Roast my Coachella Outfits 2019 *interactive*

Niki DeMar
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happy coachella season! lol. gonna be honest here, a big reason I go to coachella is for the fashion, so I put a lot of effort into my outfits for Coachella 2019 this year. in this video I'm opening up the table for you guys to roast the outfits, leave your thoughts below, critique them, and let me know what you would've done different. Enjoy
new intro: @artworkbyjb
Why People Hate Coachella but Still Go
pranking people in public with disturbing nails:
making awkward situations at drive thru's:
dressing like an Insta baddie in pennsylvania:
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Apr 17, 2019

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Comments 6 789
eden m
eden m 2 days ago
i love you niki!
Sara Hishamqaid
Sara Hishamqaid 2 days ago
Day three was my fav
Check out My singing
1: if a red onion and a grape had a baby 2: if your ex girlfriend burned your crap 3: if a the sun threw up on you
Lauren_Eclipse 7 days ago
I loved all the outfits 🤩🤩🤩
Lily’s vlog channel
Outfit no.3: really freaking cute💖I love it omg !! :)))
Lily’s vlog channel
Outfit no.2: again I love it but...I’m just not a fan of orange as much as other ppl but I do love the colour
Lily’s vlog channel
Outfit no.1: u smashed it honey 💛💛💛nothing to roast about it xx
Trinlex Carnes
Trinlex Carnes 10 days ago
Day 1: ok niki I expected something so out there and exciting but then you gave us boring purple swimsuit with a jacket like I could sleep on that outfit such a boring fit Day 2:it was better but not eye catching not to bad but not good just alright Day 3:a lot better than all of them I liked it a lot more it’s not boring but it was a bit awkward because of the ascot and ur hair down it would’ve been better if you pull your hair up and I get you wanted to go neutral but something you could added was some glitter or face jewels
Ana Salcedo
Ana Salcedo 11 days ago
I love your Day 1,2 and3 outfits
Carmen Lothario
Carmen Lothario 11 days ago
For the second one,I would have done shorter shorts and cover the boobs more
Willliana Chery
Willliana Chery 11 days ago
I Love it❤❤❤❤
Pocahontas Mama
Pocahontas Mama 12 days ago
1. Kylie Jenner ish 2. Harley Davidson meets Insta Baddie 3. Neon flight attendant
Katelyn Elphick
Katelyn Elphick 12 days ago
You look amazing 😘😘😘 outfit 3
Katelyn Elphick
Katelyn Elphick 12 days ago
It’s not the best but you look ok outfit 2
Katelyn Elphick
Katelyn Elphick 12 days ago
I love it you rock it girl outfit 1
Chiara Walsh
Chiara Walsh 14 days ago
I loved your hairstyle half up and half down!!!! 💕
ikeira jones
ikeira jones 15 days ago
I have nothing to roast because all of the outfits are soo cute and cool so 😁❤❤
Paola’s Camera roll
I really loved all your outfits
Hailey Grabowski
Hailey Grabowski 22 days ago
Day 1 was my fav💜 but I love the hair from day 2
Sipping bleach
Sipping bleach 24 days ago
Who else noticed Niki’s BILLIE necklace omg I love it!
bananarama 25 days ago
i love your first outfit but what is hanging from your belt ?? loved ya second outfit omg!!! really like your 3rd outfit and i love the half up half down hair look. overall you are rockin' coachella girl.
