RIP Diamond.. Losing Our Best Friend

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Today we have to share some devastating news.. our beautiful baby girl Diamond passed away a few days ago. She was not only my best friend, but the light in my world. Nathan and the rest of our family feel so heartbroken and have been crying for days. There is no love like the love I have for my dogs and I'm at a loss for words. We wanted to let you know what happened and to celebrate her life. Diamond was always smiling and she will forever be in my heart and Nathan's heart.
Diamond is forever. 🐶💎
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Jun 11, 2019




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a potatoe patrisha
a potatoe patrisha 15 minutes ago
I'm very sorry for ur lost she might not be here but she will always shine like a diamond
Savannah Martin
how to people even have the heart to unlike this video? like honestly thats just messed up about unliking a video thats about Diamond there dog that they lost and loved. I feel bad for the people that unliked this video cause they clearly don't have a heart or soul. Anyways i'm sorry jeffree for the loss of your dog. I know grieving is hard trust me. Take all the time u need to get better. Love you!
Noodle Angry
Noodle Angry Hour ago
I just lost my mother, I understand❤️
Richard Corea
Richard Corea Hour ago
marshall tucker
I had a dog name sis and he was 4 year old and was my favorite dog and we have 3 dogs I am the same
Angie Black
Angie Black 2 hours ago
This is why i can’t have a dog
Makayla Hunter
Makayla Hunter 2 hours ago
I'm sorry for your lose
Makayla Hunter
Makayla Hunter 2 hours ago
Ya my germanshepard died and my dad told use in texed and took a selfie
LittleCutie ABDL
LittleCutie ABDL 2 hours ago
There's no words for this, I know you may not see this as you get so much a day (excuse my english too) but I know along with so many people who had and have pets can relate; i lost my childhood labrador 2 years ago and the pain doesn't get any better; now I have Maggy and I can't imagine that one day she'll be gone too. All this to say, I feel you and alongside many other people here I'm sending you both and to everyone who cared for the doggies on a daily basis a warm hug and things may not ever be the same; they never are and lately things are...so down and now losing someone so dear to your heart that loved you unconditionally...it's; it's tough, but I'm hoping a doggie heaven exists where they all run happily and have plenty of soft comfy beds; their favourite treats and food and enormous gardens to play in. I know I'm from the "dark" side of youtube you may say but we all feel and growing up with animals and loving dogs...I feel you. It's all I can say, not enough english word can signify the pain I know you're experiencing; try and hold the best memories together, I'm sure that's is what little Diamond would want you guys to do Much love, genuinely from the bottom of my heart, - Mila
Eveliy Flores
Eveliy Flores 2 hours ago
Diamond is so adorable like I can see how much u love dogs like ugh I'm so sorry to hear that she passed away, bring her legacy coming 😩💜
AudreyPlayz Roblox
AudreyPlayz Roblox 3 hours ago
I know how u feel my best buddy died he was amazing! I love him and I know how u feel about diamond but just know u have all ur fans and u still have her in ur heart luv y’all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sinful Sociopath
Sinful Sociopath 4 hours ago
Im so sorry you lost one of your kids jefferee. I know what its like to lose a companion
Hugs ❤️
Saskia F.
Saskia F. 4 hours ago
Came back to this video because my pet just passed away 😞 Watching this video makes me feel less alone 😞
Do U Kno Da Wae
Do U Kno Da Wae 5 hours ago
Moonlight’s Dreamzz
I feel the same thing, because I had five German Shepherds and they died because of cancer 😔😭😭😭
Gacha Kyubâ
Gacha Kyubâ 5 hours ago
She hat a perfect life. Hopefully she will have a perfect afterlife too.
Matthew E
Matthew E 6 hours ago
You should make a makeup collection to honor Diamond
Matthew E
Matthew E 6 hours ago
This is so sad and heartbreaking News to me and everyone else
Amber Griggs
Amber Griggs 6 hours ago
I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s honestly like losing a child. She’s not in any pain anymore and is shining bright like the beautiful diamond she is ❤️🐶 💎
bts army bitch
bts army bitch 7 hours ago
This is pain full to watch😔
Nina Nelson
Nina Nelson 7 hours ago
Aww rest easy diamond idk if u buried her or cremated but if u did cremate I kno they can make jewelry for u to put some ashes in I have one for my first born so he's always next to my heart so I understand ur loss❤😢
Raw seduction
Raw seduction 7 hours ago
🤣 who actually follows these idiots? Keep making them money..
ThatSunshineGamer 7 hours ago
Im so sorry for your Lost :(
Poisoned Cupcake
Poisoned Cupcake 8 hours ago
Sorry for your loss, I have 2 pups in doggo heaven and my partners beautiful dog too, and I miss those three doggos every damn day. So sorry for your loss.
