Rob McElhenney: How "Always Sunny" Landed Danny DeVito As Co-Star

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Beloved comedic actor Rob McElhenney, one of the stars of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia," tells Stephen Colbert how the show was forced to add Danny DeVito to the cast after a first season marked by unimpressive ratings. #Colbert #AlwaysSunny #RobMcElhenney
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Feb 4, 2020




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Comments 80
Rain Centeno
Rain Centeno 21 hour ago
Dude did anybody catch that!?!?!? The song at the end was the Sonic Theme Green Hill Zone.
Theokoles Day ago
One of the best show ever
Ryan Mustain
Ryan Mustain 3 days ago
He's waving to his dad, still begging for that catch.
I'm Chevy chase and your not
Terrible interview for a great guest
Oxzey 4 days ago
Typical 3rd grade sentence.
Mel Sneath
Mel Sneath 4 days ago
If you like its always sunny I can GUARANTEE you'll love the short film on my page about two dumbass best friends trying to solve a murder. If you don't like it, you can tear the crap out of it in the comments, have fun with that
Fongletto 4 days ago
Mythic quest was only so-so. Which was a shame because all the actors were great.
Full Moon Society
Colbert's audience is braindead
dc chilin
dc chilin 7 days ago
I don’t like the way the host talks about the show. Rob and the others did a good ass job creating an amazingly comedic masterpiece of a show. This host is trash All he does is sit and talk to ppl who are famous. He only reason he has a show is bc his guests make the show. Fuck that guy. Love you Rob
Doug Steele Guitarist
Steve, you rushed through the goddamn interview. Next time give Rob half hour.
Sandwichofd00m 9 days ago
Am I the only one that notices the sonic beat at the end from the old games??? #atari #sonicthehedgehog
Linkage Ayexe
Linkage Ayexe 11 days ago
Dat sonic bgm
ElLenadorLA 11 days ago
Pretty amazing that Danny slipped in without missing a beat. I don’t think anyone else would’ve been able to do that.
Miriam Sheppard
Miriam Sheppard 11 days ago
this is so weird
Daniel Ashkenazy
Daniel Ashkenazy 12 days ago
song at 10:45 is from Sonic the hedgehog
Carlos Iribarren
Carlos Iribarren 13 days ago
the interview is not that bad, he looks nervious, thats all
Cameron Finch
Cameron Finch 14 days ago
These talk shows seems so scripted after corona
Monroe Moore
Monroe Moore 14 days ago
Disappointing that RIGHT away he starts with the identity politics. So over that crap.
PlasticMan 14 days ago
I love how well spoken he is. He is so calm!
Sean Barrett
Sean Barrett 14 days ago
Anyone know why Colbert's band played Green Hill Zone at the end...?
Christian Hafer
Christian Hafer 15 days ago
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is 10x better than Friends for my money.
ChrisRedmanMVP 15 days ago
Yo did anyone catch green hill zone from sonic on piano at the very end?!
Austen Goff
Austen Goff 15 days ago
So DeVito saved the show? interesting And its also interesting how that now makes two actors that McElhenny didn't want on the show and then they ended up making the show way better (DeVito and Kaitlin Olson)
Andradé 16 days ago
love this dude, the gang, and everything they do
Liam Dickson
Liam Dickson 16 days ago
He stopped cultivating and started harvesting.
bw 1506
bw 1506 16 days ago
What are the chances that gay women have 3 boys, two of which are gay
B 17 days ago
I genuinely hope they just keep bringing out more sunny its so good, ive watched them all so much now I need more new content!
TylerBeRippin 17 days ago
This was good XD love Rob
Brian Leetch
Brian Leetch 17 days ago
I hate an audience that doesn't appreciate a dry sense of humor. Dry humor is the absolute best, but the thing is, you have to be intelligent to appreciate it. The thing is though, most people are...well...dumb.
