Roast my Coachella Outfits 2019 *interactive*

Niki DeMar
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happy coachella season! lol. gonna be honest here, a big reason I go to coachella is for the fashion, so I put a lot of effort into my outfits for Coachella 2019 this year. in this video I'm opening up the table for you guys to roast the outfits, leave your thoughts below, critique them, and let me know what you would've done different. Enjoy
new intro: @artworkbyjb
Why People Hate Coachella but Still Go
pranking people in public with disturbing nails:
making awkward situations at drive thru's:
dressing like an Insta baddie in pennsylvania:
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if you made it this far and you're reading this, HEY HELLO. let's have our own inside joke & comment down below "neon safari" lmao. If you watched the whole video you'll know what this means.
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Comments 100
haddsa iqbal
haddsa iqbal 2 hours ago
2019 Coachella might be the best one yet cuz of my queenies BLACKPINK !
Eva Boswell
Eva Boswell 9 hours ago
who else went straight to the comments
Voice Crack
Voice Crack 12 hours ago
I think 2 Frenchbraids whould have looked better for day 2 but you still looked amazing all 3 days
Edwina Conde Rosado
Edwina Conde Rosado 17 hours ago
1. A- actually the makeup and outfit go really cute together 2. C +I did like it is just that I don’t know i think even though is simple it looks kinda forced 3. LOVEEE girl like super cute and hot and the same time also girl the yellow A+
Neil Jones
Neil Jones 22 hours ago
the shoes witt no 1 uglyyyyyytwo it horrible biker shorts ehhhhhhhhh three is an old woman but a highlight er
giovanna perroni
If I could like this vid unlimited times, I would
Gabby Badgett
You look a glow stick
Diya Gurdasani
Diya Gurdasani 2 days ago
Day 1 : look like a grape Day 2 : hot chetos Day 3 :yellow hilighter
Diya Gurdasani
Diya Gurdasani 2 days ago
Tara Elizabeth
Tara Elizabeth 2 days ago
LOVED day two!!
Majken Hallgren
Majken Hallgren 2 days ago
I loved all of your outfits!!!
sarah majestic
sarah majestic 2 days ago
Second costume rate it a 5
Emmy Chu
Emmy Chu 2 days ago
For the first one i have nothing to say but the blue every coachella? Someone out here lookin like a smurf i just wanted to say just because im saying this doesnt mean im a hater im a huge fan and ily
Peter Kaufman
Peter Kaufman 2 days ago
Day one totally amazing different but totally works Day 2a little much but it looks good on you Day3 probably the worst one I really Dont like yellow but hair and makeup were on point 😜😜😜
Aidrean and kenz
Aidrean and kenz 2 days ago
day two was pretty cute
Aidrean and kenz
Aidrean and kenz 2 days ago
Day 3 was really cute
Aidrean and kenz
Aidrean and kenz 2 days ago
Day two was kind of really tomboyish
PuppyXlover 2 days ago
1: cool furry grape 2: amazing hot cheetoh 3: fun neon yellow highlighter
Nubia Nelson
Nubia Nelson 3 days ago
Day 1 : should have just gone naked
Sara _ san
Sara _ san 3 days ago
Dolls Life
Dolls Life 4 days ago
Omg my fav outfit was the third
Rihanna Strange
Rihanna Strange 4 days ago
Day 1: Wait...where did Tinkie Winkie go?? (if u don't get this then u had no childhood😂) jokes I acc loved it, it was very different but It did give me teletubbie vibes tbh🤣
Krista Pettibone
Krista Pettibone 4 days ago
Ya music and Fatshion are so lit
All about Butera
All about Butera 5 days ago
Day 1-7.5/10 Day2-9/10 Day3-8.5/10 Love U Niki 💝💝💝xx
Emma Greenup
Emma Greenup 5 days ago
(Not really you in particular) but I feel like everyone just wears rlly skimpy outfits at coachella and not that it looks bad or isn’t ok, just an observation
Groove 237
Groove 237 5 days ago
Nice outfit
Lan Nguyen
Lan Nguyen 5 days ago
Love all outfits
Khensani P
Khensani P 5 days ago
Day 3 1-10 100 so cute and aesthetic
Khensani P
Khensani P 5 days ago
Day 2 1-10 6 cute but basic
OmqItsChaGirl Trin
1 HEY BARNEY!!! 2 Baby let it burn burn burn 3 Can i write with youuuu/ OH HEYYYYY MY EYEZ R BURNINGGGGFG
Freja Gillick
Freja Gillick 6 days ago
It looks so cool all
raaya pema
raaya pema 6 days ago
Loved the makeup for 2nd day of Coachella and day 1 was bomb and the 3rd day I don't really like but love the hair on 3rd day
SM IC 6 days ago
And three
SM IC 6 days ago
Love outfit one and two
Isabella Garcia
Isabella Garcia 6 days ago
Day 1:She's wearing purple????!!!!! Day 2: She is on fire!!(pun intended) Day 3: She kinda looked like a little kid........
