rIVerse Reacts: Don't Call Me Angel by Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey - M/V Reaction

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At first we weren't sure about this trio but it totally worked and they all slayed! We are excited to see the film!
#ArianaGrande #MileyCyrus #LanaDelRey #DontCallMeAngel #CharliesAngels2019

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Filmed by Leah Rifkin & Dustin Traballo
Intro & Episode Edited by Leah Rifkin
Equipment Provided by Scarlet Lens Productions

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Sep 19, 2019




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Comments 80
rIVerseLive 8 months ago
Are you loving our intro song?! Well for those who are wondering, it's actually our original song called "Rock Wit You" - You can check out the music video for it on the link below!!! ruvid.net/video/video-SfeHgfrrXao.html You can download our whole album on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, etc! Just search rIVerse 😎 Thanks for Rockin Wit Us! The #IVLeague
Jerald Cruz
Jerald Cruz 5 months ago
Please react Jonalyn Viray. Thanks
mikealson brothers
mikealson brothers 8 months ago
i loovee thatt
Yesenia Lopez
Yesenia Lopez 8 months ago
rIVerseLive React to Liar and Shameless by Camila Cabello please ❤️❤️❤️
Plsss react to Michael pangillinan song
Ralph Oso
Ralph Oso 8 months ago
Please react One sweet Day covered by Khel,Bugoy,Daryl Ong and Katrina Velarde
dennis tolbert
dennis tolbert 22 days ago
I’m actually going INSANE because no one else is crying!! Like I’m LITERALLY crying! “Ariana Grande could get it girl” “wow” 3:18
Julia Meneghetti
Julia Meneghetti 25 days ago
Miley is such a badass
jgaitan jgaitan
jgaitan jgaitan Month ago
Miley Queen
John FitzGerald
John FitzGerald Month ago
let the vid speed 1.5 if u wanna hear Lana raps lmao
babyxxxspice 2 months ago
When you keep coming back to the same vid just to hear Monroe's vibrato when she sings the word "heaven"
babyxxxspice 17 hours ago
THANK YOU SO MUCH for liking my comment......Oh heck screw the rest of the song..... 4:37 that's ALL that matters!!! hihi
Pedro Almeida
Pedro Almeida 2 months ago
Did he rlly just say Lana came with the vocals?💀 I have to laugh
Nari Glenn
Nari Glenn 2 months ago
Hey guys, I love the intro and the 4 of y’all soo much. I just subscribed and couldn’t stop watching your vids. I was wondering if y’all could react to Disney descendants and zombies songs. My older family members make fun of me and showing y’all reaction will show them I’m not alone
Andrew Caldwell
Andrew Caldwell 3 months ago
Dizz,is kinda annoying tho....no input on the song other than comparing them to a previous group....her sauce is weak
Andrew Caldwell
Andrew Caldwell 3 months ago
This should have been titled, "Our reaction to Lana's part in don't call me angel" lmao y'all dismissed Ariana and Miley in the first 2 minutes! I was like oookayyyy,maybe it'll get better
Totally-Kate 3 months ago
I think you guys should react to Miley’s performance of I’ll Take Care Of You, its her best vocal performance ever imo
Despoina Ntoulia
Despoina Ntoulia 4 months ago
Lana takes the song to a whole different level
Myah Lindsey
Myah Lindsey 5 months ago
Please react to camila
Myah Lindsey
Myah Lindsey 5 months ago
You guys should react to camila cabello
rababe arabi
rababe arabi 5 months ago
pleas react to more ateezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz pleaseeeeeeeee
babyxxxspice 5 months ago
Okay I seriously just watched this 4 times just to hear Monroe sing "Heaven"..... your voice is GORGEOUS and why does Dizz low key remind me of Keith Sweat in looks!!!! Ya All are FIRE!!!! kHADIJA AND zAK.... STARS!!!!!