Poisoned Cupcake
Poisoned Cupcake 8 hours ago
Just remember that your scents were around her when she passed, so she would have felt the love and presence of you both. Life's a hot mess at the worst times, but she definitely wasn't alone or sad. Bless you both for being such great fur parents.
Lisa Rangihuna
Lisa Rangihuna 8 hours ago
We lost two Glamma and goggles Glamma was a long haired tea cup chuachua and goggles was a mixed up chuachua when glamma passed goggles stopped eating stopped playing became depressed and passed a couple mouths later we believe he was so sad from Glammas death he died of a broken heart as they were boyfriend and girlfriend we were so lost without Glamma but we lost our selves when goggles left us as well so Jeffree and Nate we empathise with you sadness and your emptiness especially when you get home and they're not running up to knock you over at the front door ..... You have beautiful memories and he will be with you forever ❤💞
Cupkake Wolf
Cupkake Wolf 8 hours ago
Losing a pet is just as bad as losing a best friend or sibling or child, I’m so sorry 😭
차이나TV 9 hours ago
wa~~~so beautiful pat
Stimi Palici
Stimi Palici 10 hours ago
I can't imagine how heart broken you must be. I'm so sorry Jeffree Star. I balled my eyes out this whole video
Alexandra Johnson
Alexandra Johnson 10 hours ago
You gave Diamond the best life ever possible. With all her problems she at least made it to 9 years old. She passed knowing she was loved and cherished. She may have left this world but she'll live on in your hearts forever and you will see her again. God bless you for staying strong you fabulous star. Take care.
ena marie herminado
ena marie herminado 10 hours ago
I do understand what you feel. I had experienced that kind of pain before, and it takes a lot of time to heal the massive heartache. You need to put in your mind that Diamond is already in good hands of God. I love all your vlogs, Jeffree Star.
alice p
alice p 11 hours ago
Drama queen! An abomination! This thing!
Chinita moegal
Chinita moegal 12 hours ago
And my uncle died
sophie shankscomputerlover
That is notable I have lost 3 dogs in less than 2 years I am so sorry for y'all I hope it gets better
Chinita moegal
Chinita moegal 12 hours ago
The pics make me sad
Charlie Crawford
Charlie Crawford 12 hours ago
I know this feeling..... When I was younger I had a dog. Scruffy was my best friend through all the moves and school changes...he stood by me..never ran off...but because my mom's boyfriend ( ex now thank God) didn't like him she gave him away....I didn't get to say goodbye....I didn't even know he was gone until my mom told me at a McDonald's drive thru as she handed me an ice cream cone and 3 dollars....when I say I screamed and cried....it was so hard...I lost trust in my mom. I continued not liking her ex....and since that day I haven't been able to say I love you to anyone without feeling an ache in my chest....this was almost a decade ago...and I never let my mom forget that she did this to me and to him...Im never gonna be able to forgive her. But I have my new dog now...I helped with the birthing...he was a set of triplets out of the 7 pups his triplet brother didn't make it unfortunately....but my scruffy will never be replaced ... And the sad part is I have no photos of him...only memory...and my memory is starting to give out on me...so it's hard...it's so hard..I'm so sorry you lost your diamond...she will be remembered. ❤️❤️❤️
Beauty Lover12
Beauty Lover12 12 hours ago
a dog is a best friend
Bahbahlauanlammi 13 hours ago
For this reason I regretting for getting a dog. Im sorry for your loss
Leelee Rose
Leelee Rose 14 hours ago
lol choke
lol choke 14 hours ago
God's plan 👏🏽💙
Marcus Jackson
Marcus Jackson 14 hours ago
People like me would go homeless for them
Cindy Lavoie
Cindy Lavoie 14 hours ago
Omg i cried it’s so hard ); 😰😭I don’t understand why people dislike this?
Ashley Hoover
Ashley Hoover 14 hours ago
So sorry for your loss.. 😢
Nelly Gil
Nelly Gil 14 hours ago
Super heart breaking! I’ve had my dog for 2 1/2 years and I cry at just the thought of losing him (because I know it’ll happen one day) sending good vibes through this hard time
Michael Kosak
Michael Kosak 14 hours ago
May diamond run and play in paradise and wait for you in rainbow bridge. So sorry for your loss. Dog or human all loss is hard.
Lira 2019 Rojas
Lira 2019 Rojas 15 hours ago
I feel horrible for you and very sad myself but I think that this is what you need and deserve to have gotten again I am sorry but you sometimes are a little rude and selfish 😭😢
Brenda Slaughter
Brenda Slaughter 15 hours ago
Now dimoned is your hiden angle always thair but never seen
Lahela Barbadillo
Lahela Barbadillo 15 hours ago
I’m so sorry for your loss.😔 your dog is okay in doggie heaven god bless you and your family💗
Voxie 15 hours ago
As Rihanna says, “shine bright like a diamond”. RIP Diamond 💎 I’m so sorry for your loss
kyndleツ 15 hours ago
awww this makes me sad... she was also my favorite :(
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