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Denzel Dion
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maybe next year
hashtag '' i said what i said'.
and thats on periodt no tampon.
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Comments 100
Denzel Dion
Denzel Dion Month ago
I said what I said & THATS ON PERIODT.
piepost 3 days ago
Karen 10 days ago
+Denzel Dion YED BITCH!
sunshine_ plz
sunshine_ plz 16 days ago
Denzel Dion your skin is beautiful...😘
woah _kayy
woah _kayy 22 days ago
Denzel Dion period
Terracotta Kim
Terracotta Kim 23 days ago
I agree w/ the oh no of these looks but love your delivery is way too extra. 3 days with ass out and cowboy like - was that the theme for the year? James no more
sweetmel890 6 hours ago
My gosh How tall are you? 😂
Melaina lynn
Melaina lynn 6 hours ago
I love the Kriss cross ascetic
Leneve Mellow
Leneve Mellow 7 hours ago
“And the looks were........tasteless.......interesting, and okay!” Officially DEAD💀
Melissa Marz
Melissa Marz 10 hours ago
The honesty! Yesssss my queen 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
random person
random person 11 hours ago
What is his hair?
Elle Buchanan
Elle Buchanan 13 hours ago
14:24 why is his shadow headless am I crazy?
A. Estrella
A. Estrella Day ago
This is my very first vid of this guy, and dude, you really sound like a jealous teenager no offense and that hair is beautiful but please stop whipping it like that,keeps on whipping left and right, so annoying. Okay im out bitches
Celeste Harris
2000s baby & I was LIVING for these looks that Denzel was serving, I was hungry & he fed me. PERIODT
maureenleilaa 2 days ago
“reincarnation mummy attire” DEAD 😭💀
Anthony Pichitino
His Look Was Shit And So Is His Nose And Hair.
Always Jalynn
Always Jalynn 2 days ago
Love the Cheetah Girl music in the back...Nostalgia at its finest 😭😭
Aiech gio
Aiech gio 2 days ago
Can we talk about Tyler Oakley?😭😂😂😂IM CRYING
Shyshy Giovanni
Shyshy Giovanni 3 days ago
Yikes what you look like you were gonna be mobbed with them frakenstien shoes on youre outfits werent a home run so run the fuck home i love you but girl u were serving im gonna be mobbed with my climp clomp shoes on.
frowning smile
frowning smile 3 days ago
i don’t even care what Denzel thinks!! his outfits were BOOOOOOOOOOOOMB! periot, point, blank no questions about it
Lady China
Lady China 3 days ago
Any1 else jus watch his lips as he talks Jus me, ok
Tracey Fludd
Tracey Fludd 3 days ago
Denzel u look like a catalog model...super cool 😎
Santiago B
Santiago B 3 days ago
I subscribe because it’s not 10:00 but good content
Marina Babuci
Marina Babuci 3 days ago
Pleaseeee react to Blackpink outfits
Sarah C
Sarah C 3 days ago
Is that cheetah girls in the background?
Scolly Vique
Scolly Vique 4 days ago
James’ outfits WERE IT wtf are you talking about you weirdo ???
Jessica Maples
Jessica Maples 4 days ago
The first one had me shook. Bitch you don’t know brad! Brad is my hair lord sis👏🏼
Chantelle Machokoto
Do I hear cheetah girls in the back 🥺
Heredis Alpaca
Heredis Alpaca 4 days ago
Me: that outfit looks pretty cute Denzel: what even is this? this is ugly Me: you know what you right its not it
Jade Moreno
Jade Moreno 4 days ago
3:21 so true though😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
1st: fuk gay people and im about to get you lil yatchy lookin ass nigga
doga kurklu
doga kurklu 4 days ago
Janelle Snow
Janelle Snow 5 days ago
New to your channel! Subscribed :) I agreed with all of your views besides neon :( I love neon makes me look tan cause I’m white as a ghost :/ love this channel and glad I stumbled on it! 😝
Vivi Gabagat
Vivi Gabagat 5 days ago
Most of these people hatin on your outfits are james' sister squad. . . Jk
Brooke Forsyth
Brooke Forsyth 6 days ago
I don’t understand like a word he’s saying 😂 ♥️
Yin Oaht
Yin Oaht 6 days ago
get so damn defensive about his outfits but is willing to judge other celebrities outfits that are actually good
Divine Olivier
Divine Olivier 6 days ago
The face he made when he saw James’s day 2 outfit had me DEEEED😂😂
My Roblox User Is Koa_12345
“Neon” “Be Gone”
Rain drop Drop top
unless half of the people who clicked on this video actually know DENZELS fashion sense don’t say shit. Another thing it’s DENZELS channel. Y’all get so butt hurt over his OWN opinions. I’m a fan of some of the youtubers and I didn’t get butt hurt. DENZELS outfits were the shit and had factually 90s and 00s influence. I SAID WHAT I SAID AND ILL HANDLE ANY BUTT HURT ASS PERSON WHO WANNA SAY SOMETHING.
