about watches, a Grand Seiko would be his first choice. But I think he just wanted some piece of jewelry to flash in the mob, with the Patek Phillipe.
The FlyingFish
The FlyingFish 9 days ago
Did this man just Diss Seiko for being cheap. Lord.
Rohit Aryaa
Rohit Aryaa 9 days ago
Ernest Hemingway
Ernest Hemingway 12 days ago
He’ll never be talking watches @Hodinkee. (Or any serious horology program/Channel). ... I actually liked the fact he misconceptioned a Patek Philippe with a Seiko. 😂
GUI KJRL 13 days ago
If I am not mistaken that PP nauti is worth 200k new not 33k with the moon phase and etc thats not a basic model.
C North
C North 13 days ago
Boring. Every rich guy literally has the same watch model and brand. They all own the exact same Omega, the exact same Patek Phillipe's, and the exact same Rolex's, and they all own dive watches they will literally never actually use for its intended purpose. What these rich people prove is they don't actually get watches they truly love, they just get the ones they can most afford.
J Hipp
J Hipp 16 days ago
If I were to somehow make it up there, I would have Seikos, Citizens, AP, Rolex, PP, etc. Especially the Seiko Excelsior.
Henry R
Henry R 16 days ago
Yeah, this makes Robert Downey Jr. look like a douchebag.
Ouroboros 16 days ago
1:21 submariner hulk, not oyster perpetual
Redcoat‘s Return
Redcoat‘s Return 17 days ago
Robert Downey‘s Chaplin was one of the best ever films I ever watched. A gentleman who likes quality, especially in Swiss watches!
hi 19 days ago
RDJ proves he knows nothing about watches for 3 minutes
Es Sn
Es Sn 23 days ago
0:51 the face
nicolas villamizar
nicolas villamizar 23 days ago
My favorite brand is rado always love their classy and beautiful look
PresyncAudio 25 days ago
That isn't the money green Rolex, the actual money green Rolex is a daytona. This is called the Hulk.
K2 Effects
K2 Effects 26 days ago
Hahah this dude said “Hold frame “ 🤙 🤣
Lyle Martin
Lyle Martin 26 days ago
I liked him better on drugs
Andreas Gross
Andreas Gross 27 days ago
PP Nautilus 33k 😂😂🙈 can I have a few ? This Chrono costs about 100k at this moment.
MrAlex5378 27 days ago
NO IWC?!?!?! Wtf?!
Leighton Langford
Leighton Langford 27 days ago
Iron mans dead
UK Born
UK Born 28 days ago
Why is he throwing his watches!? Makes me sick....
Zonda 29 days ago
RDJ has a fake Omega Speedmaster and doesn't even know lmao
Young Gunna
Young Gunna 27 days ago
Pretty tired of trashtalkers like you, its a lil dirty and worn out but its definetely real. I highly doubt someone has the balls to sell Tony Stark a fake watch.
Dan E
Dan E Month ago
Where's his zodiac watch though?
Ian Duke
Ian Duke Month ago
What terrible martial art is he pretending to do?
Aisha Lawal
Aisha Lawal Month ago
I don’t care abt his watches I want to see his glasses collection 😠
Eric Dudley
Eric Dudley Month ago
That was fun!
Two Face
Two Face Month ago
RDJ was just naming the watches and throwing them. GQ person, "tell us more about the watches". GQ editor "we don't have that much stuff to make a video, let's add random RDJ shenanigans in between to lengthen the video. BTW I super loved the whole video
yusuf bahar
yusuf bahar Month ago
Horrible taste in watches But brilliant actor
tpjv01 Month ago
Absolutely love this man and how he looks at life....so laid back and doesn’t stress about anything.
Bob der Braumeister
I am stuff
Faiza Kashif
Faiza Kashif Month ago
U didn't show any one watch
Daniel X
Daniel X Month ago
1:20 “I have a hulk.”
Friki_Rican (PR)
Mr Sad
Mr Sad Month ago
Wait I thought he is a millionaire playboy?
XuanCuong Nguyen
Patek is the best
Arandor Thinnorion
Seiko is my high-end and his no-end.
dminusbeats Month ago
I bet all the Seiko wearers looking through the comment section right now :) (I am one; Seiko Tuna 100m)
Kjca Month ago
Thank god he didn’t throw that Nautilus otherwise I was gunna throw my IPad 💀😂
BR Trigger
BR Trigger Month ago
If that was anyone else doing a 3min watch review, other than RDJ, it would have been very boring..
zack phy
zack phy Month ago
Producer Michael has a MUCH MUCH better watch collection. The green Rolex is actually known as the Hulk, Michael of course has one of those. Wheres all the APs and Jacob and Co. Not a single tourbillon either. RDJ needs an Astronamia at least, the 1 mill one with paved baguette diamond bottom and accents. He doesnt even have any factory diamond Rolex's, all of his are pretty modest. Even good Pateks are 2-300k. Kinda disappointed in his collection. It does show he isn't into flashy things or even the artwork and engineering works of art watches can be.
Brandon Hohn
Brandon Hohn Month ago
Never forget that seiko started beating high tier Swiss time pieces at their own events so they shut it down
Bob Burk
Bob Burk Month ago
My take: this guy wears a watch for the sake of practicality and style. Notedly, he gave a sincere description of his most valued time piece and emphasized that it was cheap. Thumbs up dude!
jlccarv Month ago
In part a nice collection, but homie knows nothing about watches haha
DutchClawz Month ago
“Did you get me a seiko? What is this?” Well, there goes my respect 👋🏼
Alex Andro
Alex Andro Month ago
I've never seen someone mistreat their watches like this before ...
Peace Maker
Peace Maker Month ago
Tony stark played Robert Downy Jr. well.
Lukas Henning
Lukas Henning Month ago
The Green one is called Hulk
Jhu Youknowwho
Jhu Youknowwho Month ago
Green money AKA the hulk ! Rolex
Pranav Subramoniam Iyer
You should totally do a Talking Watches with Hodinkee RDJ!
Shane XC
Shane XC Month ago
0:52 lmao!!!
E57384N Month ago
GQ: Hey Robert, we need to ad some watches, can you pretend is your collection? ROBERT: Sure Throws a Rolex to the floor
John deniro
John deniro Month ago
Love that dude.So happy he's a surviver and continuest to stay sober everyday.I hope he lives to 100.
Joe Month ago
"did you get me a Seiko? What is this it's my birthday" I'd be so happy with a Seiko for my birthday...
O.G. Loko
O.G. Loko 3 days ago
When's your birthday and where do you live?
Surfside Month ago
That is because you are.... Awesome Joe!✔️ Only real, down to earth, hardworking men/woman know and truly appreciate Seiko, Seiko5, Casio, Gshock and Citizen. Hopefully you are or will be a collector of fine time pieces you love.😁🍻
M1zi3 Month ago
Compare to his networth, he have a very humble watch collection. And by the look off all his watch, i think he did wear it regularly.
Alfie nelson
Alfie nelson Month ago
Don't trust a man that wears high heels
Rehan Enayat
Rehan Enayat Month ago
Please gq make a video showing MR. ROBERT DOWNEY JUNIORS 10 ESSENTIALS
Daddy Trump
Daddy Trump Month ago
If you can find me a hulk Rolex for 9k imma buy your entire stock.
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