Robert Downey Jr. is the COOLEST Man ALIVE || Most SAVAGE moments

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Robert downey jr. is the best.
Funniest and coolest moments of everyone's favourite Robert downey jr. are here.
WATCH TILL END and you'll how he is the best
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Sep 14, 2018




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Comments 1 958
Gb Main
Gb Main 23 hours ago
Rdj is literally tony stark he has the exact same personality
Max Todoroki
Max Todoroki Day ago
robert downy jr is the manifestation of tony stark they couldnt have made a better choice
Bill Wilson
Bill Wilson Day ago
not too bad for an old crackhead
Slav Emperor
Slav Emperor 4 days ago
Coolest man alive? Maybe if humanity counts 10 people.
tajimul mallick
tajimul mallick 5 days ago
He is amazing.. amazing when he on screen or reality he is same
Nevila Celiku
Nevila Celiku 6 days ago
robert downey make his character tony stark like he owns it i mean the way with all the sassy thing he says as tony stark really looks like him really in real life! ( that was a horrible explanation ik but no judging! lmao)
sudhansu samal
sudhansu samal 7 days ago
Love love RDJ
Nice vid
judy Asalooli
judy Asalooli 9 days ago
I want him to adopt me
Exotic Cats
Exotic Cats 10 days ago
RDJ is literally Ironman at this point it’ll be hard to ever replace him
Amit Sarker
Amit Sarker 12 days ago
It's Keanu reeves who is the coolest guy alive.
Cruella Devil
Cruella Devil 13 days ago
5:52 made me fucking die chris's face xD
nita wary
nita wary 14 days ago
I agree with the title of below the thumbnail 😊😊👌👌👍👍He is the Coolest man ever.... ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍
Toni Carrizales
Toni Carrizales 14 days ago
3:15 WHAT HAPPENED?! he got hot!!!
S.k Poovai
S.k Poovai 18 days ago
Love from India
Adicted-_- Gamer
Adicted-_- Gamer 19 days ago
RDJ can roast ,insult or bash me badly and show off but i'de still be happy and would be very glad about it.
angi rastelli
angi rastelli 20 days ago
Robert Downey Jr. is the COOLEST Man ALIVE Me: YEESSSSS
Marcus 21 day ago
Opening refrigerators is soothing unless it's my refrigerator and it's depressingly empty
Isabelle Constantine
😂 I can relate. It stesses me when someone come to open it and even when there's nothing, they keep on doing it over and over every five minutes.
Gloria Butcher
Gloria Butcher 21 day ago
6:45 "WHERE ARE YOU!?" 😂
Silver Willow
Silver Willow 22 days ago
Tom Holland- Oh my gosh It's Robert Downey JUnior! Robert- No I'm iron man.
Ed smith
Ed smith 23 days ago
Imagiman ATTA
Imagiman ATTA 23 days ago
4:20 thats how Civil war started
Cars High School The Series
Who doesn't love Robert Downey Jr is the best. We all Love him 3000
Anna Martin
Anna Martin 28 days ago
Awwwww gonna miss him in the next Marvel movie.🙁 Love u 3000!! 👋☹️
Queen Creepycandy
Queen Creepycandy 29 days ago
Multiverse Of Madness, do your thing
Chris L
Chris L Month ago
He is. It's true.
Awaken 1007
Awaken 1007 Month ago
Getting paid for being yourself fuck off
Charles Iannini
Charles Iannini Month ago
He is someone you can look up to
Liz Malcom
Liz Malcom Month ago
RDJ cracks me up. He was perfect as Tony Stark/Ironman and has always seemed like a very down to earth(as in not snotty) person
Takeaway Tom
Takeaway Tom Month ago
Noo mi dadd eis
arun bokan
arun bokan Month ago
We also have Mr. Akshay Kumar
Afif Abdullah
Afif Abdullah Month ago
How can you not smile watching this😂
Hyper Elfie
Hyper Elfie Month ago
Rober Downey Jr is one of those really really rare people that get paid for acting like himself
Hyper Elfie
Hyper Elfie Month ago
Emma x
Emma x Month ago
now I understand why david dobrik is obsessed with him lmao
Cayden.3000 _
Cayden.3000 _ Month ago
I wonder if Robert got used to being called Tony when he was filming
SPEED DRAW 101 Month ago
I didn’t know Twins Tv was secretly run by RDJ
Love Robert Downey Jr 3000
D'Nai Walker
D'Nai Walker Month ago
And this is him sober lol
I AM IRONMAN Month ago
He is so cute like a baby
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