ThatCjKid11 7 days ago
James Charles is forever trash
jehsuhs 7 days ago
I didn't see a single nice outfit this entire video 👀
melisa kucukakin
melisa kucukakin 7 days ago
what is it with platform boots?!!!!!! Am I the only one who think the boots are ugly AF?????
chimshoe 8 days ago
Denzel fucking delivered & i will now and forever look forward to his outfits every year.
lalalu lulula
lalalu lulula 8 days ago
You shouldn’t be talking with that hair...
Madison Hughes
Madison Hughes 8 days ago
I'm wearing a tie dye shirt right now bitch! Lmaooo
Annie Boo
Annie Boo 8 days ago
Hahaha brad
mcatriana 8 days ago
The cheetah girls song playing is giving me life
mcatriana 8 days ago
I loved Brad lol he was bright
Mona Abdi Osman
Mona Abdi Osman 8 days ago
I skipped all the way to the James Charles part
Jain Mobile
Jain Mobile 9 days ago
Are you gay? Sorry it's the first time seeing you and that's the first thing I thought.
Nia Miner
Nia Miner 9 days ago
"Shut ya God damn mouth"😂😂😂
Eleanor K.
Eleanor K. 9 days ago
larray is safe thank god ❤️
lala lipsy
lala lipsy 9 days ago
Liza lookin like cardi in the please me video 😍
NoTea NoShade
NoTea NoShade 9 days ago
I love his personality so much🥰
James Fajardo
James Fajardo 9 days ago
TBH the people that you reacted to have WAY better outfits than yours until now
Terri Buffington
Terri Buffington 9 days ago
And its great to see you can even criticize your own looks not just other peoples that makes you down to earth in a way
Terri Buffington
Terri Buffington 9 days ago
I got the 90s stuff hon im an 80s baby
Emily Streit
Emily Streit 9 days ago
I actually like Karina's look. She looks like a watercolor flower. I'm not liking Tana's look though, it is too nightclub for me.
Ruky Asif
Ruky Asif 9 days ago
I acutally love him
diala al3li
diala al3li 9 days ago
you're talking bad about other people outfits and yours looks like a fucking SHIT
Kash 9 days ago
your looks are so fire !!
Bruna Raposo
Bruna Raposo 9 days ago
When you're a 2000's baby but you understood the kris kross reference 🙃🙃🙃🙃
3camper fuzzies
3camper fuzzies 9 days ago
Im a big fan from Larray 😀
Caylee Soo
Caylee Soo 9 days ago
everybody sayin his outfits were bad but sis he really popped off and i was living for it
Karen 10 days ago
Ok. James outfit just hurts my eyes when he turns around.
Ali.16 H.
Ali.16 H. 10 days ago
9:20 that girl like she was cosplaying anime.
The Balde Family
The Balde Family 10 days ago
My titis was sweating like bullits that got me dying 😭😭😭
Michelle Van Ness
Michelle Van Ness 10 days ago
James Charles: excuse me I won't sponsor that on my channel because theyre not appropriate for his young audience.... Also James Charles: yeah let me show my butt to these 8-13 year olds...
Darkwing Duck
Darkwing Duck 10 days ago
Thanks for the Authentic 90's memories. U gave us the best of 90's fashion.
FENDIBAGFUL 10 days ago
First off I’m a 2000’s shawty and I DEFINITELY GOT IT !
Ericka Jean
Ericka Jean 10 days ago
15:05 I had the same reaction
Bir Gill
Bir Gill 10 days ago
Isn’t he wearing sort of a neon shade as well?
holly holly
holly holly 10 days ago
Props to him for actually having an authentic 90s look but chill with acting like you’ve been out here living ur life in the 90s...you were literally born at the very end of 97.
makeda artis
makeda artis 10 days ago
i feel like the tightly fit outfits and revealing outfits are the ones that he likes the most.
makeda artis
makeda artis 10 days ago
idk if it’s just me, but i tend to appreciate outfits with less known brand names ( but SAME quality) because people think brands are what make the outfit good, and it’s really not.