Jasmine Smith
Jasmine Smith 5 months ago
I cannot even watch this video because of that terrible intro song
Kingsley Crescent
Kingsley Crescent 6 months ago
please react to pussycat dolls reunite
Leonardo Lima
Leonardo Lima 6 months ago
Would be nice to see you guys reacting Lana’s songs.
Ernesto Iglesias
Ernesto Iglesias 6 months ago
Please react to tusa nicky minaj and carol g
Darah Gomes
Darah Gomes 6 months ago
Hello, i from brasil! React Iza and Ciara - Evapora Follow me Instagram>> @daah_lautt
Theresa Bourne
Theresa Bourne 7 months ago
Can you react to more of Miles Cyrus please!!! Maybe something live?😍🙌🏼
Sagar Davle
Sagar Davle 7 months ago
I felt like they were just sitting there for Lana only. In my opinion, this was totally biased. Only lana and Lana
pietá 7 months ago
please react Iza - Ginga
Joelle M
Joelle M 7 months ago
Lana Del Rey the Queen saved the entire song!!! Please do more Lana reaction!!
Gonzalo Benitez
Gonzalo Benitez 7 months ago
Es obvio que el negro se coge a los blancos :3 y a la negrita también
Martin W.
Martin W. 7 months ago
I'm here for the girls, especially for Queen Mother Lana
vitu rar
vitu rar 7 months ago
william gutierrez
william gutierrez 7 months ago
Slide away reaction
Love potion gone wrong
I could totally do without lana in this song. I don't get it. Her verse is almost out of place and just gave me nothing. I'm just so confused why everyone is eating it up.
V Jamir
V Jamir 8 months ago
Please react to 'sure thing' miguel cover by BLACKPINK
lanaland 8 months ago
I had the same reaction of you guys, Lana is magic
александр четайкин
Taeyeon queen
Taeyeon queen 8 months ago
Reaction tiffany i just wanna dance and sunmi lalalay
DIE GO 8 months ago
Lana carried that whole song
Rizal Timberlake
Rizal Timberlake 8 months ago
Please react to camilla cabello - shameless and liar music video
Young D
Young D 8 months ago
im hearing 2003-2006 pop kinda style, pretty basic vibe, chorus is weak lol
DK - Silva
DK - Silva 8 months ago
React Taemin & Jimin dance performance
meow !
meow ! 8 months ago
On your next video please react to SB19 - Go up M/V
T J 8 months ago
a 8 months ago
when lanas part came up and i heard "she just elevated the song" YESSSSSS thats EXACTLY hwat iw as thinking, i loved her part the vibe she brought uhhhh so fucking good. then i went on twitter and saw people saying that lana ruined the song and that its boring she always 'sings so slow' and why cant she fit the song and sing more upbeat and im just like bitch what??? really?? LOOL
Maxym A
Maxym A 8 months ago
Please react to galena fenomenalen 🇧🇬 from 🇫🇷
Bayu Adam
Bayu Adam 8 months ago
Please react to "LP Lost on You - Live" ruvid.net/video/video-wDjeBNv6ip0.html please you will like it
Leanne Grose
Leanne Grose 8 months ago
I was sooo ready for this collab but, for me, the song is really forgettable. I'm totally disappointed to be honest 😥
Jeremy Hernández artilez
Plissssssss reaction BTS VS block bbbbbbbbbbbbb😞😞😞😞😞😞😭😭😭😭
yunita 01
yunita 01 8 months ago
React to MV Twice feel special please
Debbie Ann Piccio
Debbie Ann Piccio 8 months ago
Hi rIVerse! Plss make a reaction video to SB19 Go Up. Thankkyoouu. Lovelots!
