Robert Downey Jr is the KING of SARCASM

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Robert Downey Jr is a funny actor. He is best known for his role Iron Man and in the Avengers. This guy is super talented but he also has a funny, witty, sarcastic personality to him. Hope you guys enjoy this video!
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Jul 13, 2019




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Comments 80
Fady M.Goubran
i freaking love this man hahahahaha
Gemstone Walkin' Horses
At 1:11 he kinda reminds me of Zac Efron
mohd fauzi abdullah sani
Shivdan Gadhvi
Shivdan Gadhvi 2 days ago
3:34 what's Rhodes lookin at
Ilaria Belli
Ilaria Belli 3 days ago
I hhhhhave it 😂
Zeynep Acar
Zeynep Acar 3 days ago
He was BORN to play Tony Stark- Iron Man (I think he actually is Tony Stark) I see no difference! HE IS THE BEST!!!!❤️
Karl Honrada
Karl Honrada 3 days ago
the guy who called him the king of sarcasm obviously doesn't know chandler
Kaleb Lindner
Kaleb Lindner 4 days ago
RDJ should do standup comedy.
Aaqib Irfan
Aaqib Irfan 4 days ago
What's the girls name @02:05
Kailey Hahn
Kailey Hahn 4 days ago
0:24 the audience here is dry as hell ad this is prrof like how could you not laugh at this. his face, his voice, the flavour is immaculate.
aleksandra kettner
Michael Viands
Michael Viands 6 days ago
Everyone left when the homemade add poped up🤣💀
astrid 7 days ago
rbj: excellent question, what was it?
El Zurdito
El Zurdito 7 days ago
HatsuneMiku01234 8 days ago
"I feel like I'm the mayor of comicon" At comicon: *Im best Iron Man shut up*
shakti marnoto
shakti marnoto 8 days ago
Robert is Tony, Tony is Robert
The Ugly Deko
The Ugly Deko 8 days ago
Chandler Bing has stalked the chat and left~
Moonsight Nightwing
1:14 That smile, that damn smile.
Nicole Santa Cruz
9:03 i want Rdj to adopt me too
Vaishu G
Vaishu G 9 days ago
Can u imagine if Tony stark met Chandler Bing?
Lolita Bridges
Lolita Bridges 10 days ago
He's so incredibly handsome. 'Less Than Zero' is one of my favorites.
Sheila Most
Sheila Most 11 days ago
You are now and forever pure hotness!! You are amazing! Incredible life changes you have endured. Be forever proud of yourself. Wishing you forever happiness & magic in all to come. XO
logan Russell
logan Russell 12 days ago
He be the best iron man
Vijay Tzamykhy
Vijay Tzamykhy 13 days ago
RDJ: I'm king of sarcasm Tony : hi-fi
Ishann Mishra
Ishann Mishra 13 days ago
Fun fact; iron man’s comin back in the next thor movie
Ishann Mishra
Ishann Mishra 13 days ago
Fun fact: iron man’s comin back in the next thor movie.p.s. Its not just a rumour its a fact
Legend Amar
Legend Amar 11 days ago
Really bhai😍😍😍
MeesH1212 13 days ago
I havit... yes i havit
NL - 07FA - Cheyne MS (1494)
Rdj even said it himself in 4:55
Lorelai Young
Lorelai Young 14 days ago
i hhhhhhhhhave it
Rudy ArbuziQ
Rudy ArbuziQ 14 days ago
I'm dying 😂😂❤
Charis Omasiri
Charis Omasiri 14 days ago
I have iTt!
FaRrA Nasution
FaRrA Nasution 15 days ago
Question: The worst place to turn into the hulk RDJ: THE bedroom Chris E. : tHaT's ThE bEsT pLaCe!
Zack B
Zack B 16 days ago
Definitely takes a special kind of talent to to pull of sarcasm to the point of being an insufferable diva yet everyone knows it's sarcasm
D4RTH KNIGHT 17 days ago
Watching Graham Norton one realizes what a waste of time our talk shows are especially nowadays. Bring Dave back.
Renad Ahmed
Renad Ahmed 21 day ago
Am I the only wants deadpool and iron man to do a movie together like deadpool vs iron man..?😂😂
MuggShotGaming 21 day ago
Fuck Dosh. We dont have enough Bullshit Ads before during and after videos. Fuck you for adding another during your video. Last video of yours ill ever watch. Did i mention Fuck You.
Trevil McEvil
Trevil McEvil 21 day ago
remember, he is a dude, playing a dude that's playing another dude. so the real rdj probably never seen ever.
