RISKING EVERYTHING To Win BIG In Wild Session! Unbelievable Hands!! Poker Vlog Ep 93

Brad Owen
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May 28, 2019




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Comments 673
jack life still bad jacky
Why there is two hands mixed !!!
James Page
James Page 2 days ago
I know nobody will read this but the 1% that is have a great life and good luck in the future i know fave dont come over night but im trying my hardest to have a good RUvid channel. Wish me luck 🙃❤Subscribe to my RUvid channel I'm going to start posting every day !!!!! Jamespage2006 is the channel name jamespage2006
love it, playing like a lunatic, we've all been there :)
LuigiKing46 2 days ago
16:55 "I can't even imagine what I woulda done if there was an extra $10 up for grabs. I probably woulda just open ripped it preflop." -Bradley Owen speaking legitimate wisdom, 2019 colorized
Matas Pacevicius
Matas Pacevicius 7 days ago
I played like a maniac. I'm pretty drunk. Priceless.
Aaron Seibal
Aaron Seibal 7 days ago
Thanks for the vlogs 👍🏻
D_ Huck15
D_ Huck15 9 days ago
CrAsHcRoSbY 11 days ago
Do you play hold em? Is there any way I could convince you to give my online card club a chance? You can join and watch as long as you would like until you are comfortable enough to play for real! If you'll give me a chance I'm willing to give you a $20 match play NOW and ALSO if you do like the club and stick around I'll give you ANOTHER $100 bonus after you've played 300 hands in the club!! Text Me for more info! Let me convince you to give it a shot. We play every night and have alot of fun!! Jeff 336 552 3542 Thank you for your time.
sepzai 22 days ago
I just found these vlogs, great content and cant stop watching these! Keep it up!!
Day Lee
Day Lee 26 days ago
7 buy ins is your biggest downswing? I was 250 buy ins below ev online lol
Anthony C.
Anthony C. 28 days ago
5.00 overlay. Lol. Andrew is a generous guy. If I’m Brad and have been grinding it out all night just to get even, I’m pretty sure I’m not risking 1,300 to collect an extra blind, but hey... It worked out.
John Wayne
John Wayne Month ago
Good stuff Brad.
Nicholas Granat
Nicholas Granat Month ago
Dont drink when you play!
RONALD511 Month ago
GIANT pair of 9's wins.....lol you got lucky
Dino Romeo
Dino Romeo Month ago
Brad, youre the goat.
Warrick Lepolo
Warrick Lepolo Month ago
Commander Month ago
Can I open a card room in a strip mall? Quick way to making it big is by controlling the game.
Hristo Borisov
Hristo Borisov 2 months ago
This guy has balls
Mark R
Mark R 2 months ago
Love this session! Making Bluffing great again
Mihai T.
Mihai T. 2 months ago
wow can't believe all those bluffs went through, it was entertaining
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 2 months ago
Great job in your videos! I love that you show big loss and win hands.
Robert Simpson
Robert Simpson 2 months ago
Keep drinking while you play idiot
Jens-marius Buchwald
No one: Absolutely No one: Brad: this is the biggest i have ever played
Cody Allen
Cody Allen 2 months ago
Great fold on the first. I snap call like a fish.
NFL sports esport
NFL sports esport 2 months ago
PKC yeah i don't want to win $1000 and then find out bitcoin crashed and my 1000 is only worth $500
NFL sports esport
NFL sports esport 2 months ago
This could of went really bad...
Ashleigh Downey
Ashleigh Downey 2 months ago
Brad every video "this is the biggest I've ever played." 😂😂
Lee Brooke-Pearce
Lee Brooke-Pearce 3 months ago
That was borderline certifiable lol
George Lin
George Lin 3 months ago
You’re playing like a manic brad haha
Jimmy Vallesterol
Jimmy Vallesterol 3 months ago
always winning brad..
abdallah abuelaish
abdallah abuelaish 3 months ago
How tf do u remember every hand and bets and calls and s h i t
Butchman2000 3 months ago
Omg imagine if he played this aggressuve all the time...