Rest In Peace xxxtentacion Love u xxxtentacion
Bro leave RUvidr alone stop talking about there outfit? Like nigga look at ur outfit it look like marry popping outfit
Rest In Peace xxxtentacion Love u xxxtentacion
This nigga acting like a girl like he touch his face like bitch ur acting like a girl
Rest In Peace xxxtentacion Love u xxxtentacion
Damn u talk loud? Talk like a real person like u talk this HEY GUYS IT ME U ALREADY KNOW
WitchCrafts- 9 days ago
like he said, you can click off if you don’t like it. don’t let the door hit you on the way out ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
a meme!
a meme! 10 days ago
i get people ragged on antonio a lot but like... lol. she is a child. she isn't eighteen and people need to realize she isn't required to ho it up like other people do. let her wear what she wants, she's serving!!! period.
Mochi 4ifeu
Mochi 4ifeu 10 days ago
Ah ah ah ah Denzel I’m from the 2000s period and when I saw them backwards jeans I was shooketh! I used bang out to Jump by kris kross
Brandi Trimble
Brandi Trimble 10 days ago
Tana is giving Pamela Anderson in Bard Wire & I’m kinda here for it bihh
Mycla Figueroa
Mycla Figueroa 11 days ago
What- your outfits were trash.
Harley Shelton
Harley Shelton 11 days ago
Okay, someone tell me why James Charles 1st Coachella pic head is missing from his shadow. 🙏😂
Halen Sunday
Halen Sunday 11 days ago
Back in the early 00s festivals vibes were REAL. Mostly rock and the outfits were band tshirts ripped jeans etc nothing OTT people wanted music not fashion. The line up in 04: David Bowie, The Darkness, The Cure, Muse, Snoop, The Strokes, Faithless, Kings of Leon, Pink, Black Eyed Peas, Franz Ferdinand, Scissor Sisters, Orbital, Elbow, The Killers, The Chemical Brothers, Damien Rice, Wu-Tang Clan, The Libertines, The Stone Roses, , Massive Attack, N*E*R*D, Snow Patrol, Felix Da Housecat, Basement Jaxx. It was all about the music. That's all so lost now. James Charles in Assless Chaps and girls with underboob officially ended rock and roll.
Mia Buzon
Mia Buzon 11 days ago
Denzel: pants are backwards Me: YESSSSS
Anna Marusarz
Anna Marusarz 11 days ago
8:50 she look like a whole fruity pebble
Gold Bullet
Gold Bullet 11 days ago
I need you when I buy my wedding dress
kindle gwinn
kindle gwinn 11 days ago
😂😂 corrina look like she was inna circus
Mistress Horror
Mistress Horror 11 days ago
Well. I'd be going in shorts and a t-shirt. So. I'll leave the fashion to you, DD baby~
M E 11 days ago
FACT: These braids look better on Denzel than on my own self when mom used to plait me...😅😂😂 Like if it's also your case🤣
Lauren Mwah
Lauren Mwah 11 days ago
Are you related to Celine Dion
nae boogie
nae boogie 11 days ago
But you looked a mess yourself sis.. and it wasn’t just the shoes 👞 😂😪
Ivy Perry
Ivy Perry 11 days ago
i just cant.
My unpopular opinion... Your first outfit was trash 🤷🏾‍♀️. From a 90s kid. And that awful emo look... My goodness
Le Twixter true
Le Twixter
Le Twixter 3 days ago
Actually the first outfit wasn't that bad compared to the other two.
Monica Geller
Monica Geller 12 days ago
With looks like that you're gonna have to roast yourself too.
Karina Montes
Karina Montes 12 days ago
Antonio was one of my best best one
Alison Dennise
Alison Dennise 12 days ago
Wendy woo 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Karina Montes
Karina Montes 12 days ago
I love love LARRYyyyy
Deyra Martinez
Deyra Martinez 12 days ago
I know your roasting other youtubers but that’s @kaeden harvelend intro 😭🤦🏻‍♀️🤭
Jazmin Lopez
Jazmin Lopez 12 days ago
His outfits were my favorite no cap. Im new here yalll.😙
Dani San Martin
Dani San Martin 12 days ago
i said what i said i meant what i said i said what i meant, PERIODT
ksayaphat 12 days ago
James is not a girl
Isa Prada 1102
Isa Prada 1102 12 days ago
new subscriber!!! can’t get enough of u!!! love u sm!!! whole mood bitchhhhh PERIODT
Aileianna Parcel
Aileianna Parcel 12 days ago
I know a youtuber who is actually cute
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