F Imran
F Imran 22 days ago
I can't stop watching 7:38 - 7:48
aleksandra kettner
aleksandra kettner 22 days ago
Happy birthday RDJ 🎀💃🎀 💋👄💋💕💋👄💋
dhruv kapoor
dhruv kapoor 23 days ago
1:14 the smile when ur best friend gets a gf
Hana-Lisa 24 days ago
Of course he didn't do everything but one thing is certain there wouldn't be a Marvel Cinematic Universe without the legend Robert Downey Junior and we all know that. It wouldn't exist without him even tho it did it wouldn't be the same. RDJ is the best🖤
iGliitchy HD
iGliitchy HD 25 days ago
Most ENTP out of all ENTPs to ENTP - Sincerely an ENTP
Jensen The Great
Jensen The Great 25 days ago
Elon musk is
Anna-Morgan Woode
Anna-Morgan Woode 25 days ago
Robert: I think I should answer this question.................Chris?
02a60 31
02a60 31 25 days ago
I stg that guy is tony stark irl
DilishaFatima THEgreat
RDJ has said it himself. There is no marvel cinematic universe without him.
Jean Knight
Jean Knight 26 days ago
shrtlink.ca/germanteenxxxcamm0del421 බයවෙලා මම බේරෙන්නද නාද විය
Meine Postma
Meine Postma 28 days ago
RDJ in real life: Dick
Meine Postma
Meine Postma 12 days ago
@yeaitstoosi Sure :) We're probably both right
yeaitstoosi 12 days ago
Nah fam he’s funny your just a ❄️
Bharat K H
Bharat K H 28 days ago
2:25 guy making girl voice for sponsorship 🤔.
R N 29 days ago
Man Renner looked like he got ousted 😂 he does look like that kinda person that knows where the fun is.
Vedat Mehmeti
Vedat Mehmeti Month ago
HEY did you ever see Chandler Bing
Ruha Ruha
Ruha Ruha 28 days ago
Lol no one can top chandler
lovergreen Month ago
The video should be called Robert Downey jr is the king
Popzicle ツ
Popzicle ツ Month ago
imagine RDJ legally changed his name to Tony Stark
Arian Styles
Arian Styles Month ago
Lord....bless the MCU with Chris Evans and RDJ again please🙏
Smurf Month ago
I know this video came out awhile back but it just showed in my recommended whoever made this is brain dead with no morals... this is a sponsered video compiled of clips you had nothing to do with so you're using rdj's name to get people to watch to potentially use your code to get paid.. greedy as fuck if you ask me
vera djengew
vera djengew Month ago
vera djengew
vera djengew Month ago
Pahqz *
Pahqz * Month ago
Even off screen it feels like a dad son relationship with Rdj and Tom
That One Lego Dude
When he said "I have it" for the second time I was laughing so hard.
That One Lego Dude
"I have it"
Simone Ritchie
Simone Ritchie Month ago
“I haveit” With a sharp t
Lil' Rex
Lil' Rex Month ago
*chandler bing wants to know your location*
Lydia Plum
Lydia Plum Month ago
Payton Slimmon
Payton Slimmon Month ago
Robert. Downey. Jr. Didn't *play* Tony stark/iron man he *is* Tony stark/iron man! Knowledge.
Bina Sharma
Bina Sharma Month ago
Seems like Lumi is the one narrating the ad 😂😂😂
Dortha Pitts
Dortha Pitts Month ago
shrtlink.ca/941xxx0rgyasian අයිසිස් සුරකින ලද මෝඩ නීති ගැන අප කිසිදු අවධානයක් යොමු කළ යුතු නැත අපව කැපී පෙනේඅපි විශේෂයිඅපට අවශ්‍ය දේ සහ දෙවියන් වහන්සේ නියම කරන දේ අපට කළ හැකිය ඔවුන්ගේ මෝඩ නීතිරීතිවලට අපගේ ශුද්ධ අරමුණට ඇති සම්බන්ධය කුමක්ද
Clumsy Dragon
Clumsy Dragon Month ago
Who els likes to turn the volume up and down
Cjr caballero
Cjr caballero Month ago
5:35 It's so weird seeing the guest is on the right lmao
baesbaexomsp Month ago
RDJ(tony stark) and hugh Jackmann(Logan) on screen i want to see that
Maria Oldenburg
Maria Oldenburg Month ago
there's a giant Avengers A RDJ: i hAve it
Rhiannon McKnight
RDJ could slap me across the face and i would thank him
Noah Matthews
Noah Matthews Month ago
This wasn’t sarcasm but still funny
VeryZonked Month ago
Is it me or do you just wanna every RDJ movie after seeing this?
Not Tanner
Not Tanner Month ago
0:02 “You remind me of my father.I HATED my father.” Wrong universe lol but name that movie
DvidHun11 Month ago
Robert D. Jr. Is the Zlatan of history of movies 😂
Emilia Holmberg
Emilia Holmberg Month ago
Is it just me or does Kimmel's laugh sound like a duck?
Shanamzzz Month ago
Deadpool brought me here
Akira Fooh
Akira Fooh Month ago
Tom: yez
Akshat Monga
Akshat Monga Month ago
RDJ is not gay.
Henrik Hörnke
Henrik Hörnke Month ago
This dude is just Tony Stark in real life
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