Aashi Goyal
Aashi Goyal 6 days ago
Neon safari like if u know what that meAns
Lily Ellis
Lily Ellis 7 days ago
those shews
A Crow
A Crow 7 days ago
I don't like it it looks scary
A Crow
A Crow 7 days ago
It looks like a bathing suite but still cute
heya ##!!
heya ##!! 7 days ago
I took this video to know if she knows anything about blackpink in coachella yo !!
riddhima singh
riddhima singh 7 days ago
You go girl love the looks
fun stuff
fun stuff 7 days ago
Day 2 is a 0
Jenna Atiq
Jenna Atiq 8 days ago
I love ur day 2 outfit but if I wore it I would look like s*** day 3 it was ok but not the best and not trying to be a hater but u kinda looked like a...highlighter just a joke no hating 😅😂
Natalia C
Natalia C 8 days ago
Fox XOXO 8 days ago
Niki it’s impossible to roast your outfits and yeah of coarse I won’t roast you
Swatcop Gaming
Swatcop Gaming 9 days ago
Banana hang 🍌
Swatcop Gaming
Swatcop Gaming 9 days ago
Day 3 you mind if look like a hiped up banana
Liam Niki
Liam Niki 9 days ago
LOVE the half up half down hairstyle !
Andrea Calmes
Andrea Calmes 9 days ago
Outfit #1 : it’s literally just a swimsuit with a jacket. This isn’t a beach 😂 Ily
Cecily Green
Cecily Green 9 days ago
Day 2: pls stop doing fucking peace signs
Cecily Green
Cecily Green 9 days ago
Day 3: you look like a fucking stuffed animal I saw at the country fair
Cecily Green
Cecily Green 9 days ago
That Day 1 outfit looks like that shitty handbag you bought Gabi in the video where you had to say yes to Gabi
Thalia and me
Thalia and me 10 days ago
i liked them all
Shane Tipton
Shane Tipton 10 days ago
Day1:3/10 Day2:6/10 Day3:11/10
Stephanie Poon
Stephanie Poon 11 days ago
Neon safari looks nice except the handkerchief and back pack looks stupid
Stephanie Poon
Stephanie Poon 11 days ago
R u wearing a swimsuit at least ur makeup was pretty
ash 11 days ago
The first outfit was so cute except the photo with your legs open I thought you added a big white box in post lmao
Brooke Teng
Brooke Teng 11 days ago
1-10 Day 1= 8 Day 2= 4 Day 3= 5
Bettina Mauri
Bettina Mauri 11 days ago
neon safari
Smiley Doggy
Smiley Doggy 12 days ago
Outfit 1 = 9 out of 10 Outfit 2= 3 out of 10 Outfit 3 = 1 out of 10 Outfit 1 looked so good Outfit 2 looked ish like okay I guess Outfit 3 NEVER DO THAT. AGAIN You look like a traffic cone Jesus Christ
Elianna Gray
Elianna Gray 12 days ago
I love the second outfit but nooooooo Fanny back
CookieD.I.Y 12 days ago
and by the way ur outfits where bomb in my opion
CookieD.I.Y 12 days ago
niki plz go blonde for a day
Botshelo Nkomo
Botshelo Nkomo 12 days ago
I don't know how to roast you your too beautiful
Kellie Tait
Kellie Tait 12 days ago
Day one : this girl can afford all the bling on her neck but can't afford trousers
Julia Rose
Julia Rose 13 days ago
Day 1: 6 day: 2: 8 day 3: 4
Cathy Ram
Cathy Ram 13 days ago
No critic just awesome
Aoife Streete
Aoife Streete 14 days ago
hi Nike I love your style
Avery Jade
Avery Jade 14 days ago
I do think they look good but they r a lil much
I have a pet llama
I have a pet llama 14 days ago
I think u should change the intro
Truth McGroarty
Truth McGroarty 14 days ago
I don’t want to go to Coachella Because my cousin was on her way home and her car flipped over and she was killed
minnie and my
minnie and my 6 days ago
That doesn't have anything to do with Coachella... But I am sorry for your loss
Grace K
Grace K 14 days ago
Ha ha I thought at 1:46 it said DAV 1🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Emma Noone
Emma Noone 14 days ago
Hola soy Dora 2:51
Danielle Franklin
Danielle Franklin 14 days ago
What is Coachella
iiikx y
iiikx y 15 days ago
Day 1: Barney and Nikki mangi had a baby 😶 Day 2: Kylie and a fire pit had a baby too 😖 Day 3: Danm you look like a highliter sis.... No h8 ily ✨ but why naked?