NickEPants 17 days ago
Anybody else see him throw his pen in the beginning
Zachary Galindo
Zachary Galindo 17 days ago
I’ve never watched Colberts show after the Colbert report, but if this is how he host late night, I’m out.
Max Isola
Max Isola 18 days ago
“I am a minority” - Ronald McDonald
Mouth4 War
Mouth4 War 18 days ago
I wonder if norm MacDonald would like this
Kachins 20 days ago
Out of Charlie, Glenn and Rob, I feel like it's always sunny is His show
John Doe
John Doe 13 days ago
It’s literally his show. He’s the creator of the entire concept, the pilot and a vast majority of the scripts. Glenn and Charlie were executive producers alongside him because he’s awesome and made sure it would be “their” show as well. He wasn’t remotely selfish in a creative sense and understood as writers (let alone the character actors themselves since there was no money) they also reserved the right to determine what the though was or wasn’t.
Mk L
Mk L 22 days ago
Perhaps if you wear a suit that fits, you wouldn't have to tug at it every 30 seconds. Danny Devito is hilarious, and that group owes him big time.
Frank Cooke
Frank Cooke 23 days ago
He somehow looks like every child actor
1eno 23 days ago
My goodness what a guy.. actually knows how to wear a suit - and to unbutton the jacket when sitting!!
Bradley Atom
Bradley Atom 24 days ago
"not everybody was fortunate as I was" in response to "What was it like growing up in the 1980's with 2 moms?" is leaps and bounds the best line he ever said.
Shawn Heatherly
Shawn Heatherly 25 days ago
Anyone else wonder why they play green hill zone as the outro?
Abraham Nunez
Abraham Nunez 25 days ago
PhilosophyVajda 27 days ago
Man, the band was great. Random Sonic the Hedgehog playing at the end? They win the internet
Alex Sullivan
Alex Sullivan 27 days ago
Is the song they close this video with from Sonic the Hedgehog?
JOEL JO 27 days ago
Anyone else notice the music playing during Rob’s outro was Green hill Zone from Sonic?
Jack Blakeney-Swanson
Just as awkward as in the show. Love it
Leo Laurus
Leo Laurus 29 days ago
That was the most beautiful intro music I’ve ever heard. I don’t even watch Always Sunny I’m just here for the band lmao
Kaldor Draigo
Kaldor Draigo 29 days ago
love the show, but rob should tell a different fucking story, jesus, hes talked about this on late shows for 10 years
sliphstream 29 days ago
They would have invited the entire crew but Charlie was too busy chasing the waitress, Frank was hanging out under a bridge, and Dee had too much back sass. They didn't dare invite the golden god that is Dennis because of THE IMPLICATION.
David King
David King 29 days ago
good ol' Green Hill Zone music...
teamreckdjipod Month ago
So he is a real bastard!
robs8888 Month ago
10:45 cue in Sonic The Hedgehog, the next guest! (Green Hill Zone plays smoothly in the background)
christian ford
christian ford Month ago
I replayed the ending of this twice and I was so confused. Why is the band playing Green Hill Zone???
Omega Rapper
Omega Rapper Month ago
Mac is a great guy. Your show needs new cameras. Horrible quality of the video
Candity Month ago
Wow robs mom is soooooo gay
I relate to the minority thing, only ever worked for women turned away from jobs because I wasn't black and hearing on the news about white privilege and women aren't represented enough, makes me laugh 😂😂
El Duderino
El Duderino Month ago
So weird how he was inspired to make the opposite of Friends, when the show is closer to Seinfeld. Even when he's talking about how they're friends because no one else would be friends with them. Hits so close to Seinfeld. Also did they just close this out with a piano cover of Sonic?
jason lu
jason lu Month ago
keeping it real rob mcelhenney style
Fizzylazer Month ago
He really did make the opposite of Friends because It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia in a funny show.
Andre Castaneda
Andre Castaneda Month ago
Ok am I the only one that heard green hill zone as the outro?!?!
insertnamehere Month ago
How the F did Colbert make it on tv?