bts_tea 25 days ago
I... I cant roast them... THEY ALL LOOK SO GOOOOOOD 다 허 ❤❤❤😭😭😭
Mia DePooter
Mia DePooter 26 days ago
Day 1: Barney threw up Day 2: fell in a pit of lava but completely missed your stomach Day 3: It’s blinding
Valerie D
Valerie D 27 days ago
DAY 1: 10 🙏 DAY 2: 6 ☺ DAY 3: 8 😍
BeaverioTv Dat beaver of mine
First outfit: barney who just let himself go
Xmen lover
Xmen lover 28 days ago
Day 1: Thanos Banged with Ariana Grande Day 2: the Cheeto’s Panther sexy girlfriend Day 3:Billie Eilish vomited on a Safari man
Waffletown 02
Waffletown 02 29 days ago
Day one roast:I didn’t like the shoes with the outfit at all Day two:🤢 the biker short jumper really? Day three:the hair wasn’t my fav or the makeup with the outfit All those roasts were just my opinion NO HATE AT ALL ❌❌❌ Love y’all peace out! (Sorry for the numbest outro ever lol)
Ellie Knudson
Ellie Knudson Month ago
In day one you look like a plum
Serenity Edinger
im not a hater if anything i love niki but on day 1 u needed some pants
Lily Smith
Lily Smith Month ago
Day 1: loved it Day 2: hated it just cos it’s not my style not cos I hate you Day 3: loved it just not my style
Ella Joyce
Ella Joyce Month ago
day 1: kendall jenner and khloe kardashian vibes day 2: billie eillish but miley cyrus and britney spears day 3: yellow army chic
k van der scheer
I think its cool but its a litlle to naked
Kylie'a Lamb
Kylie'a Lamb Month ago
I love day 1 bc my favorite color is purple but it's still cute. And day 2 was also very cute I loved them both but day 3 I was not feeling it but it's still a little you
leronarndo/meh the best wolfy in the world
I love all ur Outfits!!!
violet ramos
violet ramos Month ago
1.Barney’s daughter 2.Mexican cookout gone wrong 3.banana women
Pro Editer
Pro Editer Month ago
Ruby Scholke
Ruby Scholke Month ago
Omg niki I love your hair half up and half down.Its so cute
Christian Munoz
Christian Munoz Month ago
Day 3- OMG I found my long lost highlighter from elementary school
lena van den akker
First one love second one I love the top part not so much the bottom part third one don’t like at all sorry but did like the hair on the last day #bluebabe
Avery Felsheim
Avery Felsheim Month ago
I cant roast NIKI she is to dang nice and PPPPRRRRREEEEETTTTTTTTYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Lyla Birkenstock
Day 1: U look like a really pretty Bernie Day 2: U look like Katy Perry working out Day 3: Neon school girl
Julia Nazaryan
Julia Nazaryan Month ago
I love em all🔥
Alexis Lopez
Alexis Lopez Month ago
I love all of them and ever outfit looks good on you and great for summer
Eibonyi Perez
Eibonyi Perez Month ago
1. Was my fave 2. Was cute 3. I liked your half up half down hair look 🤟🏽
stupidityUnicorn Jade
Day 1: purple is my fav color 👍 Day 2: fire badass love. omg👍 Day 3:billie vibes not copy ok👍
Ashley Christian
I like day two but I wished you had a different pair of shoes on
Ashley Saenz
Ashley Saenz Month ago
I did not like the day 2 outfit and day 1
Sarah Parker
Sarah Parker Month ago
Outfit 1 1111111111111
Corinna Gerlach
Corinna Gerlach Month ago
All of them are amazing
Izzy Webb
Izzy Webb Month ago
day 1: not gonna lie, you look like a stripper but who doesn't for coachella? The shade of purple is 💜 pretty cute
Typically Just Bored
1.Purple Towel 2.hell 3.cowgirl highlighter Yee yee
Typically Just Bored
The purple outfit look like my towel..
Kristina Domencic
Hot barney Hot Cheeto Hot kindergartener
Eric Finley
Eric Finley Month ago
She looked like Billie Eilish on day three
Emily Plummer
Emily Plummer Month ago
Loved 1st hated 2nd Like 3rd
icon for hire x flyleaf
1: eh 2: oookay not me but I am here for it 3: YEEES IM SO HERE FOR IT, I'm so here
Emily D
Emily D Month ago
Day 1- a ratchet Walgreens brand lavender essential oil Day 2-guy fiery as a skinny hooker Day 3-cowboy on LSD Even tho that's mean ILY niki
Little Kubra42
Little Kubra42 Month ago
1. Is the purple one it’s one of my fav colours 2.is the neon yellow it’s so cute and bright 3.sorry niki but the red and black one is not my style but it’s cute
Gaming with sianna
Girl I can’t roast u u are so cute! And I just can’t be mean SRRY but u are beautiful🥰
CamKing Tea
CamKing Tea Month ago
1- barney went sicko mode 2- um did the fire burn the rest of your outfit? 3- no need for supply list just look at nicky’s outfit
Holly Little
Holly Little Month ago
To be honest I like all of the outfits their so cute
I like your hair half down half up.
