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Robbers · The 1975
The 1975
℗ 2013 Dirty Hit, under exclusive licence to Polydor, a division of Universal Music Group Ltd
Released on: 2013-01-01
Producer, Studio Personnel, Mixer, Programmer: Mike Crossey
Producer: The 1975
Studio Personnel, Engineer: Mike Spink
Studio Personnel, Engineer, Programmer: Jonathan Gilmore
Associated Performer, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards: Matthew Healy
Associated Performer, Guitar: Adam Hann
Associated Performer, Drums, Synthesizer, Programmer: George Daniel
Associated Performer, Bass Guitar: Ross MacDonald
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Robin Schmidt
Composer Lyricist: George Daniel
Composer Lyricist: Matthew Healy
Composer Lyricist: Adam Hann
Composer Lyricist: Ross MacDonald
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Jul 24, 2018




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Comments 59
Leian Shaneil
Leian Shaneil 5 months ago
I just can't stop listening to this song, my heaaaaaart!!!!!!😭😭😭
Kiesha Cyrel
Kiesha Cyrel 5 months ago
My bae made me listen this and now i can't stop listening to it
papi juho
papi juho 5 months ago
**chef's kiss**
HAJEONG WOO 5 months ago
sorry for being late :))
Jedi Wynne
Jedi Wynne 5 months ago
This was supposed to be 16K
Jedi Wynne
Jedi Wynne 5 months ago
Where are the other comments?
Beatriz Talavera
Beatriz Talavera 6 months ago
On loop
Intro mind
Intro mind 6 months ago
In love with this song since 2018❤️
Apely Almonte
Apely Almonte 6 months ago
She 6 months ago
"Now if you never shoot, you'll never know" "And if you never eat, you'll never grow" "You've got a pretty kinda dirty face" 'She's begging you to stay, stay, stay, stay.' It's about toxic love. You are in a relationship that's toxic. You are in love and know it hurts you but you're helpless. This song is like a palindrome. I don't really like what this says, but speaks truth for many.
ynabanana 6 months ago
I’d do anything just to hear this song for the first time again😔
cahya kumara
cahya kumara 6 months ago
kangenn anjinggg
Arif RN Asri
Arif RN Asri 6 months ago
Nemu juga
Alya Febriyana
Alya Febriyana 6 months ago
Anna Lou
Anna Lou 6 months ago
This is the best live
Tanishq Naithani
Tanishq Naithani 6 months ago
babe is such a romantic word
matthew liong
matthew liong 6 months ago
this song so underrated that it has only like 57 comments, but who's counting :/
Camila Pdf
Camila Pdf 6 months ago
Pure art💖
PS Ylaya
PS Ylaya 6 months ago
Kevin Camargo
Kevin Camargo 6 months ago
Can you guys believe this is the song with which I have cried the most? Robbers and Somebody Else are the most important songs, they mean way so much to me. About four years ago I met this person who I was afraid to love and when I got brave enough to love that person it was too late. Now I miss this person a lot, I've cried too much and I have cried everywhere because sometimes I just cant control myself and I start crying seas. Why the heck loving gotta b way so hard?
farah 6 months ago
Hey, your feelings are valid :") Been through that as well and it's really hard to put it into words. I hope your storm ends soon
deidara 6 months ago
yo!? why are there only 53 comments??
Pauline 7 months ago
everything's gone wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charmolypi 7 months ago
why is thery only 50 comments
xanaxfiles 7 months ago
Gina Geovani
Gina Geovani 7 months ago
how come there are only 48 comments? mine is the 49th.
almelg 7 months ago
sumukhi 7 months ago
Love this song, evergreen song
R 7 months ago
y this song is hurtin me??????
