Road Trip To The City With No Laws!

Danny Duncan
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Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 80
Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan Year ago
Thanks for watching ❤️ please visit www.dannyduncan69.com to change your life now.
Truth Be Told
Truth Be Told 17 days ago
Danny Duncan's got horse teeth. Hee haw
Diego Vargas
Diego Vargas 17 days ago
Danny Duncan did he say MOMO nah I’m joking
joao cordeiro well you don’t real Deadpool I’m new
Danny Duncan hey bro I’m new to the channel what’s up I push the bike right now scribd you and I hit the bell
TheNintendo Gamer
you copied mr beast
Ashley Davis
Ashley Davis 47 minutes ago
It’s called a traffic break. That’s what the hell the cop is doing 🙈
Eli Black
Eli Black 15 hours ago
I though he was gonna jiz in the ocean 😂😂😂😂
MJGtv 19 hours ago
Danny’s like my cousin. Never had a girlfriend but giving all this relationship advice😂
Jolene the Llama
Danny is a pretty good dad to his kids.
Lettuce Alvarado
Lettuce Alvarado 2 days ago
City with no laws Thumbnail Is this illegal
Braden McCormick
Braden McCormick 2 days ago
The guy in the middle in the backseat he’s a pussy
Towlie, Billie ripper
James blunts a little bitch for striking copyright 🤣🤣
Kevin Zamora
Kevin Zamora 4 days ago
U should come to mecca ca
Sunday Drive
Sunday Drive 4 days ago
Danny Duncan changed my life with just one view!
cody manis
cody manis 5 days ago
Dude literraly does not care about youtube add money he makes the best dam content and gets blessed in life because he isnt fake about shit he puts what he wants in his videos and does shit his way and makes bread from t shirts
cody manis
cody manis 5 days ago
Danny bro your a fucking legend I wish all youtubers kept it real like you bro
Jon os
Jon os 5 days ago
I saw the title and the thumbnail - if the city has no laws...of course its legal to be there like lol edit: *oh, they hang babies here, that's awesome*
sittin_pretty 5 days ago
chris greene
chris greene 5 days ago
2:42 - 4:00 Words of wisdom Life Lesson: When your driver tells you to turn it off, do so to avoid that humiliation.
Devo 6 days ago
6:50 is that a huge pile of crystal meth behind that dude? Let's be honest slab city was built on meth.
barney shands
barney shands 6 days ago
Imperial county sheriffs will disagree
Jerod Ramey
Jerod Ramey 6 days ago
That shit with the cops driving funny, happened to me omw home to Baltimore from Boston. I still don't know what that was about.
High High
High High 6 days ago
why the hell is danny duncan legit the best lmao
Colt Pruitt II
Colt Pruitt II 7 days ago
why would you want to go to RUvid and search that up
Fishing with cam YT
5:18 though 5:21 watched David dobruck
Real Name
Real Name 7 days ago
Dude cmon stop being a bitch
King-Levin 8 days ago
Mr beast already did this
Accumulated Depreciation
max sounds weird here
nathan kuervers
nathan kuervers 8 days ago
Danny Duncan’s pretty funny and I like his vids but he’s kind of a dick sometimes
TH3R3ALHILL MVP 8 days ago
Love what you said about education, not knowing a cop doing that is keeping vehicles from hitting something in the road ahead while people like myself are out there getting a bed one of you dumb asses let fall out your truck.
Zayne Kibler
Zayne Kibler 8 days ago
They were at Victoria garden’s I live in Rancho Cucamonga
Godly_boy_ Josiah
He literally talks like he’s a Xbox 360 9 year old
Jefferson Miles
Jefferson Miles 8 days ago
How is Aaron no longer the least mature person in the vlogs, this dude Trevor is sumn else
Gavi Albarran
Gavi Albarran 9 days ago
It looks like gta 7:18
Haro 9 days ago
8:38 im dyingg😭😭🤣🤣
electro1622 9 days ago
LOL... love the horns on the car.... where can I get one of those..??
Robert Soto
Robert Soto 9 days ago
I’ve been watching Danny for 4 hours straight
Ravioli 10 days ago
who tf are those kids
ChopeyDopey 10 days ago
When the cop was swerving he was slowing you down for an accident up ahead, wether it be a different exit or farther down.