Sadie 100
Sadie 100 15 days ago
Day one-Why is niki wearing a swimsuit and a jean jacket?7/10 Day two-why are you wearing that I’m sorry it doesn’t suit you.3/10 Day three- ok I liked it but just why the backpack?6/10 My fav was Day one no hate:) luv u niki💙
Queenliv 15 days ago
i love the purple outfit but cmon you’re telling me that thigh rub isn’t killing you. I know you have to walk a ton. Second outfit, hated it it. I hate the biker short thing. I don’t like the shoes with this. Def my least favorite. Day three- LOVE THE HAIR, could have used more Niki Funk
Mermaid Bivins
Mermaid Bivins 15 days ago
Yes no no
Arihanna Smith
Arihanna Smith 15 days ago
I like Dave degrees outfit I just went where the shorts with it because I feel like the shorts that for a whole nother outfit like a Nikki's that's a yellow swim suit leotards with the green shorts or with the neon green shorts or some neon yellow shorts you know or like a yellow Leo or leotard and some neon green and white Nikes
Arihanna Smith
Arihanna Smith 15 days ago
I don't really like day to self it because I feel like I would cover up my top are my chest area more because I don't want anything popping out and it looks like a bodysuit and I'm not really into bodysuits like that and I don't like fanny packs but that's your style used you stick with it if you like it Go On lyrics can't nobody tell you what you wearing and how to weigh yourself and Highway your clothes nobody can tell you how to wear your clothes you can wear your clothes the way you want to wear them you're grown you have money you're buying it not them as long as you forgotten that off
Arihanna Smith
Arihanna Smith 15 days ago
I like the one I just wouldn't wear the bottoms that you want with it over like some purple a purple skirts and purple jeans purple pants I wouldn't where are the bottoms that you are I would just wait like some purple jeans or purple skirts with shorts because I'm not trying to make fun of you you don't get me wrong you do look good in it but I don't think I would look if I could find a top like that I would wear that top but don't get me wrong you do look good in that outfit and I'm so late since I wouldn't have anything to cover up my my but I wouldn't wear it as much since it's like it's like a bikini sort of always and white shorts because that just looks like it fits with that and it wouldn't fit with me like that
Saloni Sukheja
Saloni Sukheja 16 days ago
Luv ur third outfit 😍😍
Kate Littlewood-Tribe
Day 1: sexy barney Day 2: bum bag in a bbq Day 3: 80s descendants
Jessica Louisess
Jessica Louisess 16 days ago
Oky Nikki coming threw with the colour. Day 1 I love just a bit revealing.😯 day 2 the same as day 1☺ day three 😍😍😍😍
Melissa Vlogs
Melissa Vlogs 16 days ago
1: to cute to be true 2: to hot to be true 3: to amazing to be true
NIKITA LEGACY 16 days ago
I noticed ppl like to dress up for pride
Amber Harding
Amber Harding 16 days ago
Ur third outfit u look like Billie Elish
Amber Harding
Amber Harding 16 days ago
Day one = 6 Day two= 10 Day three= 8
Spicy Brown
Spicy Brown 16 days ago
where did you get your outfits from though. I wanna them 😩
Precious Derico
Precious Derico 16 days ago
I liked outfit 3 it was cute💯
Precious Derico
Precious Derico 16 days ago
I liked day 2 it's just the big middle whole is not my style but you do you girl💯
Precious Derico
Precious Derico 16 days ago
Your Day 1 outfit is bomb. I love it it's so cute and my favorite color is Purple so I just love it💯
Kaylin Bocker
Kaylin Bocker 16 days ago
Day 1: What is the bag hanging from the belt, it is weird. Other than that I loved your outfit, purple is a good color on you! Day 2: I love how unique your outfit is! Day 3: I love the bright yellow and your hair style! Your bag is also really cute! Love You!
Sade the toy collector
Your 3rd outfit hair looked like Rachel
Pickle Gal
Pickle Gal 16 days ago
1.Grape🍇 2.Katy Perry on fire 3.Highlighter version of Niki Jk im a really big fan and loved all the outfits xox ❤
Kelsey Goins24
Kelsey Goins24 16 days ago
rate day 1-8.5 day 2-5 day 3-7
Ariana Elizabeth
Ariana Elizabeth 16 days ago
Day 1-🍇🍇💜 Day 2-🌶🌶❤ Day 3-🍋🍋💛
Una Bjelica
Una Bjelica 17 days ago
outfit 1: 9.5/10 outfit 2: 4/10 outfit 3: 10/10
Graciella P
Graciella P 17 days ago
The 3rd day photo with the other 2 girls, I thought a group of jojo siwa backup dancers was performing on coachella. 😂
Graciella P
Graciella P 17 days ago
For the 2nd day I think I can write a 600 word essay down on the hole of the outfit near the stomach.
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