Disree Shrine
Disree Shrine 7 months ago
I don't why this song just makes me wanna cry for no apparent reason 🥺🖤
Jaye Anne Beredo
Jaye Anne Beredo 7 months ago
Babe, you look so cool
Le vi
Le vi 7 months ago
Love this since 2016
Althea Padilla
Althea Padilla 7 months ago
san na kaya jowa ko papakinggan namin to ng sabay
@lcleo_junior congrats hahahahahahaha
lcleo_junior 7 months ago
pinakinig ko to sa m.u ko.... m.u parin ngayon. :)
Rynenn Andre
Rynenn Andre 7 months ago
Salvatore_ Silva
Salvatore_ Silva 8 months ago
nuevo suscriptor bro buenas rolas estas
Keith Leslie Omiles
Keith Leslie Omiles 8 months ago
.. / -- .. ... ... / -.-- --- ..- / .. --.. .- -.-. -.-
francesca garcia
francesca garcia 8 months ago
best song ever
Kurtney Garcia
Kurtney Garcia 8 months ago
how come there are only 24 comments? (mine's the 25th)
jeff bueno
jeff bueno 8 months ago
24th comment??????, btw this is my favvvvv song,+ somebody else, a change of heart, m&uts, love me!, people, lifwmi n many moREeee!!!!, btw, im from phhhhh!
mirza samson
mirza samson 8 months ago
why is this underated
pardxn 9 months ago
why are there like no comments
israzan omi
israzan omi 10 months ago
never ending nostalgic
Marah 10 months ago
Lyrics She had a face straight out a magazine God only knows but you'll never leave her Her balaclava is starting to chafe And when she gets his gun he's begging Babe, stay, stay, stay (Stay, stay, stay) I'll give you one more time We'll give you one more fight Said, one more lie Will I know you? Now if you never shoot, you'll never know And if you never eat, you'll never grow You've got a pretty kinda dirty face When she's leaving your home She's begging you to stay, stay, stay, stay, stay I'll give you one more time We'll give you one more fight Said, one more line There'll be a riot, 'cause I know you Well, now that you've got your gun It's much harder now the police have come Now shoot him if it's what you ask But if you'd just take off your mask You'd find out that everything's gone wrong Now everybody's dead And they're driving past my old school And he's got his gun, and he's got his suit on She says, babe, you look so cool You look so cool, you look so cool You look so cool, you look so cool You look so cool
Sukrata Pradhan
Sukrata Pradhan 7 months ago
Thanks dude
Francia Chivalan
Francia Chivalan 11 months ago
I like it, my favorite music...THANK YOU 🎶👍😃🎤
Camila Reis
Camila Reis 11 months ago
this is my favorite music, and I never forget it
clancy 11 months ago
babe, you look so cool
clancy 7 months ago
@Joshua Burke HAHAHA
Joshua Burke
Joshua Burke 7 months ago
Marianne Polyakova
Marianne Polyakova 7 months ago
*Only 18+* 👇👇👇 🔞 97534411.sexygirlsx.ru
Ellie May
Ellie May 11 months ago
what is it with the 1975 and having 7k likes and 13 comments?
Alonso Camargo
Alonso Camargo 10 months ago
ikr, something wierd is happening
Edlaine Berciles
my kind of addiction
Emily Dobinson
3:38 😍🤤
R. Year ago
This is the best song ever!!!
Faisal Amrulloh
Hi 1975. Apa kabar ?
Faisal Amrulloh
Faisal Amrulloh 6 months ago
@Arif RN Asri haha..slow bang 🖒
Arif RN Asri
Arif RN Asri 6 months ago
@Faisal Amrulloh haha canda
Faisal Amrulloh
Faisal Amrulloh 6 months ago
@Arif RN Asri hahaha..kan tinggal translate bang 😂
Arif RN Asri
Arif RN Asri 6 months ago
@Faisal Amrulloh nemu basa yg ku ngerti
Faisal Amrulloh
Faisal Amrulloh 6 months ago
@Arif RN Asri nemu apa nih bang ?
Ana Júlia Toledo
Quem veio pelo trailer de poor alfie?
Israel Manuel
Israel Manuel Year ago
Hugo Year ago
ew, you're not Matty Healy
*hi Devon q*
Megan Lyon
Megan Lyon Year ago
You’re all elite if you like this 🤙🏼
Kevin Augusto
Kevin Augusto Year ago
eu amo tanto essa musica
jovs Year ago
I just never get tired of this song
sam daniels
sam daniels Year ago
love it!!!
Axel Almiron
Axel Almiron 2 years ago
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