IMVU Queens
IMVU Queens Month ago
Day one I give a 9.5 bc I’m don’t really feeling the jacket or belt the jacket would be cute if white
salebratis _min vids
I love all of them and the last one it takes me to Billie
Rebecca Bell
Rebecca Bell Month ago
I like how niki was so supportive of people being truthful and give there opinion, and that she wasn’t insecure about what she was wearing and how she looked
Angelina Esposito
I love all of them!!! This is my favorite!! You look amazing and like I would wear those if I could!! Like you look stunning in them and they are gorgeous so you had good taste
Emily Anderson
Emily Anderson Month ago
Ur second outfit was a little much for me. I personally like simple outfits. You were rocking it but I would not wear that in public to save my life. Apologizes. I don’t mean this in a bad way but it looks like something Rachel would wear.
Emily Anderson
Emily Anderson Month ago
I love ur purple outfit I just think it looks like a swimsuit and I would not be comfortable wearing that in public but u do u girl. U look amazing in that outfit
Gaming with Kenzie
Loved them all
Lauryn Trusler
Lauryn Trusler Month ago
how am I supposed to roast you when you look so pretty?
Mia Simic
Mia Simic Month ago
I love your looks! 😍😘😘
Kawaii Pony AJ
Kawaii Pony AJ Month ago
ok ypour outfit #3 was so GOOD I can like tear my eyes out this was one of the best outfits I have seen on the internet One thing i didnt really have a liking for the belt its too simple for this look since the look is very simple its self it needs soemthing extravagant like: www.fashionnova.com/products/do-not-cross-belt-yellow that would have been a better choice and im not a big fan of the white clout gogggles something would have been better like this www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwiKwMP03PXiAhUTntUKHQCnDzYYABABGgJ3cw&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAESQOD2h60r601AiQ6_wrG_5JSllkVnKAObS5nSjB4LAqMH8yWDHhnbFN0Gca0rG1CJMsR77RCGcj7HnDGL7BIHgI8&sig=AOD64_2l65W0_5zk5fWk-0LbLpWRStY6MQ&ctype=5&q=&ved=0ahUKEwjiyLz03PXiAhXpQhUIHRCsDEcQ9aACCDg&adurl= that would have been nice!!! I love the bandana and jacket
Kawaii Pony AJ
Kawaii Pony AJ Month ago
Ok, I think everyone can agree that outift #2 was so Niki and it looked so cute on you! Just why do you keep on using the same shoes? I think some plain black Dr.Martens would have been fire with this outfit and maybe some black cat eye glasses like these: www.amazon.com/Retro-Vintage-Pointy-Sunglasses-Shades/dp/B07BR3RZ2Q would have been super cute and this outfit is litreally on fire I love this and you could turn it into a everyday look with black ripped jeans and a leather jacket or something. but this outfit was litreally so gorgeous I cant breath I wish I made it to coachella this year I really wanted to go but my mom doesnt let me go to festivals that much exept where we live in Germany.I cant wait to see some everyday outfits like this one it is so unique and it shoes off your amazing body that I wish I had and that vile around your neck gives me bad ass vibes and I dig it Niki. Love this look!!!!
Kawaii Pony AJ
Kawaii Pony AJ Month ago
I am going to comment the colors in diffrent comments each time :)I really love the purple look I think purple looks absolutly fab you look like such a queen in the purple velvet i really like the belt it gives off a very 80's vibe and the shade of purple really brings out your beautiful skin tone
Krista Aguilera
Krista Aguilera 2 months ago
1. Purple ain’t ur color 2. Don’t play with fire cuz I don’t look good on yah 3. Now this look is FIRE! Highlighter is ur thing gurl and also I love yellow sooooooooo it’s bootyful
Queen Mere
Queen Mere 2 months ago
Doesn't it mean that your talking to someone on you're phone
Maddie G
Maddie G 2 months ago
hair extensions look tacky as hell
Maddie G
Maddie G 2 months ago
the neon doesn’t match and it doesn’t match ur hair
Mia M
Mia M 2 months ago
i actually like all of them but number two is kind of like confusion
Il mio canale è fasullo
Day 1: I like the outfit Day 2: I LOVE the outfit Day 3: I don’t like the outfit
Kool Kaylyn
Kool Kaylyn 2 months ago
I really love all of them
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