Robert Downey Jr is the KING of SARCASM

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Robert Downey Jr is a funny actor. He is best known for his role Iron Man and in the Avengers. This guy is super talented but he also has a funny, witty, sarcastic personality to him. Hope you guys enjoy this video!
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Jul 13, 2019




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Comments 1 942
Michael Quarrels
Michael Quarrels 4 hours ago
I was wondering why this was a 10 minute video with no ads. Its sponsored by dosh 😂😂😂
Sqαunchy 4 hours ago
So you make a video stealing news clips call it yours and then get a sponsor for it?
BC Afterlif3
BC Afterlif3 6 hours ago
Did I just get a sponsorship in a fucking compilation video... wtf
GustyTuber 7 hours ago
09:08 playboy 😂
Steven HARDWICK 10 hours ago
this wont scam you. haha now im the king of scarcasm
Moriah Mcmanus
Moriah Mcmanus 11 hours ago
Ok he’s SO HOT 🥵
Rajeev T R
Rajeev T R Day ago
This video is sponsored by dosh Fast forward 30 sec.
Lydon Rogers
Lydon Rogers Day ago
that dosh add thing... was that a women or a super gay guy?
Geo Tactical HD
I love you 3000!!!! Stark
SakuriDraws Day ago
"That would be, narciccistic" Me: "You IS the definition of narcissistic"
Mr Nelson [Noob Clone 2073#]
Basically Robert Downey Jr being Tony Stark
Krystine Buck
Man, if only you told me this shit was sponsored beforehand lmao
NickNicholas Day ago
Robert Downey Jr. IS Tony Stark. Change my mind.
pinkshit911 Day ago
That dosh ad was funnier then the video
Marc C.
Marc C. Day ago
Love how Chris Evans just PLAYS off his sarcasm.
Marc C.
Marc C. Day ago
This guy lives in a windmill XD !!!!!!
Kevin Pittman
Kevin Pittman 2 days ago
the girl in the blue dress is OMG.... an angel... her face is stunningly beautiful but then u mosey to her legs looking down because ur too shy to look up and instant boner... i would not be able to function in her presence....
Yassine Trabelsi
Yassine Trabelsi 2 days ago
Broh her voice sounds like a fuckin meme I'm dying
Jacob Gomez
Jacob Gomez 3 days ago
RUvid gives me enough ads if you put another ad for no reason cause we know you're not getting paid imma boycott your shit
1:08 They are Shmart. lol xD
Jerilyn Kimner
Jerilyn Kimner 3 days ago
Damn, he is sooooooooo fine.
Jerilyn Kimner
Jerilyn Kimner 3 days ago
He has overcome so much. stood the Hollywierd test of time. You go you sexy beast. I admire the heck out of you.
Elliott Lewis
Elliott Lewis 3 days ago
Spongebob: Hey Patrick Guess what I am. Patrick: Tony Stark Spongebob: No I'm Robert Downey Jr Patrick: WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?
07A 3 days ago
Hulk: HULK SMASH *cut to scene of hulk next to his son*
Garrett Sanderson
get that dosh shit out of here
Aalie Vander Plaats
I like RDJ XD
Fulya Manioglu
Fulya Manioglu 4 days ago
he is funny and cool but the real king of sarcasm is Chandler Muriel BING. :d
Penelope Cupcake
Penelope Cupcake 4 days ago
Rdj the king of Sarcasm? Chandler be like: *"HOLD MY BEER"*
Elizabeth Bergfield
5:06 If anyone is confused, I think it's a sneeze. Or rdj.exe has stopped working.
Twin Animations
Twin Animations 4 days ago
Him the Europeans are like: Me: DID YOU CALL ME JUNIOR?! I'M HERE (xd 😂😂)
James Fitzgerald
James Fitzgerald 4 days ago
Marvel isn't gonna be the same without him.
Mitch Evans
Mitch Evans 4 days ago
Fuck your ad
Charlie Dawson
Charlie Dawson 4 days ago
"Excellent question... what was it by the way?"
BBlack6868 FXLiveTrading
What sarcasm......he’s a New Yorker....duh
Speedbird 5 days ago
Why is a complication video sponsered?
Marquix Alfred
Marquix Alfred 5 days ago
If I was not invited why am I here bit###! Jk😂
Ric bob
Ric bob 5 days ago
The questions already answered and it's asking. Damn
Dustin Ng
Dustin Ng 5 days ago
RDJ as Tony: genius billionaire Tony as RDJ: genius sarcasm
Samantha Corulla
Samantha Corulla 5 days ago
It’s impossible to put into words how much I absolutely adore this man and his existence
ISAV Entertainment
whats with the sponsorship stuff at like 2m30s? shouldn't sponsors be mentioned at the start?
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