Schoko 3 months ago
Makin 1k and getting drunk to your hotel.. what a life hahaha
coolpoolshark 3 months ago
Poker skills wise, this dig yourself out of hole wild session is better than your other running good sessions.
LikeNoLike Guy
LikeNoLike Guy 3 months ago
What are you using to film this with?
Adam Kowal
Adam Kowal 3 months ago
6:31 :D I love these sarcastic remarks.
Tyler M
Tyler M 3 months ago
After watching this video makes me feel not so bad for getting bluffed off a huge pot with bottom full house with 2 jacks on board and I had 77. Full board 783jj. I triple barreled and the opt who barely had me covered shoved on the river when the second jack hit, putting me in a nightmare spot but with about 3k in the pot and 3.5 k in my stack after about 6 minutes of tanking I folded face up. When my gut was telling me to rip it in on the flop. After that hand I tilted off everything I had infront of me plus 200$ more. Poker can be sick if you play scared money like I did and instead of calling it off. 3 days later and that hand still has me sick
Jack C
Jack C 3 months ago
Brad I have NEVER been this excited to watch a vlog! Good shit man, incredible really. Super entertaining
mikewayne2424 3 months ago
Please do not try this strategy in your local 1/2 game. You can throw logic out the window in that game.
Jivan Scarano
Jivan Scarano 4 months ago
8:20 He can't have A♠️Q♠️. You have the Q♠️.
MarioKing64 4 months ago
He said he, not his opponent, could have AQSS
thedtcke 4 months ago
Wild man
Google cloud
Google cloud 4 months ago
Great video, Thanks for sharing!
HERB K 4 months ago
Mmm:makes my uunion is
Signing Day Central
Signing Day Central 4 months ago
Best video yet! Nice W
Robert Paslaqua
Robert Paslaqua 4 months ago
What's your bankroll? Also best poker website for US players? Not app
johnnyBuz072 4 months ago
lol 7k "downswing"
Camyl Robaina
Camyl Robaina 4 months ago
Great my money will temporarily be in bitcoins. Sounds stable
Matthew Charboneau
Matthew Charboneau 4 months ago
I just missed the whole video cuz I was having sex
User1234 4 months ago
Dude.... this was a special one. Very entertaining. 9 IPAs 😂😂😂
Joe Shaloom
Joe Shaloom 4 months ago
Wow, this is EXCACTLY how I''ve been running
Shem Kigen
Shem Kigen 4 months ago
you really tip the dealer 3 dollars? shame on you!
Sentient Media
Sentient Media 4 months ago
This chode is butt buddies with Andrew Neeme.
Derek GMZ
Derek GMZ 5 months ago
Best double board player NA!
Julian Nader
Julian Nader 5 months ago
brad seems like a bloke you just wanna have a beer with and talk shit
eric thomas
eric thomas 5 months ago
That's what I'm talking about brotha, whats the best way to get in contact with you? I travel around a decent amount to different casinos myself.
Michiel Weisbeek
Michiel Weisbeek 5 months ago
You're a nice friendly chap but your game shouts out for a rebrand. Study the game theory. Get the work done. And you'll be flying at the tables. 3 barrel betting 300 for value??? What worse value hands is he gonna call you of with?
NumberOneZero 0
NumberOneZero 0 5 months ago
Plano TX poker room got shut down by the police. Wondering when the Austin room is going down. Gambling isn't legal in TX. All those pretty tables going bye bye.
bonbon saleh
bonbon saleh 5 months ago
I subscribed because i feel your a good soul but this lifestyle will take you out faster then a bullet just think twice that's all, best to you my man!!!
Victoria Brennan
Victoria Brennan 5 months ago
Bomb pot Brad! Seriously though man this episode was fckn NUTS! My respect level for your game and your ability to adapt are 10x ....awesome bro, keep up the solid work.
Haja 5 months ago
man he just risked 1500 bucks for 5$ - this is idiotic :D
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