j.c n
j.c n 8 months ago
*Please React to Anitta & J Balvin - Downtown ( Official Music Video )* We Brazilians love your reactions to Anitta's videos Thank you
Jyhoner 8 months ago
Yes everything you've said about Miley was all true! 🔥
Aviana Penny
Aviana Penny 8 months ago
Songs cute but that beat is traaaaaash....it’s so busy....and i don’t like that it started with the chorus....like i don’t even think I’d download it....despite me loving all the features...like the song is JARRING, you can’t enjoy it as a piece
Alan Joseph
Alan Joseph 8 months ago
TheWatsonCP 8 months ago
When I sit here and have all FOUR of you slay my life... The intro hits me and I'm just sitting here in love with you all
John Carlo Bisnar
John Carlo Bisnar 8 months ago
Please react to X1- "Flash"
6leaa 8 months ago
Don’t he look like IamZO
Kellen Solomon
Kellen Solomon 8 months ago
I just wish the whole song was lana lmao
sara faid
sara faid 8 months ago
Filipe Bendavid
Filipe Bendavid 8 months ago
Lana ❤️
Andres 8 months ago
*The best part of the song was that of Lana del Rey* 🥇👑
D'Meester Meester
D'Meester Meester 8 months ago
Best reaction so far... love you guys
ItsKpoping 8 months ago
Dean- Sometimes I hear Howlin PLEASE And SUNMI LALALAY
Unidden !
Unidden ! 8 months ago
Hig. Moraes
Hig. Moraes 8 months ago
Lana’s part is soooooo sexy!! 🍒
MLAA2 8 months ago
Please react to V-Stigma live!
Fuwa Rien
Fuwa Rien 8 months ago
hey please react to Dean Lewis >7minutes >waves >be alright
McFisher 212
McFisher 212 8 months ago
Love you guys and your reactions, but it’s AH-riana not AIR-riana
chakhe piku
chakhe piku 8 months ago
Pliz react to g-idle uh oh and sunmi lalalay
Khalida Abid
Khalida Abid 8 months ago
Classic lana😘😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Susan Lynn
Susan Lynn 8 months ago
Are you saying Lana isn't ass pretty???
Susan Lynn
Susan Lynn 8 months ago
Lana oozes sensuality, she's like the physical embodiment of sensuality.
Karen Neres
Karen Neres 8 months ago
Reacts Chen from EXO - Beautiful goodbye is beautiful 😘💜
Cedar May
Cedar May 8 months ago
The gag is that Lana is an actual angel soo. 👀
Кевик 8 months ago
please, just PLEASE! I'M BEGGING YOU! React to "Fear" by SEVENTEEN!!
Randell Senson
Randell Senson 8 months ago
Please react to Park Bom’s performance on Queendom. She covered Hann by G(idle)
Chandrae Roy
Chandrae Roy 8 months ago
Pls react to LOVE U by Monsta X Its a bop!!
anxgel babyyy
anxgel babyyy 8 months ago
Lana should've got more lines but I do like the song ❤️
murcyblack 8 months ago
Hello. I am in love with this song, its vocal tones, the harmonies (heaven...) and the musical arrangements. It's great! The beginning bells are a plus for my attention. Pleasantly surprised by this collaboration and I am looking forward to more in this style. Good vibes.
K.I.A Yt
K.I.A Yt 8 months ago
If they were destiny’s child Ariana would be Beyoncé as she has the best stage presence and has the strongest vocals where as Miley is Kelly even though I understand it doesn’t really fit her all the time and Lana, Michelle with the soft and sultry vocals
Cristin Joseph
Cristin Joseph 8 months ago
Pls react to Oh My Girl cover of destiny on queendom
ฺClassic Mad
ฺClassic Mad 8 months ago
zara larsson - all the time please
Amanda Michelle
Amanda Michelle 8 months ago
I think Lana’s presence is most commanding since she’s not even trying lol the other two are just trying way too hard. Personally, I don’t like posey, so I’m just drawn to Lana. And please do not compare Michelle to Lana Del Rey lol. No. Just no. Lana was the Beyonce cuz she carried the song lol.
zisforzoo16 8 months ago
Yesssss that moment at 4:06 was just so effortless, it was so good, my favorite part of the music video and the song
Psycho _ logical
Psycho _ logical 8 months ago
Next videos