Callum Hurley
Callum Hurley Month ago
Anyone else notice they play the Green Hill Zone theme from Sonic at the end of this?
Ben Young
Ben Young Month ago
Is it just me that thinks Rob looks like a ripped Ricky Gervais?
Ben Young
Ben Young Month ago
Can I offer you an egg in this trying time?
Jesse Barlow
Jesse Barlow Month ago
what's with the dead audience? This guy's a legend
Frankie Simon
Frankie Simon Month ago
Colbert is such a great person but somehow so many of his interviews are so awkward and bad. I don't understand why.
UndeadGaming Month ago
He cut him off when he was in the zone about danny divito.Stupid Boomer
RXdash78 Month ago
It is so weird to have sensitive, progressive, humble and self assured words coming out of mac's mouth.
BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham
he wanted to steal my image and then go gay, he was a previous of the Richie Eslier Lokout mountain Lay Leto....mockers...
BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham
Dimitri the Either of Thanos ThanAzi was your either the back up copy of your soul or you progeny in heaven, was it worth it D Mitiri aka Donvan Perry how does it feel to have stated Satanis and Islam as a greek orthodoxy , cop Trick nipple oppoliss, he was trying to kill us all with desease but I have enough of them like Shingle and Mono for it not to work so the 7th day advent pull me in to ward and I let them take blood, but how they use it and if they try to Ali determines there eternity,.. He loop time on the magician time to to the Bradley Sublime Noel SAtan Satan is his god..a real Chrishmaster!
Brad R
Brad R Month ago
Colbert never watched a single episode of iasip obviously. Shitty interview.
Darin F.
Darin F. Month ago
Impossible to not love Rob. Man is very humble and genuine. He is able to transform both his body and personality to match his character and is a great actor/writer. He doesn't get enough respect for what he does. Much respect sir!
Rex Bellator
Rex Bellator Month ago
I must be taking crazy pills or these comments are filled with overly sensitive IASIP fans and/or salty Trump trolls who have a bone to pick with Colbert. This interview sounded fine to me nor was the audience "dead" as so many suggest. The audience remained quiet only while McElhenney talked about his moms and brothers but laughed appropriately at his minority joke. Colbert then pivoted back to the shows because they don't have 60 minutes to talk about McElhenney's entire life; if Colbert asked a basic question about IASIP it's not because he doesn't know about the show but it's something you do for your audience - just because YOU watch the show doesn't mean 100 percent of the audience is acquainted with it (when you get tickets for a talk show like this you get it months in advance and you don't choose who you go see). People need to calm tf down. This interview was fine.
Cameron Barnes
Cameron Barnes Month ago
the faithful sunny community always quoting in the comments, love to see it.
Benji Van B
Benji Van B Month ago
Lets be honest, the guy can give a hell of a sales pitch. I'm very interested in his new show but that also may be severe Sunny bias.
dylanoneill2011 Month ago
Solid beard from Ronald McDonald
Tim Tompkins
Tim Tompkins Month ago
I love him. Mac is one of my favorite characters of all time. His inner-tension and insecurities throughout are so great to watch and when he finally comes out to his dad....not only comes out but continues on after his dad walks out of the room....it's just beautiful! I could listen to him (the real Rob) talk for hours and would love to....gonna go find some more interviews
Cody Averesch
Cody Averesch Month ago
All large cities are mostly black. It's just basic knowledge.
Big Bressler
Big Bressler Month ago
Was NOT expecting to hear Sonic at the end
WM Dank
WM Dank Month ago
Ah the good old studio days of 3 months ago...
John Lopez
John Lopez Month ago
I keep thinking he’s about to point up to a scoreboard and say “Show me...cow!”
Adam Kalb
Adam Kalb Month ago
I thought it was great that 2 decades after the broadcast network series Taxi, Danny DeVito returned to basic cable TV by helping to save It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. However, the directors only had 20 days to film all of his scenes in Season 2 before starting a schedule of filming the non-Danny scenes in all 10 episodes. May 19, 2020, 2:47pm
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