Robert Downey Jr Contemplates the Next Phase of His Life After Marvel

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Robert Downey Jr has played Tony Stark for so long that, understandably, he needs to make a real effort to figure out who he is again now that Iron Man is no more!
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Jul 12, 2019




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Comments 80
mike korzek
mike korzek Day ago
Spodes person for Downey Soft??
Richard Conner
Richard Conner 13 days ago
MythicASMR 16 days ago
Good actor but ponderous and baffling. Almost a caricature. This guy has spent wayyyy too long with people nodding enthusiastically and deeply as he blathers on.
Shannon 16 days ago
RDJ is just lovely
imdjc4 22 days ago
2:59 Ah....sorry Mr RDJ....it's 'kumbaya' with a hard 'c' or 'k' as in kick. Goomba is a slang term regional to the New York area used to describe an Italian-American. But I think I'm liking this new RDJ catch phrase. Way to go. Well done Sir.
Freya Hotson
Freya Hotson 29 days ago
Justin Sullivan
Justin Sullivan Month ago
His neck wrinkles make me uncomfortable.
Henry Thompson
Henry Thompson Month ago
Ive never seen this side of rdj before. Hes super cool
RIPapa Month ago
Does RDJ think the name of the song is "Gumbaya"? LMAO
guillermo rivera
Aesthetic distance.
aleksandra kettner
aleksandra kettner 2 months ago
Aydin Eyikan
Aydin Eyikan 2 months ago
Robert is so inspiring!!!! I need to work with him one day!
Korliyon 2 months ago
I think Sam Jones' videos are subliminal advertising for All Star
umainebearman 3 months ago
Its unfortunate that the 1st thing he did after "getting off the teet" of Marvel is widely regarded as one of the worst films ever.
Eleventy Won
Eleventy Won 3 months ago
And after this he did Dolittle (2020). Lol. What a pretentious douche
Jennifer Bates
Jennifer Bates 4 months ago
Oh fine, follow your dreams....blah...blah...blah. as a very big Marvel fan. I'm a bit salty and sad....😞
slimj091 4 months ago
I remember singing "Goom by Yah" as a kid...............
Saif Mahmud Ishtiak Shushaan
*wipes tears* I love you 3000 Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes and Charlie Chaplin
Skittles57081 5 months ago
Interview is great and all, but why is it black lmao
Jina 6 months ago
am I the only one staring at his tattoo the whole time?
Petal Ivy
Petal Ivy 6 months ago
He is divine
triscat 6 months ago
Bless his heart.
colderbeer 6 months ago
I will never believe that he originally wanted to play Iron Man that many times and in that many movies. The studios paid him SO MUCH MONEY......that he couldn't say no.
ProtoArrow 6 months ago
I love this man
Stoop_Kid 6 months ago
Isn't he a trust fund kid though?
rome wah
rome wah 7 months ago
i love you more than anything
Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary 7 months ago
2:42 *literally yells "i am iron man" he chance he gets...
Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary 7 months ago
my 3 brain cells during all the close-ups of robert 1- SaGgY SkIn AND WrInKlEs 2-DADDY! 3-goddamn, he aged well. it's like fine aged cheese, jesus christ...
Kaelyn Putz
Kaelyn Putz 7 months ago
I love RDJ. He’s the one who made my favorite avenger come to life🤗
DDC ROCKY 7 months ago
It's all bs just show him the money
Urmila hypothetical Bdy
how he says 100 percent......:)....
Seveshan Gounden
Seveshan Gounden 8 months ago
Okay... More Sherlock 😰
Charles Iannini
Charles Iannini 9 months ago
Downey when I was a kid you were always there for me when I needed you
Naji Delarosa
Naji Delarosa 9 months ago
i was waiting for ''im not tony stark'' kind of thing 😅
A.C. B. ART 9 months ago
From passing out in some kids bedroom from smack to making 275 million bucks. FML
Dom Dukes
Dom Dukes 9 months ago
“An incredible 10 year run“ that you made enough money for your grandchildren to live comfortably off of… I love the person that Robert Downey Jr. seems like he is in the public eye and it seems like the work he’s done during that 10 years was a great time!!!
Gaurish Dhar
Gaurish Dhar 9 months ago
It's kinda sad to see that most of the ppl in this comment section either haven't seen his work outside marvel or got into them only after watching marvel
IamChrisEdel 9 months ago
Sherlock Holmes 3 💚💚💚
Kenstiel 9 months ago
Aw man Tony Stark is really gone now 😰 😰 😰😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
RothsteinDior 9 months ago
I was waiting for him to say, "I'm Not Iron Man." Thank God he didn't lol.
SD P 9 months ago
Do me please RDJ. Anytime. Seriously.