Boby Lee
Boby Lee 10 days ago
Ware can I get a circle hat like his
Ethan Brooks
Ethan Brooks 11 days ago
I thought u we’re going to Minneapolis
Louis Robo
Louis Robo 11 days ago
You should not swear or use inappropriate language
Tyler DeBrock
Tyler DeBrock 11 days ago
how much for you to sign my virginity rocks flag? @DannyDuncan
Brandon Dynan
Brandon Dynan 11 days ago
Candymaster 11 days ago
I genuinely can't tell if Aaron and Trevor are fighting with each other for real?
gregory hoover
gregory hoover 11 days ago
The asshole kept running away with the dude's cloths LONG after it was no longer funny and he disresprcted his freind's request to return them over, and over, and over again. I would unfriend such a person as well.
Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia 13 days ago
6:39 who else thought of mrbeast
flakey 13 days ago
When I saw this I thought he was talking about chaz
Yo you need to stop cursing 🤬 so much. I don’t want to watch your vids because you hear the f word every five seconds. Thanks
Amber Stamps
Amber Stamps 13 days ago
Somebody get that boy a girlfriend
WaterMelon 78
WaterMelon 78 14 days ago
Not a cool place but you should go to little rock arkansas
Caden Fox
Caden Fox 14 days ago
Finally, a place I can smoke my meth in peace
Cars N Stuff
Cars N Stuff 15 days ago
What kind of DB wears a "Save OJ" tshirt? You like murderers?
Creed2k 15 days ago
sandy shores from gta
Edward Williams
Edward Williams 15 days ago
U gotta let me get in these videos I swear I kan kome up with some krazy wild stuff in sure
Donald Haisch
Donald Haisch 15 days ago
gta vibes
Logan Johnson
Logan Johnson 15 days ago
The map part at the end was very inspiring for some reason
lil_chicken268 15 days ago
I can’t be the only one who knows the bowling ball is from Mr. beast
Awesome464 15 days ago
I like how he just turns at around and says “he said you were doing the hair thing”
Damien Alexander
Damien Alexander 16 days ago
fuck your shirt. not even funny.
Devids Games
Devids Games 16 days ago
I died after he said bye momo
Xbox plays fan club
This dude makes me think of gta the car and the crazy things
Colton 16 days ago
1:49 Honda Fit, “Am I a joke to you?”
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 17 days ago
*Danny and Aaron talking* Aaron: “you know when a girl is interested she starts doing the hair thing” Danny: *doing the hair thing while looking at Aaron*
Ultra464 17 days ago
2:13 thats is barrack obama
Sunny White
Sunny White 17 days ago
Is it just me or does he purposely act hard thinking it’s funny when really he’s just an asshole
Enter Sandman
Enter Sandman 15 days ago
You’re getting the point. It’s an act. It’s all for RUvid bitch
A Webb
A Webb 17 days ago
Damn I want a dirt bike even if it’s shit
Truth Be Told
Truth Be Told 17 days ago
Danny Duncan's got horse teeth. Hee haw
Leilani Satterfirld
Can you please cut your hair so my brother can cut his hair
Xxxfly_guy 17 days ago
Did u get this from mr beast
Just- Reacts
Just- Reacts 17 days ago
I'm coming to see you in Toronto whenever you go in your next one bud fr
Just- Reacts
Just- Reacts 17 days ago
Can you just make a bunch of movies dawg? Your too funny get that Netflix collab
Corey Daniels
Corey Daniels 18 days ago
Come to Hawaii!!!
Slow Down Move over Share the road with cyclist
When you see CHP swering across all lane of traffic it means they are performing a traffic break a head it can be for many things. - Clearing a accident - debree or something in the road. - Funneral or VIP escort ahead, etc.
Koen Kirby
Koen Kirby 18 days ago
I expected to watch this video hating him but this is chill
The supremesaints 676
Copied mr beast
JASSON JIMENEZ 19 days ago
this guy knows his business!! he’s so right you wanna talk to a girl talk to her if you feel intimidated it’s normal break that chain and approach her, if you fail at least you not a pussy
Kolt Nacho
Kolt Nacho 19 days ago
I hope you tip the guy that let you borrow his dirt bike then talked shit about it after words
Kolt Nacho
Kolt Nacho 19 days ago
That run away was really fucked it ngl Naked and kept fuxking with him over and over
Blane Brown
Blane Brown 19 days ago
Danny should return herewith a new die bike for that guy that was so kind to let you ride his biggest asset in his life
Rody Martinez
Rody Martinez 19 days ago
You guys are some b**** no cap I would not let a nigga throw my phone out the windo or try to talk to me like I’m his son marks as foos Aron u shouldn’t know better cuh
Rody Martinez
Rody Martinez 19 days ago
Kevin Haddacks
Kevin Haddacks 20 days ago
Your disgusting. Man.... Pull your head in. Could you be more obnoxious if you tried.
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