ProtoArrow 9 months ago
I love Roberts shirt
eric martens
eric martens 10 months ago
This was indeed a great performance but he has WAY more work ahead like DOCTOR DOLITTLE
Dabo Gyrl
Dabo Gyrl 10 months ago
RDJ is a fantastic Actor. Always has been. So happy he got it together so he could become Tony Stark / Iron Man. I can appreciate aesthetic distance but RDJ will Forever be Iron Man.
Blueberry40 3 months ago
Indeed. Iron Man is apart of him forever.
thewinterizzy 10 months ago
I am blown away at RDJ’s self awareness. It takes *a lot* to get to that. I hope I’m there someday. 💕
Guest 10 months ago
Hacksmith needs to contact him, after all hes building an industry inspired by him
Andrew Burgardt
Andrew Burgardt 10 months ago
I was waiting for him to say, "I am not Iron Man!"
Ritz Kola
Ritz Kola 10 months ago
That’s Tony talking. He didn’t really have to act for that role lol
Ludovic Odet
Ludovic Odet 10 months ago
He s brillant, Smart, genious actor.....but i am sure he will come back as tony stark
Moses Ukoh
Moses Ukoh 10 months ago
1:47 Did he say he was coming back as part of the multiverse...!?!?!?
Z Blade
Z Blade 10 months ago
Fucking Uncle Scrooge dive into a pile of coins
SoosaSoolaa 10 months ago
I just realized that i have the same birthday as Robert....
Michael Costa
Michael Costa 10 months ago
He's trying to be mature about it, but it must be hard. He seems like a smart guy.
Earl Seagrave
Earl Seagrave 10 months ago
Yeah for sure - he could play a superhero's dad or an evil CEO in a comic book movie for the next ten years! Isn't that what all these former actors are doing now anyway???
Edible Rubber
Edible Rubber 10 months ago
2:27 I am not Ironman :(
Real Talker 101
Real Talker 101 10 months ago
"K-Hole", lol
Kai Gamer
Kai Gamer 10 months ago
Why it's black and white !
luomlds 10 months ago
What brand shirt is Robert wearing?
Joey Rozic
Joey Rozic 10 months ago
I love how genuine he is.
Teg Singh
Teg Singh 10 months ago
This man is Tony Stark pretending to be a man named Robert Downey Jr.
dinoatcharterdotnet 10 months ago
I'm sad that he's gone. I can't help but feel like the golden age of the MCU is over.
taetae 10 months ago
Ok but his eyelashes wow
stacks attacks
stacks attacks 10 months ago
It's not closed yet. He won in EndGame in 1 of Dr.Strange's 14million visions. When he saw 1 in 16million.
Joe Carey
Joe Carey 10 months ago
It's weird seeing Tony Stark play RDJ
Narutoismylover 22
Narutoismylover 22 10 months ago
This reminded me of when Hugh Hackman stopped being wolverine and no one thought we would see him again. People got over it though and we’ll get over this too. RDJ is still here the movies are still here. He’s not dead he’s just moving to the next project.
DAN DIAMOND 10 months ago
What a great interview 💯 esthetic distance ✊✊✊✊✊
xex 10 months ago
Hes wrong he'll always be iron man
Burgersmash 10 months ago
Next Phase: a return to actual acting? Anyone remember when RDJ was an actor? Anyone? Yeah, me neither.
Ezra 10 months ago
"Part of the Journey is the End"😭😭😭😭=oh hi Identity crisis😐😭
Pete Fish
Pete Fish 10 months ago
RDJ is the God father of MCU , forever
Glo4u123 10 months ago
Robert Downey has always been an amazing actor long before the iron man or the avengers, but he had some drug issues that he needed to get under control and he did. Marvel did make him a true super hero but because he was so good at the Tony Stark role, for me Endgame was a tear jerker to say the least. I am sure I will not be as interested in seeing any more without him.
noa_ zeus
noa_ zeus 11 months ago
We all know what he will do. -starts hammering
Rc cruz
Rc cruz 11 months ago
God bless you robert downey jr
thabiso mbingo
thabiso mbingo 11 months ago
He is talking shit if you asked him those questions again you would get totally different answers bullshit femenism cost you your gravey train sorry can't play it off bro
Jonathan Keith
Jonathan Keith 11 months ago
I refuse to watch any future “remakes” of Iron Man movies that won’t be starring Robert Downey Jr. When I think of Iron Man, I think of Robert.
iXeNpLaYs -Mobile Legends And More!
Honestly,RDJ looks better as he ages...
Sojib wajed
Sojib wajed 11 months ago
Tony stops playing Iron man, and this the end of mine to watch Avengers... RDJ is nothing but Tony stark, the greatest actor of my world.
Michael Dignan
Michael Dignan 11 months ago
Great interview, interesting guy.
Sojib wajed
Sojib wajed 11 months ago
I must confess Game of thrones and D&D literally failed to Avengers Endgame in the best ending✌✌
Javi Soprano
Javi Soprano 11 months ago
Next videos